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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens - Volume 1 - Chapter 10


Chapter 10 - Fan Blower

’’ Xuan-Rank Primary martial Art - Overlords Fierce Fist ’’

’’ Xuan-Rank Primary Martial art - Devouring Feng Palm ’’

At the same time both Lu Zhan and Xing Jue shout out and shot their attack towards each other. A bright light in shape of a palm and a bright in shape of a armoured hand plunders with each other.

’’ Nice attractive martial arts. ’’ All the people present in the hall by seeing both the martial art skill, sigh out even if they are seeing both the martial art skills for the very first time.

’’ Creak........ Creak.............’’ The place where bright light of palm and the bright light of armoured hand plunders, terrifying ripples starts forming in that place. but the intermittent grating friction sound is unceasing as the light of armoured hand is showing some resistance.

By seeing the current situation with Lu Zhan, who is forcing his body into his attack, Xing Jue start pouring strength from both of his hand. The intensity of two pale golden colour palm along with the iron fist light starts increasing simultaneously.

’’ Oh............boy...., this is really Yu-Feng Court's Skill - Devouring Feng Palm ’’. Seeing Lu Zhan in stalemate position’’ due to Xing Jue, the elder from Yu-Feng Court says it while a ruthless colour start appearing on his face.

’’ What......? ’’ Elder are you saying that the martial art skill that is being use by Xing Jue is from Yu-Feng Court..........? ’’, After hearing from the elder, the teacher from Xing Clan asks the question to the elder.

’’ Yes, this skill is from Yu-Feng Court- ’’ Devouring Feng Palm ’’ , which they don't pass it to any person, to practice it................... ’’ The elder says it with an angry look on his whole face.

’’ Ooooooppppsssss........................’’ By hearing the words from the elder, the teacher from Xing Clan says it in his heart as he knows that the martial art used by Xing Jue is unauthorised, and if anybody dares to practice it outside the Yu-Feng Court, and is discovered, then he has to receive serious punishment from Yu-Feng court, ranging from Abolishment from martial art world, destroying their skills, therefore when teacher of Xing Clan hears it from the elder, he thought that Xing Jue is in very big trouble.

’’ Creak... Creak Creak.. Creak........... ’’

The sound causing due to friction cause by the two attacks is increasing with increase in time. As Lu Zhan is in same stalemate position for very long time and is refusing to compromise, everybody present in the hall have their eyes cast on both of them. Xing Jue is considerably having a large burden on him, as he is fighting equally with Lu Zhan, along with maintaining glow light of his attack.

At that moment Xing Jue is sweating profoundly, as he have a support of Xuan order primary martial art, Xing Jue can still finish the fight.

But compare to Xing Jue, Lu Zhan's condition was more miserable. He is not only sweating, his body is also shivering, and he can hold on the fight up-to 1 minute.

’’ Creak... Creak Creak.. Creak........... ’’

The sound causing due to harsh friction cause by the two attacks is is increasing with increase in time. Depending on Lu Zhan's condition, the stalemate position starts to change even though he is refusing to compromise. The golden palm figure light starts pushing the armour fist backward, the moment was rather very slow. However if this goes on then, Lu Zhan can't last more than half-minute, then the attack of armour fist will wear down and the palm attack will hit Lu Zhan.

’’ Elder................ what are you going to do now.............? ’’ The head of Lu Clan ’’ Lu Bu ’’ is having nervousness in his heart which he cannot bears it, and asks the elder. Lu Zhan being the genius New blood of his clan, along with he is also the student of elder of Yu-Feng Court, if he lose against Xing Jue, then Lu Clan's influence will also get damage or decreases.

’’ Well....... this kid, unexpectedly is having a upper hand in this fight with his martial art. It seems the martial art practice of his is not simple as it looks. Don't critical moment i will get rid of that child from Xing Clan................’’ the elder says it with a cold snort to Lu Clan head.

’’ Elder from Yu-Feng Court this is not right thing to do. ’’ After hearing the words of the elder the head of Xing Clan who is restless says it to the elder.

’’ The child from Xing Clan have stolen the martial art from Yu-Feng Court, which is unauthorised . So as I have discovered the fact, I have to get rid of him, this will is his punishment that he has to bear. After completing the task I will come to you for explanation..... ’’. The elder from Yu-Feng Court says it with a sudden violent anger.

’’ Xing Jue have been expelled from my clam one year back. The stealing of Martial Art from Yu-Feng Court is not related to my clan. ’’. The head of Xing Clan immediately says it after hearing the words from the elder.

’’ Well........ ’’ seeing the Xing Clan head in pitiful condition, the elder lets out a cold snort and move his vision towards Xing Jue.

’’ Lu Zhan are you admitting defeat or not.........? ’’ Xing Jue says it to Lu Zhan, as he saw the condition of Lu Zhan and he also knows the strength of ’’ Devouring Feng Palm ’’. He doesn't want to injure Lu Zhan.

’’ Admit defeat......? My dictionary doesn't contain those two words....’’ Lu Zhan says back to Xing Jue, although he is in bad condition, still not admitting defeat.

’’Hey .......!!!! .’’ Xing Jue sighs out helplessly seeing the rigid face of Lu Zhan. He and Lu Zhan are acquainted with each other very long back, although through hostile intentions, but Xing Jue is not repugnant towards Lu Zhan.

’’ If that's being the case then, you will be offended ’’ Xing Jue says it to Lu Zhan and starts poring qi energy into his attack. The attack charges forward with great speed towards Lu Zhan.

’’ Bang.................... ’’ As the attack move towards the Lu Zhan, an accidental thunder sound appears, which startles the people present at that time.

At that moment the winner, Xing Jue have been knock down on the stage and blood is rushing out from his mouth.

At that moment the old man in blue Grown who is a elder in Yu-Feng Court, Air Blower is standing opposite to knocked down Xing Jue's position.

’’ Teacher....! You........................’’ Lu Zhan says to his teacher as he puzzled by seeing his teacher standing in front of him.

’’ Shut.... Up...... ’’. The elder says to Lu Zhan while not giving a chance to speak. the elder give up a look towards Lu Zhan which scares him out.

At that moment Lu Zhan is left alone. The people wants to know why the elder from Yu-Feng Court wants to get rid of Xing Jue...? Is he doing this to save his own disciple..? Why he have to directly get rid of anybody to offend somebody........?

’’ Mother,........... Why did you hurt me...? ’’, Xing Jue asks the elder in a scolding voice, while cleansing the blood strain from corner of his mouth. Originally Xing Jue was winning with is palm attack, but suddenly the elder attacks him, which have made a sever wound in his body. By seeing a elder doing a sneak attack without any reason, this made Xing Jue very angry.

’’ You Brat.......!!!!! Don't try to fool me, I am asking you simple question, that is who taught you the ’’ Devouring Feng Palm’’ martial art....If you don't answer now then you might not able to live any more as i will kill you.....’’ The elder in sub- anger shouts at Xing Jue.

’’ Head of Clan, what should we do now.....? How can you allow a member from Xing Clan to be oppressed...’’ The teacher seeing the matter getting out of hand asks the head of Xing Clan.

’’ What can we do now.......? That man he is a elder of Yu-Feng Court, whom we cannot offend and he is at a level of Wu-Zong, which i cannot cope up, secondly Xing Jue is very unlucky as he have practice this martial art skill which is unauthorised from Yu-Feng Court to practise it.’’ The head of Xing Clan says it to teacher helplessly.

’’ Ha.. Ha... you want to know who taught me the martial art skill.........? Or you want to know the name of my Teacher.......? ’’, Xing Jue was confuse why the elder wants to get rid of him, suddenly everything starts coming to his sense, that he already knows the skill and have hostile intention towards the old man who taught him this skill.

First of all Xing Jue don't know the name of the old man, even if he knew, then also he will not reveal his name. He have a obligation towards that old man, as due to him he have become so powerful, and regain his strength. Xing Jue have engraved the kindness shown by the old man during his difficult time in his mind. Thus even if he die he will never tell anybody about that old man. Even a slightest news will not escape from his mouth about that old man.

’’ Ha.. Ha.. Ha.... good still dare to insult me......’’ The elder suddenly starts laughing and says it Xing Jue, while a fierce colour starts forming on his face.

’’ If that's the case......................, the you have to die....................’’. The elder suddenly calls out. He also raises his hand palm from where a frightening force is sent towards Xing Jue with a sudden bang. Xing Jue while facing the frightening force, he is unable to dodge it, and fells that tis is definitely his final moment as he is going to die.

Actually the matter is not regarding the use of unauthorised martial art by Xing Jue, it is regarding that Xing Jue easily defeat his disciple easily and also talked to him in very rude manner. The rude behaviour of Xing Jue towards the elder leads to the elder using such cruel method towards Xing Jue.

Facing the attack, Xing Jue as he is unable to dodge it, have closed his both eyes, as he knows that this is his final moment as he is going to die very soon.

’’ Puff.............!!!!!! ’’

The vicious attack which is proceeding towards Xing Jue, and going to hit his body suddenly disappears in a strange way, one meter away in-front of his body.

Strange phenomenon that occurred at the hall scares the hell out of the people who are present in the hall. As they hear a old voice sound throughout the hall they even start scaring them even more.

’’ He is disciples of this old man,........... and precisely you want to kill him....!!!!!!!! ’’, The entire hall is envelops instantly by a terrifying old voice with immense pressure. The voice was echoing constantly throughout the hall.

When the voice resounds throughout the hall, first the people present there start trembling with fear, immediately the heart of the elder also start trembling, as he realise that the person against whom he can't cannot stir up, he is going to appear in-front of him.


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