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My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated – I Became The Weakest Skeleton! - Chapter 67.3


Chapter 67.3

Episode 67 To the New Continent

~ Part 3 ~

After running for a short while, the battle situation became visible . Mitarai Azuki was being chased by several men and women . Even if he looked at that, it still took Kyousuke some time before he could understand the situation .

’’No way, humans...?’’

Yes, humans . Kyousuke understood that Rin who wrapped around his body tensed up .

Azuki who was being chased, as well as the 'youkai Azuki-arai', was a kind of monster whose appearance was not so different from human . She whose outward appearance that had no objection to say as a girl, was being chased around by several humans holding weapons .

The humans were 5 in total . About 3 of them were holding weapons . Two man and one woman . Slightly later than them were a man and woman wrapped in robe and cassock .

Adventurers, Kyousuke intuitively thought .

Got out from the Empire's control, established a guild, the existence of mercenary who could act freely . In many case, when merchants crossed the sea or travelled long distance, they would always request adventurers for escorts . Other than that, reclaiming savage land, exterminating monsters were also their jobs .

Since they were out of the Empire's control, the students of 2nd year class 4 had been thinking they could have a certain degree of cooperation .

But the 'monster' they were attacking and trying to exterminate right now was Kyousuke's classmate . It was impossible for him to overlook this .

’’Kyou, Kyousuke-kun!’’

Rin called .

’’What is it? Rin!’’

’’Are we going to fight those humans!?’’

’’If it's necessary!’’

Of course, Kyousuke wasn't going to resort to violence from the very beginning . But if the other party only considered this side as monsters and wouldn't listen to the bitter end, then fight . That much resolution, he had meant to pile up from everything so far .

’’But ... they're humans?’’

’’Right . ’’

’’Kyousuke-kun, are you fine with fighting humans? That is ... to kill those people?’’

’’If it's necessary . ’’

Even if he said so himself, it was indeed surprising that he had no qualms about spitting out those words .

’’I have killed Suou, killed Tokihara . Even those guys were humans . If it's necessary, I will do it . ’’

’’That, that's right... . We, killed them, didn't we...’’

Rin's muttered voice was slightly shivering . Yes, the time he killed Suou, the time he killed Tokihara, as well as the time he killed that nameless Pawn, Kyousuke was in combined state with Rin . Until now, Kyousuke and Rin had killed 3 'humans' .

Slightly, he felt his body became heavier . A sense like leads weighting down his hands and feet .


’’So-sorry . Somehow, I am...’’

As expected, she wasn't all right . Not «completely heal~thy~!»at all .

Rin now, was kinda strange .

No, perhaps, what strange was «Rin of up until now», or Kyousuke himself, Rin of now was only showing a «normal»reaction, no?

Kyousuke recalled the word «Filter»that Akai had spoke of just before the teleport incident occurred .

However, now, he didn't have time to worry about Rin anymore than this .

’’Rin, I'll leave Mitarai to you!’’


’’You right now can't fight! That's my hunch!’’

Mitarai Azuki was desperately escaping . Her breathe feeble, fresh wounds clearly visible . Noticing them, she showed a slightly relieved smile . Behind her, the adventurers who were chasing Azuki also noticed Kyousuke and Rin .

’’But, Kyousuke-kun, you are...’’

’’I can fight . More or less!’’

That was only about his mental attitude in the end . How far could he fare fare against a party of adventurers?

’’Hi, Himemizu-san! Utsurogi-kun!’’

Azuki shouted and ran straight over here . She who jumped in was received by Rin .


’’U, uuu... . It was scary . Really scary...’’

There wasn't enough time to feel relieved at Azuki's weeping voice . Kyousuke stood in front in order to protect the two .

The chasing adventures also stopped moving in front of Kyousuke . Wielding a sword, the man who seemed to be the leader quizzically knitted his brows and uttered words .

’’A skeleton and ... a slime? It's a strange combo . ’’

Next to the sword wielding man were a woman readying a poleax and a man holding short-swords .

Further behind them was a man wrapped in robe, holding a staff . There was also a woman wrapped in a white cassock-like clothings and same as the man, holding a staff . 2 warriors, 1 scout, 2 magicians? Kyousuke analyzed with his fantasy game knowledge .

’’Are you guys adventurers?’’

First of all, he asked, then the adventurers were astir .

Skeleton can talk, as expected, that kind of common sense didn't exist in this world .

’’Oi, Wombat, does talking skeleton exist?’’

The leader man asked the bandit-looking man next to him .

’’Undead reanimated by famous necromancer seems to have ego, but I have never heard anything about the species as a whole . ’’

’’Superior species of hell knight can use magic, can't they? But I never heard that they can speak .

The woman holding a poleax continued the bandit man's words .

But they showed no sign of giving any response . While anxious about Rin and Azuki behind him, Kyousuke cautiously and patiently laid out more words .

’’We mean you no harms . So if you leave this...’’

’’Don't reply, Rezbon . ’’

Not even letting Kyousuke finished, the finished, the magician-looking man informed the leader man .

’’It's possible that it's not a skeleton but a mimicry species like mimic . ’’

’’Ahh, the soul-sucking type . That's possible . It's the type that will suck out your soul little by little if you continue the conversation . ’’

Wombat, the bandit man nodded .

This trend wasn't too good . Kyousuke was impatient .

’’Please wait, that's not the case! You can just overlook us! It's not like we're aiming for you guys or anything...’’

’’Well, whatever . I guess this guy is a rare monster . ’’

The leader man corrected his stance . Kyousuke gulped .

’’There's no mistake that it's not an ordinary skeleton . ’’


The man without his face being tainted by insanity or anything, as if he spoke the most natural thing in the world declared:

’’We'll subjugate it . ’’

Behind Kyousuke, Rin and Azuki raised a small scream . Simultaneously, the 3 vanguards standing in front held up their weapon and charged in at once . Kyousuke turned around and shouted .

’’Rin! Mitarai! Run!’’

However, thunder ripping up the air roared, blue lightning struck in Rin and Azuki's surroundings . The robed man used magic . Only one person, only the woman with an appearance like a clergy was bewildered, but finally resolved herself, she invoked magic .

Jumping in first was the bandit, his short-sword carried an strange light . A chill ran through Kyousuke's spine . He felt that he must never touch that light .



The bandit man's short-sword attack was barely avoided .

Following that, the leader man brandished his sword . Kyousuke had just avoided the short-sword, therefore, he didn't have enough time to avoid it . The sword strongly hit Kyousuke's shoulder bones . The bones toughened by Akai's blood by Akai's blood didn't break, but he couldn't withstand the impact and was blown away .

’’Oh, this guy is surprisingly hard!’’

The leader man shouted .

’’In that case, leave it to me!’’

Finally, the one who jumped out at the end was the large build woman wielding a poleax .


Rin shouted in the back . Certainly, if he was to eat that attack, he wouldn't ended in one piece . But his posture had already collapsed . The adventurers's cooperation was splendid . Kyousuke can't void it anymore .

But to be able to resolute for 'death' here, Kyousuke wasn't sportsmanlike enough . If Kyousuke was to lose, then next would be Rin and Azuki's turn . He couldn't afford to die in this place .

Until the very last moment, he had to find a way out .

Before his eyes, the edge of the poleax wielded by the woman was approaching . Avoidance was already not in time . What else could he do? Kyousuke desperately thought and thought . What could he do to return alive from this situation?

But even if he sought, that kind of thing couldn't be found . The situation was hopeless . Even the slightest thread to counterattack couldn't be found .


What came out from Kyousuke's mouth was curses .

This suddenly, this easily, everything was going to 'end', there was no way Kyousuke could accept that .

That moment, black flame ripped up the sky and swallowed the poleax wielding woman . The woman's scream echoed, the poleax fell to the ground . Kyousuke took that chance to take some distance .

The fame just now was «Evil Flare».

Did his other classmates came to save them? Sakuma? Kaoruko? Thinking so, Kyousuke turned his gaze, and there stood a being completely outside of his expectation .


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