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My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated – I Became The Weakest Skeleton! - Chapter 66.3


Chapter 66.3

Episode 66 Time for Choice

~ Part 3 ~

’’I don't know the name. But it's a Rook.’’

’’Rook!? A major piece!’’

Are you saying that this dark cloud, the wind that started blowing stronger and stronger is but a fragment of the power of the blood clan. Does this mean Rook, a major piece has this much power?

From the other side of the boat, a man wearing military uniform slowly emerged. A big cut ran on his face, his eyes dyed in red as if it was literally smeared in blood. Kyousuke felt that Rin's body that was sticking to his started shivering.

The man hardly did anything yet. He was just floating there in the air.

And yet, the surging spirit was enough to make them feel faint. It was a violent intimidating air that seemed to crush the heart of anyone opposing it. Most of the students who stood on the deck also stiffened like their movements had been sealed.


A voice was heard disappearing into the wind, perhaps, it belonged to Goubayashi. He was kneeling on one knee, yet he desperately tried to move his body. But that body showed no sign of listening to him at all.

Harao was the same. That guy turned his arms around his back, puffed up his chest and took the usual attitude. But even if he tried to move from that posture, as if it was rigor mortis, his hands and feet didn't move an inch.

Ryuzaki sunk both claws into the deck, and was desperately enduring. But he too, couldn't move his body.

Kyousuke was trying to step forward at least one step. His body was heavy like lead. He felt as if it were compacted with cement.

’’Rin, please...!’’

’’So, sorry...’’

Kyousuke groaned, Rin's vanishing voice returned an apology.

’’I don't understand, but my body won't move.... I don't understand...!’’

When he shifted his gaze, Akira also couldn't move and was just floating there.

Suddenly a marauder appeared, just by being there, he was overwhelming about 40 people.

At that time, from behind Kyousuke, a strong sense of pressure was suddenly born. That was mostly equal to the spirit released by the military man floating up ahead by the Rook, or possibly even exceeded it. While his body and mind seemed about to be ground, Kyousuke was able to look at the owner of that spirit with conviction.


Her hair and the hem of her cloths were fluttering upward. The abilities Akai had shown several times until now, was only a glimpse to her true power, Kyousuke once again keenly recognized that.

Certainly, Pawns had an unsurpassable wall to being Knights and Bishops, but further from that realm was another hard to overcome great wall to being Rooks and Queens. While the other classmates mostly couldn't move, only Akai Asuka calmly walked on the deck.

’’What did you come here for?’’

Arms crossed, in a penetrating cold voice, Akai looked up at the Rook.

Thereupon, the Rook finally uttered:

’’I came to execute the 'King''s command.’’

’’Command? That guy's?’’

Strong anger and disgust spread from Akai's words.

’’(I will) destroy this ship.’’


Reacting first and foremost to the Rook's words was Ryuzaki. To the unreasonable despotism, the others students's voice baring their opposition came up one after another. The Rook snorted lightly, he descended on the deck. While they couldn't move a single step, the students were throwing strong hostility to the Rook.

A critical situation. But if a fight broke out now, the only one who had any chances of winning was Akai.

No way, does a 'Rook' have this much power?

Kyousuke was about to ground his teeth.

Akai arms still crossed glared at the Rook. That moment, violent sound again reverberated, a part of the deck floor was suddenly blown off. Akai, as well as the Rook didn't look like they made any move at all. But this was the exchange of of the power they released and the result of that, Kyousuke instantly understood.

The heavy cruiser branch school wouldn't be able to withstand the two's clash, that was being implicitly proven.

’’The choice you can take is limited, Queen.’’

The Rook said.

’’What will happen if two major pieces clash here? You should be well aware of that.’’


Still crossing her arms, Akai shut her eyes.

The Rook's words had an implication. In the aftermath of the class, the heavy cruiser branch school won't end with just being destroy? Kyousuke tried to feel around for the enemy's true purpose at least, he worked his brain. However, there was too little information to judge this situation.

What he could vaguely guessed was that distracting Akai was never the Rook's aim. In this place, regardless of whether he could destroy the ship as intended, or if Akai showed a will to abide in order to protect her classmates, or else she struck back at full power and that 'something' was to happen as he had said, this man more correctly, their blood clan would have some kind of 'gain'.

Probably, Akai also felt that. She quietly closed her eyes, considered something, and finally opening her eyes, she said:

’’Everyone, sorry.’’


Without giving time to let others understand the intention of that apology, Akai kicked up the deck. Fist clenched, it vigorously attacked the Rook.


The Rook raised his right arm to receive that. Surrounding his arms, gauntlets with color closely resembling the black armor the Pawns wore, appeared. But even with the man's strength and those gauntlets, Akai's one punch couldn't be completely killed.

A blow of she who was in a truly perfect state, without suffering from Blood Crave Illness, attacked the Rook.

The man flinched, that instant, Kyousuke and the others were released from the coercion. They started to move to support Akai, however, the person in question said this:

’’Everyone, get away! And gather in one place as much as possible!’’

Saying so, she so, she kicked up the deck and floated in the air.

Naturally, it was beyond everyone to guess the meaning of her words. But abiding by her words, they immediately ran on the deck. Many students got together with their close friends, or protected the slow-footed ones. But Sakuma, Harui and the others worried about Akai and couldn't move away from her.

Akai's two arms produced bright red energy. That shined in the color of blood, ominously illuminating the deck wrapped in black cloud.

The Rook's two arms produced black energy. Sounds of bursting power hit the atmosphere.

The instant Akai moved strangely reflected in Kyousuke's eyes.

The Rook looked like he was endlessly enlarging that black energy, but Akai looked like she was adjust her power. The bright red energy like matching its power with the black energy was carefully expanding.

But before he could think of its meaning, the two had already changed to attack. Matching the black energy the Rook released, Akai also threw out the amassed power. An exchange shot exactly like coming out of anime or manga unfolded, red and black clashed against one another.

Light bursted. Red, black and light clashed, mixing together into light, centered on the clash point, it spread to the surroundings in one go.

That was a momentary event.

But Kyousuke had firmly saw it.

Light erased things it touched, magnifying its range.

And that also mercilessly attacked the students standing on the deck. Sakuma, Harui, Kaoruko, Hebitsuka who couldn't leave Akai, were swallowed by light together. Even the time to shout, to reach out his hand, wasn't given to Kyousuke.

The next instant, the entire heavy cruiser branch school had already been swallowed by the torrent of light.

Together with a floating sensation, Kyousuke's consciousness broke off.





’’...-kun! Kyousuke-kun!!’’

A voice called him, Utsurogi Kyousuke slightly opened his eyes.

Right after that, he recalled that he had no eyelids. Simply, the consciousness that was gone came back. gone came back. Holding his head, he rose his upper body. In front of him was a jelly-like, light blue, semi-transparent object, while moving its body up and down, it was calling Kyousuke's name.

Since it seemed kind of cool, he reached out his hand and pinched it.


It screamed.

’’What!? What are you doing so suddenly!?’’

’’No, somehow I just.... Sorry, Rin...’’

Kyousuke reconfirmed the surroundings situation.

Apparently, this place was a sandy beach. The sound of rushing wave sounded awfully clear. The trees grown here were a little different from the southern countries' ones he saw at Albadanba. Besides, if pushed to say, then there were many rocks.

Was the ship destroyed and they drifted somewhere?

But in that case, Rin should have become super duper salty by the osmotic pressure and died. In the first place, they should have been at a position close to 2 weeks till the continent.

’’That guy ... that Rook is...?’’

’’I don't know. When I noticed it, I'm already here.’’

’’Akai as well?’’

’’Can't be found...’’

Kyousuke finally stood up then.

Did something happened due to the clash of those two's power? And what happened just now? While feeling hazy, he guessed.

It's spatial teleport, the so-called warp thingy. At that time, she had said to stay away, was that because people nearby would be sent to the same place? At that time, the students who are nearby other than Rin is....

’’Did you not find anyone else other than me?’’

’’Yeah.... I thought to go looking together when Kyousuke-kun wake up.’’


There were lots of worrisome things. There were also people he strongly wanted to confirm their safety.

But even if he thought, shouted about it in this place, it would be no use.

Where on earth is this place?

Who are the students who got sent here together with us?

First, he had to search from there.

Kyousuke decided to combine with Rin and commence a search in the area.


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