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My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated – I Became The Weakest Skeleton! - Chapter 33.1


’’Other than that, Suou, there is one worrisome information.’’

’’Ah, yeah. All right. What is it?’’

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Rin thought for a moment, that it would be nice to be fashionable.

It's fine to be softhearted.

’’Is-is that so...’’

It's fine to be kind others.

It isn't a bad deal for them in particular. Once they are transferred to this world in such forms, and they cannot to return to their world, cannot to return to their original forms, they're likely to give up before long. If they swear allegiance to our side, we won't make it hard for them. There are video games after all.

’’I don't know! I don't understand! I researched desperately in the past few days, but all I got is just that!’’

’’Ahh, was it the missing guy in that class?’’

In the first place, she couldn't help but doubted whether or not Utsurogi Kyousuke remaining hollow was really a bad thing. That way of thinking, I wonder if we can acknowledged it as one of the many individuality. Rin thought about it for a while, but eventually she settled on the notion that she didn't want to do so.

’’I don't understand. Although the last Pawn headed there did give some information, in the end, that Pawn didn't come back.’’


Sakuma's face once again turned red and she looked down. Rin rewound her own words and she understood.[Notes]

’’Fun fun.... Thank you. I will go now.’’

’’Asuka-chan did?’’

The class has united after much troubles. If it's possible, I want all of us to join up together once again.

’’Such things, favorite food parsley, and boobs...?’’

’’Hi-Himemizu-san, what are you saying?’’

The place was the dining room. Sitting next to Rin was Sakuma who was wearing a girlish one-piece today.

’’Yeah. Saa-chan, see you .’’

Problems like when Goubayashi left the class are no longer. Goubayashi, have you also settle your problems already? There were some nostalgic talk in such a manner, but there were also some worrying conversations about the doubtful fact that the eyewitness report only mentioned Goubayashi, then what the heck happened to Kaoruko who was supposed to have left the base with him?

’’I thought he died a dog's death somewhere but to be still alive.’’

’’Ahh, yeah. I was thinking I'd make a profile of Utsurogi-kun...’’

’’He? What?’’

’’Isn't it about searching for Goubayashi and Kaoruko, as well as exploring our surroundings. Let's stop the ship again and look around, like that.’’

If a Knight was to go there personally, the Queen should also give some kind of response.

’’That's not all. His progress to Phase 2 has also been confirmed.’’

’’Yeah, it's okay.Since you're a succubus...’’

’’Eh, eeehh!? I didn't think that!?’’


’’Iyaa..., don't you like them?’’

Akeno also followed behind Suou who was trying to leave the hall. Suou looked back and wrinkled his brows.

Sakuma raised a surprised voice and asked Kyousuke. Rin also heard this for the first time.

’’Ogre's Phase 2.... What kind of patterns were there...’’

Saying so, Sakuma put a hand on her shapely chin and made a troubled face. She strongly bit her beautiful peach-color lips. Even without worrying about that, I don't think Akai will put her hands on Kyousuke. For now, Rin's rivals were only Akira and Sakuma.

’’In that case, I'm going too.’’

’’Generally, it would be something among the line of 《Regeneration》 and 《Body Strengthening》, but what that individual acquired is probably 《Fighting Spirit Awakening》.’’

Including Zeku, all of 38 classmates single-mindedly aimed for the ruined kingdom. Among them, the topics of Goubayashi occasionally came up.

The heavy cruiser, renamed «branch school», had come out of the kingdom territory, and started moving into the mountain range as originally scheduled. Since it went on rough unpaved land, it shook excessively. People such as Akira all ended up got seasickness (they were on land though). Some students probably forgot about it completely, but that guy was weak against vehicles. It seemed that didn't change even when he became a wisp and lost his semicircular canals.

Kyousuke picked up the paper on the table and looked at it.

’’I told you so. The North Wind and the Sun.’’

’’Since you can befriend him, then befriend. Since he probably doesn't hate us in particular. Make him know that there was just a little unfortunate misunderstanding and he will cooperate.’’

In the first place, Akira couldn't change that part of him in the 17 years they were together, so it shouldn't be something that Rin could easily change.

Because the Queen is being silent, we have lost 5 Pawns. That in itself is annoying, but it's not like her selfishness has just started now. In the former world, she only listened to the King, so it's unthinkable that she will rise in revolt. In any case, they're going to submit to us.

’’That's fine but, Akeno, your endgame is usually weak...’’

’’Whatever brought that on? My training just frighten him, but all you did was talking.’’

’’U-mu, I don't understand...’’

’’Hoho u...’’

After all, for people who weren't directly related, the bad memories seemed to be fading. Putting aside whether such a thing was good or bad.

’’That talk again...’’

’’I have heard that quite often these day. Akai also said something like I better solve my problems properly...’’


The fact that he acquired 《Fighting Spirit Awakening》 in Phase 2 meant that once he reach Phase 3, he should be able to display combat ability equal to Bishop class at the very least, or possibly even reach Rook class. Of course, since the plan of using the Transference Gate Formation was put into practice for the first time, all of these were just theories in the end.

Kyousuke dejectedly hung his head.

’’That line is most worrisome...’’

Akeno nodded silently.

’’So, are those guys still in the Promised Cemetery?’’

’’But even if I know that, it's still useless.... Right now, I have asked Hana-chan to grow herbs similar to parsley, but.’’

’’And then, about what to do when Utsurogi-kun's ero ero demon awaken.... I'm thinking...’’

In the first place, there was the thought about what could be done with such a thing. It wasn't as if Kyousuke would get independence by feeding him a mountain of parsleys. But that guy, I wish he would show some greed willingly, do what he wants, eat what he wants, speak out as he likes, she thought.

’’Maybe, since he is interested in girls to the extents of averting his eyes from Saa-chan, I think that he must like boobs.’’

But well, rather than rumors, it's the truth.

’’What was that ... ah!’’

’’Ah, wrong ... th-that, umm...’’

’’The one teasing Utsurogi-kun, isn't it Utsurogi-kun himself...’’

Sakuma smiled sweetly and stood up, heading for the exit of the dining room.

Well now, in this situation, the one who was wholeheartedly troubled was this slime girl, Himemizu Rin.

~ Part 1 ~

In any case, the plan to investigate Kyousuke's favorite things seems to be reaching its limit. It maybe better to find a different approach.

’’Don't worry. I want to do some experiments since the new magical beast is completed.’’

’’Himemizu too, thank you. See you.’’

’’Are you going out?’’

These past few days, Suou had been playing video games with Kogane the high elf. Although the television and the game console as well as the big power generator were originally brought using the chance when replenishing the Pawns in order to kill time, they had unexpectedly also served as communication tools to connect with Kogane. Kogane had gradually opened his heart to Suou, and he was completely frank now.

’’The appearance of the ogre in the previous report was confirmed again in the vicinity.’’

Suou slightly narrowed his eyes.

Rin added to the paper 『boobs』, making it a list.

’’We-well, but, say, Himemizu-san is amazing.... I didn't know Utsurogi-kun's favorite food...’’

’’Saa-chan, just now you were thinking that 『but still, it maybe good』, didn't you?’’

To the sudden voice from behind, the two people reflexively jumped. The owner of that voice was Kyousuke himself.

’’Well, for now, I'm gonna take Kogane there and have a look.’’

Of course, if the Bishop Akeno was serious, the likes of Suou would have turned into cinders. So it could be seen that she was holding back to some extent.

Akeno instantly glared and fired off a ball of black energy at Suou, but he flicked it off with one hand. It was the same exchange as usual.

’’Himemizu, Sakuma, what's the matter with you two?’’

’’Sometime.... You win, you win big. I say the skeleton's 《Characteristics Amplification》 is also good for us.’’

Suou rose up from the sofa and fixed the gakuran he was wearing.

It's good that the class have a sense of solidarity and has made a decision to look for the Sage in the East, but there are still missing classmates before all classmates are gathered. Apparently, it seems that Ryuzaki has received some information on Goubayashi, and this route to the South is also to look for that Goubayashi, or so the rumors among the students.

Kogane said that he wanted to apologize to everyone by all means. That wish of his would come true. There was a slight delay in the plan and they would like to confirm the unnatural movements of the Queen, but there were no obstacles in general.

’’That reminds me, Sakuma, Ryuzaki was calling. It seems to be a little consultation about future objectives.’’

’’In any case, I want to add that reincarnated ogre to our ranks by all means.’’

On the paper in front of Rin's eyes, only the words 「Favorite food: parsley」 were written.

Such a mood was born in the class. There was no one who assertively mentioned his name, but in many cases, Kogane was also included therein. Well, some students also said that if he came back and apologized, they would let it be water under the bridge.

’’As before, Akeno, you're pretty stupid.’’

’’Ah, no.... Akai said to keep that a secret. Sorry.’’

’’That guy is around here, isn't he? Let's catch him quickly. I'm also taking Kogane.’’

’’NNUAAA !!’’

’’Ye-yeah.... That's right...’’

’’Soliciting that high elf as a comrade is looking positive?’’

’’Putting aside parsley, but what was that about the other thing?’’

’’Enough already.... Even though it's fine to do what you want, eat what you want, speak out as you like...’’

A few days had already passed since they left the kingdom.

In the first place, since the developer of the Transference Formation Gate was that person, there were various parts that weren't trustworthy. But well, you can't succeed if you're afraid, there shouldn't be any fatal problems even if we apply an empty theory into practice.

Akeno made a puzzled expression.

’’’’Uwaa~a, hiyaaaaaaa!!’’’’

Episode 33 Force Encounter

’’I don't hate it in particular but.... What, I, did I do something to be teased by you two like this...?’’

Even though Suou was sitting on the sofa talking care-freely, Akeno's expression was clouded.

It was the reincarnated ogre who fought against one of the Pawn before. Because he hadn't sworn allegiance to this side, it was unavoidable that it turned into a fight. Although he had considerable combat ability, he wasn't the Pawn's opponent after all and was drove into an impossible battle. The Pawn tried to bring him back as is, but he was being chased by two strategic class knights from the fortress line and had to give that up.

When Rin asked, Sakuma quickly raised her face and looked at Kyousuke. The one-piece she was wearing right now wasn't the open chest type so she couldn't make an appeal. Bad luck. As one would expected, this attack from Rin also made Kyousuke flinch slightly.

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Currently, Sakuma was cooperating with Rin in place of Akira who had become completely groggy due to seasickness. As named by Akira 『Kyousuke's Desire Liberation Party』, this gathering's purpose was to remind Utsurogi Kyousuke of what he wanted to have, what he wanted to do and such things, by thoroughly investigate the things that he liked.

But it's dangerous to completely depend on others for your sense of values and subjectivity.


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