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My Cold And Elegant CEO Wife - Chapter 966


Chapter 966: Killing the Crimson Tiger King

"I destroyed your Tiger King Club, and I'm also going to kill you!" Qingfeng Li sneered, his face full of arrogance.

Just a moment ago, Crimson Tiger King had regarded him with contempt, but now, the tables had turned.

Qingfeng Li was very pleased at the unexpected great power of the second Volcanic Sword Technique, with which he could kill Crimson Tiger King quite easily.

Being unrivaled in the same realm, Qingfeng Li was also able to challenge a higher-level fighter. With a small difference in strength between the two opponents, the quality of self-cultivation techniques and spiritual devices was the key to victory.

In both areas, Qingfeng Li was stronger than the Crimson Tiger King and his victory was a natural outcome.

"Volcanic Tumble," with a low shout, Qingfeng Li used the second Volcanic Sword Technique again.

A huge volcano with gushing magma appeared, directing the magma high into the sky and smashing it into Crimson Tiger King.


Unprepared, Crimson Tiger King uttered a piercing scream as he was hit by the burning magma splashing towards him. Without forming a shield with his vital essence, his flesh was no match for the magma.

His clothes were all melted away by the burning magma, revealing charred skin covered by countless black blisters and holes.

Severely wounded, Crimson Tiger King decided to flee right away.

He was no fool, knowing that running was the only way to survive against Qingfeng Li's powerful sword techniques.

"You can't run now. Meet your death!" With a sneer, Qingfeng Li slashed his sword and chopped off Crimson Tiger King's head.


The Crimson Tiger King's head flew up with a spurt of blood, and his eyes were full of regret and fear.


Crimson Tiger King's body fell into the magma river and was instantly reduced to only a skeleton.

Everybody around looked at Qingfeng Li with fear.

"Wow, what an amazing technique!" A trace of surprise appeared on Fiery Demon King's charming face.

She had seen in one glance that Crimson Tiger King was one stage higher than Qingfeng Li, but the surprising result showed that Qingfeng Li had stronger combat strength due to his more powerful techniques.

Whew whew whew!!!

Qingfeng Li reached out his hand and picked up all three fiery fruits. He then immediately sent all the magma men trying to block him flying with one punch before leaping onto the bank of the magma river.

"No! Qingfeng Li took all three fiery fruits!" Chief Huo Zhu's face darkened with anxiety because only three precious fiery fruits matured every one hundred years.

But with Chief Huo Zhu and Fiery Demon King both both severely injured, Qingfeng Li had become the most powerful one out of the three.

"Qingfeng Li, hand over the fiery fruits," Chief Huo Zhu said in a cold voice.

"Hehe, you are no match for me now that you are wounded, so how will you make me hand over the fruits?" smiling faintly, Qingfeng Li said with indifference.

Fiery Demon King's beautiful eyes turned to him and she said, "Qingfeng Li, you'd better kill Chief Huo Zhu now because he will come after you to take back the fiery fruits the moment he recovers his strength."

F**k! Chief Huo Zhu's faced darkened at her words, astonished that the she-devil had told Qingfeng Li to kill him.

After a moment's consideration, Qingfeng Li said in a low voice, "Sister beauty is probably right. I'd better kill you or you will come after me once you recover from your injury."

Qingfeng Li then walked toward the chief with the sword in his hand and a murderous aura overflowing from his eyes.

"Wait! You can't kill me."

"Old fellow, you are my enemy. Why can't I kill you?"

"I am the chief of the magma men and have control of the island's volcanic eruptions. The volcano will erupt the moment I die and all the people and demonic beasts on the island the island will die with it," the chief warned.


With a snicker, Qingfeng Li said disdainfully, "Are you taking me for a three-year old boy? What sort of lie is that? You're really grasping at straws here."

"He isn't lying. Once he dies, the volcano will erupt, though no one can predict how violent it will be," Fiery Demon King blinked her eyes and said.

What?! You knew that and you still told me to kill him? Qingfeng Li looked speechlessly at Fiery Demon King, thinking that she had played a trick on him.

Sensing Qingfeng's dissatisfaction, Fiery Demon King said, "I was not sure of it until he confirmed my suspicion just now."

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes. If he had killed the chief, everyone would have died too in the volcano eruption.

However, Qingfeng Li could not ignore the fact that the chief would come for him once he recovered.

"Chief Huo Zhu, I can't kill you but I will destroy your dantian and cripple your cultivation," Qingfeng Li coldly said as he pointed his sword at the chief's dantian.

Chief Huo Zhu's face turned ashen with fear. He would become a wastrel if his dantian was destroyed. It is the place where a self-cultivator stores their vital essence, and having that destroyed is a fate worse than fate worse than death.

"Qingfeng Li, don't destroy my dantian."

"I have to. You will kill me when you recover from your injury."

"I will make an oath that I will not try to kill you when I recover."

"That would be too easy for you. If you want to keep your dantian, you must swear that you will not kill me and give me the treasure of the magma men."

He knew that the magma men must have had some unique treasures to protect them from the burning magma.

Looking at the sword pointing at his dantian, the chief's expression changed several times. Finally, he said in resignation, "Fine. I will give you the Volcanic Pearl, which can help you move freely in the magma without being burnt by it."

Volcanic Pearl?

Qingfeng Li was exhilarated at his words. He had reached the first tier of the Mortal Purgatory Body by tempering himself in thunder and lightning. To reach the second tier, he needed to forge his body in magma. Now, with the protection offered by the Volcanic Pearl, he could finally find a way to progress to the next level.

Qingfeng Li knew that if he kept on with the cultivation of the Mortal Purgatory Body technique, he would eventually acquire an immortal body. He couldn't wait to practice it.


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