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Mr. CEO, Spoil Me 100 Percent! - Chapter 601: Dust!


Chapter 601: Dust!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Even Lin Qian and Tong Yan were stunned beyond words. Tong Yan might not be a doctor, but she knew the design's value and it came from Xinghe and Lu Qi's hands!

Tong Yan's face was as dark as Lin Qian's because she knew her face-slapping was coming. This was the first time she had faced such a grievance in her life.

She glared at Xinghe with shame and anger. For some reason, Tong Yan felt Xinghe was laughing at her internally even though Xinghe didn't give a flying f*ck about her presence. This riled her up even more.

Different from her, Lin Qian's eyes shone with a shadowy light. After Lu Qi finished his explanation, the room remained in stunned silence.

He smiled. "That's the theoretical basis behind our design, are there any questions?"

"Is this really your design?" someone stuttered.

Lu Qi nodded firmly. "Yes, Miss Xia and I designed this together."

"…" This is crazy, how could they possibly design something as impossible as this‽

"But can you really make this a reality? This design looks fine but creating it is impossible!" a doctor yelled recalcitrantly.

As if to prove they were not worse than Lu Qi, others followed. "That's right, theory-wise it might be successful but building it will be impossible;the technique will be too demanding and there is a lack of necessary materials."

"Indeed, you two will not be able to overcome these two problems!"

The more they yelled, the more confident they felt about themselves. They silently sighed in relief because this proved that they were not as bad as they thought. Lu Qi had only finished the design and creating it was a whole other issue, so their level was not far away from Lu Qi's.

Even Lin Qian and Tong Yan released the breath they were holding. Just as the smug smiles started to reappear on their faces, their hope was ground into powder!

"Who said the technique will be an issue?" He smiled confidently. "Regarding this, there's no need to worry because Miss Xia is the top talent in this field. If we could not overcome the technical difficulties, we would not have come up with this design. The prototype you see on screen is all Miss Xia's handiwork. As a doctor, I can only provide her with the medical knowledge;in the technical aspect, she was the undeniable expert."

Therefore, the physics, mathematics, and electrical circuiting issues were all resolved by Xinghe!

The room was given yet another shock. They all stared at Xinghe like she was a monster. This woman which they assumed was a useless Mr. Nan Gua was such a genius? She was so young and was only a woman, how could she be so good at her work?


As if reading their thoughts, Xinghe said calmly, "If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime."

She wasn't afraid of their questions or tests because this was really her handiwork!

"Xinghe," Madam President grabbed her hand and said with teary eyes, "I didn't know you are so good at what you do, no wonder Lu Qi wanted you to come help him. Now you've completely won me over."

Madam President became even kinder to her.

For other people, the slaps on their faces sure stung.

However, Xinghe maintained her usual aloof countenance.


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