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Mr. CEO, Spoil Me 100 Percent! - Chapter 594: Madam President Is My Aunt


Chapter 594: Madam President Is My Aunt

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Doesn't know medicine but she's here?" The girl was suddenly incensed. Her gaze that fell on Xinghe turned nefarious. When Xinghe passed them, she called out insolently, "You stop right there!"

Xinghe slowed to a stop and turned to look at her coldly.

The girl studied her with a condescending air and smirked. "Such a normal looking woman and I thought you would have three heads and six arms."

"…" Xinghe didn't reply and glance at Lin Qian beside the girl. As she expected, Lin Qian was smiling smugly.

"You're Xia Xinghe?" The girl became more aggressive when Xinghe didn't answer her. "I hear you don't know medicine, but you somehow found your way in here;just how did you manage something as shameless as that?"

Lin Qian added fuel to the fire. "How else could she have achieved it? She found herself a fine man to attach herself to."

"Who is so blind?" The girl played along.

Lin Qian shook her head as if disappointed. "It's Doctor Lu Qi."

"Lu Qi?" The girl was shocked. "Grandfather Lu's grandson?"

"That's right."

The girl glared even angrier at Xinghe. Her impression of Lu Qi was good;he was a hardworking and handsome elder brother. How could he be seduced by someone like Xia Xinghe? She was feeling indignant for him.

Furthermore, Xinghe had hurt Lin Jing, Lin Xuan's little sister. The girl's favorite person in the whole wide world was Lin Xuan, so she would definitely help take care of Xinghe for them!

"You vicious vixen, you seduced Brother Lu to bring you in there. You are extremely shameless and gutsy;don't you know where you are‽ This is not somewhere a commoner like yourself can enter. How can a useless woman like yourself be here? Be smart and go pack your bags and leave. Don't make me call the guards!"

"Who are you?" Xinghe asked suddenly. Her intention was pure;she really only wanted to know the girl's identity.

The girl's smug smile turned bigger and the condescension and derision in her eyes deepened. "Listen well, I am Tong Yan, the president is my uncle and the madam president is my aunt. I hail from the famous Shen family, so get out of here now because I have the absolute right to decide who stays and who leaves!"

"Is that so?" Xinghe replied succinctly before walking away.

Tong Yan was stunned. She walked away just like that…

F*ck, is she deaf? How dare she ignore me?

"Sister Lin Qian, did she just blow me off?" Tong Yan pointed at Xinghe and demanded angrily.

Lin Qian didn't expect Xinghe would be so insolent, but she was glad to witness this development.

She consoled Tong Yan, "Little Yan, don't get angry over a woman like her, she is obscenely arrogant or else how could she have consumed your Sister Lin Jing's company so easily?"

"Arrogant?" Tong Yan spat. "A woman like her dares to be arrogant in front of me? Come, let's go complain to my aunt;we'll get her to chase this shameless woman out!"

Lin Qian said with difficulty, "I don't think I can, I need to get back to work. Your uncle's body is deteriorating;I need to attend a meeting with the other doctors."

Tong Yan replied understandingly, "Then I won't bother you anymore, I'll go look for auntie myself."

She left quickly.


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