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Mr. CEO, Spoil Me 100 Percent! - Chapter 941


Chapter 941

"We only need to focus on countering them."

Everyone was surprised reading the document.

"Where did you get all this?"the Vice President asked with his jaw open. Xinghe answered truthfully, "From our friends from the moon. They have given me all the information on their advanced technology. It was thanks to them that we are able to solve the virus crisis so soon. The information they gave contained the research on a lot of different advanced technology. As long as we have this with us, we don't need to afraid Country W and the rest using the technology against us."

"This is all the advanced technology?"Someone asked.

"Not all."Xinghe shook her head. "I only selected those that can created in a short amount of time. After all, it impossible for them to handle all that technology in a heartbeat. We only need to set up precautions against this simpler technology. We don't need to worry about the rest for now."

"Miss Xia, regarding the rest of the technological information, can you…"

"I can,"Xinghe answered before the general finished. The general was shocked, and others were touched by her straightforward attitude.

Xinghe said, "I can give you everything, but that is on one condition. The technology will be used for world peace and not infiltration and and war."

"Naturally!"the general promised seriously.

The Vice President stood up and promised, "Xinghe, don't worry, we will not do anything to harm the world. This country and its citizens support and love peace;we are against any kind of war!"

"Of course, we will not betray your trust in us. You represent this country and world peace;we are all proud of you, so how could we possible disappoint you?"Others also stated their stance.

Xinghe naturally knew the kind of country Hwa Xia was. It was because she trusted them that she was willing to give them these things. This was all Shi Jian and the guys'sweat and tears, so tears, so she would not allow anyone to use them to create havoc on the world.

It was why she did not hand it over when the United Nations first asked for it, as she'd suspected them since then.

At the end of the day, she had more faith in Madam President, Elder Shen, and the like compared to United Nations. At this point, she had to reveal this information to save the world, and if she had to choose one, she would give the technology to Hwa Xia.

After Xinghe handed the document over, she joined Hwa Xia's tech team to conduct research. Her ability in computer science was truly inhumane. Her understanding inhumane. Her understanding of mathematics and physics was also at an impossible level. With her aid, the tech team's research witnessed a drastic improvement.

At the same time, the news of the presidential election in Hwa Xia was officially announced. After the virus outbreak, Hwa Xia's foreign relationships had maintained at a tense level. Country W and the rest kept finding reasons to come after Hwa Xia. The normal citizens might not have noticed it, but Xinghe, who was a part of the Embassy, felt the tension in full force.

Even in the military, tensions were high. Everyone was preparing for war;the situation was at level 1 alert. Even though a war might not break out, Hwa Xia was ready for one.

Tianrong and his forces were surreptitiously isolated.


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