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Mr. CEO, Spoil Me 100 Percent! - Chapter 908


Chapter 908

It is a sad reality that human beings are creatures of greed, which means their maximum potential can easily be ignited with a big enough attraction. That was why the Olympics kept having records broken.

Naturally, the Academic Olympics was modelled after that system. In the spirit of competition, there would be innovation. Therefore, this competition was welcomed, and every country had a responsibility to send their representatives.

Xinghe and Hwa Xia's president had personally invited them, so every country would send their representatives just to be polite. Of course, it had also attracted a crowd. Very soon, City A was crowded with people.

In just a few days of registration, City A was flooded with crowds and the number of registration applications kept increasing. Of course, they would not accept all applications. One would have to pass a test before registering;the test was to weed out those who came to create a scene.

If anything, those with a small amount of knowledge were also shown the door. The early examination had eliminated many people. In any case, only two percent of the people who came managed to register for the competition.

That two percent was not a small number;there were already hundreds of people. Xinghe's group was glad, noticing the good reception. The reason for this competition was to promote their academy and to recruit staff. Therefore, the more the merrier. Their plan had a greater chance of working with a great number of people.

The President valued this competition greatly, giving it his complete support. It seemed like many countries viewed this competition as important as well. Even the United Nations sent its representatives.

It appeared as if He Lan Yuan's plot to dominate the world had excited everyone. Everyone paid attention to this competition that had plenty of things to do with academics from the very beginning.

Ee Chen and the rest who were part of the organization were happy and proud. They had a feeling, the spirit of the Academic Olympic would be promoted and advanced. This competition would be inherited and improved year after year. They were proud to be part of its foundation committee!

Registration alone had brought enough hype to this Academic Olympic. The global media kept reporting on it. Everyone followed this competition with interest.

Even though the competition had not exactly started, its popularity had swept the globe;it was as glorious as the actual Olympics. Xinghe's group was busy fixing and preparing the competition.

While that was going on, at a secret place on Earth, several mysterious men in pressed suits were in a meeting with He Lan Yuan.

"Can your method really work?"one of the mysterious men asked solemnly.

He Lan Yuan's lips curved into a chilling smile. "You still doubt my capability?"

Of course, no one would suspect the power of the man who had almost brought the world to its knees. However, they were guarded around him.

"We can follow the method you have outlined, but we have to experiment on it first. We will carry out the plan when everything is cleared."

He Lan Yuan smiled thinly, apparently uninterested in their intention. "Do what you wish, but don't forget the conditions you have promised me…"

Staring viciously at them, he croaked in his coarse voice, "I want that woman's life, along with the lives of everyone around. I want all of them dead because they deserve to die—"

His tone was levelled, but for some reason, the group of mysterious men felt the skin on their hands crawl.


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