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Mr. CEO, Spoil Me 100 Percent! - Chapter 692


Chapter 692

Xinghe widened her eyes in shock. "What did you say?"

Even though she had mentally prepared herself, when it was confirmed, she still felt utter disbelief. She was really related to the Shen family!

Her mother was the Shen family's second daughter. Xinghe was stunned beyond words.

"Is this for real‽"Ali exclaimed in pleasant surprise. Her surprise was shared by the rest.

The doctor nodded in confirmation. "It's real. They are blood relatives, here is the result."

The doctor passed them the result which Xinghe accepted and quickly read…

It was true, she was related to Elder Shen by blood. He was her grandfather and she was his granddaughter. Her mother was the second Shen Miss.

She finally found out more information about her mother, everything felt so surreal to Xinghe.

"Xinghe."Ali looked at her with concern. "Are you alright?"

Xinghe recovered from her shock and replied softly, "I'm fine."

"Are you unhappy?"Ali asked her because her reaction was too calm, they really couldn't tell what she was feeling.

Xinghe smiled slightly. "No, I'm happy. It's true."

"Good, 'cause I feel happy for you."Ali laughed.

Sam chimed in. "Xinghe, congratulations! You've found your family."

"That's right, congratulation,"Cairn and Wolf added with sincerity.

"Thank you, all of you,"Xinghe said with said with a curved smile. "If not for your brilliant idea, we wouldn't have done this."

If she was doing this alone, she wouldn't have suspected her mother was the Shen family's second daughter, after all, that would have been such a lazy cliché. However, sometimes life was weirder than fiction.

Perhaps everything was already written in the stars for Xinghe to be on this journey to find her mother and uncover the truth. With the result in her hands, Xinghe's determination to locate her mother increased!

After all, the person she was looking for was no longer only the Shen family's second daughter but also her mother—

Xinghe announced with some excitement, "We will return to Hwa Xia tomorrow, we have to inform Shen family about this."

"Agreed!"Ali and the rest nodded. No matter what Xinghe decided, they would follow since they were there on Country Y's president's order to protect her at all cost.

In other words, Xinghe was not only Country Y's stepsister but also Hwa Xia's Madam President's niece. She was truly one of the most powerful women in the world, as well as the cleverest.

However, to Ali and the rest, she was more than that. They were glad to have made such a friend. Even without the president's explicit order, they would have given their life to protect and help Xinghe.

They had decided to help her find her mother and deal with the He Lan family in the process.


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