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Mr. CEO, Spoil Me 100 Percent! - Chapter 652


Chapter 652

This thought excited everyone from the Lin family.

"This is not impossible."The excitement in Elder Lin's eyes couldn't be suppressed. "She wouldn't have called all of us there otherwise."

"I'll call home to ask!"To confirm their suspicion, Shen Ru gave Elder Shen and the Tong family a call. They were all invited.

Even Elder Shen suspected that the president was dying. It was the only reason all of them would be invited, they were the closest to the president. If the president suddenly died, this would be a national crisis!

The Madam President must have called them all to ask for their aid. After the confirmation, the Lin family couldn't contain their elation and hurried to the president's house in droves. Even the Shen family and Tong family were in full attendance.

It was their expectation that the power structure of Hwa Xia would change tomorrow. Their feelings were complicated, some were nervous, others melancholic.

When Elder Lin saw Elder Tong and Elder Shen, he even put on a pretense, acting like he really cared about the president's health. Elder Shen said, "No matter what, let's not stay here and make guesses. Let's go in, maybe something else has happened."

"You're right,"Elder Lin replied a bit too excitedly. Who could blame him?

If the president was dying, then the country would begin another election and the Lin family had the biggest chance to win, therefore, the Lin family couldn't wait to trample over the president's dead body into their bright future.

However, when they stepped into the meeting hall, they realized that the Xi family was also there!

Not only were Elder Xi and Mubai there, even Jiangnian and Munan were there in their imposing military outfits. Noticing them, the crowd's suspicion was further confirmed.

Right then, Madam President was led into the room by Lu Qi and Xinghe.

Tong Yan was the first to ask in a hurry, "Auntie, did you call us all here because the president is dying? What happened, how did this happen so suddenly?"

"Little Yan, watch your manners,"Shen Ru berated her softly but she too asked with concern, "Sis, why did you call for all of us?"

Madam President looked at the pair of mother and daughter, and for some reason, Shen Ru could see disappointment and other emotions behind them. However, her sister seemed to be trying very hard to hide it.

The Madam President sighed. "You will find out soon enough."

"The president is dying, right?"Tong Yan blurted out rudely again. "But didn't they say Xia Xinghe has finished constructing the mechanical heart and the president was saved? So why is this happening…"

At this point, Tong Yan flared up again and went after Xinghe. "Xia Xinghe, if anything happens to the president, then you're dead! Why didn't you say you've found the material and insist on doing things behind everyone's back? Are you so desperate to claim this credit? I'm telling you, this time you've not only failed to do that but you're going to die without even knowing why!"

Elder Lin also added pointedly and severely, "Your Xi family surreptitiously built the mechanical heart, so it is not out of question that you people harbor some malicious intention. If what you did harm the president and something really did happen to him, then your Xi family will be the nation's traitors!"


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