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Mr. CEO, Spoil Me 100 Percent! - Chapter 337


Chapter 337

Chapter 337: Help You with Everything I Have

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

’’Project Galaxy, according to him, is a plan to find another habitable planet and this project was initiated by our parent's generation.’’

Mubai was dumbstruck! No sane person would believe something like that really existed!

’’That is what Ye Shen said?’’ Mubai tried to confirm.

Xinghe nodded. ’’Indeed, but I find his belief to be highly suspicious.’’

Mubai concurred, ’’Me too. However, considering the fact that Feng Saohuang had gotten involved, this Project Galaxy has to be something important.’’

’’Ye Shen, Xia Meng, and Ruobing's fathers and my mother share a similarity. All of them appeared in City T thirty years ago and disappeared twelve years ago. Ye Shen must have used this connection to locate Xia Meng, like how Ee Chen used this to find Ruobing. However Saohuang only knew that Ye Shen had the energy crystal but not Xia Meng. He has no idea about this similarity so his parents should have nothing to do with this project. Then, this means that he knows about this project from other sources and fully believes its implications.’’

Mubai understood what she meant. ’’You mean to say that there is validity to this Project Galaxy stuff since it has been confirmed by Saohuang's involvement?’’

’’That's right.’’

’’If the apocalypse stuff is true then we have to get involved as well.’’

Xinghe nodded. ’’That's correct. Therefore, we need to find the two energy crystals Ye Shen hid and try to pry more information from Saohuang.’’

’’Did he know you have an energy crystal as well?’’ This was the question Mubai was most worried about.

Xinghe shook her head. ’’Not yet. My mother probably had thought all these would happen so she took me away from City T to overseas. No one but myself knows about her time of disappearance. Furthermore, you can't find anything on her, she wiped out all the information there is on her.’’

’’But your name is such a giveaway.’’

’’Xinghe is a common name. The most they will do is suspect me, there is no way they can tell for sure. Take Ee Chen and Xia Meng for example, they only suspected that I have something to do with it, they couldn't confirm it.’’

Ee Chen suspected she had something to do with the project after working with Xinghe, while on Xia Meng's side, Xinghe herself admitted the truth.

Mubai was still worried. ’’Regardless, we have to be careful. Even suspicion could lead to a lot of danger.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’From now on, I will have my men protect you at all times. You just rest well and leave everything to me.’’

Xinghe shook her head with determination. ’’I cannot do that. I will only feel safe if I personally have a hand in it.’’

Mubai expected as much. He knew she was not a woman to hide in a man's shadow. Furthermore, she had proven herself to be more intelligent and brave than most men. She didn't need a man to shield her from the world because she was more than capable to take on the world with her power alone.

Mubai looked at her and said helplessly, ’’I didn't realize you have such competitive personality.’’

’’I'm not being competitive. I just prefer to have my fate in my own hands.’’

After all, who could make the best decision for her other than herself?

This was the quality Mubai valued the most in Xinghe. If she didn't stay true to herself, then she wouldn't be Xia Xinghe.

’’Alright, then I will support you in any way I can,’’ Mubai offered, ’’Tell me should you need any help and I will do everything I can to help you.’’


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