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Mr. CEO, Spoil Me 100 Percent! - Chapter 124


Chapter 124: Deal with Chui Ming for Her (End of Hacker Competi

It was a linear decrease. That had never happened before!

The decline of Chui Corps' stocks could be said to shock the whole country.

There was nothing Chui Ming could do to stop the inadvertent downturn. In just an hour, Chui Corps had suffered irreparable loss.

With how things were going, Chui Corps would have to announce bankruptcy in two days' time.

Chui Ming slumped to the floor in despair watching this scary development unfold before him. He was beside himself with shock.

Even Xinghe's group didn't see this coming.

Chui Corps had reached its end without their direct intervention.

Xia Zhi exclaimed, "He got what he deserved! Chui Ming has made so many enemies over the years. They all want him dead, how would they let this precious opportunity to destroy him go? Even the people are on our side! It's over for Chui Ming and it's over for Xia Wushuang and Wu Rong as well!"

Xiao Mo was equally excited.

His eyes were red with emotions. "Is this for real? It's the end for Chui Ming…"

A week ago, it was beyond his wildest imagination that Chui Ming would get his just dessert. Now that it had really happened, he felt like he was living a dream.

Is it really the end for Chui Ming?

Has the God above heard my plea?

No one could share Xiao Mo's internal frenzy of emotion because no one had gone through the same thing as he did. However, that wasn't enough, for him, Chui Ming deserved worse than that!

Xinghe commented cryptically, "This is weird…"

"Sis, what do you mean?" Xia Zhi queried.

"Chui Corps' stocks shouldn't have dropped so drastically."

Xia Zhi laughed. "Sis, this is the natural cycle of things. Evil deeds will be punished. With how much evil Chui Ming has done, I wouldn't find it weird even if he died."

He was right. Why should they be worried for Chui Ming's sake?

However, Xinghe couldn't shake the feeling that someone was pulling the strings behind the scene or else Chui Corps' stocks wouldn't crumble so fast.

She didn't dwell on it much less entertain the possibility that the culprit was Xi Mubai.

"It's your handiwork, right?" Junting asked Mubai on the phone, "The downward projection of Chui Corps' stocks was too radical. Only a few people in this country are capable of influencing something like that."

Mubai replied matter-of-factly, "Chui Ming has many enemies, this is the reflection of the public's intention."

"Even so, it couldn't explain the severe drop. Fine, don't tell me but I know you had a hand in it," Junting said with the hint of a smile in his voice. He didn't feel sorry about Chui Corps' collapse. In fact, he was quite glad about it.

Mubai smiled. He didn't admit or deny.

However, a shade of coldness did enter his onyx eyes.

Those who didn't know Mubai closely would think he was a true gentleman, but those in his inner circle would know he can be extremely merciless when he wants to be.

With his involvement, there was no chance Chui Corps could revive itself.

"But why did you target Chui Ming? Is it because of Miss Xia?" Junting asked. This was what he was really curious about.

"This is not a question hotline. I'm hanging up." Mubai cut off the call without providing an answer. Junting cursed him angrily on the other end of the phone.

How can he hang up just as things get interesting? Is it or is it not for Xia Xinghe's sake that he targeted Chui Ming?

But why would he go to such lengths for his ex-wife?

Junting scratched his chin thoughtfully. He seemed to have stumbled upon an incredible secret…

Chui Ming didn't return home the whole night.

Wushuang slept until afternoon the next day. She yawned as she descended the stairs to the living room. She asked a passing maid, "The master is still not home?"

"Yes, madam, the master is still not home," the maid answered deferentially.


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