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Monster Paradise - Chapter 29


Monster Paradise Chapter 29: The Monster from Down Under

Translated and Edited by Catato Patch

After packing up the tents, the duo got onto Tyrant's shoulders and continued their journey east.

Strangely, they had encountered multiple monster attacks during their trip. Thankfully, Tyrant's overwhelming strength suppressed them without wasting too much time.

Usually monsters avoided Tyrant, attacks such as these used to be a rarity. However, in the past few hours, they encountered 4 of such attacks by monsters that were pretty much fodder to Tyrant.

Under normal circumstances, no matter how low their intelligence was, they knew how to sense and avoid danger instinctively. This type of suicidal action was unheard of.

1 pm...

The desert's temperature had reached its peak.

Lin Huang and the fatty spotted an abandoned house in the distance and decided to make a pit stop there.

These abandoned houses were designated by the Association as Supply Points.

The duo hopped off Tyrant's shoulders and entered the Supply Point.

The house was dilapidated and looks like it had been abandoned for several years. It was a Supply Point which existed before the exam.

The Hunter Association would often erect Supply Points in the hinterlands to aid travellers.

’’Judging by the wear on this house, I would say its been here for at least 30 years. Hopefully it's still stocked up on supplies.’’ Fatty Yin commented.

’’Even if it was an abandoned Supply Point, the association would likely restock it for this exam. The house is situated right on the route towards our destination. Plus, this is the midpoint of the exam, reusing this Supply Point has a couple of uses. One, it can provide supplies for candidates who have or wish to give up. Two, it can resupply the candidates who wish to continue, increasing the chance of them passing.’’

Lin Huang was 80% sure that the Supply Point had supplies. ’’We will know when we enter.’’

As they entered the house, they noticed it was built like a storehouse. There were large jerry cans full of water, shelves and crates of high energy foods.

Fatty squealed with glee as he walked off towards a shelf, looking around, he finally found his target and grabbed a bag from the shelf. He tore open the package and gobbled down the contents.

Lin Huang stored a jerry can of water and walked towards the fatty, ’’You were that hungry?’’

’’Kind of. This is my favourite brand of crackers.’’ As if on purpose, Fatty Yin licked his fingers several times after finishing the crackers. Lin Huang was a bit of a clean freak.

’’If you are hungry, then go prepare a meal. One packet of cracker is enough. You know the rules.’’ Lin Huang walked out as he said so. The rule he was referring to was an unwritten rule among Hunters ----- You only took what you needed from the Supply Point.

This was because the supplies in the Supply Point were meant for emergencies. Sometimes one cup of water, one bite of food was the difference between life and death. That's why it was inappropriate for visitors to take more than they needed.

While Fatty Yin was pretty thick skinned, it wasn't to the point of ignoring such a rule. After finishing his first packet and grabbing another, he stopped, grabbed a jerry can and left the room.

Lin Huang sat under the porch hydrating himself as he waited for the fatty. Seeing him walk out, he reminded Fatty Yin, ’’Remember to wash your hands before cooking!’’

The fatty's cooking was really good but his hygiene left a lot to be desired.

After ensuring Fatty Yin washed his hands, he finally allowed Fatty Yin to being cooking.

Soon, the delicious smell of roasted meat wafted through the air as the two sat on the porch eating and drinking.

Translated and Edited by Catato Patch

’’Actually I packed a bottle of wine before the exam, thinking I could have a celebration at the midpoint but it ended up being confiscated.’’ Fatty Yin grumbled.

’’This is an exam not a resort retreat...’’ Lin Huang had to give it to Fatty Yin. Only he would think of such a thing the day before the exam.

’’Barbecue is meant to be enjoyed with alcohol. Have you heard of people pairing Grilled meat with plain water?’’ Fatty Yin retorted with an indignant look on his face.

Reflecting on that, pairing meat with plain water is a pretty strange scene.

’’Alright, enough complaining. Once you finish your food, we will set off. The plan is to reach the foot of the snowy mountains around sunset.’’ According to Lin Huang's plan, this would take 6-7 hours of travel.

With lunch out of the way and Fatty's kitchenware cleaned up, the pair resumed their journey.

As Tyrant sprinted under the scorching rays of the sun, Lin Huang and the fatty sat on his shoulders,each wearing a pair of sunglasses. It seemed like a vacation at a beach.

However, this relaxed atmosphere was soon disrupted. Lin Huang felt the desert floor in the distance stirred, as if there was something tunnelling underneath it. Removing his sunglasses, he stared at that spot once more but saw nothing.

His brows furrowed. ’’Fatty, do you see something moving over there? Underneath the sand dune.’’ He raised his voice, pointing at the dune in question.

’’Nope, must be your imagination. There's no wind right now so any movement is visible for all to see.’’ Fatty Yin dismissed Lin Huang's question with a wave of his hand.

However just as he said this, the dune started shaking and the sand rippled violently as the disturbance tunnelled towards them.

’’There's something coming towards us!’’ Lin Huang shouted. By this time, the Sand Ogre noticed something, his nose wrinkled as it picked up the scent of the intruder. The Sand Ogre started hesitating.

Seeing Tyrant's unusual behaviour, Lin Huang readied for battle. Such a reaction could only mean their guest had hostile intentions. He grabbed tightly onto Tyrant's beard with one hand and readied his Gray Eagle 17 on the other.

’’Tyrant, stop!’’

Lin Huang gave this command as he saw their guest's speed was much faster than Tyrant. If they tried to escape, they would be caught up within a period of short time. Preparing to fight was a smarter choice.

’’Fatty prepare yourself. Looks like it's going to be a tough fight.’’ Lin Huang reminded Fatty Yin.

Fatty Yin had already readied himself prior to this reminder. He had also noticed Tyrant's behaviour .

Tyrant came to a screeching halt and readied himself as well, his chest rising and falling rapidly as his heartbeat accelerated.

Lin Huang took aim at the sand ripples and fired his Gray Eagle 17. This was a probing shot and meant to kill the opponent, so he naturally used normal bullets.


The bullets bounced the disturbance with a loud ring as if it had hit a hard metallic surface. The sand ripples continued its advance unabated, ignoring the bullets. Lin Huang knew the bullets did not even penetrate the creature's hide.

Fatty Yin was also familiar with the Gray Eagle 17, seeing the bullets bounce off harmlessly, his face paled.

Tyrant howled into the air, his anxiety apparent for all to hear...


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