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Monster Paradise - Chapter 28


Monster Paradise Chapter 28: An affair?

8 am...

Lin Huang just woke up from his slumber.

While last night's harrowing events left him drained, he did not get much sleep. The traumatic events of last night still haunted him.

In contrast, Fatty Yin was sleeping soundly on a bed, his snores echoing thunderously , beside him a bed laid empty. Initially, Lin Huang rented a two person room but the snoring left him little choice but to rent another hotel room, several units away.

Checking the time, he went to wake the fatty up for breakfast. As they walked towards the hotel lobby after their breakfast, Lin Huang recounted the events of the previous night.

At 9, Yi Yue Yu arrived wearing a purple dress with pair of 20 cm tall black high heels.

Her appearance attracted the gaze of the majority of the men in the lobby.

’’Has the Yin Crow Flock been taken care of?’’ Seeing her approach them, Lin Huang hastily inquired. The Yin Crows deeply traumatized him, he couldn't calm down without confirmation of their demise.

’’They've been taken care of, after you left my room, I contacted the Association. Apparently, they sent over a Transcendent who suppressed the crows within a minute.’’ A look of awe crossed her face as she said this.

’’Within a minute?!’’ Lin Huang could hardly believe what he was hearing. Up till now, he wasn't sure how strong the highest combat rank actually was. However after hearing this, he knew that Transcendents were clearly existences that surpassed humanity.

’’A Transcendent's strength is unfathomable. However that is a matter for the future, what you need to focus on is how to pass the exam and advancing into BlackIron. As she finished the sentence, she added, ’’and how to repay me...’’

Hearing her say that, Lin Huang chose to keep quiet, in case he inadvertently remind her of his debt once more.

’’Since the birds are gone, the examination grounds are safe again. Follow me, I'll send the two of you back to your original position. You can continue the exam from there.’’ Yi Yue Yu said as she brought the two to her room.

As they approached her room, Lin Huang saw the room number and an awkward look crossed his face, ’’ You didn't get a new room?’’

’’The hotel owner didn't allow me to. He was afraid I would wreck the room again...’’ She gave him a dirty look as she said this.

She unlocked the door and the three entered the room in single file. ’’What the heck. Sister what have you have been doing in this room? Even the ceiling is damaged!’’

’’You have to ask him.’’ Yi Yue Yu pointed at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang winced at being mentioned.

’’No way, both of you spent the night in this room?’’ As if he had just uncovered a scandal, he leered at the two of them, ’’ An affair?’’

’’Screw off, you were there too.’’ Lin Huang knew the fatty's mind was in the gutters again.

’’I was there?! What were you two doing to me while I was unconscious? I'm a virgin!’’

’’Shut up!’’ Lin Huang and Yi Yue Yu simultaneously retorted.

’’Any other questions? If not, I'll send you guys off.’’ She looked at the duo. They shook their heads in response.

She summoned the familiar dimensional doorway once more and pushed it open.

Stepping through it, Lin Huang and the fatty found themselves at the spot where the ogre leaped through the enlarged door last night.

’’Where are we?’’ Fatty Yin asked with a look of confusion on his face. He was out cold for the majority of the battle.

Lin Huang looked around as well. The surroundings were foreign to him. He barely looked at the surrounding as they fled from the crows last night. However, he soon came up with an estimate, ’’Last night the Yin Crow Flock came from the south, Tyrant fled north for half an hour. So we should be 60km north of our campsite.’’

’’Should continue east then?’’ Fatty Yin quizzed.

’’Let's retrieve our tents first or we will have nowhere to sleep tonight.’’ Lin Huang replied before heading off.

’’Alright, with Tyrant's speed, it will only take half an hour.’’ Fatty Yin gave his approval as well.

Half an hour later...

Tyrant arrived at the campsite with the duo on his shoulders.

Looking around, the campsite was mostly intact except for Fatty's tent which had been slashed by Lin Huang. Yin Crows only consumed souls so objects like their tents were naturally left untouched.

’’There's a gashing hole in my tent thanks to your knife. Is it even usable?’’ Fatty Yin griped as he looked at his crooked masterpiece of a tent.

’’You can sleep outside if you want.’’ Lin Huang retorted as he took down his tent. He did not intend to share a tent with the Fatty.

Fatty Yin knew Lin Huang did not want to share a tent with him and so, obediently took down his tent while murmuring to himself, ’’If I knew this would happen, I would've gotten up earlier and bought a tent...’’

’’By the way, what were you doing with that woman last night? Just tell me. What happened to the room? Why do you owe her money?’’ Fatty Yin kept rambling while taking down his tent.

Lin Huang ignored the fatty and continued taking down his tent. His debt fouled his mood greatly. He quietly swore to never summon Tyrant in a hotel room again.

’’Hey, say something!’’ Seeing Lin Huang ignore him, he tossed a nail at him to get his attention.

’’You seem to be really free?’’ Lin Huang frowned as he replied.

After a while, Fatty Yin tossed another nail at Lin Huang, ’’Why is your mood so foul? Did she steal your virginity?’’

’’Just shut up and get back to work!’’

Fatty Yin finally stopped badgering Lin Huang.

After a while, he opened his mouth hole again ’’I still think that Demoness treats you differently...’’

’’You're overthinking things.’’ Lin Huang replied without turning around.

Seeing the lack of reaction, Fatty Yin finally grew bored (of being a douchebag) and went back to his tent.

Without Fatty Yin's constant rambling, the world (and the chapter) seemed a whole lot nicer.


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