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Monster Paradise - Chapter 27


Monster Paradise Chapter 27: Getting out of Danger

7D121 Stronghold,

Approximately 800 km away, in a luxurious hotel room...

A beautiful lady was sleeping soundly on a soft king sized bed, draped with a extravagant looking blanket covered in gold embroidery.

She wore a loose fitting, white satin nightie that barely covered her buttocks. Beneath that were a pair of long slender legs with skin so smooth and fair that it gave off a seductive lustre under the moonlight.

Suddenly a vibrating sound echoed throughout the room, disturbing the serenity of the room. It came from the Imperial Heart Ring on the lady's left hand.

*Di Di*

A loud beeping sound soon followed, disrupting this lady's peaceful slumber.

She got up with an annoyed look on her face, her temper on the verge of exploding as she ruffled her hair to vent her frustration. ’’It's the middle of the night! Let me sleep!’’

She belonged to the type of people who absolutely hated having their sleep interrupted. As she accepted the distress signal, her face revealed a savage expression as she swore to herself ’’ When I find out who woke me up in the middle of night, I'll make sure you regret it.’’

A three dimensional map popped out from the Imperial Heart Ring's projector. It was the entire map of the examination grounds. Within the map, a conspicuous red dot was continuously blinking while giving off a beeping sound.

This red dot naturally belonged to Lin Huang.

’’What's up with this guy? Why doesn't he just remain at his initial location and await rescue?!’’ Yi Yue Yu she grumbled as she stared at the constantly moving red dot. However she soon noticed the strangeness of the red dot, ’’There's something off about this candidate's speed. Even a BlueCopper has difficulty moving at such speeds in the desert.’’

Putting aside her doubts momentarily, she put on her clothes and makeup before getting ready to summon her dimensional door. Based on the target's velocity, she set the coordinates on her Dimensional Relic and summoned the doorway. She pushed open the large green wooden doors and stepped through the doorway.

She reappeared a moment later in the examination grounds. She wore an icy cold expression as stood there with arms crossed, looking at the 3D map.

Seeing the target rapidly approaching her location, she smiled sinisterly, the grudge from her interrupted sleep still fresh in her mind. However, this changed as she spotted an oddity in the sky.

The sky was seemingly blanketed by a shadow and that same shadow was rapidly closing in on her. With her eyesight, she quickly determined it was a flock of Yin Crows.

Recalling the red dot's velocity and constant movement, she finally understood the dot's actions. She couldn't help but chuckle, ’’Who is the poor soul being chased by a flock of Yin Crows. Being able to survive till now is pretty impressive...’’

Soon, a growing dust cloud rapidly closed in on her, as if there was an object rapidly sprinting towards her. She stared in shock as a gigantic ogre madly dashed towards her.

’’A Sand Ogre? The Yin Crows should catch up with that ogre any moment now. What about that fellow who sent out the distress signal? Is he behind the ogre?’’ Yi Yue Yu tried to peer behind the ogre but was blocked by the trail of dust behind him.

It was at this moment that a voice echoed from the direction of the ogre, ’’Miss Head Examiner, please get us out of here!’’

She finally noticed the teenager sitting atop the Sand Ogre, furiously waving his hand.

At first, Lin Huang didn't notice the examiner but instead saw the green wooden door. He then spotted the examiner nearby.

’’That kid is a Beastermaster?!’’ She gasped in shock as she recalled the sight of a candidate sheepishly admitting that he missed the registration. He was also the only candidate who had reached the rank of BlackIron.

Due to the slight delay caused by her putting on her clothes and makeup, the Yin Crows were practically at their doorstep and closing in fast.

Lin Huang frantically egged the ogre on while turning around constantly to check on the crows.

The Sand Ogre naturally complied with his orders, he also knew how scary the Yin Crows were.

Realizing the how dangerous their predicament was, she immediately formed a series of hand seals and created a mystical insignia out of her golden Life Energy. The insignia automatically imprinted itself on the wooden door the moment it was completely formed, causing the two metres tall door to expand rapidly. Within 3 seconds, the door grew to a height of 10 metres.

She pressed on the enormous door and with creaking sound, the door started opening.

’’Run through that door!’’ Lin Huang immediately gave a new order to Tyrant.

The Yin Crow Flock was only a few hundred metres away from the ogre at this point. Given a couple seconds more, the flock would have caught up with the group.

Yi Yue yu knew how dire the situation was so she spent her Life Energy to transform the dimensional door.

Tyrant didn't slow down for a second and as he approached the door, he took a giant leap through the door. At this point, the flock was less than a hundred metres away however, Yi Yue Yu didn't pay attention to them as she immediately stepped through the door as well.

With loud a bang, the green door closed up and disappeared just as the spear head of the flock was about to collide with it. A moment later, a tidal wave of shadows crashed into the spot where the door once stood, accompanied by the clamoring of the Yin Crows.


The bedroom in Yi Yue Yu's suite was a complete mess at this moment. There was a large hole in the ceiling which penetrated through several floors. This was caused by Tyrant as he teleported in, by the time Lin Huang had thought of this problem, it was too late to recall the ogre.

Yi Yue Yu's face was a deathly pale as she sat on her bed, Lin Huang on the other hand stood stock still like statue by her side while fatty was lying on the floor, unconscious as ever.

’’You are Lin Huang right?’’ She remembered his name from the time when she helped him register for the exam. ’’Tell me exactly what happened.’’

This question finally brought Lin Huang to his senses as he breathed a sigh of relief. Ominous thoughts of damages, compensation and fees previously filled his head as his brain pertually cycled through ’’I'm screwed and ’’I can't pay for this’’. Hearing that question, he knew that the examiner wouldn't ask him to pay for the room's damages and repairs.

After collecting his thoughts he started recounting how he had encountered the crows and how after desperately trying to shake them off, he had no choice but to send out the distress signal.

’’The distress signal was sent half an hour ago so you are saying the crows were chasing even before that?’’

’’Yea, if it wasn't for those pesky crows, I wouldn't have used my SOS beacon.’’ Lin Huang grimaced as he remembered the incident.

’’Your ogre was able to run away from the Yin Crows for half an hour? That's not the speed of a normal Three-Star BlackIron Sand Ogre. It should be mutant right?’’ She had previously suspected this when she first saw the ogre but she was now completely sure.

Mutated monsters were rarity. Once they mutated, their basic abilities underwent a massive change, even having the possibility of having a skill new manifest, and also allowed for greater growth.

Tyrant had underwent a natural mutation unlike Shirou. Tyrant was already a Rare Card when Lin Huang attained it so he didn't have much reason to hide it. Furthermore, the more he displayed his abilities and worth, the less likely he would be disqualified.

’’Yes, it's a mutant.’’ Lin Huang as he replied.

’’Alright.’’ Yi Yue Yu had a neutral expression as she continued, ’’I'll have to report this incident to the higher ups. By morning, the problem should be resolved and I'll send both of you back to your original position. You can continue the exam then.’’

’’You mean we won't get disqualified?’’ Lin Huang nervously asked.

’’What's the matter? Do you want to get disqualified?’’ She rolled her eyes at Lin Huang.

’’No. No. I didn't use the SOS beacon. The emergency communicator was busted from the start, I didn't send out the distress signal.’’ Lin Huang waved his hands furiously as he blatantly changed his previous statement. Shameless...

’’Beastmasters are a rare talent and as such, they are always welcome to join the Association. Beastmaster who own a mutated minion like her even have special privileges such as direct entry. However, I've used up my 3 recommendation slots for the month so I can't bring you into the Association. So you have no choice but to pass the exam under the normal rules.’’ Yi Yue Yu explained in detail why he was given such leniency.

’’If you can't pass the exam this month, I can directly recruit you into the Association. You just have to head to 7C87 and register directly.’’

Lin Huang did not expect his Beastmaster identity to be so useful. With the matter of his exam qualifications settled, a heavy load lifted off his mind.

’’By the way, regarding the damages , I've paid it for you. When you've earned the money, you can return it to me then.’’ Yi Yue Yu added.

’’Damages... Fees...’’ Lin Huang's mood plunged straight into the depths of hell as his initial elation at having his qualifications retained, swiftly changed into despair at the thought of paying the repair fee.

’’Alright, you can bring that fatty out of my room. Gather at the hotel lobby at 9 am. The Yin Crows should be taken care of by then, I'll send you two back at that time.’’ As she finished saying this, she chased them out.

Lin Huang left the room with a helpless look on his face and tub of lard on his back.

Just as she closed the room door, Yi Yue Yu smiled, ’’ Looks like my luck is pretty good. I found another Beastmaster with a mutated minion. Now let's who still dares to say the newbies I pick are all scrubs!’’

What she didn't know was that the beastmaster in question was constantly labelled by a certain black card as being ------ A Scrub!


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