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Monster Paradise - Chapter 21


Monster Paradise Chapter 21: Lin Huang Strikes Back!

A chill ran down Zuo Qiu Kang's spine as he noticed Lin Huang's icy stare. He subconsciously retreated a step.

’’Brat, what are you starting at?! Don't think you're all that just because you are a Beastmaster. Zuo Qiu Kang is a noble! He's not someone you can afford to offend!.’’ Seeing Lin Huang ignore him, he shouted at him.

Upon hearing the word noble, Lin Huang furrowed his brows in annoyance. In this world being a noble family, meant that there was a family member who ascended to the Transcendent Rank and was thus recognized as nobility by the Federation. He finally understood why this group of veterans were willing to recognize Zuo Qiu Kang as a team leader.

Seeing the reaction on Lin Huang's face, Zuo Qiu Kang regained some of his usual confidence. At the same time, envy swelled in him as he thought to himself ’’What right does this pauper have to be a Beastmaster? A 15 year old who haven't even reach the BlackIron tier. He is clearly a pauper with no backing. So what if you're a Beastmaster, I'll bully you all the same!’’

’’Brother Lin, we aren't here to cause trouble but with your attitude, you are clearly looking down on us. If you can't stand my teammates, I'll have no choice but to step aside as both parties settle this.’’ However, Zuo Qiu Kang wasn't stupid. Sensing Lin Huang was also not one to be trifled with, he decided to distance himself. While he had used a strange reason to reprimand Lin Huang, he did not thoroughly offend the other party. As expected of a scheming noble.

If it was a normal 15 year old who had heard this, they might have caved and admitted to being rude. However Lin Huang was clearly not a kid due to his age on Earth. He knew what the noble teen was planning;He merely wanted to distance himself from any potential consequences. This way, no matter who won, he wouldn't suffer any losses.

However this worked out for Lin Huang as well. At the very least there was now one less person to deal with. He wasn't afraid of troublemakers but unnecessarily offending a noble family was not his intention.

The lanky youth however was not able to discern the true intention of Zuo Qiu Kang's words and merely thought he did not want to dirty his hands. Helping a young master of the nobility was certainly something he would gladly sign up for. Regardless of whether they passed the exam, establishing friendly relations with a noble was in itself a reward. One could easily land a cushy managerial job in their estates by relying on these connections. At least, this was what Zuo Qiu Kang's four teammates thought.

Zuo Qiu Kang retreated a few steps as his teammates silently signalled to each other with their eyes and began advancing. 3 of them surrounded Lin Huang's ogre while the lanky youth attacked Lin Huang himself.

The easiest way to defeat a Beastmaster was to attack the Beastmaster before he summoned his minion. As for Beastmasters who had already summoned their minions, one simply had to get a teammate distract the minion, while he quickly take out the Beastmaster.

Lin Huang, due to not being a BlackIron, was not able to identify the attackers' individual strength. But from the way the other three let the lanky youth take charge, he assumed that youth was the strongest among them and likely possessed a combat rank of Three-Star BlackIron.

Lin Huang immediately whipped out his trusty Gray Eagle 17 while dashing backwards. It still had 5 bullets left after the previous night's massacre.

Seeing the Gray Eagle 17m, a savage grin flashed across the youth's face ’’This gun does not even have the power of a BlackIron gun. It might pose a threat to One-Stars and Two-Stars, however I, Xue Jie, am a Three-Star BlackIron!’’

Seeing Xue Jie fearlessly pounce towards him, Lin Huang took aim at his chest and squeezed on the trigger


A resounding bang echoed in air, startling everyone.

By the time Xue Jie noticed the abnormality of the bullet , it was too late. He tried to twist his body to avoid the bullet but was still hit by the bullet on his right shoulder. The bullet took a decent chunk out of his right shoulder, his bones on full display.

Xue Jie grasped his shoulder in pain, trying to stop the gushing blood. He stared at Lin Huang fervently, hatred burning in his eyes. Realizing the bleeding wasn't subsiding, he swiftly took out a bottle of Healing Medication and doused his wound.

Lin Huang did not continue attack but watched him do so at a distance. Without Tyrant's or Shirou's help, killing the other party was difficult.

Xue Jie's strength was significantly stronger than the weaken vampire he previously faced, his consciousness wasn't muddled by an overpowering lust for blood. Plus, Lin Huang only had 4 bullets left in his gun. These were his trump cards and he did not want to waste them.

Furthermore, this was merely a small disagreement, it wasn't serious to the point of killing each other.

Zuo Qiu Kang's face fell when he saw the decisiveness in Lin Huang's eyes as he shot at Xue Jie. ’’This guy is dangerous!’’

However, Lin Huang wasn't ruthless. If Lin Huang had immediately chosen to shoot at Xue Jie instead of waiting for him to attack, he would have ample time to aim at Xue Jie's head. Xue Jie would have been a corpse instead.

Just as he was distracted by this turn of events, screams rang out from the other party.

The three candidates who attacked the ogre were in a terrible shape as well. Their attacks had no effect on the ogre and with a punch, the ogre sent them flying.

Having taken care of his three opponents, the ogre rushed to aid Lin Huang. He stretched his arm out to grab Xue Jie in the midst of his charge.

Xue Jie willed his body to move as he desperately dashed backwards in spite of his injuries. At the same time, he shouted at Zuo Qiu Kang for help. ’’Zuo Qiu, save me!’’

Zuo Qiu Kang had an ugly expression on his face at the moment thanks to this unpleasant situation. He didn't want to get involved in this mess but he also did not want Xue Jie to die. If Xue Jie died and he was left alone, he did not know if Lin Huang would kill him in order to wipe out the witnesses.

He raised his right arm and pointed at the air in front of Xue Jie, the black ring on his middle finger shone as a giant shield materialized in front of Xue Jie.


Tyrant's monstrous arms collided with the shield, cracks started spreading out from the impact point like a spider's web.

Zuo Qiu Kang was horrified by this result. A BlackIron Equipment was severely damaged by an ogre's single strike. This meant that that ogre was almost at the level of a BlueCopper. He immediately called out to Lin Huang ’’Brother Lin, please stay your hand, we wish to parley!’’

’’Tyrant!’’ Lin Huang halted the attack.

Tyrant who had been excited by the prospect of tearing into Xue Jie looked questioningly at Lin Huang.

’’Stop for now’’ Lin Huang gave out this command before turning to the pair ’’ I require an explanation.’’

The pair finally breathed a sigh of relief.

’’Zuo Qiu, this brat doesn't dare to kill us. The exam prohibits candidates from killing each other. If we all die in this exam, not only he lose his qualifications, he would be blacklisted permanently by the Association. Plus you are a noble, if you died in the exam, the association will definitely investigate, killing a noble is a serious offense in the Federation...’’

’’Shut up!’’ Zuo Qiu Kang shouted at Xue Jie in anger. He clearly did not expect Xue Jie to further provoke Lin Huang. ’’Brother Lin, all my Equipment above BlackIron have been confiscated, my only valuable piece of gear left is this defensive Equipment.’’

As he said this, he took off the black ring on his left hand and tossed it onto the ground near Tyrant's feet. ’’Please take this Equipment as my apology. Let's bury the hatchet and be friends from now on.’’

Lin Huang paused for a second before replying ’’I'll accept your apology. You can take the three of them and leave.’’

’’However, he has to stay.’’ Lin Huang pointed at Xue Jie as he said so.


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