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Monster No Goshujin-sama - Volume 2 - Chapter 17


Chapter 17

V2 Master of Monsters Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 - The Elves' Circumstances

Synopsis of the last chapter:

【Sad News】After it was『this time for sure, it is a proper person』in the afterword of Volume 2 Chapter 13, only after exchanging conversation did it come to light that the other party was, as a matter of fact, an elf.

The next morning. Lily and I headed towards the place to eat, guided by a soldier who had come around the time we had finished dressing ourselves.

We were led to a room that was smaller than the one I was guided to yesterday. After exchanging some light greetings with a few of the students that had already begun eating, we headed towards an older woman who was in charge of the waiters.

She served us a dish with a vegetable salad and passed over bread with heat still remaining in the center from it being freshly baked. She served us a bowl of meat soup slumped out of a cauldron and we sat at the table.

When I began to have breakfast face to face with Lily, Mikihiko came over to us.

’’Good Morning, Takahiro. Mizushima-san.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Ah Mikihiko? Good morning.’’ (Takahiro)

’’Good morning, Shumoku-kun. ......hey~, you're eating a lot.’’ (Lily)

Exactly as Lily had stated, the portion of breakfast he had brought and placed on his wooden tray when he sat down on the seat next to me was three times what we were eating.

’’You will be served and given more if you ask for it. All you need to do is ask for it, Takahiro?’’ (Mikihiko)

’’I'm okay. I can't eat so much this early in the morning. Or perhaps I should say that you are a glutton?’’ (Majima)

’’Mhm~. Well, I guess it's because I went until I was on the verge of starvation once. My constitution seems to have changed somehow.’’ (Mikihiko)

Having boldly stated that in the tone of the harmless conversation even though that statement would normally startle the surroundings if it was heard, Mikihiko proceeded to cram his bread into his mouth with a mogyu mogyu~.

’’I am somewhat afraid that I'm getting fat. I must exercise properly.’’ (Mikihiko)

Although Mikihiko made such a claim, he was considerably thinner than my memory of him. Probably, after his『situation of being on the verge of starving』as said by the man himself, it seemed he still hadn't completely recovered.

Whether or not his body was trying to overcompensate for that time, Mikihiko was greedily devouring down his meal.

’’Speaking of exercise, what will Takahiro and others do today? Are you planning to participate in the training?’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Training......?’’ (Majima)

’’Yup. After all, you can send around the personnel from the fortress to ask for the 'Scouting Corps'.¹It appears they will provide and assign light training for people who are interested. Fantasy people with swords and magic. They are going as far as to say that ’’The 'Stay Behind Group' have cheat abilities’’. Isn't it just 'pearls thrown before swine'²with them being unable to be self-aware of what kind of thing it is? Just a little at a time after today, although I am trying to do various things.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’I see. I have understood the story. ......however, we are taking time for Silane-san.’’ (Majima)

’’Ah~, come to think of it, I heard you mentioning a discussion or something like that.’’ (Mikihiko)

It appeared that she was coming to our room around the time we finished eating breakfast, as we have an appointment. Although, I still doubt whether or not he had participated as I wasn't there.

’’Does Mikihiko participate in the training?’’ (Majima)

’’Eh? Me?’’ (Mikihiko)

As I asked while gazing down at the two one-sided daggers hanging at his waist, Mikihiko looked around at the other students that were in the room with a fleeting sidelong glance, then snorted his nose with a humph.

At his easy to understand behavior, I wryly smiled a little.

I didn't feel that Mikihiko's attitude was to blame. To be honest, I wasn't fond of the 'Scouting Corps', nor did I harbour a very good impression of the other students.

It was merely trifling jealousy. I realized that. Nevertheless, there were also things that couldn't be helped even when you knew of them. Humans were detestable and little in my experience.

’’I plan to go to Captain-san's room today.’’ (Mikihiko)

Mikihiko swallowed the food that was in his mouth with a gulp and opened his mouth.

’’Or perhaps I should say these days, although it is also today.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’ were surprisingly charmed by her.’’ (Majima)

I recalled the silver-haired woman I had met last night. And, also the appearance of the emotionally attached Mikihiko.

’’It's nice to fall in love, huh. It's to the point in various meanings.’’ (Mikihiko)

Mikihiko wasn't even embarrassed. He was pleasantly shaking his shoulders.

It appeared this was serious in some way or another.

’’......I'm surprised. You... didn't you say that you had no interest in romance with the exception of 2D³or something like that?’’ (Majima)

’’It was something serious enough that it changed my religion. Well, there are some considerable difficulties, however. Even birthplace, or rather, how should I put it, things like the difference of worlds and the age difference aside, I should say the greater challenge is to overcome the difference in social status.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Social status?’’ (Majima)

’’That person, it appears she is a princess of a small country.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Why is she acting like the leader of the Order of Knights with such a social status?’’ (Majima)

’’There are various things. Various things. Such things as ties of obligation, it contains all kinds of things, right.’’ (Mikihiko)

If asked, the country itself, called the『Alliance』, which appointed her as the leader of the Third Order of the Knight Alliance, was originally said to be a collection of small countries that faced the sea of trees.

The Third Order of the Knight Alliance was composed of knights that were dispatched from the countries among them, so that's why people of the royal status are acting as the leaders commanding them. With a feeling that the parallel world's situation seemed to be really troublesome, I thought that I didn't want to have anything to do with it if circumstances allowed it as much as possible.

However, Mikihiko said without particularly appearing to get worked up.

’’She is also that person, because of various difficulties, huh. I think I want to give her my support.’’ (Mikihiko)

Mikihiko seemed prepared to tackle the complicated circumstances of the people of this world which appeared to be troublesome from right in front somehow or another.

I didn't think I was unable to understand why he was particularly poking his head into trouble like that.

For some reason or another, I felt like I understood Mikihiko's current feelings.

Personally, whatever circumstances in the future that would become evident after this, stuff like being separated from Lily was unimaginable. Undoubtedly, it was the same for him.

For example, if I had come across a human of this other world instead of a monster which was Lily.

Or, if it was the opposite of that.

Our situation might be different.

’’ your best.’’ (Majima)

’’Ah.’’ (Mikihiko)

I was able to be that sort of friend, a person that at least sends words of encouragement. Mikihiko smiled like he was little embarrassed, and nodded in return.

’’......n?’’ (Majima)

I tilted my head as I noticed Lily, who was facing me while alternating her gazes towards us.

Since she was improving her sociability by smiling, her facial expression appeared to be strangely happy. Maybe it's my imagination.

’’What is it?’’ (Majima)

’’No, it's nothing.’’ (Lily)

Lily shook her head and returned to her meal.

Maybe it was something she couldn't say in this place. Or maybe it was truly nothing.⁴ ......well, she would have said it from over there if there was anything important.

I concluded that that was the case and resigned myself to idly chatting with Mikihiko for rest of the meal.

Mikihiko's conversation was partly about the leader's story, and partly was teasing my relationship with『Miho Mizushima』. The point was, almost everything was completely idle banter, and there was no important information to gain.

Nevertheless, things like chatting with friends were normal.

Lily didn't actively participate much in the conversation though she gazed at us while we conversed.

With a good mood for some reason, she was attentively watching us.

Having finished the breakfast, we left the room.

Mikihiko said he would take us to our room, but I was in the process of understanding the internal structure slowly, so I declined with the thought that it wasn't a problem as long as I returned to the room.

Lining up shoulder-to-shoulder with Lily, I returned straight to the room.

If you expressed the interior of this fortress we were staying at very roughly, it was in a shape similar to a flat, many-sided pillar with 3 levels piled on top. We were staying in the third lowest division.

We noticed that some of the knights were also living here, and even when we were returning back to the room, we passed some pleasant-looking knights several times. They stopped and thanked us for our courtesy each time, which made me completely fed up. There didn't particularly seem to be a building for the soldiers to stay and sleep in, but it was salvation we didn't have the opportunity to meet except for the soldiers who were being bodyguards and the host.

The tumult reached my ears when we climbed the stairs and came along to the floor our room was on.

There were signs of someone disputing.

Although we were sorry for the trouble, we couldn't return to our room without passing through this place.

’’Now then! Annoying!’’ (Sakagami)

As we came forth from the corridor, a blonde-haired male student with a strong impression within the students who were being protected, Sakagami Gyouta, was coming this way with his shoulders squared up.

’’Move!’’ (Sakagami)

Even though the dispute became troublesome, we obediently cleared out of the way.

Sakagami passed by immediately. He clicked his tongue and he glared as he passed by us, whether or not it was because he didn't mind or because my companion was a woman.

It was an amusing atmosphere even though we were entangled into it, Sakagami proceeded to leave without saying anything.

The 3 people from the 'Scouting Corps' were in the corridor.

And, one person was a boy sitting on his backside with a swollen cheek.

They were with Sakagami along the way to this place, he seemed to be timid『bullied child』.

’’Really, fellows like him.’’ (Juumonji)

Said Juumonji of the 'Scouting Corps' with a look of resentment and his arms folded.

In the meanwhile, Watanabe, another male member of the 'Scouting Corps', was making the male student who fell on his backside recover while her other hand held a battle staff.

’’Are you okay?’’ (Watanabe)

His actions were unexpectedly reassuring. Although she was close to a wizard from what I saw, Watanabe's physical ability in itself seemed to be a『Warrior』which excelled at magical and physical abilities.

Watanabe healed the male student's injuries by applying recovery magic, and then spoke words of advice.

’’You had better not get near that guy too much. Also from our side, since I will warn you properly in advance.’’ (Watanabe)

’’......yes. Thank you.’’ (Student)

The male student bowed his head to Watanabe's remark, and then turned back.

A dark facial expression. We passed by one another.

While nonchalantly looking over his shoulder and seeing them off, his small figure chased after Sakagami and disappeared into the staircase. The words of the 'Scouting Corps' appeared to have not reached him.

’’It's a troublesome thing. Don't you think so?’’ (Juumonji)

Looking over my shoulder, Juumonji who had noticed us came to speak to me.

’’Even though now is the time we must cooperate, it is troublesome to get their cooperation due to their views still being based on our former world.’’ (Juumonji)

It appeared that the 'Scouting Corps' guys seemed to be troubled by them. Although they produced charisma and obtained tremendous strength, it wasn't so simple to 'unify people'.

’’By the way, where are you guys going at such a time?’’ (Juumonji)

Juumonji asked us as he had noticed.

’’Haven't you heard the talk that everyone in the chivalric order of knights are giving and assigning training when the meal finished?’’ (Juumonji)

’’We aren't participating in the training.’’ (Majima)

With my reply, Juumonji who had enquired appeared to be surprised.

’’Is it bad for your physical condition?’’ (Juumonji)

’’I didn't mean it like that.’’ (Majima)

’’If that's the case, what for?’’ (Juumonji)

Juumonji's tone of voice sounded similar to criticism.

I see. I understand.

Since he had said it in such a tone, the time Mikihiko talked about this matter, so this was the reason he seemed to be pouting like that.

It was troublesome because he was talking with a positive-mindset basis rashly. It appears he didn't mean to have any ill-intent by any means......

It looked good to completely terminate the conversation quickly in this situation.

’’Sorry, but I somewhat have an arrangement. As it is like that, we will be going.’’ (Majima)

I began to walk while taking Lily. Juumonji was grimacing, but I pretended to not see it.

’’Ah, wait just a minute.’’ (Yuna)

Nevertheless, she waited in the place I was trying to pass by on the edge of the three people of the 'Scouting Corps'.

’’Sorry, Juumonji-kun, Watanabe-kun. It's just a little minor business. Can you go ahead?’’ (Yuna)

Saying so, the lone woman of the 'Scouting Corps' three people, it was the『Great Runner』Eno Yuna.

Whether or not this was unexpected for him as well, Juumonji nodded with a face that omitted maliciousness.

’’Ah, yes. I understand. Don't you be late. Since you won't have time to eat your meal.’’ (Juumonji)

’’There isn't a phrase saying 'I'll be late', Juumonji-kun.’’ (Yuna)

Said Yuna jokingly, the two men that had accompanied her proceeded to leave before, and she stood ahead of Lily.

It appeared that she had things to do, Lily's appeared to be towards『Miho Mizushima』which was being mimicked by her.

’’It's been a while, Mizushima-san. Although we haven't talked very much, do you remember me?’’ (Yuna)

’’Of course. After I arrived here, I never talked to you, huh.’’ (Lily)

Eno was a sophomore, while Miho Mizushima and I were in the same year of school.

I hadn't exchanged words with Eno, and even though I recognized her face as a classmates', I didn't particularly remember her name.

However, Miho Mizushima and her female companions, even though they weren't friends that were particularly intimate, it appeared that there was still was enough sentiment to have an opportunity to exchange words.

I understood that she had called to us to halt for the sake of greeting her acquaintance, Miho Mizushima, especially, but I immediately noticed something strange in that situation.

Eno appeared to be paying an undue amount of attention to me instead. She was turning fleeting glances towards me.

’’Yuu~p, it's pitiable.’’ (Yuna)

......It was something that was said as a contemptible greeting.

I wondered whether or not she was picking a fight. I had no intentions of provoking her feelings.

On that point, Sakagami from some time ago was imposing. I didn't, by any means, feel like fighting those guys in the 'Scouting Corps'. Unless Lily and others are revealed by their hands, however.

’’Ah, no no. It isn't your matter.’’ (Yuna)

Eno buzzed and shook her hands, then returned her gaze towards Lily.

’’You're acquainted with Takaya Jun-kun, right? One below?’’ (Yuna)

Lily opened her eyes widely to Eno's words. I was the same as well.

That was Miho Mizushima's childhood friend, it was the full name of the boy who was a member of the 'Scouting Corps'.

’’Takaya-kun is alive. Just in case, I completely thought I needed to convey it to you or something like that.’’ (Yuna)

’’That matter, he reported the information about the colony's collapse to the 'Scouting Corps' as I thought......’’ (Lily)

’’Yup. Takaya-kun did it.’’ (Yuna)

Mizu Mizushima's childhood friend went towards the east to request rescue from the 'Scouting Corps', I had heard it from Kato-san before. It appeared he had accomplished his goal. He hadn't accomplished his goal. Because Miho Mizushima wasn't in this world anymore. Even if he had finally arrived at the base of the 'Scouting Corps', there wasn't even any meaning to it.

’’Since I knew Mizushima-san's face, Takaya requested me while lamenting to protect you. Concerning the result, I didn't even have to go rescue you.’’ (Yuna)

’’......what is he doing now?’’ (Lily)

’’He was left behind in Ebenus, the east fortress. Coming out of the sea of trees by himself, it's similar to being unreasonable of course. In addition, because his body was worn-out with his forced march. Although he grumbled splendidly, it didn't seem that he could come along with us. I thi~nk it will take some time for him to arrive here.’’ (Yuna)

While saying that, Eno looked towards my direction with a fleeting glance again.

’’......Although he'll become pitiable when he arrives. As for me who knows the endurance of that child, I wanted to root for him, but this looks quite bad for his relation, huh.’’ (Yuna)

By seeing the figure of『Miho Mizushima』standing similarly to cuddling close together with me, it appeared she had guessed our relation. The truth was a little different, but in any case, there was no doubt it was a cruel development for Takaya Jun.

’’Well, that's pretty much the 'story from me'. It was nice to have an opportunity to speak before I departed.’’ (Yuna)

Eno said with a face like a burden was taken off of her shoulders. Lily expressed her gratitude to her.

’’Thanks a lot, Eno-san. What was the 'departure' by the way?’’ (Lily)

’’Hm? Mizushima-san doesn't know? Because it's said we will put out the second team of 'Scouting Corps' even before the day is over, it has been decided we will accompany them. Around the mountain hut, and later, we intend to visit the colony if we have time.’’ (Yuna)

That was the story I had also heard from Mikihiko.

The departure was soon after Silane had returned, as one would expect from the『Great Runner』. She was quick.

’’Ah, but have peace of mind. Because it's no good for everyone who remained in the fortress to have anxiety, it has been arranged so Juumonji-kun and Watanabe-kun remain.’’ (Yuna)

’’It doesn't mean that everyone in the 'Scouting Corps' goes, huh.’’ (Lily)

’’Because I alone am plenty for war potential. Rather, I alone am on the quick side, was completely opposed by the chivalric order of knights 'because I don't know what is in the sea of trees'. Even someone like Juumonji-kun, and also Watanabe-kun were rejected to be taken because they were loud.’’ (Yuna)

With Eno's demeanor of shrugging her shoulders, I couldn't perceive something similar to crisis awareness particularly directed towards going towards a dangerous place after this.

That wasn't needed.

I had seen it yesterday――or perhaps I should say, I remembered the battle with the Green Caterpillar『I wasn't able to see』. There were no lies in her two names of『Great Runner』, the combat ability of Eno Yuna was overwhelming if said in a single word. She was a beauty despite all that. It was certainly a point such as 'they must be heroes'.

It was around thus, they were reflected as reliable in the eyes of the people of the parallel world and the 'Stay Behind Group', but she was reflected as a scope he was unable to stomach and nothing could be done in Mikihiko's eyes.

’’Ah. Not good. Sorry, Mizushima-san. I have to go soon.’’ (Yuna)

Whether or not she noticed was locked deep into talking, she said so and turned back.

’’Well then, see you later.’’ (Yuna)

Eno started to run while waving her hand. It wasn't a speed that wasn't reflected in my eyes, but it was a manner of walking that was possible to say she was a good walker nonetheless.

That retreating figure proceeded to vanish in the other side of the corridor in the blink of an eye.

Silane turned up shortly after we had returned to the room.

’’Good morning. Takahiro-dono, Miho-dono.’’ (Silane)

Lily ushered in Silane who was bowing her head and had arranged her heels tightly. This area was the same as yesterday when Mikihiko was the other party.

’’I'm sorry for having come in the morning. Today I'm not an armoured figure, huh.’’ (Silane)

Silane was identical to how she was in yesterday's party, she didn't wear her usual armour which seemed to be the standard soldier equipment apart from a sword on her waist. For some reason or another, there was an image of them being always completely armed because they were knights and soldiers in a fortress, but it appeared there wasn't such a thing.

’’The duty of us knights is to suppress the monsters which are pushing through the forest. Preservation of the fortress, controlling, and defense are next to professional duties of the army's soldiers.’’ (Silane)

It appeared that military service was compartmentalized into the Army Corps and the Chivalric Order of Knights. It wasn't significant enough to require remembering things like the over compartmentalized bureaucracy of our world, deciding the territory mutually as an organization seemed to be a matter of course to avoid useless conflict.

’’Because it was a long-term mission, especially for me, the releasing of arms was approved.’’ (Silane)

’’Were you off-duty? I'm sorry about that.’’ (Majima)

’’Please do not mind. Although one might say day off, it's inside of a forest where there's nothing to do other than training. Moreover, it is a great honor to be useful to the hero-samas like this.’’ (Silane)

’’......well, please enter since we are standing around talking.’’ (Majima)

’’Excuse me.’’ (Silane)

Silane who walked into the room as I said so, and she was leading a little girl.

The same blue eyes and blonde hair as Silane. Since the gaps of her hair were rather short, pointed ears were peeking through. I wondered about whether or not she was 12 or 13 years old yet. It looked to me like she'd become a beautiful woman similar to Silane in the future, but she was still marked as a child now.

She was wearing not soldier's equipment, but a simple dress appearance. She held a small basket in front of her body.

’’Her name is called Kei. She is helping with my everyday necessities.’’ (Silane)

’’K-, Kei is how I'm called. Pl-, please treat me well.’’ (Kei)

Kei hung her head while she looked to be nervously shivering. Her white cheeks were blushing.

There were chairs and desks in the room, but unfortunately there were only two chairs. I sat side by side with Lily who was sitting on the bed, and offered the chairs for the two people who were guests.

’’Silane-san and others, by all means please sit on the chairs.’’ (Majima)

’’No. We will remain as is.’’ (Silane)

Placing herself a little distance away, Silane took a posture of standing at attention. Behind her, the little girl named Kei also stiffened up vertically.

’’......Um, Silane-san.’’ (Majima)

I got a wrinkle in the space between my eyebrows by mistake.

’’What is it?’’ (Silane)

’’Can't you be at ease a little?’’ (Majima)

While talking, I didn't believe my disposition could be calm while the other party continuously stood.

If I had to be specific it was difficult to talk. My real intention was to ask what kind of harassment this was.

’’Please sit. After, can't you also quit exaggerating talking so much? Silane-san's age surely won't change thus. Please act your usual way somehow or another.’’ (Majima)

’’I'm unable to do that.’’ (Silane)

It was an immediate reply.

’’Takahiro-dono, to people of the lower class like us, we think it is the equivalent of being too polite too much.’’ (Silane)

Rather, as for Silane, it appeared there was a place she thought about my behavior.

’’Please call me Silane somehow or another. Honorifics aren't needed.’’ (Silane)

’’......if I'm not mistaken, I remember Mikihiko was using honorifics with leader.’’ (Majima)

’’Because leader is a senior as she's older than you. In Mikihiko's story, it was valuable among other things to pay respects to elders in Takahiro-dono's world. I think it's wonderful.’’ (Silane)

It seemed that Mikihiko seemed to have explained away to leader while saying things on the spot.

That story was typical of him, it was difficult for me to do the same.

Unlike Mikihiko, I was self-aware that I wasn't very good at speaking skillfully. I found it hard to even when trying to persuade someone wondering in what way could I answer back? It didn't skillfully come to mind on the spur of the moment.

Although I exchanged looks with Lily, she returned a bitter smile. She appeared to have given up hope.

Whether or not this couldn't be I resigned to my fate, I noticed that Silane's fine appearance was frowning.

Her blue eyes were continuing to stare at my eyes. Her thin lips spun words.

’’Your face was seriously unpleasant, Takahiro-dono.’’ (Silane)

’’......Did it appear on my face?’’ (Takahiro)

I was astonished at the fact it was pointed out. I hadn't intended to reveal it in my facial expression.

’’It isn't noticed normally. It's because we elves are sensitive to the subtleties of emotions.’’ (Silane)

Said Silane who mixed in a bitter laugh. Even from the fact that the childish Kei is all shook up behind her, I understood that the unpleasantness I felt was transmitted to them.

’’Inside some of the hero-samas, there were some saying similar things to Takahiro-dono just now to us, but there wasn't people who were thinking unpleasantly and seriously like Takahiro-dono.’’ (Silane)

Silane's tone was transparent with bewilderment.

Then for them, it is a common thing to come into contact with the heroes with a respectful attitude, and they wouldn't even expect them to reject it.

Even if it was just me, I was self-aware it was somewhat oversensitive.

I had felt unpleasantness in their respectful behavior, because there were psychologically unpleasant feelings feelings concerned with being treated as heroes. If that didn't exist, it might not have been as far as discomfort even with being bothered.

Although Mikihiko seemed to have felt the same way about Silane's attitude, that guy had better points than me. It seemed Silane didn't recognize it or something, but for this reason, it's certain he displayed eloquent persuasion in the leader's direction who he was charmed by.

’’......understood.’’ (Silane)

After Silane showed signs of pondering it a little, she nodded once.

’’Even I don't want to make unpleasant thoughts in Takahiro-dono by any means. Let's think of it as receiving and taking you at your word here.’’ (Silane)

As Silane bowed while saying so, she crossed the room and sat down on the chair.

Behind her, while peeking at our appearances, the childish Kei followed. Her face was bright red now because she seemed to have overwhelming nervousness was circulating in her eyes, perhaps Silane may follow a part of my words in consideration of her.

Silane sat in a proper posture while straightening up her back upright, and opened her mouth while waiting for her attendant, Kei, to sit.

’’Let's act in accordance with Takahiro-dono's feelings as much as we can. But on the other hand of saying that, I want to get Takahiro-dono to stop using honorifics.’’ (Silane)

’’Understood. Silane also may talk in her usual way.’’ (Majima)

’’I am sorry, but this tone is au naturel.’’ (Silane)

Even though she said that, the useless exaggerated places in Silane's polite tone had disappeared. It was careless he had his innermost thoughts seen through, but as a result it turned out all right in the end.

When it became easier to do, I decided to accomplish the goal which I had called Silane to the room for.

’’Well then, I want to hear the story immediately.’’ (Majima)

’’I understand. The story you wanted to hear, if I'm not mistaken, was concerning the legend of the hero-samas?’’ (Silane)

’’Yeah. Could I get the story?’’ (Majima)

Honestly, the importance of the world's hero legend itself appearing inside of me, it wasn't very high.

I didn't say I had no interest, but if I had to say it then, my aim of getting clues of the story I really wanted to listen to here was strong.

’’Let's speak in that case. Originally, the first descent of the hero-samas ’’ (Silane)

And the story Silane told, the general framework didn't change from the story I heard from Mikihiko yesterday.

The parallel world's people were driven into a wall by the monsters, and the heroes descended every one hundred years in that place. It was fifty years or so depending on the situation, and there were also periods of time over one hundred years, but the heroes continued to arrive in this place without interruption.

Assuming we are excluded, the legends of the heroes which were enumerated by decades of successive generations, all of them were records of combat against the monsters.

And, that also was the history of mankind's conflict in the sea of trees.

’’If it is apart from the undead lineage, fundamentally the creatures are thought to have originated in the sea of trees. The forest which we designate as the sea of trees, it is known to be tinged with thick magical power. Then when the first hero appeared, the power in the sea of trees increased because it mostly covers the land we live in now, is being preached.’’ (Silane)

The sea of trees was expanding. Humans were being roused by the continuously attacking monsters.

The first hero descended there.

Among the legends Silane talked about, the people who were leading the heroes shaved off the sea of trees little by little. A colony was born in that, and it grew into a country before long.

’’The sea of trees is dismembered in various places, and speaking of the current sea of trees, especially in the middle of the continent, we refer to where we are as the vast forest.’’ (Silane)

After talking about the legend, Silane also touched upon the current sea of trees.

’’The deeper in the sea of trees is, the more overflowing thick magical power there is, and it is known that powerful monsters live there. As a result, it becomes difficult for people to merely walk in by foot further into the interior. So, a given name was assigned by a standard of『to what extent were people able to walk in by foot』. That is, the『Outer Layer』, the『Deep Part』, and the『Extreme Depths』.’’ (Silane)

Several fortresses were constructed in the outer layer of the sea of trees.

Fortress Ebenus was in the east and this place was Fortress Tilia. Although there were many rampant monsters, it seemed it could be said it was barely an area of humans until this place.

In contrast with this, there wasn't the existence of a fortress in the deep part of the sea of trees. It was because there were enough powerful monsters running rampant that they weren't able to send laborers to construct a fortress.

This place was hell as it wasn't known whether or not even the most elite knights were able to return home, but by installing a barrier stone of protection while paying heavy sacrifices, it was barely dotted with mountain huts as advancement bases.

Finally, the extreme depths.

The extreme depths part of the sea of trees was made up of more than half of the entire area of the sea of trees even now, and almost no humans entered it. As there weren't the existences of mountain huts prepared with barrier stones, the collective areas where it mostly wasn't known how many monsters there were was designated as the extreme depths.

If I tried to remember, after we became comrades with Gerbera, we travelled north while searching for human habitation, the lineup of monsters we encountered changed. Along with that, I remembered battles gradually seemed to become easier.

Even though one of the reasons would be Lily and others' cooperation becoming better, perhaps the great change was also from the weaker monsters inhabiting the shallow places of the forest.

By the way, the place the colony was constructed which derived from our transfer, it lied in the depths near the outer layer of the northern sea of trees.

When Mikihiko heard of that, it appeared he had shouted 'What kind of bullshit is that!'.

If you considered it to be something like transferring into the vicinity of the Demon Lord's castle immediately following the start of a game, you would be able to understand the thing he wanted to say.

Be that as it may, it seemed to be better that we transferred into the extreme depths. Even if we had cheats comparable to the scale of three hundred people, we didn't know what was going on.

In actuality, among the heroic tales of the heroes which Silane talked about, there were several scenes where the heroes who were challenging the extreme depths for the sake of defending humanity died in battle grandly in exchange for heavy military gains.⁵

Taking into consideration heroic tales were almost equal to legends in this world, and deducting the part where they were magnificently dramatized, it was a failed expedition any way you thought about it, it was the overwhelming defeat of the heroes.

As proof of that, it seemed a strategy similar to the army using the heroes as an emblem to whittle down the sea of trees without taking a break hasn't been conducted in these last five hundred years.

There were demons which wouldn't easily come near the heroes in the extreme depths of the sea of trees.

Did mankind not have a way to do something against the extreme depths of the sea of trees in that situation?

Of course, there wasn't such a thing.

The magical power held by the sea of trees is proportionate to the depth of the forest. In other words, by cutting every tree in the outer layer, if the sea of trees itself became smaller, the area of the extreme depths and nature also become smaller.

Except for one or twice in the extreme depth expeditions, the successive generations of the heroes basically wielded their mighty abilities in the deep part or the outer layer of the sea of trees, or, they went and subjugated the monsters which appeared outside of the sea of trees.

By doing thus, they had helped the residents of this world by clearing the forest.

At the end of the story of the heroes who descended one hundred years ago and died about fifty years ago, Silane finished talking about the legend.

’’Thank you, Silane. It will be of use as a reference.’’ (Majima)

Although there were also parts with detailed omitted, I was able to roughly know only the part related to the history of the heroes in this world.

The meaning of knowing whether or not how long the existence of the heroes in this world was big, it was valuable time.

’’However, Silane knew the legend of the heroes very well.’’ (Majima)

I thought that after I finished listening to the story from start to end, as it wasn't like she was a scholar, but she knew the story well.

In other words, that meant she had received some form of education.

’’Even in this world, are there schools still?’’ (Majima)

’’There are, but I did not attend one. However, in most villages there are churches constructed of the Temple Church, and children were raised while being taught about the legends of hero-samas.’’ (Silane)

The Temple Church which Silane said, it seemed to be a『religious organization which worshiped the heroes as substitutes for miracle-working gods』from only hearing the story.

The impression I felt when I watched the parallel world's people, it became something which was almost completely right on the money.

At the time the heroes descended, they beared the duty of supporting the heroes' actions. They had the original war potential called the 'Temple Chivalric Order' for that reason, as that name had also appeared inside the legend many times.

It appeared the heroes usually fought alongside them. Because the 'Scouting Corps' were in the sea of trees while prioritizing rescuing the survivors now, they hadn't linked up with those who were in the distant Imperial Capital yet.

Another duty of the Temple Church was to teach the posterity the heroes' exploits.

If the things Silane said were true, it had been decided the religious faith of the heroes would permeate into this world considerably widely.

’’It's even a big deal. Did Kei also hear the story from the church?’’ (Majima)

The other party I asked, it was Silane's female companion who had sunk into silence since some time ago.

Her soft and full face was red similar to an apple, and she had been worried about something the whole time from some time ago.

She appeared to have been holding her breath for a while, and I thought she looked like she would collapse at any time. I waved a conversation because I thought it was okay if she loosened her nervousness even a little. However, this might have been counterproductive.

’’Fue!?’’ (Kei)

Whether or not she hadn't thought I would wave the conversation, Fei jumped up as she sat with a flinch.

The basket she had placed on her lap jumped high, and it narrowly fell before she held it with both hands. The sound of her heart which was playing a 'baku-baku' seemed to be heard.

’’Y-, yeyeye-, yes. Um......that......’’ (Fei)

As I only heard a reply that didn't establish any significance because it was incoherent, it seemed I didn't even know whether or not she was speaking of something no matter how hard I tried. She was too nervous whatever the circumstances may be.

’’Please calm down, Kei.’’ (Silane)

Silane who saw that vomited a sigh, and held her hand to her forehead.

’’I'm sorry, Takahiro-dono. My companion has shown disgraceful behavior......’’ (Silane)

’’No. I don't particularly mind.’’ (Majima)

It may be beneficial to not speak untactfully. Kei seemed like she would burst when she talked to me. As she was going as far as that somehow, I was absolutely sorry that she was uncomfortable like that among other things.

’’......Ahh, come to think of it, Takahiro-dono also said he was interested in magic technology.’’ (Silane)

Whether or not she did that to sweep away the difficult atmosphere, Silane suddenly changed the topic.

Silane exchanged looks with Kei. It seemed they weren't able to come to a mutual understanding for a moment, so Silane urged 'the things she brought', and Kei opened the basket she was holding in both arms above her lap in a state of panic.

There was some cloth laid, and there were gems with various sizes, shapes, and colors on top of it.

’’These here are magic stones.’’ (Silane)

’’Did you expressly bring them for me?’’ (Majima)

I certainly had said I wanted to hear the story beforehand, but it appeared she brought the actual thing.

’’Can I hold them in my hands?’’ (Majima)

’’By all means.’’ (Silane)

I picked up a palm-sized blue stone.

A complex pattern was engraved onto its smooth surface. I wondered if this was something applied to magic squares when using magic.

When she watched she watched me take a good look, Silane gave an explanation.

’’There are various kinds of magic stones. It is enabled by passing any magical power into it. What Takahiro-dono is looking at, it is something which had the water attribute of magic thoroughly engraved on it. It doesn't only reproduce magic, there are also tools which use that. Key, show them.’’ (Silane)

’’Y-, yes.’’ (Kei)

Kei transferred the cloth which was spread out to the table with trembling hands. Below that, there were several tools stored.

’’That container?’’ (Majima)

’’It's a water bottle. There are water attribute magic stones stocked in the bottom. It will fill up with water when you pour in magical power.’’ (Silane)

’’And the bag here? The one that appears to have many small mana stones attached to it?’’ (Majima)

’’That one is a tool bag. And its effect is to preserve goods and its size is increased.’’ (Silane)

’’......And this fingertip-sized cylinder?’’ (Majima)

’’It's a lighter. Fire comes out of it.’’ (Silane)

There were various convenient goods lined up. Honestly, I was surprised.

It seemed that the country's technology was more advanced than I thought it would be.

Because they used magic, there were several things impossible to reproduce even with the present-day technology we had in Japan.

Although there was also something like a translating machine if I thought about it, it may not be possible to say that the technology of either worlds were high unconditionally.

’’Have these goods which use magic stones spread?’’ (Majima)

’’According to people these are also used by common people. Of course, there are also rare items which are expensive. There were also some production lines which established simple attribute magic, but they couldn't carve it without being a special artisan if the effect was special, and in the first place, there were also things that required high purity ores.’’ (Silane)

’’On that subject, is there a story saying the manufacturing method for things like barrier stones is lost?’’ (Majima)⁶

’’The rest, there were also things that couldn't be used from the start unless one received special training.’’ (Silane)

’’Can everyone use this?’’ (Majima)

When I asked while indicating the magic stone on top of the cloth, Silane nodded.

’’Anyone can use the water attribute magic stone and illumination. Because originally, magic stones were developed for the sake of people who couldn't use magic.’’ (Silane)

’’Didn't you say there were also things that could be used without training? That is, for example, is there a magic stone of translation or something like that?’’ (Majima)

’’Did you know? Would you like to see it?’’ (Silane)

Saying so, Silane sent her hand around to the back of her neck. And, she took out a thin chain with a red mana stone the size of a fingertip attached to the end from the chest area of her military uniform. This seemed to be a mana stone of translation.

’’It's surprisingly tiny.’’ (Majima)

’’Although it is only effective if it is at a certain distance, it was from the assumption it would be carried around as a standard. By the way, this costs a fortune although it is tiny. This was loaned at the time we commenced the rescue mission of the hero-samas.’’ (Silane)

If we assumed so, it appeared to be hard to get. No. It wasn't meaningful when you obtained it if it wasn't useful.

’’There was a story which said training for the sake of using them was necessary, but what other magic stones are different?’’ (Majima)

’’Other than recreating magic, the nuance of auxiliary tools which control one part of the magic are strong. Therefore, it isn't different from learning magic mostly. Time and talent are needed.’’ (Silane)

’’I see. So that's the reason.’’ (Majima)

’’Since it was fundamentally thought we would become retainers of the hero-samas, we thought it wouldn't be necessary to commit it to memory.’’ (Silane)

If it was normal, it would be like that.

However, as a person who wanted to take another line of motion, that was extremely inconvenient.

It was a headache-inducing part, but it may be suspicious if I hang onto it too much.

When it was known I was considering leaving this place, I would be troubled when they asked for what reason I was leaving. It would be best to leave it here.

’’No. Thank you. I was a little interested.’’ (Majima)

When I thanked her, Silane put the magic stone on top of her hand back in her chest.

I don't mean that I saw something that was wrong to see, but it also would be impolite to stare too much. I averted my gaze.

Thereupon, something yellow in my vision flickered.

’’Come to think of it...’’ (Majima)

While I was taking the opportunity, I tried to ask another thing.

’’Even the thing floating next to Silane, was it made with magic technology?’’ (Majima)

It was something that had been on my mind the whole time.

In the area above Silane's shoulder, there was a mysterious sphere-shaped object floating which was shining yellow even now. It was similar to kneaded clay which had been rolled into a ball, and it was revolving on its own even now.

It didn't exist in our world, and because it was something which had the obvious aura of magic, it obviously would be the product of magic technology of a parallel world. As it was lit up in the vicinity like that, I tried to ask because it was an opportune chance.

However, Kei who was sitting next to Silane gave a voice similar to astonishment to this.

’’Eh? Takahiro-dono, you see the spirit? .......Ah!’’ (Kei)

After she said it to the end, it appears she herself realized she blurted out a question without even thinking.

Her face which was red from the beginning flushed to the point it couldn't be any more red than this. Looking at both of her hands which were grasping the tops of her knees, Kei hid her face.

Silane floated a wry smile when she saw her like that, and turned her eyes towards the perplexed me.

’’I see this child in Takahiro-dono.’’ (Silane)

’’What Kei said, what does that mean?’’ (Majima)

’’This child is an existence referred to as a『Spirit』.’’ (Silane)

Silane held out her hand while saying that, and the faintly shining yellow clay work spirit approached with a fuyofuyo.

The short arm of the spirit touched the young woman's fingertip.

No. Was she not touching it? In my eyes, their fingers appeared to be slightly caving in. It appeared the spirit wasn't a substance.

’’Being exact, it is called a『Small Spirit』. It isn't something which can be seen without having a special sense which is referred to as『Spirit Eyes』. Us elves have this sense from birth, but the humans able to see it are only a small fraction even among people who excel at magic. By any chance, Takahiro-dono, do you have knowledge of handling magical power?’’ (Silane)

’’That is......’’ (Majima)

Damn it, I thought about it too late.

By no means had I considered it was something which wasn't seen by normal people. It seemed I had asked something carelessly.

’’, a little.’’ (Majima)

As I was just about to deny it immediately, I changed my mind just before, and I admitted I could use magical power.

If the minimum condition was to have the so-called spirit eyes or handling magical power, the person who instead denied it would be the problem here.

My handling of magical power wasn't at a great level. It wouldn't become a problem to that extent even with it being known. Rather, if it was known I was trying to conceal it poorly, they may notice I was concealing my cheat when I was loose from there. I decided that was foolish.

’’I learned it when I was in the colony, and self-taught afterwards.’’ (Majima)

’’I see. Understood. Takahiro-dono was able to survive in the sea of trees, there was a reason around that, huh.’’ (Silane)

While I didn't say anything, Silane convinced herself. I didn't deny it as it was convenient.

’’Although I say that, don't misunderstand because I don't mean that I'm able to anything considerable. I can't use magic. I'm only able to strengthen my body's abilities. And that level isn't much either.’’ (Majima)

Supplementing the misunderstanding so it didn't go too far, I looked up at the spirit which was floating.

’’However, there are things such as spirits.’’ (Majima)

’’It's said that spirits are things filled with magical power which have assumed a shape in the world. A contract with the spirits is a special magic which is can be handled only by us elves. When you contract with a specific spirit, we will be able to borrow strength from them. People who have such an ability are designated as spirit users. Incidentally, when our chivalric order of knights was resting, this child was the one to inform me that Takahiro-dono was hiding.’’ (Silane)

’’What? Then it wasn't Silane herself who noticed me?’’ (Majima)

’’Elves' senses are more superior than other people's, but I couldn't notice as you were hidden within that deep forest still. Because the distance was too far to sense your presence. It also might be different for the 'Scouting Corps'.’’ (Silane)

Silane floated a bittersweet smile with her mouth.

’’It was at that time this child informed me『There is a person watching us』.’’ (Silane)

Come to think of it, before the green caterpillar attacked just before arriving at the fortress, for a moment, Silane turned her gaze towards the spirit which was floating in the sky.

At that time, this meant she received a warning.

’’Spirits don't recognize the world with their sense of sight.’’ (Silane)

Silane drew back her hand which was stretched out to the small spirit.

’’One theory is that they perceive the world with magical power. As they are like that, it could find Takahiro-dono and others who were hidden even within that forest. Of course, I had asked it in advance to『inform me if there was a being hidden and watching us』as a countermeasure for monsters.’’ (Silane)

’’....... I see, that's amazing.’’ (Majima)

’’Although I said so, they only warned in accordance with being asked, so caution is required with that part. Because I don't mean that we are able to mutually understand and chat freely with the spirit as the other party, I cannot deny there is an inflexible point in the long run. No. Of course, there is the problem of them being next to us spirit users and not the spirits travelling with us, but there is no mistake that spirits are good neighbors to us.’’ (Silane)⁷

While I was injecting sounds to indicate I understood to Silane who was cheerfully talking in some respects about the spirit, I restrained my cheek which was twitching.

It was because I became I aware I had crossed over quite a dangerous bridge.

It was said the spirits didn't perceive the world with their sense of sight.

So that means, when I first met Silane, and that Rose and others parted from us and left, wouldn't that small spirit have accurately recognized those?

No. On the contrary, Asarina who was on my left hand now, and the matter of Ayame being hidden within Lily's body, wouldn't it be aware of them?

Since she hadn't asked, it hadn't conveyed it to Silane who was its master.

Even now the spirit was absent-mindedly wandering around.

From their faces which had 2 dots for eyes, it seemed I wasn't pulling out a response related to my doubt.

’’To the spirits, are you a spirit user?’’ (Majima)

Although I was a little scared, it couldn't be helped even with me overly being worried.

I changed my mind. It's because it was also a good time in order to ask something I wanted to hear.

’’That's right, Silane. There is something that has been on my mind just a little.’’ (Majima)

’’What would that be?’’ (Silane)

’’It appears there are spirit users who employ spirits, but in this world, is there no existence similar to a『Monster User』which enslaves monsters?’’ (Majima)

This was something I couldn't help but absolutely ask.

In accordance with what I know, my cheat ability is to『lead monsters』.

If a technique system similar to being able to be a『Monster User』in this world didn't exist, for example, it was possible a situation like being mistaken for an ordinary monster just as I entered the town for the sake of food supply and receiving attacks would occur.

On the contrary, if there was the existence of monster users in this world, for example, it would become unnecessary to hide my ability. Be that as it may, Lily was useful as a hidden card, and depending on the situation even Gerbera and Rose could be invited to this fortress and they would be able to enter into the outlook.

At least, people with the ability to enslave monsters didn't turn up inside of the legend of the heroes which I had heard today. Of course, the brave himself was within the parallel world's people who fought as their colleagues.

Be that as it may, my expectation value was low, but there was a possibility it was also there. I couldn't go and not ask.

’’In our world......although it is a story inside of nothing more than a literary creation, something called creation, something called a『person who has the ability to be accompanied by monsters』turned up.’’ (Majima)

While pretending to be stubbornly curious, I asked Silane.

’’There is the skill to handle spirits, and if they are spirit users, wouldn't there also be a technique to enslave monsters similarly......’’ (Majima)

’’It's different!’’ (Kei)

Suddenly, my words were interrupted, and my eyes went round.

It was Kei who had curled herself up with nervousness so far.

She was standing up. At that time, her hands bumped into the table, and a few of the mana stones rolled onto the floor. However, she argued vehemently without being concerned about that.

’’Spirits are different from things like monsters! They're different! So, please don't misunderstand!’’ (Kei)

Her threatening attitude was hard to believe from her quietness so far.

I was completely taken aback. I didn't know what had made her frantic.

Kei's current face had become deep red with nervousness and a different emotion.

It wasn't anger. Rather, this facial expression looked like something of a child on the verge of bursting into tears.

’’Please understand, Takahiro-dono! We......we aren't traitors or something like that!’’ (Kei)

’’Kei!’’ (Silane)

With a strong voice that appeared to stretch her cheeks, Silane called out Kei's name.

’’......ah.’’ (Kei)

It seemed Kei also came to her senses because of that.

Her red expression became white like paper in a twinkle.

It seemed she herself noticed the reality she had completely shouted at one of the heroes.

’’I-......’’ (Kei)

Kei sat on her knees on the floor in order to throw out her body.

’’.......I-, I'm very sorry!’’ (Kei)

She lowered her head very deeply and apologized.

I didn't know her exact age, but from her appearance, a 10 year old or so girl was prostrating herself before my eyes.

Rather, this was a punishment game for me.

’’......I don't particularly mind. Because I'm not angry, raise your head.’’ (Majima)

But even with saying that, Kei didn't move her head which was pressed against the floor. Her small shoulders were trembling.

’’Please say something as well, Silane.’’ (Majima)

I turned the floodwaters towards Silane and seeked assistance from her.

’’......Takahiro-dono has said thus. Kei. Please sit on your seat. You must not bother Takahiro-dono.’’ (Silane)

With Silane's remark, Kei timidly raised her head.

She slowly returned to the chair. She appeared to be just like a prisoner who was given a death sentence.

Seeing her like this, Silane lowered her head very deeply this way with a poor expression as well.

’’I'm sorry, Takahiro-dono.’’ (Silane)

......You as well?

No. In this world, this appeared to be normal. Since I was regarded as a member of the heroes.

’’Concerning punishment, because I will accept any method, please have forgiveness about Kei's rudeness.’’ (Silane)

’’El-, elder sister Silane-sama!?’’ (Kei)

’’, I don't mind it.’’ (Majima)

I breathed a sigh as I was fed up with it.

Although I intended to understand it yesterday, I was sick of the exaggeration of being treated as a hero. Were we not able to even have a flat-out conversation?

’’Please raise your head as I asked, Silane. And, I would appreciate you giving me an explanation of the situation if it's okay.’’ (Majima)

’’Yes.’’ (Silane)

When I requested for an explanation of the situation, Silane finally raised her head.

Feeling relieved, I asked once more.

’’And, what does this mean, Silane. I cannot grasp the situation at all.’’ (Majima)

’’That is, um......’’ (Silane)

Not making herself quite clear wasn't typical of Silane. It appeared it wasn't something she wanted to talk about much.

However, it was a hopeless setting if I didn't cut into it here. It became this just as I talked about monster users. It was impossible to stop hearing detailed accounts from them.

’’She blurted out something like『we weren't traitors or something like that』.’’ (Silane)

It made no progress even when I waited. I decided to cut and carry off this from here.

’’Have there been times when you two were treated as traitors?’’ (Majima)

’’I don't mean it was the both of us, but......’’ (Silane)

Replied Silane while she took the place of who had completely contracted, but there wasn't another point. I spoke while going back to my memory again.

’’You certainly said『Spirits were different from monsters』. By any chance, was the reason『Spirits appeared to be the same as monsters』because you were treated as traitors? In other words, it was the race called elves itself which appeared one after another and the spirit users who were traitors......?’’ (Majima)

Silane didn't reply. Silent as is, she averted her eyes from me.

This was the right answer.

’’However, why is it like that......?’’ (Majima)

’’......Takahiro-dono might not get it because he came from a parallel world where there wasn't the existence of monsters, but the threat of monsters is the biggest threat in our world.’’ (Silane)

Whether or not she accepted it, Silane turned her face towards this way.

Whether or not she strengthened her resolve, she regained her usual dignified appearance.

’’It's a story of the remote past. The spirit being employed to the spirit user is a special characteristic of us, and there was a period which said that they were the same as monsters. Kei said it was different some time ago, but we also can't say it is different. However, we just know that spirits aren't things that cause harm to us......’’ (Silane)

In reality, since monsters were living things which possessed magical power, it appeared spirits wouldn't be different from shapes formed with magical power.

Perhaps, it might be the same thing.

’’A person which handles monsters. They are a traitor of mankind. An inner opponent which slipped in for the sake of destroying mankind. ......Of course, there are no people who say such things publically now. However, it is a historical fact there was a period in which us elves were persecuted like that, and, unfortunately, our social status even now isn't called something high.’’ (Silane)

In short, would it have been called racial discrimination? If we assume the story was past tense, it was strange how Kei reacted with oversensitivity to that extent.

Regardless of it being tangible and intangible even now, it would be a proper point to think the discrimination remains.

If I tried to ask about the circumstances, there were also parts which came to mind.

For example, until I received an explanation from Silane, I hadn't known of the existences of spirit users. And just before that, it was in spite of hearing from start to end the legend of the heroes of the successive generations.

Because elves which were spirit users hadn't appeared even once in the magnificent heroic tales, I didn't know that existence.

’’I understand the story.’’ (Majima)

When I spoke, Kei trembled.

Even in the eyes of Silane who was next to her, there was a look of panic of being stifled to death.

The feeling of being fed up inside of me increased its weight even more.

No matter how hard I may try, for this, they won't understand unless I say it firmly.

’’Saying it once more, I'm not particularly angry.’’ (Majima)

I stared straight into Silane's eyes and spoke.

Silane also stared back into mine. Her blue eyes searched the inside of my eyes.

Before long, just the strength of Silane's shoulders escaped them.

A look of bashfulness appeared on Silane's well-regulated features immediately after that.

Some time ago, Silane said『Elves were sensitive to another person's emotions』. Silane observed my attitude, and as she confirmed what I was saying was my true feelings, I was relieved at last.

Her emotion of bashfulness after that, it would be her feeling ashamed from surmising my words. Such an upright attitude of her was something desirable for me.

I will repeat my words again.

’’I also understand about your reaction from some time ago. If there was a reason like that, it's also natural to become desperate like that. Me saying something insensible without knowing it was bad.’’ (Majima)

The last part was said to Kei who was becoming smaller.

As Kei heard the sound, she shook her head vigorously.

’’Su-, such a thing. It was definitely because I said something rude to Takahiro-sama......’’ (Kei)

’’I said not to worry about it. If it is true you are worrying about it, please stop calling me『Takahiro-sama』instead. That one is the part I'm quite uneasy about.’’ (Majima)

Kei's face appeared to be troubled. I realized she understood but truly disliked it.

’’We-, well then, what do I call you?’’ (Kei)

’’It's fine with『attaching a '-san'』like usual. If you like, I don't mind even if you address me without an honorific.

’’Th-, that is still......Ta-, Takahiro-san?’’ (Kei)

’’That's fine.’’ (Takahiro)

I nodded, and Kei clumsily smiled broadly at last. After I had met her, this was the first time I had seen her smile.

For now, Silane and the others would be fine with this.

The problem was my side.

My feelings had become greatly perplexed. When I came to this fortress, it was a story saying 'how many viewpoints are there'.

There seemed to be no other monster users in this world.

Because of spirits being treated as monsters, and considering elves having the ability of being a spirit user became discriminated against racially, my existence which led monsters would be completely out.

It was the worst case as I had assumed.

I had concealed my cheat ability just to be sure and it was the correct choice. Further from this, it was absolutely impossible for my abilities to be known.

There was also the possibility of receiving different treatment from the elves because I was a hero in this world. However, I also wouldn't go and act based on wishful thinking.

’’Majima-kun.’’ (Lily)

’’Yup?’’ (Majima)

As I was pondering, Lily called out to me and I came to my senses.

If I looked, Silane and others were a little bored.

’’Aah. My bad. I was doing nothing for a little bit.’’ (Majima)

’’If you are tired, I think we should leave soon. Is there something else you are up to the task to chat about?’’ (Silane)

’’Because I'm not particularly tired, it's fine to not worry about that. That's right, besides that......’’ (Majima)

I think I heard the things I wanted to hear. Was there something else besides that?

Lily took out a lifeboat to me who was enclosed in his thoughts.

’’Look, those rings. It's just the right time, let's hand them over to Silane-san.’’ (Lily)

’’Aah, that? That's right, let's give them now.’’ (Majima)

I stood up from the bed.

When I went toward the backpack which had been placed in the corner of the room, I fetched a few rings which were tied with a cord and bundled from the inside of it.

These had been collected from the corpses of the knights which had become ghouls.

Because the necessity for my original goal of 『Raising the favorable impression at the time of first contact』had disappeared because we were accepted by the parallel world's people more smoothly than I thought, I forgot to take them out so far.

It had been confirmed Silane was wearing a similar ring. However, it was differently colored. Because her equipment was supposed to be the same, would it be a different force or something? At any rate, the proper treatment was expected to be done if it was her.

When I handed over the rings, Silane opened her eyes with an appearance of being severely astonished.

’’These are things of our Third Order of the Knight Alliance. What place were these?’’ (Silane)

’’I discovered corpses when I was wandering about within the sea of trees. Because the corpses couldn't be brought as one would expect, I thought to at least do the articles of the dead.

’’ it was something like that. Thank you very much.’’ (Silane)

Silane painfully frowned.

’’That is, perhaps, when we received a request to rescue the 'Scouting Corps' in the sea of trees, a detatched force would have gone first as a herald for the sake of guaranteeing the safety of the hero-samas. They went to clean up monsters on the route. They met with a bad experience going to a group of monsters unfortunately, and I heard they were annihilated. Among them, I heard there were some people's bodies who weren't able to be recovered......’’ (Silane)

Silane stared at the ring on top of her hand while hanging her head in shame a little, it appeared she was pondering something.

’’Takahiro-dono. I have a request.’’ (Silane)

Several seconds passed, and Silane raised her face.

’’Can I get you to participate in their funeral?’’ (Silane)

Author's Notes

◆ Although I thought I might plunge into the impression column, no one noticed this small story, it's somewhat lonesome.


The story was the summary of the 'previous story'.

◆ I cut it midway as it was lengthy.

Well, I crossed over 20K despite cutting it midway. (White-eyed)

Rather, reviewing it doesn't end, it doesn't end......

Translator's Notes

¹- Wow, these guys are pratically slaves for the ’’heroes’’...... ▲

²- An old saying essentially meaning: ’’valuable things given to people who do not appreciate them’’. ▲

³- Of course he was. ▲

⁴ - Or maybe, she was happy you had a friend. Stahp being dense. ▲

⁵ - Congratulations, you threw away your life for gains you can't even spend anymore. *slow clapping* ▲

⁶ - I don't quite know what '失伝' meant in this sentence. '結界石なんかは製法が失伝しているって話だったか' ▲

⁷ - The middle part of the last sentence is a bit iffy, but it confused both me and someone else in my discord who knows Japanese. 'もちろん、それは精霊たちがどうこうではなく、わたしたち精霊使い側の問題で、我々にとって精霊がよき隣人であることは間違いのないことなのですが' ▲


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