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Monster No Goshujin-sama - Volume 2 - Chapter 16.4


Chapter 16.4

Part 4

’’Ah.’’ (Mikihiko)

Mikihiko raised his voice and finished the one-way conversation.

Within the room the party, naturally, was in full swing. In the party that made the 3 'Scouting Corps' members the leading actors, exactly, two people were entering.

Both of them were female, but it was clear they weren't servers from the military uniforms they had on.

’’Leader!’’ (Mikihiko)

With Mikihiko having raised his voice, the two women that arrived noticed us.

Mikihiko went and rushed over to the woman with a solidly built physique and high stature with shortly cut silver hair walking in front,. She appeared to be the leader of the Third Order of the Alliance of Knights. The scene of Mikihiko, who was short, rushing over to the tall women, it gave the impression of a dog running over to its owner for some reason.

Surprisingly he seemed to be emotionally attached to them. It wouldn't be strange if he considered the woman to him as what Lily was to me.

I watched attentively while thinking the like, and the figure of a girl with blue eyes and blonde hair entered my eyesight while revealing herself from behind the woman......and I became flabbergasted.

’’An Elf?’’ (Majima)

Through the gaps of her long hair that was somewhat curled, large ears with pointed tips were sticking out. Those characteristics, they were very similar to elves in well-known manga and games.

Parallel worlds are all the same. It isn't humans that are called normal there seems to be『people』which aren't homo-sapiens. If that is like that, I wonder if there would be the existence of races such as hobbits and dwarfs......

She giggled, and the female elf which seemed to be approximately the same age as me says.

’’You, everyone, they have the same reaction when seeing me.’’ (Elf-san)

That smile was something that couldn't help but attract my eyes. If you looked at her, her looks were extremely well-featured for a young woman. Her loveliness was reserved, like a field of flowers with only one flower if an example was used, and it was compatible with her honesty like a soldier amongst girls.

However, other than her facial expression charming me, my attention was caught on another thing.

’’......perhaps, you are Silane-san?’’ (Majima)

’’Yes. This is the first time I'm showing my face to Takahiro-dono.’’ (Elf-san->Silane)

While we were in the forest, her body was covered in white armor the entire time, so I hadn't noticed because she was wearing a helmet. However, the voice of the woman nodding her head seemed to be hers;surely even when they were coming to this fortress, there wasn't any discrepancies with her exchanged words.

’’Please excuse my impoliteness for having not shown my face so far.’’ (Silane)

She lowered her head in addition to tightening her heels. Such behavior, it was exaggerated exactly like up until now.

With complicated feelings, I looked down at the golden hair on the back of her head.

’’Please raise your head. It isn't something that needs an apology like that. Besides, I'm not such an important person.’’ (Majima)

’’What are you saying? You are one of the heroes from the other world. Besides, aren't you someone who travelled on foot through that sea of trees?’’ (Silane)

Her exaggerated manner of speaking was making me feel uneasy to that extent before, but now, I knew the reason of why she had such behavior. That alone, it resulted in an extremely uncomfortable feeling and humbled me.⁷

However, after all is said and done, Silane's confidence in the heroes wasn't wavering.

Her gaze that was hidden in her helmet before, her facial expression;they eloquently indicated her expectation and harbored reliance.

This was already close to religious belief.

And from thinking about it, I realized it.

In actuality, this was religious belief.

It may be easy to understand by saying that we were miracle-working gods of some sort.

There was the existence of magic, and in this parallel world there was the descent of heroes periodically, so legends were living as real people;as there was absolute religious belief towards the heroes that came from another world, we dwelled in the chests of the people who live in this place.

I didn't know whether everyone in this world was like that. But, at least, in my eyes they had faith in us who were naive. They were risking their lives in battle, and by enduring it, the heroes would appear eventually, and the crisis ended with them fighting alongside each other.

And then, we had descended in that way in this place.

Without doubting that we were the heroes, they offered their help of rescue with no hesitation if they saw we were troubled, and continued to give service without leaving behind their respect.

I have been concealing my skepticism with my armor underneath my clothes, but they weren't even considering that.

They were foolish to not know anything.

......well, I wasn't similar to showy people who think like that.

Believing in your neighbors.

Not being suspicious of the malice of another person.

Even though I had continued to live like that before.

Those wonderful things I had completely lost when I came to this world, they still possessed those things.

And, I could say with confidence that it was the same for the rest of the transported people in this place, including the 'Scouting Corps'.

After this, the 'Scouting Corps' would be participating actively as heroes of this world. In that case, with their powerful abilities, doing something like exterminating monsters that were threats to this world, would be easier than exterminating insects. It was paradoxical, as their mighty abilities are to the extent where bravery and the like aren't needed, but they are giving their assurance they would do activities as heroes.

Even though the 'Stay Behind Group' was protected by them, eventually their abilities will wake up, and they must proceed to live as heroes.

Their story differed from the genre and me, as there wasn't the existence of a tragedy in their tales. As there was the preservation of those wonderful things without them even being conscious of it, they continued to live as heroes.ᶠ

This heroes.ᶠ

This wasn't a bad thing. Since they were probably using their powers for righteousness.

Certainly, I knew things they didn't know.

I knew the greediness of humans from the collapsed colony. I had felt hopelessness. I had the experience of crawling on the ground miserably while smeared in agony.

However, while it may be true I was lambasting the people who believe in other people as naive for『not knowing』, I thought it was slightly different.

It didn't mean that I was openly distrusting strangers. It was only that I couldn't believe them.

I didn't get something from experience, I just lost something of importance as a human being.

They believed in their neighbours, but personally, I completely distrusted them. I didn't think it was significant enough for me to begin asking things such as 'who is decent'.

’’Takahiro-dono?’’ (Silane)

As I was called out to abruptly, I came to my senses.

Silane was watching me intently with a look of anxiety.

’’Ah, yes. What is it?’’ (Majima)

’’It's about the matter of us promising a while ago to give you an explanation in various ways, I'm sorry. I hope you won't mind waiting a bit.’’ (Silane)

I nodded to her statement.

’’I don't mind it. Which reminds me, although I saw I was late to participate in the party, is it related to something about that?’’ (Majima)

’’No. That is also another matter. The Green・Caterpillar's attack at noon has increasingly been making me feel uneasy. I had continued to watch the state of the forest from the top of the castle wall for a while.’’ (Silane)

......I became tense with worry and hoped Gerbera wouldn't be found in the vicinity, because I knew the extent of her carelessness.

Despite this remarkable difference as for just specs, I didn't worry about Rose for the same thing, as I thought it was important because she conducts herself as usual.

If she didn't manage her self-control and came nearby, was detected, and caused an wouldn't end as a joke if it became such a thing. There were three cheat ability users here. I think I'd want them to give up and be obedient.⁸

Having interpreted my subtle facial expression as anxiety towards the defense of the fortress, Silane said with a smile with her well-regulated features.

’’Please have peace of mind. Shamefully, it was from my over-anxiety.’’ (Silane)

’’Is that so. It's fine. Really.’’ (Majima)

’’After this, to the people who I had the privilege of accompanying until here, I cannot not return a greeting to them. If it's alright with you, I still want to have a talk with you after that.’’ (Silane)

’’Indeed, however, I'm sorry, I think I will leave momentarily. Therefore, could you please choose a time in the future still?’’ (Majima)

’’Eh? Takahiro, are you returning to your room?’’ (Mikihiko)

To Mikihiko who asked, I nodded.

’’I am a little tired as I just arrived. Sorry, Mikihiko. I haven't grasped the area quite yet. Can I rely on you to guide me to my room?’’ (Majima)

’’Okay. What are you going to do, Mizushima-san?’’ (Mikihiko)

’’I, too, will return. will return. I can't leave Majima-kun alone.’’ (Lily)

’’Okay, roger. So you do have a crush on him. Well then, leader. I will come back again afterwards.’’ (Mikihiko)

After addressing Silane and the leader, we left immediately.

Until we arrived at the room, I exchanged guileless stories with Mikihiko who had given us guidance. I obtained the outline of the information I wanted, so there wasn't any questions he would receive from me.

However, Mikihiko appeared to be different.

’’Takahiro~’’ (Mikihiko)

We had finally arrived in front of the room, but Mikihiko began to talk so I wouldn't bid farewell.

’’I think you don't want to remember it very much, and it's fine to not answer if it's unpleasant. Although it is surely something from that day our colony collapsed, is it okay for me to ask one thing?’’ (Mikihiko)

’’What is it?’’ (Majima)

’’You worked in the same area as Masaki and Souji.’’ (Mikihiko)

What Mikihiko was speaking of, it was the names of our common friends.

’’Do you know what became of them?’’ (Mikihiko)

’’They died.’’ (Majima)

I had predicted he would ask.

Therefore, I felt I was able to reply with a relatively calm voice.

’’They died on that day. Before my own eyes.’’ (Majima)

Beyond that, I wasn't intending to tell the full story.

One person had been wretchedly knocked about and died.

The other person was wrapped in flames and turned to ash.

Telling him such a thing wouldn't change anything.

If that's the case, it is better to be silent. I thought so.

’’Is that so.’’ (Mikihiko)

Although I intended to tell him as simply as possible, maybe he sensed it by some possibility. Mikihiko didn't continue to ask about them beyond that. But on the other hand, he said.

’’It was nice you were alive. Of course, Mizushima-san as well.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Indeed. It's good I could meet you once again as well.’’ (Majima)

I said as Mikihiko left while smiling.

As I saw him off, a sigh spilt from me.

I'm glad to meet you again. Those words I was referring to were true. However, eventually, I decided to keep it a secret from Mikihiko to the end.

Those that have been lost, they will never come back again.

People's lives, connections that weren't two-faced, or possibly, even my former self.

’’Master......’’ (Lily)

Lily, who was continuing to hug my arm, whispered close to my ear. Her voice was really trembling with worry somewhere in it. She was worried about me.

I put my arms around her back, and hugged her closely.

’’Thank you. However, it's alright.’’ (Majima)

’’......truly?’’ (Lily)

’’Truly. It doesn't mean that I'm pretending to be tough.’’ (Majima)

I was not jealous......if I said that, it would become a lie all the same. In actuality, I felt『out of sync』from the Order of Knights and students that showed unconditional confidence that I myself wasn't able to do, and I was tense from being shocked.

I wasn't able to live with an air that was like that now. I wasn't able to enter inside of that circle. The thing that is necessary for that, it won't come back this way ever again.ᴳ

However, I didn't worry I didn't worry about such a thing.

’’Since you guys are here for me.’’ (Majima)

Instead of grieving for things I had completely lost, I thought I should protect the warmth that was in my arms until the end.

Even though it was a secret for that reason, I should be cautious even if it's to that extent. I was a human being called Takahiro Majima. I would not be ashamed of that.

It didn't mean that I wouldn't recognize them living as heroes after this, I won't mock and treat them as idiots, and it wasn't my intention to self deprecate myself unnecessarily.

They have the story of them being heroes, therefore I have the story of only me being together with Lily and the others.

Or possibly, it was surely me feeling strong from comparing myself to them, but today might have been the best harvest of the first day.ᴴ

’’Shall we go back into the room soon?’’ (Majima)

I separated from Lily.

’’We should arrange a meeting. I was able to understand the general situation. And tomorrow, there are questions that are of no use unless I ask Silane-san various things. Whether or not there are monster users except for me, regarding food provisions, and later......I have to do something about the problems of words. ’’ (Majima)

’’I am not good at language study.’’ (Lily)

’’Whether you say that or not......there is hope in mana stones.’’ (Majima)

I entered into the room with Lily.

And, the door shut with a click.

Author's Note

◆I wonder if this has nothing to do with speed, but perhaps it doesn't.ᴵ

The aforementioned, it's a story concerning the previous story. Possibly, it's tolerable even if the story concerning abilities comes into play as a mystery in things like manga.

Translator's Notes

¹- The last part of the sentence made no sense to me, but the editor changed it a bit. ▲

²- Yeah, I mean, he almost died a couple of times. Of course, he had girls taking care of him afterwards....but other than that, yeeeep. ▲

³- This sentence is kind of awkward because of how the sound effect ’’こくり/kokuri’’ is a sound effect for nodding. ▲

⁴ - Oh boy, this was a long time ago. For those who need context, the man who was guarding Kayo and Miho in the cabin, before rape happened, left them in the cabin to go east to find the 'Scouting Corps' and ask them for help when the colony collapsed. Kayo or Lily, I can't remember who exactly, told the MC about this, and that brings us to that detail. ▲

⁵ - MC is 100% right here. I've had to go back and fix a lot of sentences...... ▲

⁶ - I believe he is saying the 'Scouting Corps' members are the side characters here, but the end of the sentence might be a bit off as it confused me quite a bit. ▲

⁷ - I don't know if the latter half of the sentence is quite right. Could someone help me with it? ▲

⁸ - I'm detecting an underlying tone of sarcasm here..... ▲


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