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Monster No Goshujin-sama - Volume 2 - Chapter 16.3


Chapter 16.3

Chapter 16 - The Story of Takahiro Majima

Synopsis of the last chapter:

(Partial excerpt)

With the abrupt appearance of the girl, everyone swallowed their saliva.

Even though it happened within my sight, her attack on the Green Caterpillar wasn't seen by me at all.

It was unbelievable.

’’Although she is moving around in a skirt, it's『not in sight』......!?’’ (Lily)

’’Who said that just now!?’’ (Eno)

(This excerpt contains some fiction)

As I raised my head and collected my thoughts, Lily quickly stood up.

’’I'm coming!’’ (Lily)

Ayame jumped and hid under Lily's clothes in her belly. I rolled up the bandage on my left hand to conceal Asarina.

After making sure everything was in order, Lily opened the lock and peeped through gap of the door.

’’Yes, you are?’’ (Lily)

While making sure the visitor couldn't see me, Lily responded cautiously. However, as a result I too, couldn't see who the visitor was. Just as I expected, seems like the man had come here as the preparations to welcome us were finished.

’’Wh-, wha?’’ (???)

I heard a disarrayed voice. It seems the visitor was a male, to be precise the voice was young like a boy's. Possibly one of the students.... no.... this was...

’’I heard that Takahiro's room was here, but why is Mizushima-san here?’’ (???->Boy)

’’That ... is, Oh? If am I'm not mistaken, you are ...?’’ (Lily)

Feeling something was off, I stood up. The voice was very familiar. I rushed to the door and threw it wide open, surprising Lily in the process. The visiting student turned and faced me.

A bit shorter than me yet built solidly, the boy wore our school uniform. His unkempt uncouth hair was ruffled. His eyes met with mine through his glasses.

He was an acquaintance.

If I had to say more, he was a classmate and a friend.

’’Oh, Takahiro. It's been a while.’’ (Boy->Mikihiko)

Laughing with a smile plastered on his face, the boy raised his hand. It appeared that I hadn't mistaken him for someone else.

’’Everything else aside, all that matters is that Takahiro is safe. I had thought that I would never be able to meet my acquaintances again Tahaha~. The clearing difficulty of this world is too damn high. Or is there a mistake in the difficulty setting just for us? I feel like life in this castle is in hard mode.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Is this a game?’’ (Majima)

Although I retorted, I did feel his proposal 『seemed』 to be true. Because, I had no clue about cheats, fantasy, or teleportation/transmigration into a parallel world, but my friend, Shumoku Mikihiko, being an otaku was well informed about it. He would talk enthusiastically about stuff like this after coming to this parallel world.

He was left behind with the Stay Behind Group in the colony as he didn't have a cheat ability. I had assumed he died on the day the colony collapsed however...

’’Nah... but, it's been a while, really.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’......yeah. It really has been a while.’’ (Majima)

His optimistic tone indeed did match my memories of him so I'm sure that he's definitely not an impersonator or a ghost. As I grew nostalgic, Mikihiko spoke

’’Everything said, Takihiro. I'd like to ask you one thing. Why is Mizushima-san here?’’ (Mikihiko)

’’......for what reason?’’ (Majima)

’’Isn't this place Takahiro's room? I came here assuming that was the case.’’ (Mikihiko)

I felt it was rude to put it so bluntly however, it was a good question nonetheless, and Mikihiko's expression was serious. As we silently stared at each other, I sighed deeply. Then with exaggerated gestures I looked at the sky and dropped my shoulders.

’’Perhaps, it's that sort of thing? It's like that, isn't it? If it is as I think then I am somewhat shocked.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Ahaha. You're still the same, Shumuko-kun.’’ (Lily)

Lily seemed to check out what kind of personality the person in front of her had from Miho Mizushima's memory, and bitterly smiled as she spoke.

’’Oh, Mizushima-san, do you know about me? You never talked to me, did you?’’ (Mikihiko)

’’It wouldn't be difficult to know about you if you're making noise all the time. ’’ (Lily)

’’Aitatata! That serious expression doesn't suit your face, Mizushima-san.’’ (Mikihiko)

Mikihiko hit his head as he joked around. I unconsciously revealed a wry smile.

’’You really haven't changed......’’ (Majima)

He really didn't change. For a moment I almost forgot that we were in a different world in a fortress in the middle of a dangerous forest with risk of being attacked by monsters.ᴬ

I felt glad that I was able to talk with a friend I thought I would never meet again. Moreover, that cheerful side of him had not changed.

’’Yeah? I hope that's true. That part of Takahiro has changed a little bit.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Is that so. I didn't properly realize it myself.’’ (Majima)

’’I don't know how to put it, fearless? You've become manly? A feeling like that or something.’’ (Mikihiko)

Mikihiko laughed as I touched my face with my hand.

’’Mizushima-san has become a more beautiful woman than before. Both of you have become mature......hey, what kind of profound relationship is attached to you two!’’ (Mikihiko)

’’......What are you saying?’’ (Majima)

Although, it was true that Lily and I are in that sort of relationship, so what Mikihiko wasn't wrong. Only if you exclude the part of Lily being mistaken for Miho Mizushima, however.

’’Don't say absurd things, well, come inside.’’ (Majima)

I gave him the long awaited 'come in'. It was difficult to stand around whilst talking so I invited Mikihiko into my room. To that, Mikihiko waved his hand.

’’Ah, no. I came here to call Takahiro. The preparations to welcome us were finished. I heard that you were here so that's why I came’’ (Mikihiko)¹

’’Ah. So, it was like that.’’ (Majima)

’’Follow me, I'll guide you.’’ (Mikihiko)

There was no reason to refuse. I obediently followed Mikihiko as he guided me. We left the room and advanced through the brick passageway. Mikihiko lead us while half-stepping, and Lily and I followed his figure.

While walking I noticed on Mikihiko's waist, there were two daggers each on his left and right sides with the same design as the one knights use. The scabbards made a clink clink sound as they hit each other. On my friend's unchanged outfit, that was the only difference from before.

’’Walking with your shoulders together and walking close in general are things that a pair of lovers do, damn it. Are you two that close? Tch, I had a feeling when there weren't any traces of one of the beds being used when I glanced at them a while ago, so this is why.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Don't keep an eye on the minute details, you......’’ (Majima)

I let out a sigh while being amazed and refocused my mind, throwing a remark at Mikihiko as I walked between him and Lily.

’’You were amongst the survivors that came out from the forest before us, weren't you Mikihiko?’’ (Majima)

’’Ah, you realized it.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Well, it was just hunch.’’ (Majima)

Mikihiko wasn't amongst the students that had been protected by Silane and the other knights, but on the other hand, he wasn't a member of the 'Scouting Corps' either. From that, the possibilities were narrowed down.

Nonetheless, the possibility itself was hard to believe in suddenly.

’’You properly survived.’’ (Majima)

Although unintended but my tone was that of admiration and respect.

Surviving the chaos of the colony, walking through and leaving the forest with rampaging monsters wasn't something you could do half-heartedly. Certainly, he was lucky too but even if he only continued to walk through the forest without giving up, that will-power alone deserved praise.

He wasn't a man who was only screwing around.

’’Well, I was close to dying a countless number of times. But it was the same for you, wasn't it?’’ (Mikihiko)²

’’......I guess so.’’ (Majima)

’’Besides, I wasn't alone up till now.’’ (Mikihiko)

My reply was delayed and somewhat strained, but luckily, it seems Mikihiko didn't notice it.

’’It was like that;I was running away from the colony while in a state of confusion. When I thought I would seriously die in vain soon, I was picked up by leader-san of the alliance of knights.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’We are somewhat similar. It was the vice chief for us.’’ (Majima)

’’Ah, Silane-san. She said she wanted to talk us later. She promised to explain in depth after she got back to the fortress for Takahiro. ’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Now that you mention it, she did say something like that.’’ (Majima)

I felt such things should be left to her subordinates, but she did give a dutiful impression that matched her actions.

’’I heard that she wants to discuss something right now.’’ (Majima)

’’Yup. This time, she should be talking about the rescue operation of the surviving students.’’ (Mikihiko)

He nodded with a nod, and Mikihiko opened his mouth.³

This time Silane-san group only visited a limited number of locations. Protecting a lot of students in the woodlands for extended period was dangerous wasn't it. That's why Silane-san was now discussing with second group how to continue. I think since the scouting corps has returned, the imperial knights will take their place’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Wai-, wait a minute, Mikihiko.’’ (Majima)

I stopped Mikihiko from talking so I could gather my thoughts. This part of him had not changed......or rather, it seems like he didn't fix it.

’’I'm sorry, but I wasn't able to follow the pace of the conversation. Could you explain from start to finish?’’ (Majima)

’’Is that so? You and others haven't heard the entire story yet. Alright, I'll summarize it, but don't be so concerned.’’ (Mikihiko)

It seems that Mikihiko who arrived at this fort Slightly earlier than us, was apparently well informed of the situation. This was a chance. I listened to Mikihiko's story.

Part 2

According to Mikihiko's story, the first 'Scouting Corps' were in another fort towards the east――they reached Fortress Ebenus, and it appeared that it had been about 10 days since then.

And around that time, the 'Scouting Corps' were brought a report about the colony's collapse.

Mikihiko didn't know about the detailed circumstances that surrounded this, but there were talks that Miho Mizushima's childhood friend, Takaya Jun, went towards the east to request help from the 'Scouting Corps'.⁴ There was either another person going east, or perhaps it was the case that Takaya Jun had rushed in with the news of the emergency.

After that, in almost no time, a message was brought here to Fort Tilia.

There was a considerable distance between the two forts, but the way to get in contact between distant places had been prepared for cases like this. It seemed to be a method that utilized magic, but Mikihiko didn't know the details behind it.

Soon after contact had been brought to Fort Tilia like that, it became a major issue where dozens of members led by Silane from the Third Order of the Alliance of Knights left the fortress for rescuing the students.

But at the same time, the 'Scouting Corps' picked out a few people who specialized in speed and dispatched them, and they arrived at the fortress two days ago. The reason was because Silane didn't know about the arrival of the 'Scouting Corps' team until they reached the fortress.

’’That is the whole story up until here. Nevertheless, the plans for after this are, the second group will depart while waiting for the Alliance of Knights and Silane-san to come back, and those guys from the 'Scouting Corps' themselves intend to participate with the rescue. The second group is the Imperial Knights. Well, that's just my prediction.’’ (Mikihiko)

As of now, the Southern Empire's army was in Fort Tilia, the 2nd order of Imperial Knights, and then, the three stationed organizations were called the 3rd order of the Alliance of Knights.

It was evident there was a mixture of different military organizations, but it appeared there were several different reasons for that.

’’Takahiro, didn't you wonder why there is a fortress in such a forest? Fortresses are for preparing for foreign enemies. However, it's unlikely for human settlements to be inside the forest beyond this place.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’That is, in other words......’’ (Majima)

’’Yeah. Mankind lives beyond the forest, and Fort Tilia was constructed with the purpose of protecting people from the threat of the monsters living in the Sea of Trees. In other words, this fortress spearheads the fight against mankind's common enemies.ᴮ Nevertheless, the empire and the alliance are in a relationship of dependency and suzerain state, so to speak. If I was to accurately express the circumstances of this fortress, I wonder if it would be the form of『the military facilities of the empire are within an allied territory that faces the Sea of Trees, and allied troops are being dispatched』.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’......It's a complex story.’’ (Majima)⁵

In any case, whatever the circumstances over there were, if it's to the extent of the whole country having to oppose, it's a fact that monsters were a large threat in this world.

In relation to the story that said the Order of Knights responded to the appeal for aid from the 'Scouting Corps', there was some understanding as for having heard such circumstances. In short, the reason was the question of gains.

I didn't know to what degree the combat abilities were of the knights and soldiers in this world. However, thinking back to the situation where the knights were confronting the green caterpillars, the people possessing combat abilities will be separated from other cheat ability users, there's no questioning that.

We were dragged into a random teleportation into another world, guaranteed to be irregular existences. We didn't have any connections in this world, therefore, it was only natural there wasn't an organization to help us.

However, cheat ability users possessed the strength to lightly kick and disperse monsters here in the Sea of Trees and were extraordinarily useful and capable people in this world. The residents of another world knew their strength and the value of using them, and even if convenience was in mind, it wouldn't be odd.

’’And.......we have arrived.’’ (Mikihiko)

Mikihiko muttered so. He was still in the middle of talking, but it appeared we had arrived at our destination. We were brought to a room that was similar in size to a classroom. There were signs of a commotion in some people.

’’Sorry Mikihiko, it turned into a consultation.’’ (Majima)

There were things I wanted to hear still, but there should be another chance for that. It was a short period time, but I managed to obtain useful information.

We stopped talking and walked into the room.

Practically every student had gathered in the room, including the 'Scouting Corps'. As we had had come here while we talked, it seemed that we had arrived a little late.

You could say it was a warm reception, but it appeared to be a party in a buffet style. Various cuisines were lined up on a long table.

From what I saw, it appeared that the world's eating habits didn't differ much from ours. There was bread, there was soup, and splendid meat dishes were lined up. There wasn't the custom of fish dishes. There was slightly less fruit and leafy vegetables, but there appeared to be a lot of root crops in exchange.

Seeing the decent cooking after a long time, the students appeared to be waiting impatiently. Even so, I didn't change around this. My throat resounded, and Lily, who was next to me, laughed with a giggle.

In addition to the students, there were several elderly men in the room. There weren't tables prepared for us, but it seemed like the interior of the room was arranged for some reason.

Although they weren't wearing helmets or armor on their bodies, there was a weird uniqueness in their demeanor. They were most likely remarkable troops or knights. Vividly colored military uniforms covered their robust bodies that had yet to age.

Before very long, one person's eyesight accidentally met with mine.

’’......?’’ (Majima)

I felt pressure pointed at me through his gaze. I unintentionally looked back at the man's eyes.

There wasn't a reason for me to be stared at. On the other hand, it wasn't to evaluate me either. Despite that, there was a curious zeal in his gaze.

I wonder what this is. It wasn't affiliated with evil intent in any way. And yet, it somehow felt more severe than mere good intentions. Emotions that hadn't been pointed towards me during my life were included in that gaze.

......It was uncomfortable. I turned my line of sight away from him.

I realized it when I looked around again.

The rest of the men were the same. When they look at the other students as well as me, their gazes were filled with a curious passion. It was like turning towards devout belief in a religious painting or picture or something......

What was stranger was that even though such a gaze was pointed towards them, the other students didn't seem to think anything of it except for us.

They were extremely relaxed, exchanging words with their friends next to them. Nobody was aware of the questioning gazes that were occasionally appearing and shouldn't be like that. Despite this, they didn't seem to mind it.

Upon noticing it, the sensation of『slippage』that I had forgotten until just now, had seized my body from the tips of my feet again.

’’You seem to have gathered.’’ (???)

It seems we were judged as having come in suitable time. An elderly man, who was one of the people from this parallel world, called out to everyone gathered in the room.

’’I am called Jaylash Green, and I'm the person who is responsible for this fortress.’’ (Jaylash)

He appeared to be the number one senior most person in this fortress.

He bowed deeply and put his hand on his chest. I opened my eyes wide in astonishment. He must have a high social status, and the man also had a lot of months and years piled up on top of us, but he was displaying the highest respect to us who were several years younger.

It seemed he wasn't merely being polite, it could be guessed from his tone of voice. In the man's voice, there was slight tension and intoxication, and an unmistaken feeling of respect.

’’Welcome to our Fort Tilia, 『Heroes who descended from another world』-sama. I am honored to meet you.’’ (Jaylash)

......what was that?

What I had just thought was my honest impression.

My thoughts had completely stopped, no thoughts came to mind except for that frank thought. I was staring in blank amazement at the man as a result, and the man raised his head which had been lowered for a long time.

’’If it was as usual, you would have been invited to the imperial capital normally, as it's a custom to be given hospitality by His Majesty personally, but at any rate, this fortress appears to be within this thick forest. Please give me your forgiveness for being able to do nothing but this crude hospitality.’’ (Jaylash)

’’Don't be, since we had our request accepted and granted. We are, for sure, very thankful that you are helping rescue our friends. If we have everyone's help, I believe that we will be able to safely reunite with everyone for sure.’’ (???)

A large-built man from the 'Scouting Corps' opened his mouth and responded to the man's words in a cross-like manner.

There wasn't a thing to be scared about with his unreserved cross manner that informed of his gratitude. Even as he was floating a smile on his fearless face, he seemed to accept the respect from the man in front of his eyes as a natural thing, to the extent where he even appeared bigger than his large build.

He looked like one of those main characters from stories, extolled in legends as men of courage... his behavior was just like a『Hero』.

What a farce. Each and everyone of them may have been fooled, but I was able to avoid it instinctively.

We weren't heroes. We were nothing, but worthless teenage brats found anywhere who had been caught up in an unexpected event like a transportation to a parallel world.

With all the events since we had come to this parallel world, we should've realized such an obvious truth.

Have you forgotten the mayhem and the shameful scene on the day the colony collapsed? That helplessness, that wretchedness;you shouldn't be viewing this as a dream like being a hero if that was remembered.

It should be like that, but even then. It seemed that only I was thinking of such things.

The students who had come along up to this place had been protected by the Order of Knights, they were looking at this farce in front of their eyes without thinking of any problems with this. There was even aspiration remaining in their gazes, and their facial expressions had the look of admiration.

I didn't understand.

My mind was shaken by a gnawing discomfort as if, other than the people from this world, an alien had slipped into our midst.

It seems that the only one who felt something out of place from this situation, except for me, was only Lily who was next to me――

’’Worthless.’’ (Mikihiko)

――well then, it wasn't that.

’’......Mikihiko?’’ (Majima)

As it was a really small mutter, it shouldn't have been heard except by me who was nearby.

However, he had surely said that. More than anything, the cold gaze he viewed the situation in the room with from behind his glasses, had eloquently told me the true feelings of my friend. Mikihiko's eyes reflected my figure being confused.

’’That's good, Takahiro is normal.’’ (Mikihiko)

With his lips abruptly opening, Mikihiko had said that.

’’The meal is about to begin, so we should chat a little. Come with me.’’ (Mikihiko)

I had a misunderstanding up till now, which was cleared as Mikihiko explained. Teleportation of people was a well-known thing in this parallel world.

’’Close to 1,000 people were teleported even though it only consisted only consisted of people from our school. Doesn't that seem strange?’’ (Mikihiko)

Those were Mikihiko's remarks, but it was a plausible argument now that he had mentioned it.

However, there was an oddity in our case, as an incident in which this many people were teleported hadn't happened until now.

On an average of every 100 years, people would be teleported to this world. Be that as it may, the fact that drifting people had crossed over to this world is no different from our case. The number of people appearing on one occasion is usually one person. You could say that the number of people that would appear could be counted on a single hand. It is said that people teleported have outstanding strength.

Without a doubt, the residents of this parallel world knew of our cheat abilities and wanted to maintain the 'Scouting Corps' who had gone towards the east;they had thought about and noticed the value of using them. As a matter of fact, it's said they were aware of the usefulness of the teleported people from another world since the beginning. ......No. To keep saying『usefulness』, in this case, it isn't an accurate expression.

There's no reason to heavily use us because we're useful. The parallel world residents are harboring us teleported people, and their sense of respect has gone beyond just honor. The proposal of『Heroes who descended from another world』, for this reason, was from their manner of humbling themselves.

If you thought about it again, this wasn't that strange. The residents of this parallel world were being exposed to the threat of monsters.

People had appeared with abilities that were beyond common sense in such a world. They had displayed powerful strength and dispersed the threat with a single blow. If you asked, they said they were visitors from another world.

I see. They would be treated as saviors. It would be strange if it wasn't like that.

If you asked, the first descent of the heroes is celebrated among legends. It seemed the human society of this world was on the verge of being crushed by monsters.

If left free, the threat of monsters would proceed to increase year by year. For the last thousand years or so, due to the descent of the『Heroes』in a cycle said to be once in roughly one hundred years, the monster's influence had been reduced, and the human beings of this world were able to calmly breath.

In other words, the existence of the『Heroes』in this world, was a part of the system for maintaining the world.

Naturally, the world has a system prepared to accept it and there was a way to understand this concept in the common sense of this world.ᶜ

’’Didn't you think it was odd? After all, in our world, there are thousands of different languages. Even in this world, there are at least quite a few unique language systems. If it were originally, we shouldn't be able to understand words.’’ (Mikihiko)

’’Now that you mention it......’’ (Majima)

I recalled the letter that was collected from the remains of the soldiers who had become ghouls. Inside that, the language written down appeared to be something of another world.

Given that I had previously watched the spectacle of the protected students talking to the knights like normal, I didn't feel anything up until now. However, it was a weird argument that words are understood.

’’The language of this world is different from our world. However, it's a roundabout story to teach the heroes about the language temporarily as well. On the other hand, because they don't know which region on the planet the transported people will turn up, to prepare for the visit of the heroes once every one hundred years, it's difficult for the people of this world to learn the language of Earth. In this, however, I think Takahiro can understand it properly.’’ (Mikihiko)

Mikihiko laughed at the conclusion while just making it seem like a joke, and I knit my eyebrows.

’’'re not to blame, I'm not good at listening.’’ (Majima)

’’Haha. Even like that Takahiro, you are at peace of mind. Because in this world, around here is being cleared by magic.’’ (Mikihiko)ᴰ

There seems to be that sort of magic technology. If said in easy to understand terms, it is a translation skill.

There are materials that easily accumulate magical power in this world, and the technique was developed to create『magic stones』by engraving a magic square directly onto it. For example, the lighting furnished in the room I was guided to, the mountain hut's barrier and the like were made using that technique.

’’......However, whether they are called magic stones or not, they are surprisingly beta.’’ (Mikhiko)ᴱ

’’Yup. There are parts where that can't be helped.’’ (Majima)

According to what Mikihiko is talking about, this translation skill seems to be『picking out words that seem to be best recognized by us』. Therefore, when listening to the same conversation, it seems that occasionally words would be heard differently by different people.

If something like magic and magical abilities existed, instead of using『the individual skill of magicians』in one way or another, they would attempt to『possibly implement skills that could be used by everyone』, and it would be possible to say it was an natural thing for the human society. Thus, the concept of『magic stone』came into picture and they were established as tools to make life convenient.

If we assumed, because『Hero』came up in the conversation from earlier, it seemed we should have thought about it choosing the words that were seemingly best for us. The feeling of it being beta, it's because it is such a widely shared concept. B

But, the translation skill was a convenient thing.

Nevertheless, there was the argument that『You don't say』surrounding this. My cheat ability was something like『sending my intention to monsters by a magic link called a path』.

This translation skill is that type. But, it was seemingly difficult to manage even though it was useful, and it doesn't appear to be useful unless one undergoes special training.

’’Since there are a lot of people similar to Silane-san here in Fort Tilia, I think you can feel at ease and won't be troubled with language problems while you are here.’’ (Mikihiko)

What he meant in other words, was that『if for some reason you stop and depart from this place, it would become a struggle to have trouble with the language barrier all at once』.

Depending on the developments from here on, it might be necessary to work out a counter-plan.

In any case, heavy treatment is given to the transported people as heroes from this world.

For the residents of the parallel world, we were heroes.

However, because whether they had that in mind isn't necessary, it's still another story.

We were nothing but children moving about in confusion which were released into this parallel world. We were just『victims』spanning the world, it was impossible to be mistaken for something like『heroes』.

If you knew about what happened on the day of the colony's collapse, you wouldn't even dream about becoming a hero

That was just my opinion of it......however, that was about it.

For example, if you don't know what happened on that day, how would that change things?

The colony's collapse and the accompanying misfortune suddenly changed my sense of values. If they didn't personally experience that personally experience that change, wouldn't that become a completely different story?

That was the cause of the discrepancy that I felt here.

’’Listen, Takahiro. The 3 people from the 'Scouting Corps', those people participated in the 1st expedition. They know the truth of the colony's collapse. However, only we truly know about it. We saw that reality, but they didn't feel the type of atmosphere in that place.’’ (Mikihiko)

It wasn't something you could convey it with words, listening to what happened a hundred times wouldn't do justice to what really happened on that day

They don't know what the reality of what happened at the colony was. That's why the cross 'Scouting Corps' member from some time ago said the naive exclamation of『if there was assistance from the people of this fortress, he was confident they would undoubtably be able to reunite with the others safely』.

Under such assumptions, Mikihiko said he examined and thought about the way the 'Scouting Corps' had followed up until now.

’’After arriving to this world, they woke up to unrivalled abilities and protected their helpless schoolmates by dispersing the attacking monsters. By fighting these beasts, they crossed through the forest. For them with such skills, the monsters were nothing but small fries. They pushed through the untrodden territory with strength above the norm, finally arrived to a society where people dwelled, and were praised extravagantly as great people similar to heroes.’’ (Mikihiko)

Mikihiko's words were laced with mockery and satire, but what he was saying wasn't incorrect.

Agony, fear, hopelessness, and frustration.

There wasn't even the existence of fragments of the suffering of various things I had experienced since I had come to this parallel world in them.

Of course, they should have been uneasy. However, it was to the degree of having prepared for the consequence of getting over that and encouraging everybody, but if compared to very miserably and helplessly wandering about in the forest alone, it was nothing. It was the spice to color such a heroic tale. Only later, only magnificent efforts will let them shine......

’’Even though the fantasy transfer to the parallel world was the same, the genre every story is different.’’ (Mikihiko)

In a manner of speaking exceedingly typical of himself, Mikihiko expressed that.

And then, on the topic of saying its genre division, Mikihiko pointed out that the side characters were the 'Scouting Corps' members, not us.⁶

’’Accommodating the colony was a mouthful, it was huge. Although temporary, it was a village that one thousand people lived in. Takahiro came here together with them some time ago, but everybody taken out by the 'Scouting Corps' members had previously suffered, they had been taking refuge in the mountain huts.’’ (Mikihiko)

I had heard a story that was similar.

It was the same as Kato-san's.

After she had run about trying to escape the collapsing colony, she was protected by Miho Mizushima's childhood friend Takaya Jun, and I heard they were taken along to a mountain hut.

If there were people like me who cheated death without being protected unlike Kato-san, it appeared that there were also fortunate people who were protected without even seeing that hell.

’’So, whether or not......’’ (Majima)

Along the journey until I came to this fortress, I remembered the state of the students who had been protected.

The atmosphere was peaceful. Warm remarks were hung. The students encouraged each other. Student's tried to maintain peace. Bullying others was seen negatively. It was like the sight of a classroom anywhere in modern day Japan.

......that was unnatural to begin with. In addition to being thrown into such a world, for them to not have changed, there must have been reasons.

It was caused by them being continuously protected. From immediately after the transfer, through the colony's collapse, until they had arrived at the fortress and moved through the fortress, it was constant.

If I thought about it, when they were attacked by the Green Caterpillar just outside of the fortress, it would be natural for the students to fall into a panic. It was their first time that they had encountered a crisis drawing near to themselves.

And then, they were saved again. By the hands of the 'Scouting Corps' members.

In that case for them, the 'Scouting Corps' members have always protected them continuously until now. There wasn't any room to think of questions by seeing the reaction of the residents of the parallel world. It was only us thinking we were being recognized as heroes.

No. It wasn't only that.

’’The transported people, without exception, had powerful abilities we call cheats. It is, however, called『grace』in this world. That is, seeing that we are the transported students from the 'Stay Behind' group, there's no exception.’’ (Mikihiko)

It was something I knew about by becoming aware of my ability already, but the students of the 'Stay Behind' group, they came to know about the ability they have hidden within themselves right now.

If it is so, as for the heroes of the 'Scouting Corps' to them, it's possible to say they can overtake the leaders.

They have that sort of style anyway. To strongly think so because they yearn for it, it wasn't by any means an unnatural thing.

’’Indeed, a joke speech! What even is a hero!’’ (Mikihiko)

Whether or not his emotions simmered inside while he spoke, Mikhiko tightly clenched his fist.

His anger was strongly tinted with righteous indignation.

Precisely because I know the tragedy of the colony, precisely because I really felt in my body the importance of losing my life there, I wasn't pleased by the students being glad insolently because they were being praised extravagantly like heroes without knowing anything.

I understand your feelings. To the extent that it was painful.

But, on the other hand, I couldn't get too familiar and show my feelings on my face like Mikihiko.

――That's good, Takahiro is『normal』.

Some time ago, Mikihiko, having seen me have doubts about the『strange atmosphere』in this place, spoke this remark.

However, I wonder which one of us is really『normal』. What is『strange』, or is it who. I started to think around that, and I became tense and was unable to move.

The rest is coming soon......

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Part 4 should hopefully be out within the next few days.

Translator's Notes

¹- The last part of the sentence made no sense to me, but the editor changed it a bit. ▲

²- Yeah, I mean, he almost died a couple of times. Of course, he had girls taking care of him afterwards....but other than that, yeeeep. ▲

³- This sentence is kind of awkward because of how the sound effect ’’こくり/kokuri’’ is a sound effect for nodding. ▲

⁴ - Oh boy, this was a long time ago. For those who need context, the man who was guarding Kayo and Miho in the cabin, before rape happened, left them in the cabin to go east to find the 'Scouting Corps' and ask them for help when the colony collapsed. Kayo or Lily, I can't remember who exactly, told the MC about this, and that brings us to that detail. ▲

⁵ - MC is 100% right here. I've had to go back and fix a lot of sentences...... ▲

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