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Monster Musume Harem Wo Tsukurou! - Chapter 113


Chapter 113

Monster Musume chapter 113: Character Introduction after 10 years


As a result of thinking about various things, he left the attacks to Ruu and the others and decided to go around defending himself. Recent trends, shields and wall talismans. Good to prevent and also to hit a shield to bump it away.

The biggest concern was the conclusion of the diplomatic relations, but he still had a lot of problems, so he has been busy for days. Ruu and the others are busy with raising children, and he is often seen working with Nichrome recently. She is like a secretary.

Tsuchio is troubled because he doesn't have time for his family. He will definitely go back home at least once in a few days, so his job is delayed. It is stuck to Nichrome.


In order to connect diplomatically, she was running around the country with Tsuchio, so her ability has increased considerably. She trained well in Danzetsu´s space, so they are quite good friends.

Depending on its influence, Ruu has been devoting herself to raising children since her child is calm. Motherhood was added to her original beauty and her destructive power doubled in various ways. A little anxious.

Ruu´s battle style is the same as before, the strongest attack is her breath. It was so powerful with Tsuchio´s help that they could erase an immortal. The total amount of space Danzetsu-san is able to control is immense. She is the biggest victim.


Just like Ruu, Lime was one of the people who ran all over the country. It is needless to talk about her ability.

Immediately after Ruu, she became pregnant and it became a commotion. Calling Tsuchio father all the made him seem like he is a criminal. Supporting her enlarged stomach, looking at the way of walking together with Tsuchio, it was so delicious that various rumors started surfacing out. lo*ic*n and young girl preferences. After becoming a mother, Lime has been educating her son in various ways. She said, ’’You have to use all your hands to change someone you like,’’ and ’’You do a lot of things that people don't want to do, and they are happy.’’ It seems that honey poison also had an influence occasionally. Gifted education of a person with an unhealthy romantic obsession... horrible.


Same as above, her magic power has sharpened. It seems that people who saw her figure were terrified of the incarnation of thunder.

Since she got pregnant after Lime, everyone was accustomed to it and she was able to give birth. The people who saw Rin after seeing Lime were like... it can't be said. It will be people who will be killed if they see Rin.

Rin became an educated mom contrary to the expectations. Martial arts are still taught to her child as a play. It seems that the iron is struck while it is hot. Rio is also delighted, so everything is left to Rin. She is a strict teacher like Nichrome. As usual, her aloof nature has not changed.


Same as above, Nichrome is a person indispensable for Tsuchio now. Without Nichrome, it would have been quite late for diplomatic ties to be formed. She exerted her power in domestic affairs.

She doesn't have a relationship with Tsuchio yet. They still have a master-servant relation, but you can expect it to evolve in the future? She admits that she has feelings for Tsuchio and doesn't feel bad about it.

While traveling around the country, Nichrome found some ancient ruins. She also got human legs to repair her broken arms. When she is at work, she goes to work like a human. However, it is easier for her with her snake bottom, so he wears it when she is at home.


Same as above, she is also an indispensable person for Tsuchio. Mainly on the magical surface and the foot side of movement. Thanks to her, they can travel anywhere in a short time.

She also has no relationship with Tsuchio yet. She herself brought such an abnormal relationship to the batch, but Tsuchio was busy and could not say anything to it. Expecting in the future, a classical twin play.

She usually becomes Tsuchio´s shadow, and while at home, she is grueling around the basics. It seems she doesn't want to be a spirit so often, but she does not feel much repulsive as before. It is a story of the principal.


After graduating, Lucas went back to his hometown fairy territory and became a school teacher. It seems that he has chosen this road, though various solicitations seem to have come.

Among his students, his appearance is also very popular. Lucas's recent troubles are confessions by men after seeing his figure. It seems that he is aiming for a woman from the knights order as advised by Tsuchio. Actually, a carnivorous Lyca, the date of marriage may be unexpectedly surprising.


After graduating, she returned to the cave country and became a guard of her hometown. The liquor store of her parents seems to have been left to her sister. She have wanted to be a blacksmith since she was a child, but she chose to be a soldier because of her lacking talent. She herself has no regrets choosing this way.

Triss doesn't think about marriage yet and she is busy every day as a guard. As a liquor store girl, she sure has an eye for drinks. It seems she has sent a wonderful sake with a letter to Tsuchio.


After graduating, Fal became a senior candidate for being an imperial guard. He wants to go that so-called elite road straight-tilt. Later, he graduated and was a rookie for about a year.

It seems that he has come to act as the head of a unit of a certain town now. When Tsuchio was going around the country, he was seasoned with various flexibilities. It is secretly expected by Tsuchio that he will become a knight commander in the future.


He has already retired from active duty and is devoting his energy to teach the younger generation. He had a decent voice in the king's country, so he helped to improve the trade and diplomatic ties with the Zakurion empire. His daughter went to school, but she had graduated without a turn. He forgot it completely, which is sorry.


The principal is still working every day as the principal without fading at all. During the time of the conquest of Almira, she was asked to cooperate to put a barrier to seal the transfering. This transfer was sealed, and the barrier was so good that nothing could be transferred inside. Will the day when her real age is debunked come?


Even now, with diplomatic ties, she is still the empress. She was going to give it to either Tyres or Toururi on the original plan, but she never stopped to fulfill her dream. Her personal contact with Tsuchio are as usual, so she can easily move through teleportation and drink with him when she has time.

Tyres &Toururi

They are instrumental in resolving domestic problems as Yukurishisu's right arm. Both seem to be in charge of physical labor, but the fact is that both of them are pretty smart and active as ministers. They´re struggling with a pile of papers today to reduce the burden of Yukurishisu. Tyres has a lot of arms he is using.


As Tsuchio became an official, she returned to be a court magician. She is working on the development of talisman art. The communication symbol developed by her is a great research achievement that anyone can use with magical powers, so it has been officially distributed to the knights order. Thanks to its success, cognitive recognition has been reconsidered, the budget has also increased significantly, and further research has become enthusiastic. She and Tsuchio sometimes blossom in talking about talisman arts.


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