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Monster Factory - Chapter 166


Chapter 166: Rank up

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Thank you Monkoto for the support.

Parked at the corner of the underground base were three X series. With just one more, he would finally be able to rank up.

Ye Qing found that eight days had already passed.

During this entire time, Ye Qing didn't go any where, rather, all he did was chat with DouDou on WeChat.

And now, the fourth and final Mechanical Colossus X was complete and about to roll out.

Ye Qing let out a big sigh of relief, because if it wasn't for rushing to rank up the Monster Factory, he really didn't want to ever experience this kind of boring repeated work ever again.

He was already seeing blurs. Production all day, everyday, and then some.

During these eight days, the only enjoyment Ye Qing had was the chatting time with DouDou at night, and the ever increasing balance in his bank account.

Out of all the foreign guests from before that had come for alloy artworks, Ye Qing already had people ship off more than half of the entire order.

The orders had all been completed way ahead of schedule, and the contract they all signed specifically stated that they were responsible for the final transportation of the art pieces. Ye Qing was only responsible for delivering them to the docks, and the rest of it, including customs and taxes, were all their problem.

Why? Because he had the skills to back himself, so why not.

7:50 PM

Ye Qing laid back on the M.E.C. in his office and was chatting with DouDou while looking at the newly brought 60’’ flat screen TV.

Ye Qing had seriously gotten bored of the final completion steps. Although he bought a ton of Champagne bottles for this, he just didn't feel like it anymore.

Now that there was basically nothing left for him to do, he took the chance to watch some relaxing television shows, especially the massively advertised «The Great Escape»!

A single episode of the show was non-stoppingly advertised for more than ten days. On the internet side, there were even fans of Xue Ninggong who were helping the station for free by telling people to definitely go watch it.

Ye Qing couldn't help but praise the Zhongyun Station for their unstopping endurance.

Not only did they advertise the show for more than ten days, they were even able to invite Xue Ninggong to become the first guest on their show.

Before, Xue Ninggong had only been on talk shows. Participating in this kind of amusement show was a first, which was why Ye Qing reckoned that the viewership would be crazy high.

Ten minutes before the show even began, DouDou was already telling him how the viewership count of Zhongyun Station had already reached 1.45%, and what's more, her colleges said this kind of viewership was only achievable by famous, first tier shows.

However, this grade was only achieved with Xue Ninggong's help since she participated in the first episode of this show. As for which stars they would be able to invite later on, that would have to wait until the results of this episode was out.

DouDou also told Ye Qing another piece of news from the office. From what her show director had told her, Zhongyun Station was able to invite Xue Ninggong all because her father used to be Station Chief there, and was now the head of a major department in the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television.

The current chief, Liu Yun, used to be her father's assistant. That was also why the chief was able to invite Xue Ninggong over and even act as the main hostess at her new movie premier.

So that was why!

Before Ye Qing didn't know what Xue Ninggong's father did, but felt that he was pretty far up the chain, otherwise she wouldn't have moved to Beijing at such a young age.

The State Administration ~

That's literally a knife that oversees all show directors and actors. Xue Ninggong being able to achieve such heights at such a young age, naturally meant her father played a key role in it.

While chatting away, the show entered its last 90 seconds of advertisement.

At this moment, all the ads being played went up a level, from all those no name brands to all those famous brands.

When the show actually started, a giant single floor structure quickly rotated onto the screen.

When the picture stopped, a pure white corridor, just like the one in Resident Evil, appeared.

This had Ye Qing quite intrigued, as who hadn't seen Resident Evil? For all who had seen it, the laser covered inferred hallway should have left quite the impression.

Those laser cutters also existed within Ye Qing's factory, however, they only worked if the protection cover was down and an object was placed in the work platform.

Of course, Zhongyun Station doesn't possess this kind of technology, which was why this hallway was just a hallway, without any defensive systems.

The hostesses were Yu Fei and Wu Xiaoya, the ones whom Ye Qing meet at the exhibition last time.

If DouDou was the hostess, then Ye Qing felt that the show would be that much more pleasing to the eye.

Yu Fei and Wu Xiaoya explained to the audience that at the end of this pristine hallway were rooms of much unknown and danger. Each of those rooms had four exits, but the exit from which one entered would automatically seal itself, preventing any backtracking.

And within this structure were all kinds of small rooms.

There were rooms filled with all kinds of traps and dangers. There are also rooms which were perfectly safe to rest in.

As well as the mysterious secret shop room, which allowed one to exchange for all kinds of custom props. For example, props that would lower the difficulty of the next room, and props that could scout out the hidden dangers within a room.

Additionally, with each room successfully traversed, a point could be earned. The more points one earned, the more props one would be able to purchase.


Having heard the brief introduction, Ye Qing felt just how cool the idea of the show was, and how intrigued he was by it.

Each secret room had four entrances and one exit, which was able to support the entering of four different people. In this episode, apart from Xue Ninggong, there were three other quite famous stars.

If anyone were to meet within the rooms, then they must make an effort to put up a show, because there could only be one successful escapee.

After these four ’’explorers’’ had taken their positions, Ye Qing almost fell on the floor laughing.

A very handsome male star, after struggling to get past the passageway and opening his first door, saw a household switch in the room, and just couldn't stop himself from flicking it.

Which resulted in the room immediately shooting out rows upon rows of darts, making the guy experience the pain of ten thousand arrows.

Of course, the darts were all tipped with soft materials, and the players also had safety goggles on, so there was no need to worry about injuries. But this kind of curiosity kills the cat action, literally had all the audience laughing their butts off.

The second to be eliminated was a female star named Lang Xue. While walking, she kept on talking into her mic saying how she had played these kind of escape games before and the most important thing to watch for was whether or not there were traps on the ground, because no matter how well it's hidden, there will still be traces of it left on the ground.

Yet in the end, when she entered her room, it was completely filled with giant cubes, no danger whatsoever.

But when she jumped on top of the giant cubes, she plummeted into a well hidden pit.

This kind of high elimination show had Ye Qing laugh like mad, as even Xue Ninggong received the same treatment. She wasn't met with any traps and didn't press any random switches, but just when she opened her second door, she was faced with a room that was covered with lasers.

Hence, she had to be like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and do the impossible by dodging and weaving through them.

What had Ye Qing amazed was that Xue Ninggong was able to nimbly dodge all the lasers by just performing some unconventional postures.

However, she wasn't able to keep her luck for long. When she chose to open the door directly in front of her, she was hit with a wall of smoke.

There was no way to hide from the smoke, because the electronic voice prompt prompted that only the rooms on the side were safe. This room at the end of the lasers was specifically left for those nimble contestants, and only those who had purchased the special gas mask from the secret shop were able to continue.

The white smoke was all created by the chemical reaction of dry ice and air, but the result had left Xue Ninggong in a state of never ending uneasiness.

Everyone had three lives, and just as Ye Qing was looking forward to their second round of trials, advertisements despicably cut in.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

Ye Qing pulled out the suddenly beeping Monster Factory phone.

What appeared on screen was a colorful explosion of fireworks. When the fireworks had exploded and gathered in the middle of the screen, the word [Congratulations] was formed in the end.

’’Finally, a rank up!’’ Ye Qing had his hand on his forehead and laughed like a maniac, just like those villains in anime.


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