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Monster Factory - Chapter 165


Chapter 165: Lightweight alloy armor

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

In the evening, a truck filled to the brim with watermelons rolled into the Dragon Creek Beach factory.

When all the bagged watermelons had finally been unloaded, Ye Qing called for all of the present monsters and pointed to those filled to the brim bags.

Right after Ye Qing said he was treating them to watermelons, a peon grabbed a bag and literally ripped one out.

Just like handling a basketball in one hand, he opened his mouth wide open and bit down.

Ye Qing literally had the hair on the back of his neck stand straight upon seeing this. No matter if it were the peons or the master artisans, deep deep down, they were all still wild beasts. Just like last time with the tea, swallowing both the drink and the leaves in one gulp.

This time the watermelons, including skin, seed and all, were guaranteed to be all gone.

Another peon went down into the underground base with four bags in tow. The Raging Miners were even more ridiculous: the watermelons, bag and all, completely disappeared into their stomachs.

Ye Qing was seriously regretting his decision right now......

Having distributed all dozen or so bags of watermelons, Ye Qing, with a piece in hand, went back to commanding the monsters.

The second Mechanical Colossus X would be completed the day after tomorrow.

Ye Qing straight up wanted ten of these giant machines first for his personal use, to redevelop the entire Dragon Creek Beach region.

The X series' construction process was seriously too tedious, because nearly 80% of the parts used must be created from scratch from the Metal Smelting Center. In comparison the I series, they could have all of their parts created from C.N.C. machines.

Ye Qing also kept himself busy. Taking the chance that there wasn't a need for the M.P.C.V. to join in the construction, Ye Qing uploaded the picture of Xue Ninggong from the 3D camera onto his machine.

How to say this......

Even if this was only a plotted 3D coordinate graph, Ye Qing was still able view Xue Ninggong's beauty.

But he couldn't enlarge it, because if he did, all he'd see would be coordinate positions and connecting lines.

Keeping only the plastic armor pieces, Ye Qing laid them all out in a row.

In total 56 pieces. The body of the armor was easy to make, just light weight alloys, and then engrave on those circuit like sci-fi engravings.

The key here was the color.

The lightweight alloys were all silvery white, but her armor needed to be pure white.

These armor pieces' design was still remarkable. Ye Qing's felt that making it completely out of metal would bring it to new highs, however, to only paint on a layer of white paint was just too damn ordinary.

Hence why he was going to use alloy grade titanium dioxide for the color.

It was one of the world's best white colored pigments, non-poisonous and non-transparent. It was commonly included in many makeups to make the skin look whiter and non reflective.

It has alloy and titanium in its name, but it couldn't be considered a metal. Rather, it was a human creation that could increase alloy properties if used in alloy manufacturing.

Hence why using it here as the colour was simply perfect.

When the entire tight fitting suit of armor had been completed, Ye Qing then generously lathered on a layer of adhesive that included alloy grade titanium dioxide for the color.

The next day, Ye Qing had an employee come pick up this 56 piece suit of metal armor and deliver it to the film site, while he went back to planning out his new factory center.


After having received her bento in the afternoon, it was Xue Ninggong' turn to be absent-minded.

She didn't have the nerve to send her bust sizes, which was why she just sent her height, weight, and waist size.

Custom order armors that suit her sizes would obviously have the best results. Xue Ninggong took a look down at her chest, which had two semi spherical pieces of armor on, and couldn't help but think, 'what if it's too small...'

Without letting her wait too long, the wild and luxurious Benz G-65 appeared again. Except this time it was a girl driving and it had a giant box in the back.

For some unknown reason, Xue Ninggong felt that the looks this female employee was giving her......

Was kind of awkward. It was as if she and Ye Qing had 'something'.

After having delivered the gift and having gotten all the signatures from the cast, she left. Xue Ninggong, on the other hand, hurriedly opened the box and brought out a piece of pure white metal armor for examination.

This piece was an arm guard that had a beautiful, circuit like engraving.

Within the circuit like engraving flashed signs of the silver white metal underneath. The subtle way of coloring these engravings had very cleverly brought out the difference between the surface colors and what was underneath. Additionally, this also added to the armor's fantasy feel and aesthetics.

Under the sun, it was like a spacesuit that had just completed charging the 'force'.

’’Why does he have to be so talented...’’ The more Xue Ninggong looked at it, the more she felt that the plastic pieces she had on were a three year old's toy.

Finally, unable to bare the urge, she ran into her camper and had her assistant help her out of the plastic armor and into this magical suit of metal armor.

Super light!

This was the first thought Xue Ninggong had as she basically couldn't feel the weight of these armor pieces.

Then, after taking a beauty picture in the mirror, she was suddenly stunned.

How did he know her bust size?

The her in the mirror almost literally became a spaceship pilot with skills beyond this world. These 56 pieces of tight fitting armor perfectly rested on her body. Even if she moved excessively, she wasn't able to feel any loosening in the armor.

The original plastic armor made tons of ambient noise when moving, which seriously affected the sound recorded by the mics.

Lifting her leg, the light armor not only outlined her exceptional curves, but even perfectly combined her beauty and fantasy looks.

’’Sis Gong, I seriously don't know where to begin to describe you right now.’’ Her assistant was also seeing flashing stars and was thankful that she was a girl. Otherwise, she would be completely charmed to death by the mysterious and fantasy like beauty that Xue Ninggong was emitting.

After a long time of indulging in her own beauty, Xue Ninggong was finally willing to exit the camper.

Ding Yin at the moment was brainstorming just how to make the most out of those two ridiculously outrageous film arms, and wondering whether or not he should restart filming everything again from scratch.

And then he saw Xue Ninggong wearing her new set of fully metallic armor.

Ding Yin was literally shocked. But when he finally snapped back to reality half a minute later, he wailed towards the sky.

’’Damn it ~ It's all a waste!! With this armor, how can I still use those terrible plastic armor shots!!’’


Ye Qing was completely unaware of just how big of a beauty problem he had caused Ding Yin with his interference.

Rather, the almost completed Mechanical Colossus X in front of him, in his eyes, was the perfect representation of industrialization.

Its size was just too, damn, large. When Ye Qing stared at it, he couldn't help but sigh at how small and insignificant humans were.

After this Mechanical Colossus X was completed, just two more and Ye Qing would finally be able to rank up and meet the new monsters and black techs.

This development completely left the passing of time to the wind.

Right after the second X series had been completed, Ye Qing roughly sorted through some of the company paperwork and again delved back into the construction of the third one.

It was also because of just how big the X series was, so it required Ye Qing to operate the M.P.C.V. to complete.

Take the fixed screw holes for example, there was no way that the master artisans would detail out the distance between each line within the screw holes, as that would drag the designing process to God knows when.

Of course, using normal processes to achieve precision drill holes was still possible. All that needed to be done was to move these large tasks onto an even bigger platform. Although Ye Qing could draw out every single detail with the amount of monsters he had, that would just waste way too much manpower and time.

Which was why Ye Qing had to get the M.P.C.V. involved. With its magnetic base, it could go to any position under the Colossus and precisely drill in all the needed holes with its mechanical arms.

Right now Ye Qing was putting his mind to only one thing, and that was to operate the M.P.C.V. into doing nothing but one thing: produce, produce, and produce some more, all the way until the Monster Factory had completed ranking up.


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