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Modern Weapons Cheat In Another World - Volume 3 - Chapter 17


Chapter 17

V3CH 17

The reason why the devils fearfully escaped - the girls who came down from the sky - it was Chitose and Amira which became Shura(修羅 Shura= means fighting, or carnage, it can also be used a way of saying ’’challenge’’).

’’’’ ’’’’ ’’............’’ ’’’’ ’’

Heavy silence wraps around that everyone in this place thinks that time has stopped breathing as though it was breathtaking by the feeling of intimidating pressure of the two people.

Chitose who wears an aura like dark miasma and is equipped with various arms grips her Japanese sword with both hands.

Amira who wears a war dress and holds a giant massive sword weighing hundreds of kilograms that can only be seen as an iron mass with one hand and emits a dense and devastating magical power visible from the body.

At the same time that these two people started solving their landing posture slowly, Kazuya's maids Luminous and Wilhelm, members of the company's squad guards descended parachuting to follow Chitose and Amira.

Furthermore, if you look closely at the opening of the valley, the members of the

Squad Guards are deployed in the opening of the valley and have guns aimed at Adel.


We're surrounded! What? What are the other units doing! !

Adel, who does not know that his allies other than themselves have already been destroyed, is surprised at being surrounded.

! What? ... ... No More than that ... ... What is ... what the hell are you! What? Same as the devil ... ... No ... ... more! ! It is unpleasant, Nasty! ! To oppose this woman - absolutely nasty! !

Although Adel was shocked at being surrounded unexpectedly, it was only for a moment that he was able to be concerned about such a thing, immediately seeing the kind of person Chitose is and taking Chitose as someone one does not want to be enemies with.

Good! What? What bloodlust this is! !

Chitose and Amira - Adel now wants to escape from here especially from the bloodlust coming from Chitose.

However, there is no way I could do such a thing, and I managed to face Chitose and Amira somehow to support the pride I had from fighting as a hero.

’’Is Feene safe !?’’

’’Master ...... a little ...... I will clean up just a little bit soon.’’

Chitose and Amira took a look back at Adel which was holding a holy sword with a pale looking expression had been staring at the enemy with a hardened face as if it was hit by petrification magic bwhile looking like he saw a demon at the same time.

’’Mother !! I am safe! But Kazuya -’’

’’Ug ... ... I understand ... Ay, Adel - The ones in front of us are to be caught alive, ... ... I asked ... Chitose’’

Kazuya replied while receiving recovery magic and sanitary soldiers'first aid by Ruminus and Wilhelm who came running down to the valley bottom.

’’Hah... I know... I will tell the whole corps, firing is prohibited unless ordered to, I repeat fire is prohibited unless ordered to.’’

Chitose who embraced the thought of being torn by looking at Kazuya who is distorting his face with bloody and muddy appearance burned up the flame of her anger further, after giving instructions to his men and turning around before saying to Amira with a voice of good effect.

’’All of these guys are my prey ... Do not let out your hands... ....’’

’’...... I can not help exchanging it at all ... I'd like to say that I will put out my hands .... But I do not think so, because there are trash in our numbers too, and also ... ... I've also been scooped up And I'm going to rampage a bit.

Amira who received an explanation from the circumstances from Feene in the previous conversation saw the traitor Nelson who had played his daughter and the elves who are under him in the sight, she is angry just like Chitose and kept a large sword with her.

’’... ... Do whatever it takes, But don't take the time to clean up the trash?’’

’’I know’’

’’Good... ... I will go!’’


After finishing the conversation with Amira, Chitose aimed at the edge of the Japanese sword giving a sharp glow to the enemy.


Meanwhile, when Chitose was still speaking. Nelson who was finally able to move at last because of the gaze of the two trembled with fear.

’’Well, well, why is the Maou here ...’’

’’What, what's a woman doing next to that demon king ... ... I'm not the only one seeing this.’’

’’Hey, those kinds of guys like that monsters ... ... there is no reason to win’’

’’If you do not run away ... you will be killed if you do not run away!’’

It was when Nelson, his elf and the Imperial soldiers, who were prepared for death before two people who had different dimensions from themselves began to fall behind unconsciously.

’’Do not be disillusioned, come on!’’

A voice calling attention of Adel echoes to the bottom of the valley, ... and the lid of the shuttle of hell opens.

’’Come, come !!’’

’’Hey! Oh, stop those guys! Stop them!!’’

’’Well, Prepare to shoot !!!’’

Struck (sfx)! ! Magic, bullets, and arrows are released all at once for Chitose and Amira looming at a terrific speed with a crushing sound stepping on the ground.

However, Chitose and Amira avoided all attacks hissing in their direction.

’’Oh, It didn't hit !?’’

’’Aim better!’’

’’Put out magical weapons and automatic dolls in front !! Push with force and number!’’

Magic weapons and automatic dolls are thrown in order to stop the two people who are coming. But.


’’Obstacles in the way... It's annoying’’

Three magical weapons approached Amira who held a short sword for proximity fighting instead of having a magic gun were crushed under a blow by the big sword of Amira. All the automatic dolls which were grouped in Chitose and attacked simultaneously from multiple directions are slashed at their necks and stop functioning.

’’...... Haa, haa, the automaton is devoted to standing! Aim at the place where the enemies stopped their feet!

Adel, who had just as much magic as the others blew out instructions loudly.

’’Walla Walla (Sfx), it's like an insect ... ... it's in the way!’’

’’It's true!’’

While knocking down and throwing away an automatic doll that attacked, Adel told the stopping automatic doll to attack and began to stand up as it was threatened by Chitose Amira. That was when Chitose agreed to that.

’’If so, then we can!’’

’’Cut the road open !!’’

Two black shadows that appeared from Chitose and Amira dive into a group of automatons and drilled a wedge.

’’...... Warrant and Lieutenant Colonel, an unnecessary mimicry ... well ...’’

’’O, it's hard to do isn't it?’’

Cutting the automatic doll with a bassabassa(sfx) and slashing and making a way for Chitose and Amira was Warrant officer Funasaka with a military sword , and Lieutenant Jack Churchill who grabbed a claymore in his bag with a bagpipe on his back and a quiver with a long bow and an arrow on his back. (T/N: Holy shit it's guy who carried a bagpipe and a sword in the beaches of Normandy)


’’Haare-aaa !!’’

’’’’There......whyee!(Shouting SFX)’’’’

Warrant Officer Funasaka and Lieutenant Colonel Jack, who were not be able to just watch before the enemy who hurt Kazuya, rushed into the arrows while Chitose and Amira ran towards the enemy.

’’Well done’’

’’I was saved.’’

When running through the flock of automatons, Chitose and Amira made a voice of labor to the two people in a passing manner.

’’’’ What is this coming! ’’’’

While abandoning the remaining automatic dolls randomly, while also striking the two magical weapons nearby, they replied with a smile.

’’Chi !! From one to the next !! Even with me 5 at the same time is too challenging! What do we do?’’

When I saw the magic weapon stood up like a wall, thinking that he passed through a group of automaton, Amira spoke to Chitose.

’’Do not stop your feet, keep on moving’’

’’You seem to have some idea, I understand.’’

Amira who thought that there would be something in Chitose, who saw Adel in front of the eyes with the flames of hatred turned on, continues to proceed at Chitose's words.

’’- Lieutenant, kill’’

’’Roger that’’

Chitose speaks towards the radio when it is only a short time to enter into the draft of a short sword in which the magic weapons stand. Then, shortly after hearing a continuous explosion from a distance, five Magician weapons have holes in their bodies.


Amira who was amazed at the sudden events twisted her head and turned her eyes towards where she heard the sounds, there, was lieutenant Hayes who had a Simonov PTRS 1941, that has white smoke from the muzzle.

’’Goal silence ... .... Although this is a shot down and the wind is strong, this precision, and continuous ... ... I get numb.’’

’’Noisy, silence to prepare for the next instruction’’

’’Okash, leave it as you say’’

To the Hey who was awesome from the opening of the valley and succeeded in the sniper while silently refuting the light mouth of Clemens who looked up to respect, lieutenant Shimonov PTRS 1941 rejected bullet aside and newly shimonomu PTRS 1941 I looked around the scope and started preparing for the next instruction.

’’Leaving ...... only small fish and only

’’Looks like it. Well then, would I also clean up the garbage?’’

Chitose who broke through all the obstructing automatic doll and magic weapon stopped running and walked towards Adel while walking slowly and screaming, Amira parted from one thousand years and went to Nelson.

’’... ... If it comes to this way, there is no regret.’’

Advocate slowly step by step and step into Chitose who comes near, Mr. Adel murmurs in a small voice.

’’Everyone, there is reliance’’

Adel felt as if he did not hear a thousand years old and called out to his men.

’’What'll we do’’

’’I use my trump card to defeat him, but in order to use the trump card I can not use it unless I accumulate magical powers, so ... ... why do not you earn time for me?’’

’’... ... OK, everyone, protect Adel !! Do not let him approach Adel!’’

’’’’ ’’’’ ’’A response !!’’ ’’’’ ’’

The soldiers who hoped for the victory at Adel 's request of adoration from the bottom of their heart managed to hold back the fear they had and managed to unite to get victory.

And while building up the necessary magical powers to use the trump cards, the magicians surround Adel to defend the defenseless Adel, the magic barriers expanded, the gunmen pull out the long sword that was wearing on the waist I will head towards Chitose.

’’’’ ’’’’ ’’Waiter !!’’ ’’’’

’’... ....’’

We are the opponents! ! And as soon as Chikusa continues to advance towards Adel while raising a bullshit enthusiasm and looking at enemy soldiers looking with a cold eyes.

’’Do not go to Adel's place!’’

’’Try to receive our blow !!’’

’’I die here!’’

Shouting to the mouth swinging the long sword and soldiers slashing to a thousand years old.

I killed it! !

The soldiers were convinced of the victory just before the blade bite into the body of Chitose who kept walking in a natural state without holding a Japanese Japanese sword holding in his hands.

’’... ... forgiveness’’

However, in a single word of Chitose, soldiers can not move like a frog stared at by a snake.

Or, the body! What?

It does not move! What?

Why is it so! What?

The soldiers are stunned on my body who does not move with Pikuri against my will.

’’- The dead people’’

What is the word that one thousand years said at the moment when it interfered with the soldiers who could not move? I think that soon the soldiers'body moves slippery sideways.

.................. Oh ... or ... Is that the same ... we are already ... ... I was dead ... ....

The moments when soldiers finally understood what happened to themselves, their body dropped to the ground with two splashed blood splashes.

’’Hun and small fish’’

Chitose swaying out the Japanese sword at the speed which can not be perceived by the soldiers and building up a mountain of death in a moment, continued as if nothing had happened, and after the soldiers attacking like the previous one are cleared one after another I will go.

’’Sai !!’’

’’ the way’’


BUN! ! Chitose who skews the long sword descended swiftly and skews from the soldier's chin to the brain with a Japanese sword that has become sharp.

Squeezed soldiers stabbed their eyes and fell as if they crumbled down from their knees and cramped with bicubic.

The Japanese sword that stuck in the deceased soldier is abandoned, another Japanese sword still sharp still stays in the sheath which was worn at the waist, and 1000 years old intercepts the soldiers heading towards without discipline in the state of bare hands.

’’’’ Wow! Wow, Wa ooo !! ’’’’

I do not know the reason, but I stopped the weapon and saw Chitose who became bare hands, I thought it was a good opportunity Two soldiers go towards a thousand years old.

’’Now !! Load the bullets while Grunge and Bakura are fighting !! And then visit him at zero distance!’’

’’’’roger that!!’’’’

Behind two soldiers who went to Chitose, gunmen were preparing for firing.

’’Ora !!’’

’’Ya !!’’

’’in the way’’

Chitose who swept away with Assassi with the assassination of the two who slashed along with the spirit of the fissure stretched out the long sword and two people who broke their posture instantly stretched out their hands and grasped the hands of the two.

’’Gugg!, Agack ... ...!’’

’’Guess !! Go ... ...!’’

Two people who tightened the neck with force like a vise and dropped Longsword so much with difficulty rushed to manage Chitose's hands to dig into the neck, but Chitose's hand never loosened.

’’... ....’’

While Chitose looked at the eyes like seeing insects, he lifted up and raised more power in hands while looking at enemy troops who could not breathe and suffer from struggling.

- Mississippi missi ...... Bak! !



Finally, the two soldiers breathed a voice that was thrown at the age of one thousand years and the birds were strangled and killed.

The hands and feet that had been struggling to flutter until then hangs down like a weakness and a yellow liquid begins to flow down from the crotch.

’’Hey Hey !! Grunge and Bakura were killed!’’

’’Well, it's a thing ... ...!’’

One hand raises a large adult one by one and looks at Chitose who grabbed his neck and soldiers rise with fear.

’’- Fighter ready !!’’

When throwing down the two who Chitose was hanging up, preparation for firing just ended.

’’Yosh! Do not waste the grunge and Bakura's death !!’’

As soon as I confirmed that preparation for firing was complete and instructed to do one squirrel, the commander's head felt like a pomegranate and the cerebral plasma scatted around.

’’You, captain!’’

’’From a little while ago ... ... It is an obstacle ... ... I have said it over and over’’

As I saw it, one thousand years ago I was sitting two hollow 10.5 inch model S&W M500 (super large rotary gun) from holster.

The 10.5 inch model S&W M500 is called the Hunter model and uses the .500 S&W Magnum, 50 caliber Magnum bullet. The power of this bullet boasts about 3 times the power of the .44 Magnum bullet, and when an ordinary person shoots about 10 shots in succession, there are times when the hands are numb and numbered due to the reaction of the firing, even writing letters.

’’Oh, oh, ah ......’’

’’no way......’’

Although I do not know that it is directed to the muzzle of such a heinous gun, Chitose echoes the gunshot unexpected as Dokadoka and a handgun to soldiers who have fallen into a panic only by the fact that the muzzle faces this direction I will shoot a 50 caliber Magnum bullet.

’’Wow, my arm is not!’’

’’Then, I do not want to die ... Someone ... ... help ...’’

’’Goh ... ... or mother ......’’

Most of the soldiers who were occupying the front of Chitose were blown away by 50 caliber Magnum bombs, dewing the scapegoat and scattering the ground.

’’Well, it's useless ...’’

’’Ah ... ... God!’’

While watching the magic barriers, the wizards surrounding Adel saw their friends dying in front of them, when they were sorrowfully enlightened that they could not win regardless of their scratching in Chitose.

’’Everyone, have kept you waiting.

As I said, Adel was wearing a wildly swirling wind like Muddy Flow.

’’A, like Adel !!’’

’’With this ... ... this is our victory decided!’’

The soldiers who succeeded in earning time and raised the voice of joy took away a distance from Adel confronting Chitose.

’’... ....’’

’’You did it as you like, you like, but it's your fate too! You put on the magic of body strengthening and playing every kind of attack Wearing the armor of the wind I'm unbeatable - you guys! ? ’’

’’’’ ’’’’ A, adel !? ’’’’ ’’

Adel was talking with a margin by wearing the armor of the wind, but when I got stuck in a moment and noticed, I could not resist anything and was cut off with a Japanese sword that Chitose had unleashed like an association It was.

Wind ... ... Armor ... slashing ... ... ripped off! What? It is a such a fool! What? ...... and ... ... fast ... too much ... ... movement ...... I did not see ......! !

It is blown away and it is Dogonk! ! And Adel, who had snucked into the rock, was surprised by the consciousness he could keep with the pain.

’’Invincible ... .... How much do you want? Do not make me laugh’’

The armor of the wind who said that Adel played all kinds of attacks with only one blow was torn open by Chitose, and when Adel damaged consciousness and was unable to supply magical power, the armor of the wind It had disappeared.

’’Cut ... ... here, this one!’’

Adel who lost the armor of the wind and fell into a state close to nude on the defensive side will head towards Chitose in our warriors to direct the flow to here.

’’Raia Aaaaa !!’’

- Gang! !

’’... ....’’

Chitose takes lightly the Japanese sword with the holy sword that was swayed down as much as he could possess.

’’... ... is this degree?’’

’’This !! Stupidity !! - but with this!’’

Adel who brought in to a companion laugh with a grin.

’’Let's tell you a nice thing! There is the ability to take away the magical power of the opponent who is slammed into this holy sword that I have!’’

’’What about it?’’

’’Hunting, it is now that we can afford to afford!’’

Adel thought that Chitose demonstrated the terrible physical ability by using the magic of body strengthening and thought that if you take the magical power of 1000 years old with the ability of the holy sword it will be able to beat like Amira was defeated and thinking of the Holy Sword Activated ability. However

’’...... What ............ No way ... ... ... you ... ... ... ... ... you do not use magic ...?’’

Even if you activate the ability of the Holy Sword, Adel noticed a certain fact that Adel, who could not take magical power from one thousand years at a time.

’’No way no ... ... you, in the state of raw ... ... No, that can not be that!’’

At the moment when Adel was upset and shocked by shocking facts, Chitose slashed Adel in the same way as before.

’’Great !! ... ... Such a thing ...!’’

This time Adel was torn apart the white armor. It was only clothing like thin underwear that was wearing under the armor that was left behind.

’’Is it over?’’

When I destroyed the armor of Adel, Chitose approached Adel as he threw a Japanese sword that had spilled the blade.

’’stand up’’

’’... .... Ugh !!’’

’’Here, stand up’’


Chitose who forcibly raised Adel who was aware of the absolute power difference and forsaken the battle and beaten up strikes Adel with the power of fullness.

’’Wow !! It's alright !!’’

Every time Chitose's fist bites into the body, Adel makes a groaning voice that does not make a voice.

’’What's wrong ... you are invincible, do not you?’’


Chitose grabbed and twisted up the neck of Adel after he had a head butt thrown and threw Adeel like a shoulder.

’’Good !!, ... .... Geo Ho !! ... .... cuckoo!’’

Adel, who is breaking her underwear and exposing the silky white skin and rounded rich breasts to the outside, spoils the pain and moans.

’’... ... You was a woman?’’

Chitose who stands in front of Adel 's eyes, who has become naked in upper body, knew the fact and narrowed his eyes to a little surprise.

’’___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

’’Ok, so, woman ...... Convenient. The range of torture to be done since I got back to base increased.’’

Chitose who knew the fact that Adel is a woman murmured like a one-man smile with a smile like a demon.

’’Hit ... ... ... Oh ... I still lose ... ... ... Gaha!’’

At the moment Adel, who felt something chilly in Chitose's smile, managed to get rid of his mouth and kicked into the trembling feet and kicked the feet trembling, Adel was beaten by cheeks at a thousand years and completely lost consciousness.

’’To this extent even if you are a migrant ... ... There is no fish.’’

Chitose who accomplished the task of allegedly capturing the alleged allegiance raised her extraordinary strength to the shelf and criticized the strength of Adel.

’’Again ... ... It's over’’

Chitose who took off his line of sight from Adel turned his eyes towards Amira and just Amira came to an end.

’’I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die’’

Nelson was just trembling, surrounded by the esoteric elves'deaths.

’’Well, one more one’’

Guccha elves who survived until the very last! ! And the crushed Amira approaches Nelson.

’’Oh please, asking, helping, being, only life being, only life ...... ぼ, ぼ, I am this -’’

’’Good little bit’’

Ignoring Nelson's life beggar, Amira swung the big sword down.

Petit! ! And the sound that the tomato crushes sounds in the vicinity.

Finally, all traitors'elves were crushed by the hands of Amira.

’’This is over’’


Amira brought back to Chitose who was holding an ankle with her ankle dragged and came over.

’’Adel-sama ... ... it was done’’

’’Something like that ...’’

’’To, escape !!’’

’’Okay? Run away, is it okay?’’

Amira asked Chitose to see that few survivors of the Imperial Army who lost their warfare by having all of Adel, magic weapons, and automatic dolls that have been knelt down have escaped wandering around.

’’Do not let go - Please do eat Rudel’’

After briefly answering Amira's question, Chitose spoke to the radio.

’’Ya (okay)’’

Immediately after that, I thought if I heard a high-pitched engine sound I cut a gray cloud covering the sky and put 11 SUU-23 (Gun Pod equipped with GAU-4 with M61A1 Vulcan modified to gas pressure driven) to 11 hard points The A-10 of Major Rudel aircraft carrying that type, its type 2 appeared.

’’The enemies that are convicted of the President are dirty objects! Waste is ... ... disinfection ah!’’

His most favorable attack method - Major Rudel, who aimed while a sudden drop, will trigger a trigger.

Eleven 20 mm Gatling guns and one 30 mm Gatling cannon fire at the same time and shoot enemies as if it were a turmeric squall.

’’Oh! I am not merciless’’

Amira who looked surprised at the blast that wound backward was smiling with grin.

Because Major Rudel attack - Numerous shells that passed through the needle hole with elongated openings of only about 20 meters in width passed through the needle holes, soldiers escaping by explosive soldiers with 20 mm and 30 mm cannonballs Because it was.

All the soldiers who tried to escape despite being a short attack for a few seconds contributed to mincing without exception and dyed the valley bottom red.

’’I will withdraw !!’’

A unit gets ready for withdrawal from Chitose 's cheeks who have caught Adel alive and annihilated the enemy.

’’You have to recover the body and complete destruction of the crashing aircraft’’

’’’’ ’’Happy, OK.’’ ’’

Chitose, who ordered the recovery of the body by directing some soldiers to the president who crashed some of the soldiers, rides along with Kazuya in the cargo dropped from the MV - 22 Osprey hovering over the sky, and when it gets pulled up by winch and gets inside the plane, I hurried back to my way home.

I was saved somehow ... ... How long is Chitose now?

First aid of wounds by hygiene and military doctors on the Osprey's aircraft, and when I'm doing magic recovery Luminous and Wilhelm good at magic, I suddenly remember Chitose's figure that defeated Adel with overwhelming strength Kazuya turned into a capability.

[Trial of God ·second]

Survive from the bottom of the valley where demons live! !

Has been completed.

This is not it.......



There is no benefit/ability obtained by capturing Adel Saxony.

Is that okay ... No, I did not want to know this ... ... this is it.

Kazuya who made a mistake several times finally was able to open the target place.


Katayama Chitose



Convict ·Fanatic


Fanatic, Madness, devotion, Insane Dependency

................................................................................ What is level ∞? ... ... Is it the strongest? eh? What is a title? What are convicts/fanatics? ......

Chitose looking at Kazuya with a face that seems to be worried so as to envelop Kazuya's right hand with both hands.

In the head of Kazuya who is looking at Chitose in such a way? Mark was turning around with the group.

Aside from Kazuya's doubt, the rescue operation came true.


’’Your Excellency is in the 1st operating room !! The others are in the treatment room !!’’

’’Hurry up!!’’

Kazuya, Misha, Feene, Linna, Reina, Ell were brought into the hospital as soon as they returned to Deiresu Base.

Severely wounded Kazuya was immediately transported to the operating room where relatively mildly wounded Misha, Feene, Linna, Reina, Ell were sent to the treatment room.


It was when Chitose worried about Kazuya and was thinking about walking around with a warm room behind the operating room where Kazuya's operation was performed.

’’It is serious !! Vice President Chitose!!’’

A warning ringing out to the base emergency sounded, and at the same time a soldier running in a panic situation announced a fact unbelievable at a thousand years old.

’’When it is a simultaneous invasion of two enemies at such a time!’’

Chitose rushes to the headquarters of the Dails Base and asks the soldier who brought the news.

’’Yes, I confirmed the enemy's invasion at points 2-3 and 4-5!’’

’’What is the enemy's war potential and the current situation?’’

’’Huh, Points 2-3 suddenly a large unit including a super magic magic weapon suddenly appeared, destroyed the fortress group of the border, advanced to the capital. 30 minutes later Jarle plain first and second From point 4-5, a medium-sized unit with a land-based type and a flight-type magical weapon as its core passes through the territory of the album's public domain, and the Ile River Currently, the town on the side of Il River - a battle engineering company and patrol platoon that happened to be in the city - Bindergun, the German army equipments Yoshiyuki - Foreign troops are preparing for interception. ’’


The situation was starting to move beyond the expectations of Chitose.


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