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Modern Weapons Cheat In Another World - Volume 3 - Chapter 16.1


Chapter 16.1

[ He's come out ] ???

The soldier waiting with their arms crossed, Said to himself with a grin

[ Well..... I'm here just as you demanded, Now just who are you?] Kazuya

Kazuya stated to the person standing 5 meters in front of him

[Well, That's impatient. I would have told you my name even if you don't panic. My name is Adele Saxony. The hero who came to this world to defeat the Demon king.]

Adele stated to Kazuya with a proud expression.

[The Hero who came to this world.... Oh, so you're the guy who gave Amira a beating. I thought you had returned back to the Empire because I couldn't find you in the Non-Human Alliance's territory..... So you were in a place like this.] Kazuya

{ Even so.... This guy... No way} Kazuya

[ Tsu!! Mother is Evil?! Stop Joking around! ] Feene

Feene shouts with her shoulders trembling in anger while standing next to Kazuya after hearing what Adele had said.

[.....Who are you? Such a wonderful appearance... un? Mother?... That means you're the Maou's daughter] Adele

Even though she was standing next to Kazuya this whole time. Adele finally noticed Feene's presence, the trembling figure of a woman with a somewhat obscene atmosphere ( Glancing through the torn chinese dress her underwear was showing with some places being torn or missing ) Finally realizing Feene's identity, He the man standing behind him to confirm her identity.

[ Yes, That's correct, Adele. This woman is the Maou's daughter, Fenee Rosanguru ] Nelson

[ What..........? ] Feene

For a familiar person who appeared from the back of Adel, Fene loses his mother forgetting his anger even insulted by Amira. ( *1 )

[..... Ne, Nelson? Why..... are you here?..?] Feene

It was nelson who had yearned for Feene appeared from behind Adele.

[.......] Nelson

Wearing the same proud expression as Adele who looked like a woman if anything neutral faced, In addition, He was a good looking man who could have flown out of a painting, He only smiled at Feene's apperance.

[ You know him? Ha~a..... It's getting complicated ] Kazuya

Kazuya was troubled watching the air flowing between Feene and Nelson. He let out a sigh mentally.

[...Hey...Nelson, Why? Why are you.... Did you betray us? ] Feene

Wanting to deny the reality that she couldn't believe, Fenee again asked Nelson as if begging.

[ Yes, That's correct ] Nelson

[ Tsu!! Why...... You're next in line to be Chieftain for Elves!! Why are you in such a position!! ] Fenee

But Feene's wish was not received, Nelson readily admitted his betrayal and only confirmed what she didn't want to believe.

[ Why? The reason is simple. It is not an exaggeration to say that I am the the embodiment of beauty, but if I die, It would be a great loss to the world. That's why instead of being killed early, I went ahead and switched sides from the Non-Human Alliance to the Empire] Nelson (TL: Yep D-bag)

[ .......Eh? ] Fenee

[ [...............] ] Kazuya, Adele

The reason for Nelson's betrayal was unexpected, The place froze due to the Narcissistic remark.

The only difference an Elf's appearance has from a Human's are these sharp, Long-ears. There little trouble in switching sides.

[.......] Feene

Unable to understand why Nelson betrayed her, Feene stood frozen like stone statue.

[ As it turned out, I was told that I needed credibility for my loyalty to the Empire, Feene, you helped me ] Nelson

[....... What do you mean? ] Feene

[ That bracelet. Didn't you tell me that you were to be by that man Nagato's side? At that time an idea flashed into my mind, if I gave you that bracelet, that it would useful.] Nelson

Nelson thought that cruel fact he told Feene was amusing.

[ In Fact, the bracelet is imbued with a magic that tells the whereabouts of the person wearing it. You'll be by Nagato's side, so if I gave it to you, I would inevitably know where Nagato is. So this ambush was successful and I was able to come to you. Oh, also, the bracelet has a special scent that attracts demons. ] Nelson

[ Eh !? it was because of this!! ] Feene

As soon as she heard Nelson's story, Feene took the bracelet that she should have cherished for a long time and slammed it towards the ground.

[.....I...... I was used.....Because of me...... Such a guy!! ] Feene

Feene, who became aware of the facts, Clasp her face with her hands in frustration.

Grasping strongly with her hand, her claws began digging into her flesh, and blood began flowing out of Feene.

As I looked at it, Nelson muttered in small voice catching Feene.

[A~a, Such amazing power, After all I wanted to weaken the previous attack that wounded you, Is it possible to take you captive to ’’enjoy’’ ? ] Nelson

She could hear Nelson's mutter,Who only saw Feene as an enemy. Feene's body winced heavily and fell immediately to the ground trembling greatly.

[ Is that the case? Now I know. The reason for the ambush and why the demons repeatedly aimed for Feene as well as everything else. ] Kazuya

Kazuya stated as he embraced Feene who had tears flowing. While she became conscious that she was doing something out of her control she suppressed herself as she gently embraced him while grasping the truth. She became convinced.

On the other hand, there was a sudden change in Feene's heart who cried on Kazuya's chest at that time.

Kazuya's gentleness and warmth sweeps like a sweet poison in her frozen heart that was greatly wounded by the betrayal of the man whom she trusted.

In addition to the side effect of the complete healing ability Kazuya used to help the dying Feene, That is, Kazuya's magical power remaining in Feene's body reacts to her feelings was greatly amplified and continued to spread widely.

As a result of the complicated interworking of several elements, Feene's heart was filled with the feelings for Kazuya, and since even the soul was affected, and the desire was sublimated to the level which could be considered mad love could no longer be undone. (TL: well folks another Yandere is born )

{......Aa~a...It is warm...Already, I .........In me ......This warm even if ......Kazuya even idf you stay by my side, .......} Feene

From then on Feene's heart and soul would belong to Kazuya forever. However, it took some time before the person in question came to be aware of this.

[ Even so, it is awful. Throw away the gift from this beautiful servant -] Neslon

[ Shut up, Narcissist. I'm not talking about you anymore ] Kazuya

Kazuya said, intercepting Nelson 's words with a single stroke.

[ ...... Narcissist?] Nelson

Inquiring about the word which does not exist in this world, Nelson tilted his head.

[ There are two things I want to ask. Your purpose and... you Adele, do you know what earth is? ] Kazuya

Ignoring Nelson's remark, Kazuya question to Adele.

Our purpose? Don't bother to listen to the obvious. ’’Our’’ purpose is your life, but Earth was it? I don't know, however I have heard of it. Renya and after... Well, he said that he came from Earth.

He frowned at Nelson's way of speaking but Adele who had secretly hated him answered obediently to advance the story.

It seems at least three migrants belonged to the Empire. was the worst case scenario. He's a real hero, not a chuunibyo.

Adele's mouth inadvertently slipped, allowing Kazuya to confirm that at least three people attached to the Empire (Renya, Adele, and Shoichi) but Adele who is standing in front of him was not from Earth and is a true Hero that came from another world causing sweat to appear on his forehead.

[ Well, that's enough of the pleasantries. Now, allow me to fulfill my ’’purpose.’’ ] Adele

Adele who appeared a little irritated due to the unexpectedly long introduction sated to Kazuya.

[ ’’Your’’ purpose? ] Kazuya

[ Ah~h, Thats right. Why do you think I bothered to come here? ] Adele

No, you came here to kill me, right? That what you said before. Well, the Elves, They want to be welcomed to the Empire, but it seems they're the ones aiming for your life.

Kazuya listened to Adele speaking while thinking to himself. It was then.

Zoku~tsu!! (TL: most likely used as a SFX)

A sudden chill ran down Kazuya's back.

[ Huh!? ] Kazuya

What came before Kazuya's eyes trying to ascertain what caused the sudden chill was Adele, it was a shot that distorted a beautiful face with hatred, glared towards his direction. (TL: I'm sure there's a better way to tl this line) *2

[ Our purpose is to kill you, But my purpose....... To avenge Serishia!! ] Adele

{ ...... Huh? Serishia? } Kazuya

Kazuya was momentarily perplexed at the familiar name that Adele said.

Adele grasped the holy sword and pulled it from it sheath as Kazuya was confused. Adele's sword had cause the place to feel tense at a stretch.

[ So, Fight with!! Nagato Kazuya!! ] Adele

Adele roared brutally while emitting a terrific fighting spirit.

[....!? Hey, wait a minute! Could it be, Seri? ] Kazuya

[ Just answer it quickly! Do you wish fight me or not? ] Adele

Adel noticed that Kazuya existed and Adel took a voice of rest, but he was caught in the vengeance and blood got up on his head. Adel did not hear the voice of Kazuya. *3

[ So!! Speak ] Adele

[ Silence! If you are not going to fight me then I'll make you fight!! Nelson, bring those three! ] Adele

[ Certainly ] Nelson

Adel, who is concerned about killing Kazuya directly with his own hands in the mind with a revenge like a boiled oil, forced Kazuya to do so and decided to use the backhand to knock down the serious Kazuya. *4

[ Listen to me, you bastard ] Adele

Kazuya glared sharply at Adel who is pursuing things unilaterally without hearing the story.

[ Well, Sericia - ] Kazuya

At that time when Kazuya was trying to tell what happened, Adele popped a vein on his forehead.

[ Tsu!? It can't be. Why ... ... why are you here! ! ] Kazuya

Kazuya froze at the sight of the three people that Nelson returned with after disappearing to the back of the army as Adele ordered.

[ Reyna, Raina, Eru!! ] Kazuya

Kazuya raised a heartbreaking cry at seeing the three people who did not respond to his words while bound by rope appearing exhausted.

So capturing them was the right call after all. Adele divulged in a low voice.

[ Kisama-ra a ~a~a!! What did you to those three ] Kazuya

TL: c'mon it's literally a swear word there is no proper way to translate it

Kazuya crying out anger to Adel who does not listen to talk but also has anger with different vectors.

[ !!What did I do? They were the one who did something!! These guys suddenly attacked us and half of my men died!! ] Nelson

To Kazuya's angered voice, Nelson replied.

[ ] Kazuya

Kazuya who was told that his maids had given such big blow to the enemy in an unknown place other than his own had forgotten his anger momentarily as his face turned blank.

And even though Adel's life is alive, I believe I had a hard time getting alive! ! When listening to Nelson 's desperate saying, he saw three people who were bound again by rope and not moving, they seemed to be just sleeping with magic or something.

TL: could y'all help with this? Original text will be at the bottom. Ref: *5

Adel said to Kazuya who stroked his chest a little like the appearance of such three people.

[ So, What would you like to do now? Up to now I have not done anything to thinking I could used them for negotiations to fight you, but if you continue to refuse to fight with me, these three will become toys for the soldiers.] Adele

Adele stated as to provoke Kazuya's wrath.

―― Buchibuchibuchi~tsu! ! (SFX)

[...... Three people ...... Making my maid ’’toy’’ ... ..................? ............ I will kill you! !] Kazuya

Everyone who was there heard a sound like a thick rope can cut off.

[ Feene, go back to Mischa ] Kazuya

[ Eh? ] Feene

Feene who had cried until now, had heard Kazuya's voice void of all emotion, looked at kazuya's face unexpectedly

[ The circumstances have changed...... I was going to buy us some time but...... I'm going to kill them and rescue those three ] Kazuya

[ tsu!! I, I understand ] Feene

Kazuya looking like a demon and expression she had never before since they first, Feene nodded in shock was surprised.

(TL: there has to be a better way to write this part )


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