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Modern Weapons Cheat In Another World - Volume 2 - Chapter 2



After saving the knights from the monster bugs. Kazuya and the knights moved towards the nearest town. They decided to set up camp 20 kilometers from it.

「We've been under Kazuya's care for a while....」


After finishing her meal, Phyllis shows a depressed face whilst gripping her stainless steel cup.

Phyllis' carriage had been completely destroyed as it had been used to protect the knights during the bug raid. On top of that, she also lost her supply carriages and a fair number of horses.

Moreover, they couldn't replenish the food they had lost and because of the fact that they had to deal with the corpses, they would arrive at the town at dusk.

Therefore Kazuya made the decision to share their supplies with the knights.

That was the reason Phyllis was in such a depressed state.

「Don't worry about it, it's not a problem」

「If you say so. I'm in your debt again, Kazuya」

Kazuya decided to change the subject in order to dissipate Phyllis' dark aura.

「Does it taste good?」

「Oh? Well the food called curry is something I have never eaten before, yet it tastes very good. The chocolate you served after the meal was also delicious」

「I thought it might suit your taste」

The food Kazuya share with the others was curry and chocolate.

Phyllis seemed hesitant to eat the curry at first. However, after the first mouthful, she eventually gave in.

After the curry, chocolate was issued for dessert. This seemed to please the knights greatly.

As the meal drew to a close, the second in command of the knights asked 「Where did you get this food!?」 with a face full of excitement and expectation. However, Kazuya answered ambiguously, simply stating that only they could acquire it. To which, the knights face visibly fell.

After the meal had actually ended, a peaceful atmosphere descended upon the party.

Through the dinnertime conversations, Kazuya had gradually became friends with Beretta and Phyllis, to the point where they called each other by their names. (When Kazuya first tried calling Phyllis and Beretta by their first names, he felt a sudden chill running down his spine. Only to find Chitose staring at Phyllis with dark eyes)

A bonfire had been set up in the center of the camp, as the soldiers and knights surrounded it. Kazuya took this opportunity to learn more about Phyllis.

「Speaking of which, why were you riding in that carriage? Where were you headed?」

Kazuya said so whilst looking at the carriage.

「.......I can't say anymore information than this. But we were on a mission, the person inside the carriage is a noble」

It was probably that the circumstances were complicated, so Kazuya decided not to probe any further.

「Why is Kazuya in such a place? Hasn't the place Kazuya come from become a den for monsters?」

「Well, well...」


Although it's true that the forest has become a den for monsters, Kazuya cannot simply say that he has a fortified base on the outskirts of it, inside the kingdom. So his answer was deliberately ambiguous.

「The night is growing old, we should probably get to sleep」

To save himself from blurting out any secrets, Kazuya decided to cut the conversation short and retreat to bed.

「......right. We shall do that, good night Kazuya」

「Rest well, Kazuya」

Phyllis and Beretta said their words of goodbye as Kazuya left for bed.

「You should rest too」

「Yes, master」

After the appearances of Beretta and Phyllis were no longer visible, Kazuya and Chitose both decided to get some rest.

「....uuuu.............oh...........I can't sleep.....」

Kazuya still felt restless as he lay in his bed and so decided to leave the tent and get something to drink.

「It's slightly chilly....oh?」

Exiting the tent, Kazuya spotted a shadow opening the door of the carriage and leaping out into the bush.

Who's that......?

Kazuya removed his P38 from his lower back and moved towards the shadow's last known position.

After about ten meters of travelling silently through the bush, he came up behind the shadow and began to speak.

「You know it's dangerous if you don't tell the lookout where you're going」


The person in question was wearing a white dress. It made her childishness very prominent.

....Kazuya's appearance was badly timed.


「Please don't look!!」


「Uuuu......stop it!....」

There was a noticeable sound coming from the girl that did not die down.

Kazuya wanted to leave that place, however he knew that the knights were doing their rounds and didn't want to get caught. Instead, he faced away.

After a long time, the sound finally died down.


Kazuya passed a pocket tissue pack to the girl, who took out 2-3 sheets.


The red faced girl gingerly received the tissues a rustling sound could be heard.

「 can face this way now」

When Kazuya turned around slowly, he was met by a girl with a bright red face.

「I'm sorry. I really am....」

「It's ok, i shouldn't have got off of the carriage without telling someone....」

Aside from the girls bright red face, she had odd eyes of blue and green that shone like jewels. (TLN: Heterochromia ftw!)

「If you say so, I'm saved」

After that, the atmosphere turned silent.

What could possibly be said at such a time!?

As the silence continued, Kazuya panicked.

As it turned out, the girl could no longer bear the silence either and so spoke first.

「Well, uh......are you not afraid of me...?」

「Oh, why?」

「.....because I'm a taboo child」

「 that bad? Can I hear the details about that?」

It wasn't possible for Kazuya to leave this child alone as she showed a grievous face.

「-If you want to know」


From what Kazuya heard from the girl, having odd eyes is seen as being the bringer of calamity. Furthermore, those with odd eyes have rampant magical power and as it isn't possible to manage the magic it often goes out of control, causing them to be persecuted and detested.

「Is that so..」


After hearing the story Kazuya showed an indifferent reaction, however the girl clutched the ground strongly.

「Well, I don't really see having odd eyes as being a symbol of calamities. Also, I wonder why people would persecute such a cute girl like you」

「 are the first person to say such a thing」

That was the first time she had heard that since she was born....

After hearing the words of Kazuya, the girl produced a smile and she blushed slightly. For a different reason than the one before.

「By the way, what is your name?」

「Forgive my impoliteness. I am Kazuya Nagato, I'm serving as the leader of the adventuring party known as Parabellum」

「Nagato.....Kazuya? That's an unusual name」

「Really? I don't know much about that.... By the way, is it ok for you to be gone this long? I'm not certain, but if you have a maid or a servant looking after you, won't they be worried?」

Since Phyllis said that she was escorting a noble, Kazuya made an educated guess that she would be accompanied by a maid.

「Huh? I 」

The girl tried to say something, but she closed her mouth suddenly.

「Oh? Did you say something?」

「I want to stay here. Besides, that guy in the carriage, once he falls asleep it's extremely difficult to wake him up. So isn't it ok if i stay out a little longer?」


.....this girl must have spent a long time inside of the carriage, she probably wants a change of pace.

Kazuya thought so and decided to allow the girl to stay outside.

Kazuya moved himself and the girl to the banks of a small lake, away from their previous position.

The full moon shone beams of light that are reflected off of the surface of the water.


The girl was sitting with her eyes shining across the lake. It looked almost like a painting.

「It should be okay here」


There were 2 tree stumps on the edge of the lake, Kazuya sat down on one whilst the girl sat down on the other.

「 that I think about it. I never got your name, what should I call you?」


「Is something wrong?」

When Kazuya asks the girl for her name, she begins to panic for some reason.

「My name........Iris. Please call me Iris.」

「Ok, Iris」

When Kazuya called the girl by her name, a vibrant smile appeared on the girls face as she seemed to be overcome with emotion.

「Well then, would you like to hear some stories?」


Then, Kazuya began to read classic fairy tales from his previous world. Iris seemed completely engrossed in the stories.

「The stories onii-san tells me are interesting」

Seeing Iris' smiling face made Kazuya happy, as he was the one who made her smile.

「......shall we go back soon?」

「Can't I stay a little more, don't you want me here?」

「Isn't your body getting cold?」

「....then.....if I do this, it's ok...」

Saying so, Iris descended from her tree stump. Walked over to Kazuya and sat on his knees embracing him.

.....this child is far too defenseless.

As Kazuya was surprised by Iris' sudden behaviour, he became rigid.

「's warm...」

Iris said so as she rubbed her cheeks against Kazuya's chest.

「That's good, my lady」

Kazuya jokes, his previous rigidness seemingly disappears as he strokes Iris' blonde, silky hair.


Iris narrows her eyes in pleasure.

Hmm, she seems to enjoy it, I guess i'll keep doing it.

Time passes slowly as Kazuya and Iris stay like that for a while.



「 you want to return now?」


Using Iris' cute sneeze as a signal, Kazuya decides to return back.



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