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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 99


Chapter 99: Super Healer!

’’Zhan Yu, this S level quest is really tough!’’ Still lost in his sea of thoughts,

Zhang Yang received a private message from Hundred Shots.

He laughed a little. Was it called S level for nothing? There were only very few

people in the entirety of China who could finish this quest! Well, if the quest

was positioned somewhere further down the progress of the game, there could

have been more people completing this quest as many would already have

gotten used to the controls of the game, thereby having the skills, intuition,

controls, and attack plan to make it possible! This early in the game, nobody

would truly be skilled!

Hundred Shots was bound to be one of the famous players from China! He was

the top among the Top 10 Hunters! However, his strength would lie on the

little red pet dragon. When the dragon would have popped out, he would rule

the world! Even if he was slightly lacking in individual skill, his dragon more

than made up for it!

Zhang Yang mulled over it for a while and replied, ’’Just try your best and give

it a few more rounds. The Level 30 skill is extremely important! Try your best

to get the S level difficulty reward!’’

’’Okay!’’ Hundred Shots was a man who cared about his self-worth. He clearly

understood that Zhang Yang was a man of talent and kill. He wanted to stay

beside him through thick and thin. Even if he could never be as strong as

Zhang Yang, the least he could do was to avoid being dead weight.

Zhang Yang had never played as a Hunter before, so there was no way he could

provide any advice on the Hunter questline. Zhang Yang could only ask for him

to have a deeper understanding of his class skills. The developers would not

simply design the game to have players equipped with a particular set of skills

at a particular moment of the game for nothing! The quests have been tailored

specially to accommodate the use of everything they had been given. The raw

materials were laid out on the workbench, one only had to use them wisely!

This class quest was to test each player's knowledge on their own class skills!

Fatty Han, Han Yin Xue, and Wei Yan Er were still busy grinding their level up

to Level 30. Zhang Yang left them be, there was no benefit to gain from

pestering them about the quest. He then went on to craft more potions, ready

to be sent out to the 7 main cities, where more gold would end up in his hands



The messenger rang and Zhang Yang quickly answered the call. There was no

need to worry about the the person at the other end of the line, for only those

who were added into his friend list could contact him.

’’Yo! Zhan Yu!’’

Zhang Yang was startled, he did not expect a phone call from this person out of

his list of acquaintances. ’’Yo! Crimson Fire guild master!’’ The person over the

phone was the guild master of Lost Paradise, someone he had partied with

back at Bangar Crypt.

’’Ahhh...Back then, I would have never thought that this person who ran

dungeons with me would become the man who would defeat so many super

guilds in this China Server! There are only a few people in this world that I

admire. I must tell you that my bar was set at quite a high standard. You sir,

surpassed that and beyond!’’ Crimson Fire's tone sounded a little too boastful.

Zhang Yang laughed. ’’Haha! You said it. I'm so happy that I could just float

away now!’’

’’If only I'd known sooner, I would have rather given up my position as a guild

master to have you in my guild!’’ His tone had changed, layered with regret.

When Crimson Fire first met Zhang Yang, he had already set his eyes on him.

But he could have never expected Zhang Yang to be at this level! Initially, he

wanted to pull him in and have him as part of his guild, however he believed

that keeping the authority of guild master in his hand was more important.

But now, regret was not even close enough to describe how he felt!

What was the purpose of a Professional Guild? Was not it for name, glory, and


With all that said, he could have given up on his positon as the guild master

and hid behind the scene. Since the sponsors were in direct contact with him,

he would still be the boss of the guild as long as the guild maintained its rank!

If the guild name were to spread out further, the sponsorship fees would also

increase! If they could match the level of super guilds, being a millionaire was

not just a dream anymore!

But now that he had missed that golden opportunity, how could he not regret?!

Ah...the original guild master of Lone Desert Smoke was far smarter than he

was. She was willing to give up the position of the guild master to Zhang Yang

and trade that position for a huge amount of money! Smart! No, genius!

However, what that Crimson Fire did not know was that Wei Yan Er had passed

the guild master position to Zhang Yang on a whim. Yes! She felt it was

troublesome! If Crimson Fire had known this, would he go bang his head on a


’’Erhm? Why would the guild master of Crimson Fire grace me with his

presence? Is there anything I can do to help you?’’ Zhang Yang never liked to

beat around the bush, he thought it was only troublesome to do so. He would

rather have a conversation with someone as straightforward as Wei Yan Er.

Crimson Fire gathered his thoughts and said, ’’I represent Lost Paradise,

seeking an alliance with Lone Desert Smoke! Perhaps we could help each other

out in the future! This is the purpose of my call!’’

Zhang Yang thought of it for a while and said, ’’This is a good thing. Okay! I

agree! May we help each other out! We are now a family!’’

After some light banter, Crimson Fire hung up, saying that he had to bring his

team to raid a dungeon.

In the afternoon, Fatty Han, Wei Yan Er, and Han Yin Xue had reached Level 30.

Zhang Yang instructed them to undergo the S level difficulty class quest.

Hundred Shots had been trying his best since morning until the afternoon with

no luck. He said that he had died a few hundred times!

After 3pm, Sun Xin Yu logged in and went to grind alone. She did not take long

and managed to reach Level 30 as well!

Curious, Zhang Yang asked her. ’’Are you finally free now? How is it that you

could log in at such an early hour?’’

’’Work shift!’’ Sun Xin Yu replied coldly.

Hmph! Ice Queen! I hope that you'll have a chatterbox of a husband who

annoys the hell out of you!

Zhang Yang acknowledged her reply with a simple exclamation, ’’Oh!’’. But his

curiosity was not yet satiated and he pressed on. ’’You haven't been online for

long, how could you level up so damn fast?’’

Sun Xin Yu silently posted an item description on the chat window.

[Heaven's Pearl] (Special Item)

Item description: Grants you an extra 50% experience point from monsters or



F*ck! How could such a godly item exist?! No wonder she had been leveling at

such fast pace, spending so little time! However, it was no longer a mystery on

how she could remain at the top of the Level Ranking Board, guildless as she


Guild members would have experience point bonuses as the guild levelled up.

A Level 1 guild would have a 10% experience point bonus, Level 2 guilds double

that amount at 20%, and it went on up to a 100% bonus points at Level 10!

However, Guild Upgrade Orders from Level 5 onwards were freakishly tough to

farm! In his previous life, the strongest guild in the entire game was only at

Level 7!

’’Where did you get this?’’ Zhang Yang asked. Such a valuable item would

ultimately have the lowest drop rate ever! She could be holding the only one in

the entirety of China! With Sun Xin Yu's solitary nature, she would not have

shared the news with anyone else. No wonder Zhang Yang had never heard of

this item before in his previous life!

’’Reward from a hidden quest!’’

’’Ah!’’ Zhang Yang sighed heavily. Hidden quest. It was no wonder. She was

holding the only one in the entire China! No one else would have had the

chance to obtain it anymore!

’’I'm going to do my class quest now. Do not bother me or... I'll kill you!’’

snapped Sun Xin Yu coldly before she left the conversation without another


Zhang Yang was bored, since everyone was doing their respective class quests

and should not be disturbed as well. Zhang Yang was always smart enough to

not talk in the party channel. He continued to make potions.

’’Wah! This is frustrating!’’ Fatty Han roared ’’WTF! I just equipped my hardearned

Gray-Silver equipment! And now the system won't allow me to use

them?! F*ck! One attack was only 100 damage! How long am I supposed to

continue to fight? 1 year?!’’

’’You stupid fat pig! I failed my quest because of your sudden screaming!’’

’’ startled me...I died as well!’’

’’You guys...’’

Everyone failed their quest ever since the dummy Fatty Han started a ruckus in

the party channel.

’’Pervy Fatty! If you ever disturb us again, I'll rip your balls off!’’ Wei Yan Er


Fatty Han suddenly tightened his legs closer and quietly obeyed. His happiness

was only just blossoming. The erectile problem should not exist now, it should

only be a problem when he would be 50 years old!

After all that happened, everyone was smart enough to mute their chatting

system to avoid being distracted.

Zhang Yang knew that Fatty Han's capabilities was no match with the S level

difficulty. He sighed and sent a private message to him.

’’Hey Fatty, try and change the difficulty.’’

’’WTF? Are you looking down at me?’’

’’You're absolutely correct!’’

’’Haha! You sure know me well brother! Alright, I'll confess. I attempted the

quest 16 times already and the best I could do was with 97% of the boss HP still

remaining! Little Yang! What do you think? What difficulty level should I do?’’

One of Fatty Han's greatest attitude was that he had never been dishonest to

himself nor anyone else. If he was bad, he would not try to hide it. He would

not try to keep his shortcomings in the dark for the sake of his pride.

’’Try C!’’

’’Is there a slightly simpler one?’’ Fatty Han asked.

’’B is easier!’’

’’Ok!’’ Fatty Han took the bait and went on to met his respective class


After a while, he had managed to complete the quest. A level B difficulty was

not easy, but since Fatty Han had been following Zhang Yang to many raids, he

was skilled enough to handle a level B difficulty.

’’Little Yang! I've gained a new skill!’’ Fatty Han posted the skill description to

Zhang Yang, like it was a trophy of some kind.

[Beast Link]: Obtained the power of a wild beast! 25% of all received damage

will be shared to your pet! Increases your ranged attack damage by 50%. Last

for 10 seconds.

Cooldown time: 3 minutes.

As expected of a level B difficulty reward, it was pathetic! If he were to

complete the S level difficulty, he would have the skill power raised to 75%

shared damage and a 100% increase in attack power!

However, there were only a handful of players who could defeat a S level

difficulty, Zhang Yang did not chastise him for it. On the other hand, he had

high expectations from Sun Xin Yu. Someone like her could possibly beat the S

difficulty quest! She was the future number 1 Thief after all. No one could beat

her in the underlying knowledge of Thieves! If she could not clear the S level

difficulty quest, no other thieves would.

To Zhang Yang surprise, the third person to complete the class quest was Han

Xin Yue!

’’I'm beat! I finally healed the freaking donkey!’’ She complained.

That was...quick?

Zhang Yang could not help but frown. ’’What difficulty did you picked?’’ he

asked suspiciously.

’’Didn't you ask me to pick the S level difficulty? Did I pick the wrong one?’’ She


Zhang Yang was surprised. He immediately straightened up. ’’So, you're saying

that you completed the S level difficulty quest?’’

’’Stupid Zhang Yang! What am I? A kid? Of course I did! Hmph!’’ Han Xin Yu


Zhang Yang laughed it off.

’’Ahahaha. I was only asking. Oh right! What was your quest?’’

’’There were two NPCs fighting each other. My job was to make sure one of

them does not die, and that he kills the other NPC, that's it!’’ Han Xin Yue said it

so flippantly as if it was the most common thing in the world.

As expected of the team healer! No, Super Healer! No! Not even that! She was

the Goddess of Healing herself! She should just hang her gigantic cups and let

the world healers worship them! Those were the best in the world!

Zhang Yang sighed in awe. He had always known that Han Yin Xue was a

strong healer in the team. But to think that she would even reach to this level

on her own was beyond his imagination! Looks like he struck the jackpot!

’’What skill did you get for your reward?’’ Zhang Yang asked.


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