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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 98


Chapter 98: Blue Giant Hull

[Blue Giant Hull] (Elite)

Level: 30

HP: 30,000

Defense: 0

Melee damage: 500

Attack interval: 2 seconds

Immediately after entering the battle, Zhang Yang's equipment was all muted. Every skill level

was reset down to Level 1! To ensure a fair battle among all players, every player that

underwent this test would have the same stats. All players would have equal Attack power, HP,

and MP.

[Player: Zhan Yu]

Level: 30

HP: 3,000

Defense: 0

Strength: 100

Melee damage: 100

Attack interval: 2 seconds

Critical chance: 0

Lucky strike chance: 0

The monster he was about to fight was much stronger than he was! If they were to compare

with each other, numerically:

30,000X500 : 3,000X10

That's 50:1! The player would not have a chance based on statistics alone!

Furthermore, when Zhang Yang had entered this battle field, all buffs and boons were purged1.

All items in the inventory would be locked out from use. The only good thing in this field was

that the system did not lock the 3 optional skills he had! <Vanguard's Aggression>and <Eagle

Eye>may not be useful against this monster, but <Horizontal Sweep>would serve him well


In his previous life, Zhang Yang had been trying repeatedly to clear this quest in S level

difficulty. But since his skill was not as polished as he was now, the best results he could

manage was to bring the boss down to 37% of its HP. However, he was not patient enough to

endure it and ended up completing the A level difficulty.

However, as he played on, he had regretted that decision thoroughly. He should have simply

endured the hardship and completed the quest in S level difficulty! Even though the quest

rewarded everyone with the same skill, the difficulty level determined the strength of the skill!

If he had been patient enough, he could have cleared the quest. But since he was still new to the

game and way behind the first generation of players, he thought that a single difficulty level

would not do much harm. He lived to regret that decision!

The reward was a skill called <Destructive Smash>. Back then, what Zhang Yang had obtained

was from the A level difficulty quest.

[Destructive Smash]: Immediately attacks a target with destructive strike, causing 150% melee

damage and reduces all healing effects received by 50%. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Cost: 30 Rage

Requires: Melee weapon

Cooldown time: 8 seconds.

Less than 100 players around the world had cleared the S level difficulty, and out of that, only 10

players in entire China! These 10 players would be the S tier Professional League battle team's

trump card!

Zhang Yang gathered his thoughts and focused on the battlefield. The opponent attacked with

its fists. Zhang Yang activated <Block>, gaining 10 Rage and dealing 100 damage in reflect

damage. He pivoted and swung his sword in a backhand, dealing another 100 damage and

gaining additional 25 Rage.


Zhang Yang stomped on the ground and activated <Thunder Strike>.


'-200!' <Shield Bash>.

The blue giant began moving in slow motion, debuffed with a <Slow>status.

Zhang Yang quickly turned around and started to run away, increasing the gap between them.

He was completely outmatched in terms of attack power and HP. He could not just simply take

the monster head on! He needed a plan of attack! This giant monster's attack speed was

another damned matter altogether. No human could evade its light-speed attacks. One could

only survive this Deathmatch by properly utilizing the skills of a warrior!

5 seconds after, the slow effect wore off and the giant, in huge giant stomps, quickly caught up

to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang kept calm and waited until the distance between the two of them

was reduced to about 3 meters, before using <Charge>to stun the giant. He then dealt a normal

attack and gained 40 Rage, just enough for him to cast a <Horizontal Sweep>.

'-100!' Normal attack.

'-200!' <Horizontal Sweep>.

Zhang Yang did not fret; he ran and kept his distance again from the monster.

Once Hull recovered from the stun, it moved its massive feet and gave chase.

In only 3 seconds, Zhang Yang was beneath Hull's shadow, the blue giant growling loudly and

raising both its fists, ready to flatten Zhang Yang.

<Block>! +10 Rage.

'-100!' <Block>reflect damage.

'-100!' Normal attack.

'-200!' <Shield Bash>.

Zhang Yang ran away again. One second passed and his <Thunder Strike>was ready to be used

again. He stomped the ground and reapplied the slow effect on the monster, before running

circles around the monster.

The monster suddenly growled deafeningly and his body started to give off a faint, blood-red


'Ding! Blue Giant Hull has gained <Enraged>! All attacks increased by 10%. Lasts for 10


Zhang Yang remained calm, unwavering, and focused. With the 5-seconds of slow effect on the

monster, Zhang Yang could properly maintain a safe distance from death. The cooldown time

for his <Thunder Strike>was 8 seconds, which meant that there was a 3-second gap where he

would be within reach of the beast! Zhang Yang could use <Block>to protect himself during

that time in case the monster catches up. This was his plan, to kite the monster around.

However, to properly execute the kiting strategy required a good, calculative mind. He would

need to properly calculate the time and match the rhythm of the fight to cast <Thunder Strike>

accurately. Since this skill was an AoE attack and debuff, he needed to gauge his distance. Cast

it too far away and it wouldn't affect the monster. Too close and he would be struck even if

<Thunder Strike>hit. This quest would not only test a player's skill but also his patience. There

was no other way but to slow the monster down and gradually attack the monster until all

30,000 HP is drained. If he slipped up even once, everything would be a waste and he would

have to start the fight all over again.

Zhang Yang was only dealing bouts of 100 and 200 damages to Hull each time he attacked. Even

though it may seem insignificant, but the overall damage accumulated was good enough to

gradually cut its HP down. Zhang Yang was doing a good job so far. After only 5 minutes, Hull's

HP was reduced down to 11%.

Still, Zhang Yang did not dare to lower his guard. On the contrary, he gathered his mind and

focused even harder.


'Ding! Blue Giant Hull has gain <Uncontrollable Rage>. Gained immunity to all debuff and

+100% attack damage!'

The last 3,000 HP; the most dangerous part of the entire battle! Since Zhang Yang could no

longer rely on any slow and stun effect, he had to fully endure the giant's monstrous speed and

colossal attacks!

Zhang Yang first activated <Block>to negate the first attack and took the chance to deal as

much damage as he can.

'-100!' <Block>reflect damage.

'-200!' <Shield Bash>.

'-100!' Normal attack.

'-200!' <Horizontal Sweep>.

'-100!' <Thunder Strike>.

'-100!' <Force Strike>.

Zhang Yang dealt a total of 900 damage just as he completely used up all his Rage.

Two seconds later, the blue giant growled and swung its fists to pulverize Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang immediately activated <Shield Wall>.

[Shield Wall] (Level 1): You are protected by a shield. All ill effects purged, and reducing all

incoming attacks by 75%. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Requires: Shield.

Cool down time: 10 minutes.


The damage Zhang Yang was receiving had already gone through significant reduction, thanks

to <Shield Oath>and <Shield Wall>. He ended up receiving only 20% of the onslaught. (Shield

Oath Level 1). He then begun his counter attack. The last ten seconds was where the curtain

closes, it was now up to the amount of damage he could deal before the 10 seconds ends.

8 seconds, Zhang Yang: HP 2,600, Blue Giant Hull: HP 1,700!

6 seconds, Zhang Yang: HP 2,400, Blue Giant Hull: HP 1,600!

4 seconds, Zhang Yang: HP 2,200, Blue Giant Hull: HP 1,300!

2 seconds, Zhang Yang: HP 2,000, Blue Giant Hull: HP 1,200!

<Shield Wall>duration ends! Zhang Yang will now receive damage in almost all it's entirety!


'-100!' <Block>reflect damage.

'-200!' <Shield Bash>

'-100!' Normal attack.

The giant roared and smashed Zhang Yang with its fists.

'-800!' With no way of defending himself, Zhang Yang finally received a direct hit. His Rage

was completely filled. Remaining calm, Zhang Yang returned fire!

'-100!' <Force Strike>.

'-100!' Normal attack.

'-100!' <Force Strike>.

Zhang Yang: 1,200 HP.

Blue Giant Hull: 500 HP.


This time, Zhang Yang let everything lose like a Berserker. Every time he received a hit from

Hull, his Rage instantly filled up!

'-100!' Normal attack.

'-200!' <Horizontal Sweep>.

'-100!' <Force Strike>.

'-100!' <Force Strike>.



The monster fell, defeated. The colossal body slammed against the ground and sent a slight

tremor throughout the arena.

Zhang Yang drew a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief. His pulse shot up as he did a double

take on his HP bar, with only 400 HP remaining.

’’Cheers for the mighty warrior!’’ A round of a applause rang throughout the entire arena as the

many races gave him a standing ovation!

’’Zhan Yu!’’

’’Zhan Yu!’’

’’Zhan Yu!’’

He knew that this was all scripted, nothing more than a programmed response to a player's

victory. Still, he reveled in the applause and bathed in its afterglow. He felt as if he had

teleported back to ancient Rome and became one of the gladiator champions.


A sudden flash of light blinded him momentarily and Zhang Yang was teleported back to the

city, standing in front of the se*y Warrior class Instructor, Emmy.

’’Congratulations young warrior! You have passed the most difficult test! Praise the God of War,

I believe that one day you could be a great hero of the land!’’ said Emmy with great excitement.

Who said that NPCs couldn't bootlick.

'Ding! You have completed the quest: The Path Forward (S level)!'

'Ding! You have obtained a system reward: Luck +1!'

'Ding! You have learnt a new skill: Destructive Smash!'

Zhang Yang quickly opened his Skill Window to check on his skill description. He had to see for

himself, the power of a skill gained from an S class quest!

[Destructive Smash]: Performs a destructive strike at a target, dealing 200% melee damage and

cause all healing received reduced by 75%. Last for 10 seconds. Effect cannot be stacked.

Cost: 30 Rage

Requires: Melee weapon.

Cool down time: 8 seconds

The high attack was nothing to be surprised about. The main factor that made this skill so

strong was the reduced healing effect it inflicted on its targets! In dungeons, there were bosses

that leeched HP from its enemies, while many others had healing skills! However, if he were to

use this skill on such bosses, they could only heal by about 25% of their original power!

On the other hand, in the Professional League, this skill had always been considered to be an

overpowered skill. In every 5v5 team battle, there would always be a warrior in the team, and it

was all because of this skill's power and potential. Some of teams did not even need you to be

strong and powerful. All you had to do was to make sure that every opponent player was struck

with the healing reduction effect!

Normally, the majority of players would only complete the B level difficulty quest and obtain

the <Destructive Smash>which had only 25% healing reduction effect. Only a handful of people

could complete the A level difficulty, with a rate as low as one out of a thousand!

According to Zhang Yang's memories, there was only one person who completed the quest in S

level difficulty and he was called One Sword Stroke the ’’Peerless Blockade’’. This guild master

of Imperial Sk, naturally became China's number 1 tank! He was the team captain of ’’Sky and

Ocean Electronic’’, the strongest S-level Professional League battle team in the China server.

According to rumors that spread across the internet, One Sword Stroke was Sky and Ocean

Electronic's only successor, his real name was Cheng Ran. People called him 'Son of the


Zhang Yang looked at the time. It was almost for him to step out and show his achievement off

to the world!

Translator Note:

1 Purged: Purged is the verb used to get rid of any beneficial effect on a player.


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