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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 93


Chapter 93: The Pub

’’Guild Master, the people of Sword and Fire Mercenary just filled a screen of red texts in the

Capital. They wanted to challenge you to their Fastest Hardcore Clear Ranking and gloat at us!’’

Someone spoke out in the guild channel. With everyone talking at the same time, it was hard to

get the content of the message. The person then sent a private message to Zhang Yang and

repeated what they said.

Zhang Yang delivered the message to his party members and it sparked anger in all of them.

’’What the hell! They think they're so strong for breaking the new ranking? They're just

following our steps!’’ Fatty Han spoke angrily.

’’Hey, noob tank! This is intolerable. We have to break the new ranking and show it to them!’’

Drizzler chipped in as well.

’’Okay! After killing Marzerway and looting some equipment set, I'll study the strategy tonight

and we'll break the new ranking tomorrow morning!’’

The 20-man Main Wing dungeon raid started at 7:00pm sharp. With the party members'

equipment and their skillful fighting style, they successfully killed Marzerway without using

their magic scrolls and looted two Warrior equipment set along with a two-handed weapon.

Both of the Warrior equipment set were chest plates that could only be used by Zhang Yang and

Drizzler. Aside from that, Drizzler also owned a two-handed weapon and she could finally

challenge up to Zhang Yang's damage.

[Brave Chest Plate] (Gray-Silver, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +12

Vitality: +48

Strength: +24

Dexterity: +8

Level Requirement: 20

Brave Set Equipment (2/5)

[Hammer of the Fallen Knight] (Gray-Silver, Two-handed Hammer)

Weapon Attack: 343-405

Attack Interval: 3.6 seconds

DPS: 104

Equipment: Each attack has a 5% chance to make the target dizzy for 1 second.

Level Requirement: 20

After clearing the Hardcore Mode, Zhang Yang did not continue with Marzerway but told

Ironhill to train the guild members that can fight by leading them into a dungeon raid.

Zhang Yang, Fatty Han, Drizzler and Little Snow then disconnected from the game and met up

at Blue Sky Pub as promised.

Zhang Yang was waiting at the residential area's entrance for a while when he saw Fatty Han

coming over. They tried to grab a taxi but most drivers dared not to stop their car after seeing

Fatty Han's body size in fear of him damaging their cars.

Fatty Han got upset and yelled loudly, even showing his middle finger to those that drove away.

Finally, after ten taxis later, a kind taxi driver appeared and was willing to pick them up.

’’Fatty, you should lose some weight!’’ Zhang Yang placed the back of his palm onto his forehead

and sighed with relief.

Fatty Han refused without thinking twice. ’’How can I lose weight? This is my signature!

Besides, after losing weight, how can you still address me as Fatty? It'll be so awkward!’’

’’Fine, but if you still continue to gain weight, which girl will dare to be your girlfriend?’’

Fatty Han's face turned gloomy. It was actually alright to be a little fat, but it was really rare to

see someone his size!

Suzhou city was not too big, and so long there was no traffic jams, they could arrive at any

corner of the city in just 20 minutes. They soon reached Blue Sky Pub's entrance after.

They paid the taxi fare and then walked into the pub. Zhang Yang phoned up Drizzler and Little

Snow using his cellphone. Drizzler gave him her number in case they could not recognize each

other but warned him not to let Fatty Han have her number. How could he do that, when Fatty

Han already grabbed his cellphone and recorded the number when they were already in the


The call got through but they informed that they would be coming out a while later as they were

still picking clothes.

The guys went on to have a seat first and ordered beer.

After a while, a pretty girl with se*y long legs came over with the beers. ’’Hey, handsome guy.

First time here? I don't think I've seen you before!’’ Dressed in a miniskirt, black silk stockings,

high heels and a sleeveless garment, she revealed her plump bosom and her flattened, fat-free

belly. Not perfect, but her beauty was pretty above average.

Fatty Han immediately went into his ’’wolf mode’’, drooling and staring at her legs.

’’Hehe, it is our first time here!’’ Zhang Yang nodded his head and acted natural to avoid any

awkwardness. It really was his first time here, but in his previous life, he often visited the pub

before he settled down on his feelings. Besides, many lonely young women and urban whitecollared

ladies were swooning over him for his sturdy, muscular physique and handsome look.

It was safe to say he had no stage fright at all at this point.

The gorgeous waitress served Zhang Yang with a sweet smile, then twisted her curves and

plump booty and walked back to the bar.

’’Little Yang, you have all the luck to be adored by a pretty girl! She's definitely attracted to you!

As long as you wanted to, you could definitely 'have fun' tonight!’’ Fatty Han was really envious.

Zhang Yang laughed. ’’No! Fatty, aren't you falling in love with Liu Jing?’’

’’Damn it, it was a long time ago! I've already broken up with that money-minded lady long

time ago! Hehe, however, she was an expert at giving head and I've been yearning for it for

quite some time!’’ Fatty Han spoke with a look of reminiscing the past.

’’Hahaha!’’ Zhang Yang could not help it and laughed even louder. ’’I sympathize her for

searching for such a small bug under a pile of fats. Her vision was definitely 20-20!’’

’’F*ck off!’’

After a breath of fragrance swung over, the long-legged waitress came over again and walked

over to their table side. She quietly delivered him a small note and used her plump booty to

gently rub Zhang Yang's arm and she twisted away once more.

’’Wow, holy shit!’’ Fatty Han immediately grabbed the small note and read, ’’'I'm off work at

11:00pm, wait for me!' Damn, Little Yang, I curse you have a rapid cum and can't get it up after!’’

Zhang Yang could only laugh again. ’’Fatty Shit, you're jealous of me!’’

’’Damn, it's the first time I realized you have the potential to be a gigolo! Fine, I'll be your

manager and I'll get you some rich women as your customers!’’ Fatty Han is pretty evil!

They finished the beers between jokes but Drizzler and Little Snow still have not shown up yet.

Zhang Yang rang them up again and they were finally heading over.

’’Let me go!’’

A light yell came from behind them, so Zhang Yang and Fatty Han turned around and saw the

long-legged waitress' wrist being clutched by a frivolously behaved young man at the next

table accompanied by three other young men with tattoos all over their body.

’’B*tch, you think you could just walk away after splashing beer on our Brother Hair?’’ A young

man sat cross-legged, smoking cigarette in his mouth and his eyes were staring at the waitress'


The young man that was clutching on her wrist suddenly reached out his other hand and

slapped her behind which made a loud, crisp sound. He laughed evilly and said, ’’What are you

pretending for? I'm touching your ass, what can you do about it? If you're daring enough, splash

beer on me again! You look like a b*tch, and you still want to pretend to be innocent? Believe it

or not, I'll rape you here and now!’’

’’Hahaha!’’ The four men laughed coldly and one of them said, ’’Brother Hair, how does it feel?’’

’’Tender and elastic. It feels awesome!’’ Brother Hair, still holding her wrist placed his hand that

he used to slap at his nose to sniff said, ’’It's still fragrant! Damn, it even has a lewd smell!’’


The waitress was anxious and splashed beer on him when he was harassing her. However, she

knew she could not afford to offend them, so she had to endure the humiliation and humbly

asked, ’’Brother Hair, you're an open-minded person. Please forgive me!’’

’’Fine!’’ Brother Hair waved his hand and a young man immediately delivered a glass of liquor to

him. He gave it to her and said, ’’Finish up this glass of liquor and I'll forgive you!’’

The waitress was powerless. She held up the liquor and slightly hesitated before drinking it.

Facing upward, she drank the entire glass; liquor passing through her throat and causing her to

choke and cough nonstop! She turned the cup upside down and said, ’’Brother Hair, satisfied


’’Haha!’’ Brother Hair pulled her closer forcefully, and not being able to stand straight anymore,

she fell into his embrace. She wanted to struggle but her limbs had no more strength. She

wanted to yell, but she could not make a single sound! She was entering a nightmare, having

only to see and hear but she could not talk or move like a puppet.

There must be something wrong with that glass of liquor, she thought. Since she served the

liquor to them, they must have spiked it with some drug before serving her glass!

As she thought about what the four young men were about to do to her, her heart felt hurt as

she could not even more not speak. She could only feebly turn her eyes elsewhere.

’’Now, now, sister, you should not drink so much liquor as you can't hold your alcohol! Look at

you, you're so drunk now!’’ Brother Hair hugged her, pretending to be caring and loudly said,

’’Let's go home!’’

The four of them hugged and supported the waitress with their hands and walked out of the

pub. They acted natural to avoid suspicion as it was normal for people to be drunk in a pub.

As soon as they got out, they held the long-legged waitress into a dark alley.

’’Brother Hair, are we not going back?’’

’’Let's have fun first. I can't wait anymore, I want to blow my load first!’’

’’Brother Hair, this lady's shape is fine. Long legs, plump bosom and a curvy ass. It'll definitely

feel good to have se* with her!’’

’’What are you worried about? After me, everyone gets a chance to try!’’

The four of them went into the dark alley and put the waitress on a trash can and tore off her


’’Oh, if everyone gets a chance, then both of us should have joined you guys!’’

A mocking tone came from behind them and the four of them were shocked.

Brother Hair turned around immediately, and under the dim street light he saw a huge fat guy

standing there with his hands crossed at his chest. He also vaguely saw a stout shadow

standing behind the huge body.

Just the two of them? Brother Hair and his people were less worried having only saw the two of

them. One of the young men walked towards them and said, ’’You could live longer if you don't

butt your nose into other people's business. You better get the hell out of here!’’

The huge fat guy was Han Guang. He grinned and could roughly see the agitated eyes of the

beautiful waitress through the group. ’’When I was still a gangster, you guys were still playing

with the dirt in the playground! It's been a long time since I've last done street fighting. How

about this, I break a leg of each one of you and make it an exercise for my own bones!’’


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