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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 76


Chapter 76: Handsome reward

The battle with Shurian was already tough to begin with and it got much worse when it entered

Berserk state. Every swing of its sword felt like a crashing airplane; even the space around the

sword was being distorted!

’’Little Snow! Focus your heal on me!’’ Zhang Yang cried.

The final moment of the fight was the most important but it was the most dangerous too. I all

came down to this moment. One wrong move, one missed step, and it will be the end of the


Zhang Yang emptied his mind and focused on evading every single one of the boss' attack!





It only took one successful hit for Zhang Yang to lose over 60% of his HP. Were he to absorb full

damage including the 600 Shadow damage and the falling rain, he would have certainly died!

Little Snow went all out. She did not even care to calculate to save Mana points, or time. All she

knew that she had to do all that it took to prevent Zhang Yang from dying!

9%, 8%, 7%!

The boss' HP dropped but Little Snow's MP dropped faster!

’’Fight on guys! Only 20,000 HP left! It's almost dead!’’ Zhang Yang boosted their confidence to

excite the party. Even though they were still standing strong and not on the verge of death, they

could still feel a tremendous amount of stress, pressure, and fatigue in comparison to a

thousand battles.

However, now that the battle has almost reached its end, the ranged attackers were extremely

relaxed! The boss no longer casted <Shadow Control>nor did it summon anymore minions. As

long as they could keep watch for the rain, they would be essentially out of harm's way. On the

other extreme end, if Zhang Yang ever missed a block or Little Snow was a millisecond slow in

casting her heal, the entire team could be wiped out!

5%, 4%, 3%, 2%!

The tension has never been that high! The party mustered any ounce of strength they had left

to finish the fight! No one wanted to fail in this fight when there was only 2% HP left!

1% left!







'Ding! You and the party members around you have successfully killed Shurian. Obtained

80,050 Experience points (50 points party bonus)!'

As the system notification rang, the boss fell off its horse and slammed against the ground. The

horse stomped the ground and groaned while a magic circle appeared underneath it and a pillar

of dark light blasted towards the sky. The horse vanished without a trace.

Tired and breathless, Drizzler knelt down to rest, but as soon as she saw her horse being taken

away, she quickly jumped to her feet and wailed.

’’Argh... my horsie... gimme back my horsie!’’ She quickly dashed towards the magic circle but

when she arrived, it disappeared as well.

’’Wuu...’’ Drizzler actually cried. Tears was flowing down her cheek! ’’I want my horsie...Gimme

*hic* back my *hic* horsie...’’

With no enemy left to defeat, the green mist dispersed and eventually disappeared, leaving the

air clean and free of any contaminant.

Fatty Han went over and soothe Drizzler. ’’Little Drizzler, don't be sad anymore. Here, I'll be

your horsie.’’ He actually went on all fours.

Seeing Fatty Han actually going to that extent, Drizzler could not help but to laugh it off. She

then tried her best to glare angrily at him. ’’Do you really think that I am still a 3-year old



With that level of crying and wailing, who wouldn't think that way?

Everyone else was thinking the same thing but to save the trouble of debating with her

afterwards, they kept it to themselves.


A wind blew by and a ghostly figure of an old man appeared from nowhere. It then floated

towards the party and bowed with a sense of appreciation.

’’I thank you all for defeating the demon!’’

Everyone was confused at first, but they quickly looked up and read his title.

[Stark, Antelope Village Member] (Normal)

Level: 1

HP: 0/50

It was a ghost, but it was an unusual thing for them; but when the NPC finished its speech, a

yellow question mark appeared on his head!

’’The quest NPC!?’’ Everyone exchanged the same look and quickly opened the quest log, only to

see that their quest [Rescue the Villager's Soul] has been competed! Neither one of them

understood what was going on. They were tasked to kill the Necromancer Zac and rescue the

villagers' souls, so how could the quest be completed when they now have killed a totally

different boss?

Zhang Yang thought for a while and talked to the ghost.

’’We were sent here by a young girl name called Emmy from the Antelope Village!’’

’’What?! Emmy?! My dearest Emmy!’’ Stark looked both shocked and happy. ’’How was she? Is

she alive?!’’

Zhang Yang shook his head, ’’Sadly, no. She's dead.’’

Stark lowered his head. It was obvious that he was feeling down since his character started to

fade in and out repeatedly. After a while, he raised his head and spoke.

’’Heroes! What you did was brave and outstanding! I cannot ask anything more from you but

please, I still have one more request for you! You need to rescue the villagers' souls. There are

still traps set by that evil Necromancer. He is... he is too dark... Everything about him reeks of

evil! He will do something to those innocent villagers and condemn them to a fate worse than


'Ding! You have completed a main story quest: Rescue the Villagers' Souls. Obtained 50,000

Experience Points! You have obtained a reward : Luck +1.'

'Ding! Stark has a quest for you: Pursue the Evil Necromancer Zac. Will you accept it? This is a

main story quest. Complete the quest to receive a luxurious reward!’’

’’Argh... It's still ongoing! How long is this freaking main story quest?’’ Fatty Han complaint.

’’Oh well. Let's not quarrel over simple things. Just accept it first!’’ That being said, Zhang Yang

was also not fond of the quest length.

Stark thanked the party and left the place; probably headed towards his daughter soul to rest in


[Pursue the Evil Necromancer Zac] (Difficulty level: A)

Quest description: Once you have located the Evil Necromancer Zac, see to it that you could save

the souls that he had imprisoned!

Progress: Locate the Evil Necromancer Zac 0/1

’’This has no end! The game map is just too huge! How are we supposed to find him without any

leads?’’ said Fatty Han.

Zhang Yang replied him, ’’We'll put this aside for now, there will be some sort of hint mentioned

on other quests! Besides, the quest was only to locate not exterminate. Furthermore, the quest

difficulty level is A, which means that the place that we're supposed to look for should be higher

level than our current level! And besides, we got a Luck attribute as a reward! We didn't lose

anything here!’’

1 point of Luck attribute was actually nothing, but with enough accumulation, it will naturally

display its effectiveness!

Fatty Han did not like the answer he got and muttered unwillingly on the side.

Zhang Yang laughed.

’’Since we have defeated a Gray-Silver boss, let's obtain our reward now, shall we?’’

When Zhang Yang mentioned the word ’’reward’’, Drizzler's spirits were lifted a little and she

proceeded to grab the chance to open the corpse.

’’Mine! I'll open it! Let me! Let me!’’

[Athena, Bow of the White Bones] (Gray-Silver, Ranged weapon)

Weapon attack: 306-366

Attack interval: 2.8 seconds

DPS: 120

<Level 1 Socket>

<Level 1 Socket>

Equip effect: Increase 1% critical chance.

Level requirement: 30

’’Holy f*ckin' moly! This weapon is OP!’’ Fatty Han quickly forgot his frustration about the quest

length and was excited to see the new bow that popped out.

’’Zhan Yu. What is this socket thing for?’’ Hundred Shots questioned.

’’Socket are for Gemstones upgrade. There are many types of Gemstones, such as Dexterity

Gemstone, Intelligence Gemstone, and more. You can choose to have many different types of

upgrade! If you slot in a +10 Intelligence Gemstone into an available slot, you will gain

additional 10 Intelligence attribute. Gemstones have 8 tiers. A high-level Slot can fit in a lowlevel

Gemstone, not the other way around.’’ Zhang Yang explained.

’’Low level Gemstones can be bought from the Gem Shop in the city. High level Gemstones can

be obtained from defeating bosses, completing main story quests, hidden quests, or even break

a Hardcore Mode record!’’ Zhang Yang added.

’’Hundred Shots bro! This time I'll fight for this item. I'm not going to let this off! Let's roll!’’

’’You're on!’’ Hundred Shot replied

Hundred Shots, 78 points.

Fatty Han, 3 points.

’’Hahahahahaha!’’ Drizzler laughed until she fell on the floor, rolling. ’’Pervy Fatty! Now you

know how karma tastes like!’’

Fatty Han laughed it off. He knew that there would be another chance for him to get the item

when the boss re-spawned.

Hundred Shots kept the bow in his inventory as he could only equip it when we would be Level


Drizzler snickered.

’’Hehehe! My hands are full of luck aren't they!’’

’’Hmph! In that case, if you ever open anything lower than a Gray-Silver, we will cut off that

hand of yours!’’ Zhang Yang raised an eyebrow.

’’Tch... You're the lowest!’’ Drizzler pouted her lips like a sore loser. She reached out her hand

again to open the corpse.

[White Bone Necklace] (Gray-Silver, Necklace)

Vitality: +18

Intelligence: +9

Spirit: +3

<Level 1 Socket>

Equip effect: For each time you cast a spell, there will be a fixed chance to increase 100 magic

attack. Last for 10 seconds. Effect cannot be stacked.

Level requirement: 30

’’Sister! You're so lucky to be the only magic user here. No one else here will fight with you for

any magic type equipment!’’ said Drizzler. There was a hint of jealousy in her voice.

Little Snow was actually smiling sweetly but when Drizzler mentioned that, her smile turned

even wider.

[Chaos Gem] (Usable)

Use: Permanently increase your inventory by 10 slots.

’’Increase inventory size! This is very useful!’’

’’Yeah. Let's us all roll for it!’’

As they obtained more and more extravagant items, Zhang Yang's understanding to why guilds

would occupy this place increased even more. This treasure mine just kept getting better and


Everyone rolled but Little Snow obtained the item with a perfect 100 score.

[Skillbook: Vanguard's Aggression] (Skillbook)

Use: Teaches you Vanguard's Aggression

Requirement: Guardian, Defender.

’’Huh? Tanks only?’’ Everyone quickly urged Zhang Yang to learn the skill and expose the skill


Zhang Yang was surprised and happy. He had always wanted to have this skill in his previous

life, and he would never have thought that it would appear here!

Every time a field boss was killed the first time, the item quantity and drop rate would always

be better. Once the boss was respawned and killed the second time, the drop rate would become

normal again.

He picked up the book and learned the skill, and the posted the skill description in the party


Vanguard's Aggression: Cast a 3 x 3-meter protection barrier. Every ally that is in the barrier

will receive 90% reduced damage. However, the caster will receive 100% increased damage. Last

for 10 seconds.

Cooldown time: 10 seconds.


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