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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 66


Chapter 66: Reverse Lifesteal

’’We should recruit more people! We aren't getting anywhere with our current numbers!’’ said

Fatty Han. Drizzler nodded. ’’I agree as well! We need more people!’’

Suddenly, Zhang Yang had an idea. ’’Everyone! Resume your attack! I have a plan!’’

’’Speak your mind!’’

Zhang Yang smiled. ’’Brat! Pay attention the boss' HP. When it reaches 91%, I want you to use

the [Poison Essence]!’’

’’What is that?’’ Drizzler asked honestly.

’’Tch! The one you got from the Frog King! The Special Item that can poison everyone?’’

’’Oh. Why?’’ Drizzler asked again.

’’Damn! Why would you keep asking questions?!’’

’’Of course I'll ask. I don't know what you are up to!’’ Drizzler pouted her lips, trying to act cute.

’’Hah! Fine. I give in!’’ Zhang Yang sighed. ’’I think I remembered something about this boss

skill. If the targeted player has the <Poisoned>status, the <Vampiric Bite>will have no effect!’’

There were not many bosses in game that possessed <Lifesteal>ability, which was why Zhang

Yang could not immediately come up with a counter measure for the boss' skill. It would have

solved the problem if he recruited more people to fight, but there was an easier way. If one

could somehow inflict the poison status onto the targeted player, the boss' life stealing skill

would be nullified and in reverse, the boss would receive more damage!

’’Okay.’’ said Drizzler even though she felt otherwise.

’’I want to rearrange the battle position. Little brat, I want you to stand directly in front of the

boss. Little Snow and the rest of the party will stand behind Drizzler. When Drizzler lets out the

poison, all of you must run into the poison ring and get the <Poisoned>effect!’’ Zhang Yang


The normal playstyle would have a Bandit in play. The Bandit would enable Friendly-Fire

mode, and had his weapon coated in poison. When the boss used a Lifesteal skill, the Bandit

would then attack the target player and inflict <Poison>on him. This method could completely

counter the boss' Lifesteal skill.

However, since Zhang Yang's party did not have a Bandit onboard, he would have to resort to

the self-poisoning method. It was lucky that the party found the [Poison Essence] from the

Frog King.

’’Noob tank! Why'd you say I would ’’let out poison’’!? I'll smack you in the face!’’ Drizzler

clenched her fist and pointed at Zhang Yang.

’’Hey Little Yang, what happened between the two of you? You won't be able to get the both of

them if this goes on!’’ Fatty Han sent a private message to Zhang Yang.

’’Why are you always thinking of perverted stuff? Get both girls? I'll get both of my fist you're

your face!’’ Zhang Yang replied angrily.

’’Haha! Little Yang! Just look at them! They're both quite good! The elder one has the

bobbylicious body even though her face is just ’’meh’’. As for the little one, her body still has

more room to mature but her face is just- GRAHHH- I can't take it anymore! Remember, Little

Yang! You must grab the opportunity while it's just lying there! Imagine, two girls, one man!

GAH! Thinking about it alone boils my blood!’’

’’...Fatty Han. You're really a beast inside that meat suit aren't you...’’

94%, 93%, 92%, 91%. Zhang Yang alone could not damage fast, but when everyone attacked

together, the boss' HP dropped like a landslide.

’’Little brat! Use it now!’’ Zhang Yang shouted.

Drizzler was someone Zhang Yang had his eyes on, as her ability was on the level of an A-tier

Professional League player. Her reaction speed was nothing something made up. With that, she

quickly smashed the [Poison Essence] and released a green mist from her body, instantly

engulfing 30 meters around her. The party did not even need to get close to her to get the

poison effect.

'Ding! You have received the effect of [Poison Essence]. Receiving 150 Natural Damage every 3

seconds for 15 seconds!'

The green mist appeared and disappeared in an instant. It only lasted for a second before the

mist dispersed. Everyone, including Zhang Yang and the boss as well were inflicted by the

poison effect. Their body were glowing in a greenish hue.

’’Haha! Little Drizzler. Just now, what you did, it was as if you have just let out a massive fart!’’

Fatty Han laughed maniacally.

’’Yuck!’’ Drizzler face was filled with disgust. ’’Wretched Fatty bum! I won't forgive you!’’

’’Foolish Hunter! I'll suck your blood dry!’’ The boss activated its skill just as its HP reached

90%. It sprinted across the field like a lightning bolt, and sank its fangs into Fatty's Han's neck.





A chain of red damage texts attack appeared.

After 10 seconds, instead of healing, the boss' HP had dropped to 76%! ’’Haha! Have a taste of

your own medicine!’’ Fatty Han shouted. He turned around and shook his butt provokingly.

’’Oh come on! Do you actually be more wretched than this?’’ said Drizzler.

Fatty Han thought for a while and said, ’’If you don't mind, I could even undo my pants and

shake my bare-naked ass at the boss!’’

They thought that he was only joking but when he was about undress, they yelled, ’’Stop! We

mind! We mind!’’ Fatty Han was shocked at their reaction and quickly stop his act. ’’Hey hey! I

was just joking. I wasn't serious about doing it. Do you really think I would actually fool around

like an idiot?’’

’’I know that you're absolutely not an idiot. But when you're fooling around, you're worse than

an idiot!’’ Zhang Yang sighed loudly. Fatty Han laughed. ’’Haha! Precisely! That is why you're

my own brother from another mother!’’

After Gawain took severe damage from its own skill, it did not activate the skill again

immediately. Instead, it waited until its HP dropped till 50% to activate it again. However, under

Zhang Yang's guidance, Drizzler was able to maintain everyone's <Poison>status and made

sure that they could always counter the boss' <Lifesteal>. However, the credit was not to

Drizzler alone; Little Snow was able to heal everyone in time. Luckily, she was as good of a

support as her own massive ’’supports’’ underneath her clothes.

After taking damage again instead of healing, the boss' HP was reduced to only 36% when it had

done ’’poisoning’’ itself.

36%. Just a little more...

’’Haha! Take that, vampire wannabe! Let's see how you die, being defeated by your own skill!’’

said Drizzler jubilantly.

’’Since you mentioned about vampire, I remember a story. It was a...’’ Fatty Han let out a cynical


’’Will you just shut up?!’’ Two girls cried out while rolling their eyes. They did not have to listen,

they knew that any story told by that Fatty bum would be something indecent. ’’Woo...why

would you say that? I was just trying to lighten the atmosphere!’’ said Fatty Han.

30%, 25%, 20%, the boss' HP was shaved off by the party without any noticeable problems.

When it reached 10%, Gawain activated the skill for the last time. Its action only accelerated its

impending death. The party killed off the boss before it could finish the skill.

’’Hmph! Die like the dead man you already are!’’ Drizzler went up the body and stomped on it to

release her frustration. ’’Little brat! You're quite the feisty one aren't you?!’’ Zhang Yang


’’Now that she's stomping on a skeleton, I have a story about Skeleton Stomping. Once upon a

time...’’ Everyone yelled in unison, ’’Shut up!’’

’’Wuuuuu...’’ Fatty Han pretended to cry and secluded himself to a corner.

’’Let's check out the goods!’’ Drizzler began opening the corpse.

[White Skull Hammer] (Green-Copper, One-handed Hammer)

Weapon attack: 95-113

Attack interval: 2.6 seconds

DPS: 40

Level requirement: 20

’’Ah! What luck! Another item up for the auction house!’’ cried Fatty Han.

’’Hey! This is still 300 gold here!’’ Little Snow was delighted instead. She quickly pushed the

others to give it to her to put it up in the auction house. ’’Hah. Now that you mentioned it. How

much was the sword you sold yesterday?’’ Zhang Yang asked casually.

’’Ah! 300 gold coins!’’ Little Snow answered in the same manner.

’’Ah I see... So, after distribution, all of us should get 60 gold coins each, right?’’

’’There is still the 10% service charge of the auction house!’’ Little Snow crossed her arms


’’Ah. I understand. So after deducting the service charge, we should all have 54 gold coins each,


’’Technically, yes...’’ Little Snow's voice was getting softer, as if she was guilty of something.

Zhang Yang raised his voice. ’’Then why am I getting only 54 silver coins?’’ Little Snow started

to get scared. ’’Erhm... Maybe you're mistaken... Did you look properly?’’

’’What do you think?’’

Little Snow lowered her head. ’’I think you're mistaken!’’

’’Enough! Imburse my money! If not, pay with what you have!’’ Zhang Yang smiled menacingly.

He had confirmed with both Hundred Shots and Fatty Han that both of them had obtained 54

gold coins from Little Snow. He was the only one that obtained 54 silver coins!

Little Snow rolled her eyes and said, ’’This lady here has nothing but her smile to offer!’’

Fatty Han walked over. ’’Alright then, smile for me!’’

’’F*ck off!’’

[White Bone Crown] (Green-Copper, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +4

Vitality: +20

Strength: +16

Dexterity: +4

Level requirement: 20

Zhang Yang's current helm was already the same as this new equipment. He then rejected the

roll and offered it to Drizzler.

'Ding! You have obtained 11 silver pieces!'

’’Eh? That's it?’’ said Fatty Han as the body started to disappear. ’’Well I'll be damned. This boss

is really stingy!’’

’’Well, technically in the field, the last boss is one level higher than the mini-boss. So, we're

considered lucky enough to fight a Gray-Silver boss!’’

Zhang Yang led the way forward and went through a tiny and narrow walkway.


Just as Zhang Yang poked his head out, eight debuffs simultaneously appeared on his head. He

scanned the area and saw 8 Skeleton Spellcasters running towards him! He frantically shouted,

’’Get back!’’ and led the team back into the walkway.

The Skeleton Spellcasters chased after them until the walkway and stopped right there. They

remained there for a while before turning back into the shadows. ’’Holy shit! There are so many

of them!’’ Fatty Han swallowed his saliva. Everyone could hear the sound of it and realized how

frightening it was.

Zhang Yang's head popped out '-80' damage texts and only stopped after 15 seconds. Little

Snow got busy immediately.

[Shadow Decay]: Curse a target with the power of the shadow. Causes 500 shadow damage over

15 seconds to a target.

Hundred Shot shouted as well. ’’Damn, these monsters sure are strong!’’

’’Necromancers. They are also known as the Curse Magicians. Their DoT skills are very OP!’’

Zhang Yang sucked in a long breath. ’’This is quite a problem here. There are so many monsters

inside. There's already eight of them waiting for us at the entrance. Damn! It's going to be a

crowd inside there!’’

Fatty Han tapped Zhang Yang's shoulder and asked, ’’How do we fight?’’

Zhang Yang thought for a while. ’’At this level, the Curse Magicians have not only <Shadow

Decay>but also another skill called <Shadow Whip>! The cast range of <Shadow Decay>is 30

meters while the cast range of <Shadow Whip>is only 20 meters! Did you guys notice, those

monsters cannot leave the second floor?’’

Four of them remained stoic, their eyes glinted with a plan.

’’Heh. I knew you guys were smart. Let's drag them to the entrance and kill them with our AoE



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