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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Wiped and Wiped Again

’’Fatty! Hundred Shots! Quick, take down the clouds!’’

In the light of a dangerous situation, Zhang Yang commanded the team properly while bearing

the responsibility of a party leader. Drizzler was scared beyond words. If she would really take

it in, even a tiny bit of that boss' putrid fart would make her not eat anything for days!

With Zhang Yang's clear words, Hundred Shots and Fatty Han turned around and changed their

targets quickly and began attacking the cloud. However, the cloud's movement speed was too

fast for them to properly react. Even though they managed to take half of the cloud's HP off,

they were not quick enough to stop it from touching Drizzler. As soon as the cloud touched her,

she cried out for help.

’’NO! NO!’’

'Ding! Player Drizzler has received the <Summoned Clouds>effect: Rotten Stink, Stunned for 10


The stationary Drizzler wobbled back and forth while the <Air Bomb>slowly floated towards







Aside from Zhang Yang, the rest of the team's HP were in the red zone. As she was still stunned,

Drizzler had another bomb coming at her.






'Ding! Player Drizzler has died!'

'Ding! Player Little Snow has died!'

'Ding! Player...'

Complete annihilation.

Five souls appeared at the revive points.

’’Bleh! Bleh! Bleh! Stinky boss! Rotten boss! Shit! Shit! Shit!’’ Drizzler's face had nothing but the

expression of disgust. She stuck out her tongue and spat out everywhere.

’’Calm down, Drizzler. This is all just a game! There's nothing real about this!’’ Zhang Yang


’’B-but, it's just so real! It's so smelly! I think I can still smell it on me!’’ Drizzler cried. Fatty

Han smiled evilly. ’’Use XXX soap! Wash up for your health!’’

’’Scram!’’ Four middle fingers pointed at him.

Shush! Five new souls entered the revive point. At this period of the dungeon exploration stage,

there would be many parties sent by many guilds, wiped out in different ways, crowding the

revive points.

The newly arrived souls were Crimson Rage's party!

Snow Seeker posted a question in the local channel, ’’Oh, it's none other than Zhan Yu, the party

leader! Where did you guys stop at? Have you guys defeated the first boss?’’

With the appearance of a beautiful woman, Fatty Han started to behave ’’manly’’. He then

replied, ’’Actually, Miss beautiful Snow, I'm the real player behind the scene. I was the one who

trained Little Yang!’’

Ignoring his comments, Zhang Yang answered her question with another question. ’’Hehe,

Snow guild master! What about you? Where did you guys stop at?’’

Snow Seeker replied after a few moments later at the local channel, ’’We started off with the

Middle Wing. Right now, we'd defeated the first boss and are still fighting the second!’’

They started the dungeon with the Middle Wing?

Zhang Yang thought for a while about it and finally pieced it together. What they did was to

hide the truth within a lie! While everyone was fighting furiously for the Front Wing First Clear

Achievement, these girls silently raided the Middle Wing. This way, they would have saved

themselves a lot of time!

This method... no, this strategy was indeed ingenious! The only hiccup they could have ever

faced was Zhang Yang's party!

’’Wow, what a coincidence! We're also fighting the second boss!’’ Zhang Yang decided to tell her

the truth since the other party was doing the same.

Shit! All five Crimson Rage party members grit their teeth.

How could they be so far?

’’Sister Snow, could he be lying to us on purpose? I think he's trying to inflict us with mental

stress!’’ Ever since her last encounter with Zhang Yang, Thorny Rose had nothing but a bad

impression of him.

Snow Seeker thought for a while and shook her head, denying her suggestion. ’’I don't believe

that's the case. We can clearly see how fast Zhan Yu's team proceeded to conquer the Front

Wing. It would only be normal to think that they could progress this far!’’

White Orchid became worried. ’’T-then...we s-should....’’

’’Let the horses loose; empty the stable! There is no other way but forward! We'll have to use all

our efforts to win this round! We have to defeat this boss!’’ Snow Seeker turned her gaze at her


’’Dancer, Perfume! I want the both of you to increase your attack speed on the <Summoned

Clouds>! Rose, for god's sake, please pay attention to the <Air Bomb>, don't just chase the boss!’’

’’B-but Sister Snow, I'm all boobs...’’

White Orchid interjected Thorny Rose's word. ’’All boobs no brains! Yeah, I've heard that a

thousand times now! Please stop using that as an excuse for your incompetence!’’

’’I'm warning you! If you make another mistake, I'll take a plane and fly over to Zhou Hang! I'll

personally go to your house and burst those meaty sacks of fat!’’

’’Tch!’’ Thorny Rose lowered her head in submission and whisper, ’’My boobs are really that


Perfumed Water suddenly voiced out, ’’You know...if you want to compare breast sizes, our

Sister Snow here is the real deal! Hehe! She's 36F!’’

’’Is that for real?’’

’’Of course it's real! It's a pity that Sister Snow always wears loose clothing. What a humble

woman she is! Hehe! I even felt her size myself!’’ Perfumed Water continued to brag.

’’You little witch! How dare you defile Sister Snow! I-I haven't even touched hers before....’’

’’Sister Snow! Let me touch'em!’’

The five women turned the quiet scene into the utmost chaotic room.


Zhang Yang's party went into the dungeon and revived.

’’Woah! That fight was really intense!’’

The party members started to have small talk as they ran into the boss chamber.

’’Little Yang! T-They're all freaking beautiful! How about this, we let them have this round! You

know, to get them to owe us a favor! Who knows one day they may repay us! That's when we

can hit on them back! I could have two! No, three! Argh! I'd have them all!’’ Fatty Han started to

dwell in his own imagination.

’’Hm... what? I didn't hear you. I was thinking that I should find another Hunter to replace you

when I take down the next dungeon!’’ Zhang Yang sighed loudly.

’’Oh brilliant! I concur!’’

’’You have my vote as well!’’

’’Two thumbs up for me!’’

3 voices spoke out.

’’F*ck! Since when did I become public enemy number 1?’’ Fatty Han shook his head,

disapproving their action.

When the party arrived at the entrance of the boss chamber, all five of them sat down and

started to chew on recovery snacks before they moved into the chamber together.

’’Fatty Han! Hundred Shots! I'd leave the <Summoned Clouds>to you guys!’’

’’We got it covered!’’

’’Here I go!’’

Shush! Zhang Yang used <Charge>to dash into the fight once more.

Remembering the fart from the boss, Drizzler guts were still filled with boiling rage. You did

not need to tell her, she would go on and fight the boss herself. As she furiously fought the boss,

swinging her weapon around wrathfully, she looked like someone who had completely lost her


’’Hahaha! More pesky bugs have come here to offer their lives!’’ Ains laughed manically and

raised its spear to pierce Zhang Yang.

’’I shall personally send you all to hell!’’

The battle began!

After a minute into the fight...

’’Fatty! Hundred! The clouds!’’

’’Crap! I'm stunned!’’

’’Shit, it's about to explode!’’


The five of them were sent back to the revive point.

’’Little Yang, I really think that the two of us are not enough! Let little Drizzler help us with the

clouds!’’ Fatty Han voiced out his suggestion.

’’Bleh! Bleh! Bleh! No way in hell am I going near those smelly clouds!’’ Drizzler shook her head

left and right as fast as she could. Zhang Yang also shook his head, disagreeing.

’’Melee attackers can't attack the clouds. She would be stunned once she makes any contact

with it! Okay, let's try it this way. Once the cloud is out, Little Snow, I want you to stop healing

and start attacking. I think I can handle myself when all 3 of you are busy with the clouds.’’

’’Hmm... Sounds good. Let's go!’’

They revived, entered the dungeon, recovered their health, and started the boss fight.

Two minutes later, they were wiped out again.

’’Hmm... That was satisfactory... three of you with the clouds. Yes. That's the way. Let's stick to

this!’’ Zhang Yang tried to console the team.

’’Fatty! I think you should really consider dieting! If your head weren't so big, the cloud would

take 0.1 seconds more to reach you! We can still destroy that cloud instead of it smashing onto

you directly!’’ Drizzler playfully ridiculed.

’’Little Drizzler, This fat body of mine is as important as my own life!’’ Fatty Han chuckled.

’’There are three benefits when you have a meaty body!’’

’’Oh here he goes again! Fatty Bro, are you trying to fool around again?’’

’’Hell no! Listen! Being fat has 3 benefits! Number 1, fat has high buoyancy, I won't drown that

easily! Number 2, fat makes me heavy; heavy makes good momentum, you'll be sure to be at

advantage in a fight! Number 3, fat is cool!’’

’’F*****CK!’’ 4 members booed Fatty Han.

The party restarted the fight and tried again.

Complete annihilation. Again.

All dead. Again and again.


’’Little Yang, this boss is very tough!’’ Fatty Han shook his head. ’’I-I can't continue on anymore.

My equipment's durability is almost gone! I'd need to go back to the city to have it fixed.’’

’’No need!’’ Zhang Yang hurriedly answered. ’’There is an NPC in the entrance of the dungeon

there. He's a blacksmith! He can fix your equipment. Let's revive and get out of the dungeon

first then!’’

’’How could we fail that many times?’’ Drizzler thought about it but she could not find a way to

solve it. The battle strategy was clearly laid out, but every time the fight started, she always got

messed up. Making mistakes where she should not have made mistakes. The only reason she

could think of is the <Summoned Cloud>not being destroyed fast enough which led the <Air

Bomb>to kill them all.

’’We have been fighting for some time now. Everyone must be tired!’’ Zhang Yang thought of a

solution and said, ’’Guys, after we repaired our equipment, let's all log off and rest for an hour!

It's already after 3pm now and we haven't had our lunch yet. This is a bad condition for us to

continue playing. Have a meal, have some rest and we'll meet back here at 5pm sharp! We'll

defeat the boss in one go then!’’

’’Okay!’’ Everyone nodded their head in agreement. In the beginning, they were eager to fight,

excited to defeat the boss and claim the ’’First Clear’’ Achievement. Of course, they would not

feel hunger. However, once the fight dragged on longer and longer, and getting wiped over and

over again, everyone lost their will and was unable to properly focus in battle. Unsurprisingly,

mistakes will be made.

They revived and went out of the dungeon to get their equipment repaired to its full durability.

One by one, the team logged out and rest.


Zhang Yang took off the helmet and let out a deep sigh. He cannot help but reminisce the

Gaming Capsule he used 5 years later. In about half a year later, 'God's Miracle' would have

released a series of revolution!

Number 1, a change in the gameplay style, allowing players to continue to play the game even in


This method allowed countless of working adults to fully enjoy the game! Furthermore, the ingame

time and reality time was set to be 3:1. Three hours in game would be one hour in reality,

allowing everyone take part in this wonderful world.

Number 2, introduction to the Gaming Capsule!

The utilization of both the gaming helmet and the Gaming Capsule would not cause any effect

on the player character! The Gaming Capsule was developed by the aerospace technology and

the stasis chamber. It had the function to provide nutrients and supplement the body needed in

a fixed time interval. As long as the players were willing to do it, they could continue to play the

game as long as 15 days in real life with no side-effect! When the Gaming Capsule was first

released, it was obviously too expensive for normal citizens to purchase. It was a luxury only

the rich could afford. One set of Gaming Capsule actually caused millions of dollars! Even a

luxury car was inferior to the machine! It was only after two years later when the developers

managed to solve a manufacturer problem that the Gaming Capsule became cheaper and many

now could enjoy the product!

Number 3, the launch of the Professional League Championship!

Zhang Yang clenched his fist tightly. His heart was filled with immense excitement! He only

had one year left to prepare himself. One year, that was when Yu Li entered the game! With her

in his mind, Zhang Yang eyes turned soft and kind, his mind was calmed down instantly as if a

heavenly tree grew in his heart.


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