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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 49


Chapter 49: The Top 3 Guild

Her cold look could not hide her body's sensitive side, and Zhang Yang clearly felt it!

Underneath her thin uniform, he could feel her two round buns clasped in his hands! It's no

wonder people say that the colder a woman is, the more sensitive her body would be; and she is

the perfect example! Zhang Yang loosen his grip on her, rolled over and stood up. As the

policewoman did the same, her cheeks blushed like red roses quite visibly. She was beautiful

and cute, yet glamorous at the same time!

The surrounding crowd gave out a sudden call, and Zhang Yang took this chance to flee from

the scene with his tail between his legs. He knew he made a grave mistake and if he continued

standing there, he would be branded a pervert and be arrested! Watching him run away, the

policewomen stomped the ground with anger and dread, causing her bosoms to bounce with

every step. She turned and returned to the police station with the 3 members of the scamming


Along the way, Zhang Yang grabbed a few snacks to eat before he got home. The time was

slightly past 9:30am, and he quickly put on his gaming helmet and logged in.

’’Little Yang, what took you so long to get up? Could it be... did you have some fun last night?!

Listen to me, you can't go around and pick them up from the streets! They're some nasty stuff,

bro! Give me a few days, and I'll come over and bring you to this awesome place called 'Girl's

Town'! The girls over there are at the same level as superstars!’’ Zhang Yang was immediately

greeted by Fatty Han's private message. As usual, he never bothered to change his lustful and

perverted behavior. Ignoring his usual habit, Zhang Yang sent a party invitation along with his

reply, ’’Uh huh, right... like I'll believe you!’’

Little Snow, Drizzler, as well as Hundred Shots were recruited as well.

’’Sorry I'm late, guys. Had a little hiccup just now. Let's gather at the North side of the city!’’

Drizzler began to complain, ’’Stupid uncle! If I'd known you were going to be late, I would've

slept longer!’’ Zhang Yang felt a little ticked off. He only smiled bitterly and said, ’’Why 'uncle'?

I'm not even that much older than you are.’’ Albeit childish, Zhang Yang did not really fancy

being called an old uncle nor a young brat.

’’Aren't you over your 20's?’’ Drizzler asked.

’’Huh... yeah. I'm 22 now!’’

’’Come on! I'm only 17. What else would I call someone who's five years older than I am?’’

Fatty Han then interjected, ’’F*ck! If you called someone five years older than you 'an uncle',

that means you'd be calling someone ten years older as 'gramps'!

Drizzler's expression began to change into a 'murderous when provoked' look, ’’Hey Fatty,

what're you trying to say? Do you think you could take advantage of me since I'm only 17?’’

Fearful, Fatty Han immediately tried to change the subject, ’’Ahahha... nice weather we're

having today!’’

Time flew past as they all gathered. Zhang Yang brought them to complete the dungeon prerequisite

quest, which was fairly simple. All they needed to do was to kill a bunch of monsters,

find the NPC near the dungeon entrance and gain access to the lair.

To save time, the party rented mounts from the Gryphon Keeper and few to the White Shine

Forest. This was one of the many transport services in the game that helped players who were

mount-less to reach their destination in a much shorter time, instead of having to spend more

time running over.

’’Flying in the air is awesome!’’ Drizzler stretched out her arms to feel the air. ’’It feels like I'm a

Sword Shaman! Whoosh! Thousand Mile Soaring Blade! Sigh... It would be nice if this game

could change into the Xian Xia style, then we could all learn the Sword's way and fly on our


Zhang Yang giggled. ’’This is an international gaming community! They won't change the game

that way since it's a little too Eastern! It's not suitable for the international market!’’

’’Tch, what a waste! They westernized the game just to earn profits! Cunning bastards!’’

’’Alright, alright. Let's get going. Snow Spite City is just through the forest!’’

Zhang Yang went ahead to clear a path for the party through the forest. Once they were out,

they saw human-like structures in front of them. The city was only a short distance away. In

there, they saw all kinds of elemental spirits wandering around the city. What was once a

human city became a paradise for the Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth elementals.

Zhang Yang flipped through the quest description and notified the team, ’’Guys, we need to take

out ten of each elemental spirits to complete the quest!’’

’’Go! Go! Go!’’

Everyone in the party had overpowered equipment against the monsters. Killing them and

completing the quest was a breeze. They soon arrived at the dungeon entrance.

Marzerway's Lair was situated in this abandoned man-made palace in Snow Sprite City. There

were three sub-dungeons namely Front Wing, Mid Wing and the Main Wing and the palace was

the entrance to the dungeon. The Front and Mid Wing had two bosses each while the Main

Wing held Marzerway, a 20 player party-fight boss.

’’Eh?’’ Zhang Yang and his party were surprised to see that they were not alone there. In fact,

there were 30 players; six parties with five players each. They were all from different guilds,

namely The Dominators, Sky High, and Crimson Rage. Every one of them had reached Level 20!

They were all technically qualified to enlist themselves in the Level Ranking Board, but none of

them did it and Zhang Yang understood their decision. They were furiously competing with

each other and neither one of them wanted to expose their true strength. Even though they

gave up their pride, they never gave up their determination. In the end, they all fought hard and

leveled up, arriving at this Level 20 dungeon entrance at the same time as the others.

Noticing Zhang Yang's party walking towards them, they were taken aback. How could anyone

else be able or even try to raid this dungeon?!

Humbly Gentleman of The Dominators scanned the party and saw that Zhang Yang's name was

hidden. ’’You are Zhan Yu, I presume?’’ Such keen eyes, as expected of a guild master! Zhang

Yang could only give a light smile.

’’Are you all going to raid that dungeon?’’

’’IT'S YOU!’’ Zhang Yang heard a loud voice that sounded like someone screamed through their

teeth. There came a beautiful woman with arms on her waist and bosoms big enough to attract

any eyes. Right, she was the woman I exchanged my [Refined Iron Ore] with regular [Iron Ore].

Her name was Thorny Rose.

’’Oh, hi!’’

’’You sneaky bastard! I was doomed because of you!’’ Thorny Rose's face was flushed with

crimson rage. Fatty Han, noticing her anger, quickly interjected.

’’Excuse me, young maiden. Has this little brat wronged you? Did he knock you up and refused

to claim responsibility?! Damn you, Little Yang! How could you do this?! How could you just use

this young girl and discard her like that?! Urgh, I'm so jealous!’’

With just that, the atmosphere suddenly became a lot heavier. Everyone began to exchange

looks towards Zhang Yang and Thorny Rose. They looked like they knew what was going on in

their mind.

’’You dirty uncle! I'm 100% certain now that you're a big horny pervert!’’ Drizzler exclaimed as

she shared the same thoughts as others. Thorny Rose tried to explain otherwise.

’’N-no! It's not that! This sly fox cheated me over 100 [Iron Ore]! He caused Mei Mei to be late

for more than half a day to submit her quest!’’

So that was the truth! With that revealed, the crowd began to lose their interest. It seemed that

the exciting lie was more entertaining than the boring truth.

’’Rose! Stop fooling around!’’

A woman walked over, carrying with her a sense of dignified nobility, calming the raging

Thorny Rose. She then took her time to observe Zhang Yang. ’’I've heard of your name. I'd never

thought that today would be the day I finally met the famous Zhan Yu, the legendary Guardian.

It's an honor!’’

Crimson Rage's guild master; Snow Seeker. In the future, she would be ranked fourth in China

Server's top ten Spellcasters. She would also be the player representative for the ’’Red’’ party, an

S-class competition team. Zhang Yang would not dare to ignore someone like her.

’’No, guild master Snow, the honor is mine! I, too, have heard of your noble name! Luck truly is

on my side!’’

’’Enough of these fake words! We've all gathered here today to fight for that 'First Clear'

achievement! Stop making those welcoming faces as if they were your own!’’

Cold words, coming from the mouth of Sky Shaman, the guild master of Sky High. Snow Seeker

averted her gaze and smiled warmly.

’’We, the Crimson Rage are all just maidens. We do not have such wildly ambitions. In fact,

we're just here to try on the Hard Mode!’’ Nobody believed her. They knew her words were as

fake as the nature in-game.

Humbly was in his own sea of thoughts when he suddenly voiced out, ’’How about we have a

bet? To see who would be the first to claim two of the 'First Clear' achievement for Hardcore

Mode?’’ Sky Shaman felt confident about winning the challenge.

’’Haha! A challenge invites progress! Well said! How about it, guild master Snow, Zhan Yu? Let's


Snow Seeker only lightly smiled as she replied, ’’We would always welcome a clean and fair

fight. I only fear that someone might not obey the rules of the game and uses some

underhanded tactic to win the bet!’’ Hearing her words, Humbly Gentleman and Sky Shaman's

smiles faded a little.

Zhang Yang could not help but wonder. What happened between those three guilds that left

them having a grudge against each other? After thinking about it again, he left it alone as it was

none of his business.

’’If we participated, what would get out of it?’’ Zhang Yang inquired.

Sky Shaman, with words full of confidence, gave a hefty suggested reward. ’’Haha! Everyone

will bet on 10,000 gold pieces! The loser will have to pay 10,000 gold pieces each to the winner!

Two dungeons, two rounds. How about it?’’

Snow Seeker expressed her objection to the idea, ’’I've said it before, Crimson Rage would only

take on Hard Mode. Consider us forfeiting the bet! We will now take our leave and start on the

dungeon. We'll be going now, then!’’

Snow Seeker waved goodbye and led the party into the dungeon. No one outside the party would

know the mode of the dungeon that they were raiding, but everyone knew this: the prerequisite

quest must be completed to gain access to the Front and Middle Wing. Parties must

raid both to be able to enter the Main Wing, and the requirement did not specify what mode

they would choose.

’’Gentleman, Zhan Yu! How about it? Shall we place our bets?’’


Humbly Gentleman and Sky Shaman stared at each other, emitting a strong enmity between

the two. This was how the two guilds treated each other; with a strong sense of hostility. Zhang

Yang, on the other hand, laughed out loud. ’’Well, I'll just go on and follow Gentleman! It's a

'yes' from me as well!’’

’’Alright! Now that's what we're talking about!’’ Sky Shaman then clapped his hands to get his

team's attention. ’’Are you listening, brothers? We're competing with Zhan Yu and The

Dominators, to fight for the 'First Clear' achievement! What do you guys think? Could we lose to


’’Hell no!’’ The players from Sky High roared out in unison, and their morale was instantly


’’So, let's go!’’ Sky Shaman waved his arm, leading his army to disappear into the dungeon.

’’Well then, I'd better be going now!’’ Humbly Gentleman winked at Zhang Yang. ’’Brother Zhan

Yu, after today, let's find some time together to chat! I'll take my leave now then!’’ And with

that, The Dominators disappeared into the dungeon too.

’’Guys, we'd better quickly complete the quest now and enter the dungeon, or we'd have to put

out 10,000 gold pieces!’’

Drizzler shamelessly responded, ’’Hmph! That's what you have decided, not us! If you lose,

you'd better pay them from your own pocket. But if we win, we must share the booty!’’

’’You little brat! Is money the only thing on your mind?’’



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