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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 41


Chapter 41: A Handsome Reward


One by one, messages flooded his Friend list.

Defiant Monk: ’’You're a pro! You really did kill the boss! Haha! I knew you could do it!’’

Snowy Death: ’’Pro, bro! Taking on the boss without inviting a bro? Come on, bro!’’

Hundred Shot: ’’Congratulations!’’

Fatty Han: ’’F*ck you, man. How could you have hoes before bros? There are two babes right

there, and you can't even let me have one?’’

Crimson Fire and Silky Snow sent their regards too, he knew there was envy and jealousy

hidden in their words.


Zhang Yang could not tolerate those two anymore, ’’Alright, alright! You're all grown-ups now.

Stop acting like children! I'm opening the corpse!’’ They were so intoxicated with money that

their eyes glowed into a weird symbol of money.

'Ding! You have obtained 40 silver pieces after distribution!’’

Such a stingy Gray-Silver boss, only giving 1 gold and 20 silver.

Drizzler openly replied to him, ’’Zhan Yu, you should get all the equipment since technically,

you killed the boss.’’

Zhang Yang pondered and then said, ’’You do know that any one of these equipment can easily

be sold for at least 1,000 gold. How can you let this chance slip by when the two of you are so

intoxicated with such little amount of silver?’’

’’Hmph! I'm not a miser!’’ Drizzler then threw a look of disgust onto Zhang Yang. ’’You know, as

the saying goes, 'For what you earn, pray that it's clean'! You can't accept a fortune that is not

by your effort!’’ Zhang Yang grinned, and replied, ’’I prefer the saying, 'A horse without wild

grass would be thin; man without a fortune is poor.’’

’’Ugh! What a waste of time!’’ Then the girls stepped aside.

Zhang Yang thought for a while and said, ’’Since we fought the boss together, everybody should

get a share. How about this? I will help myself with whatever I like, and the rest of the loot will

be shared between both of you!’’

’’Sounds good!’’ The girls agreed, as it was still the battle loot from a Gray-Silver boss!

[Martyr Ring] (Gray-Silver, Ring)

Vitality: +10

Strength: +10

Equip effect: Increase Critical Strike chance by 1%

Level requirement: 20

The girls gave up their roll at the same time and the equipment went to Zhang Yang. At least he

was lucky once. He continued to open the corpse.

[Spellcaster's Circlet] (Gray-Silver, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +4

Vitality: +48

Intelligence: +24

Spirit: +8

Note: This once belonged to the great Spellcaster Unduin, signifying intelligence and strength!

Zhang Yang was the first to reject the roll, leaving Little Snow happily smiling.

[Carved Boots] (Gray-Silver, Leather Armor)

Defense: +8

Vitality: +15

Strength: +5

Dexterity: +20

Level requirement: 20

Since all three of them could not equip this, they rolled together and was obtained by Drizzler

with 78 points.

[Holy Prayers] (Skill book)

Use: You will learn <Holy Prayers>.

Class requirement: Priest, Knight.

’’Quickly, use it! What does it really do?’’ asked Drizzler curiously.

Little Snow obtained the skill book after Zhang Yang and Drizzler gave up their roll. She then

patted the book on her chest and posted the skill description after learning it.

[Holy Prayers] (Level 1): Heals target's HP for 100% of the current magic attack. The nearest

surrounding players will receive healing for 25% of the current magic attack. Up to 4 players


MP Cost: 50.

Cast time: 1.5 seconds.

Cooldown time: 10 seconds

It was not clear what would happen after levelling up the skill, whether it was increased healing

capacity, shorter casting time, or even reduced cooldown time. It did not matter as this skill was

meant for mass healing which greatly reduced the difficulty of raiding dungeon bosses that

used multi-target skills.

Under the boss remained the last item, a skill book with a red cover.

[Eagle Eye] (Skill book)

Use: You will learn <Eagle Eye>

Class requirement: Warrior, Knight, Hunter, Thief.

Drizzler was once again curious. ’’Eh? This skill is so versatile; it can be learned by so many

different classes. What skill is this, exactly?’’ Zhang Yang, on the other hand, got excited and

said, ’’Please, let me have this one!’’ Drizzler curled her lips to his response, ’’Tch! What are you

getting so excited about? I've already said that all the loot belongs to you!’’ She then gave up her

roll. Little Snow had the intention to tease Zhang Yang again but as she also agreed to let him

have all the items, she gave up her roll as well.

Once Zhang Yang had gotten hold of the skill book, he quickly patted it against his chest and

with a flash of light, a new skill appeared on his skill window.

Seeing Zhang Yang giggling like a madman, Drizzler could not resist and asked. ’’Post it out! I

want to see it too!’’ Zhang Yang laughed too and posted the newly gained skill description to the

party channel.

[Eagle Eye] (Passive) (Level 1): You now have the ability to thoroughly search the enemy's weak

points. All attacks will now ignore 50% enemy defense.

’’Tch, and here I thought it was some godly skill. The warrior's Level 20 <Cripple Defense>skill

also has a 50% armor reduction!’’ and Drizzler curled her lips again.

’’Uh huh. First. <Cripple Defense>can only cause 10% armor reduction upon each stack and you

can only have 50% armor reduction after 5 stacks! By then, I would have attacked a number of

times already! Plus, if you were to fight against a group of monsters then you'll have to apply 5

stacks of <Cripple Defense>on each monster. How long would that take?’’ Zhang Yang giggled

uncontrollably. ’’Second. <Eagle Eye>effect can be stacked with <Cripple Defense>!’’

Both girls were surprised.

Zhang Yang loved this skill in his previous life. Sadly, <Eagle Eye>'s skill book drop rate is too

low, and there were not more than 100 players who had this skill in the entire China server.

Zhang Yang never managed to pick up this skill book before and he had never seen this skill

book being sold in the auction house. The maximum level for this skill was 10, and the ignore

defense value would increase to 95%. This was especially efficient when it was used against

high defense bosses or in PK against Knights or Guardians.

If Zhang Yang had possessed <Eagle Eye>during the boss fight just now, he would have

immediately ignored 50% of the defense and his attack would increase by 50. That was almost

double his attack power!

Later on, he opened another 7 to 8 other equipment but none of those suited him. He was lucky

enough to roll these three equipment: two leather armor and one heavy armor for a support

Knight. The leather armors were for Fatty Han and the heavy armor was for Ocean Despair. But

Zhang Yang decided to sell it off in the auction house because he knew that Ocean Despair

would reject his offer out of courtesy.

’’Alright, everything has been distributed. Let's return to the city!’’ Zhang Yang took out a

[Teleportation Scroll] and tore it apart nonchalantly. Before the magic circle formed completely,

Zhang Yang asked, ’’Oh, right. Have you guys tried Bangar Crypt in Hardore mode?’’

While tearing their [Teleportation Scroll] as well, Drizzler replied, ’’The first boss is too tough.

We had two tanks but they could not maintain the aggro. One fell after the other, and we could

never conquer it!’’

’’Why'd you ask? Are you willing to take us there?’’ asked Little Snow. After a white pillar of light

flashed, Zhang Yang emerged out of the teleportation waypoint in the White Jade Castle.

Following closely were Drizzler and Little Snow in the same white light.

’’I just want a mineral that appears at the third boss. You guys can have everything else. How

about that?’’ said Zhang Yang, smiling. Right now, [Earthern Round Shield] is selling extremely

well. If the Plain Copper Vein could produce two to four [Plain Copper Ore], he could earn up to

two to four gold pieces!

Even though the two girls were a little crazy whenever it comes to money, but their way of

conduct was truly to be respected; which was why Zhang Yang would only involve people he

thought was worthwhile in a mutual beneficial act.

’’Sure, sure, sure! I'll form a party now!’’ Drizzler was happily cheering, but she stopped after a

while, turned around and looked at Zhang Yang with suspicion in her eyes, ’’Hey... you're not

actually trying to get my cousin and me, right?’’ Little Snow nodded in agreement and said,

’’Drizzler, there's always something hiding behind a good will.’’

’’No, I'm not!’’ Zhang Yang shook his head. ’’Very well then!’’ Drizzler bought into his words and

went on jumping happily. ’’Innocent little idiot!’’ Little Snow withdrew with defeat.

After checking the system clock, Zhang Yang suggested to them, ’’It's almost 7pm. How about

we all take our dinner and meet back here in an hour?’’

Drizzler then turned to Little Snow, ’’Hurm, now that you've mentioned it, I am kind of hungry!

Cousin, where shall we eat later?’’

’’... How about at the Arc de Triomphe? That place has some good beef steaks!’’

’’Okay! Let's go! Let's go!’’

And with that, the two girls logged off faster than Zhang Yang could, and their characters

instantly disappeared right in front of him. He thought it was a little amusing, chuckled, and

then logged off himself.

Zhang Yang suddenly thought, ’’These two girls must be from a rich family,’’ There was also a

Western restaurant called Arc de Triomphe in the city where he was living in and it really was

famous for its beef steak. In his previous life, he went there and ate several times while he was

rich. It truly was delicious, and it could be a chance that they were all actually living in the same


After a brief thought, Zhang Yang ran downstairs and bought two packets of 5 dollar boxed rice.

It had to be two as he always had a big appetite and would not be contented with just one. After

dinner and some rest, Zhang Yang came back online. He first spent some time at the Smithing

shop and raised his Smithing level. When it was almost an hour past, he already made more

than 900 pieces of [Beginner Whetstone] and obtained Amateur Smithing level.

'Ding! Player Drizzler has invited you to join her party. Would you accept the invitation?'

8pm sharp. These two girls were really punctual. Zhang Yang accepted the invitation and with

him, there were 10 other players, including Defiant Monk. After greeting each other in the

party, they headed to the dungeon entrance and as soon as everyone gathered, the fight began.

What really surprised Zhang Yang were the girls; they both had strong gaming abilities!

Drizzler was just a little girl wielding a two-handed sword, but she held it fiercely and with

great strength. Her knowledge in using her skill rotations was quite formidable as with proper

rotation, her total damage was high enough that she would come in second place in terms of

damage output as compared to Zhang Yang.

Little Snow had good crowd control. Whoever had their HP dropped low, she would be there to

instantly cast a [Regeneration] spell and would consider whether to continue casting a healing

spell. Her MP management was incredible as she had never wasted a single drop of MP!

Whenever a fight ended, she could control and manage her MP to be more or less half, while the

other healer completely drained his MP to zero. Little Snow was leading in total healing by 62%!

If these two persons were willing to be trained and studied a little, they could be professional

players in the future! Though it might not be possible to guarantee a victory in the S-class

Professional League, they could still completely conquer the A-class with ease. It is weird. How

have I not seen their names before?!

Lost Paradise was not really a big guild but at least they were a semi-professional one

sponsored by a business company. That was why all the elites in the guild were fluent in the

game basics. However, Lone Desert Smoke was way beneath them. Even though Drizzler chose

the players with the best equipment to join the party, their attacking power was still far from

that of Lost Paradise.

The good thing was that Zhang Yang was already level 18. All his equipment were almost

Green-Copper, pressuring the boss' own attack. Along with Drizzler's capability and Little

Snow's healing control, they managed to overcome obstacles and defeated the dungeon's third

boss Dadarerda.


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