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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 30


Chapter 30: Jumbo Loot

Ocean Despair had immediately recovered after the boss had been defeated.

’’Brother expert, you're my idol from now on! You do not know how much I admire you!’’ Snowy

Death shouted in the party channel.

Zhang Yang said, ’’Don't release your bodies yet. I'll be looting the corpse so that all of you can

revive at the dungeon entrance after that to save time!’’

’’Okay!’’ the crowd agreed.

’’Holy Spirits Abracadabra, please give me the shield recipe!’’ Zhang Yang rubbed his hands

together and went towards the boss' corpse.

[Resurrection] (Skill Book)

Use: You will learn <Resurrection>.

Class Requirement: Sacred Knight, Priest.

’’Wow brother, you have the Lucky Hand!’’ Phantom Day yelled.

’’Have a talk with the Sacred Knight, we must get our hands on this skill book!’’ Crimson Fire

quickly sent a private message to Silky Snow. <Resurrection>would be extremely useful in

dungeon raids, greatly reducing the time consumed to revive oneself and therefore boosting the

efficiency of dungeon raids!

’’Okay!’’ Silky Snow replied and sent a private message to Ocean Despair, ’’Ocean, can you let me

have this <Resurrection>skill book first? I can pay you. How about 100 gold coins?’’

After a while, Ocean Despair replied, ’’I want to learn this skill too, let's roll together and see our


Silky Snow was in the middle of persuading Ocean Despair when Zhang Yang said, ’’Both

healers roll for it!’’

Silky Snow thought about it and decided to roll first. If her roll was higher then she could save

herself the trouble of persuading a hard headed person. Even if she had rolled a lower number,

it was still not too late to strike a deal with Ocean Despair.

The rest of the party had passed, leaving both healers to roll.

Silky Snow, 86 points.

Ocean Despair, 91 points.

The skill book immediately went into Ocean Despair's inventory. Without hesitation, he

immediately patted the skill book on his body and gained the <Resurrection>skill. Silky Snow

had still wanted to private message him, but who could have guessed that Ocean Despair had

acted so quickly?

’’Ocean, you can use your new skill to save them now. I'll continue to loot the corpse!’’ Zhang

Yang laughed and said.

With a hum from Ocean Despair, he began chanting to resurrect the party members.

[Smithing Recipe: Earthen Round Shield] (Smithing Recipe)

Use: You will learn to smith Earthen Round Shield.

Requirement: Beginner Smithing Skill.

’’That's it!’’ Zhang Yang's eyes radiated and said, ’’Everyone, I won't be courteous now!’’

They had a deal previously, that if a smithing recipe dropped, it would be given to Zhang Yang.

The entire party had passed on rolling and Zhang Yang patted the recipe on his body at once. A

golden light flashed, adding Earthen Round Shield to the initially empty smithing list.

[Earthen Round Shield] (Green-Copper, Shield)

Defense: +40

Vitality: +20

Level Requirement: 10

Holy cow! The shield alone had provided 200 HP and 40 defense points. Even if the boss had

high attack, it could reduce an ample amount of physical damage, significantly boosting one's

survivability! Furthermore, most players only had White-Wood equipment now and they were

definitely going to be unable to break past this 40 points of defense!

’’Big bro Zhan Yu, post the shield description, let us witness its power too!’’ Phantom Day could

not help but ask when he saw Zhang Yang's foolish grin.

Zhang Yang smiled and posted the shield's description to the party channel.

’’Wow, such high defense! I object! Objection! High dexterity and low strength classes like us

Thieves would definitely be unable to break your defense with just normal attacks!’’ Snowy

Death was shocked.

’’Brother Zhan Yu, please smith a few more for us if you have enough materials. Our guild will

buy them from you!’’ Crimson Fire sent a private message to Zhang Yang. He could imagine that

with tanks equipping this shield, their survivability would definitely be raised to another level!

’’Okay!’’ His main purpose in obtaining this recipe was to sell the shields for money anyway, so

Zhang Yang had agreed readily, ’’500 gold coins each!’’

’’Damn, you have no mercy!’’

’’Haha, your guild is so wealthy that a mere 500 gold coins is nothing for you!’’

Crimson Fire hesitated a while before saying, ’’Okay, I'll book one for now. Mail it to me via cash

on delivery when you're done!’’

’’Okay, pleased to be working with you, big boss!’’ Zhang Yang laughed. The primary materials

to smith this shield were [Iron Bar] and [Rare Copper Bar]. [Iron Bar] could made from [Iron Ore]

which was worthless, while [Plain Copper Bar] came from [Plain Copper Ore] where a spawn

point was available at the third boss. Each time Hardcore Mode Bangar Crypt was cleared, he

could collect 2 to 4 Plain Copper Ores. Basically, he was doing a zero capital business!

’’Little Yang, hurry up and loot the corpse, I can't wait any longer!’’ Fatty Han expressed his


Zhang Yang laughed and extended his arm to loot again.

[Shiny Silver Pendant] (Green-Copper, Necklace)

Physical: +3

Intelligent: +2

Equipped Effect: Target receives an additional buff of <Magic Shield>each time a healing spell

is casted. Shield disappears after absorbing 20 points damage or after 30 seconds. Shield effect

cannot be stacked.

Level Requirement: 10

’’Wow! Even though the attributes are nothing much, there's a special effect!’’ Phantom Day


’’All necklaces and rings have special effects. That's why the drop rates are so low!’’ Zhang Yang

nodded and said, ’’Healers, roll for it!’’

Ocean Despair and Silky Snow helped themselves and rolled, Ocean Despair winning the roll at

the end.

[Shadow Collar] (Green-Copper, Necklace)

Vitality: +3

Strength: +1

Dexterity: +1

Equipped Effect: Each attack on the target will inflict 1 stack of <Shadow Wrath>. When 3 stacks

of <Shadow Wrath>are achieved, 20 points shadow damage will be inflicted onto the target.

Level Requirement: 10

’’All physical attack classes can roll for it. Let's roll together, no need to give it up to anyone.

Let's see our luck!’’ Zhang Yang said laughing as he rolled first.

Those who had initially wanted to give up their rolls changed their decisions and tried their

luck after hearing what Zhang Yang had said. Even if they could not get it, it was still for the fun

of it.

As a result, Zhang Yang overshadowed everyone with a mere 76-point roll.

’’Haha, what sh*tty luck you guys have!’’ Zhang Yang shook his head and equipped the necklace.

[Archer's Ring] (Green-Copper, Ring)

Vitality: +2

Dexterity: +3

Equipped Effect: Ranged attacks have a fixed rate of activating <Wind's Blessing>effect. Effect

increases attack speed by10% for 10 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.

Level Requirement: 10

’’Hunters, roll for it!’’ Zhang Yang selected to pass.

’’Oh yeah!’’ Defiant Monk was very lucky to have rolled 100 points, instantly winning Hundred

Shots and Fatty Han.

[Amber Ring] (Green-Copper, Ring)

Vitality: +3

Strength: +1

Equipped Effect: Each successful dodge of attack have a fixed rate of increasing 20 points

Strength for 10 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.

Level Requirement: 10

’’D*mn, why is the trigger condition by dodging and not attacking?’’ Phantom Day was angry.

This effect would be useful in PK or solo grinding but for dungeon raids, he would have no

chances of evading attacks as a damage dealer!

’’Fine if you don't want it!’’ Zhang Yang laughed as he said.

’’Who says I don't want it! Come on, let's roll!’’ Phantom Day said quickly and tapped the roll


Zhang Yang was aware that he had gotten more than enough and decided to pass. The result

was Crimson Fire winning the roll.

’’D*mn, guildmaster, you a thief class need dexterity, not strength! Don't snatch it from me!’’

Phantom Day cried.

’’F*ck, more nonsense and I'll throw you out!’’ Crimson Fire laughed as he said. Phantom Day

immediately went speechless.

Zhang Yang looted again but there were only gold coins left. However, they had hauled 4

equipment, a skill book, and a recipe, it could already be considered as a jumbo loot!

’’Ding! You have received 10 silver coins after distribution!’’

After every item was distributed, Momorermo's corpse too had disappeared.

’’Alright, all done. Everyone can now go back to the capital and complete the quest. There

should still be a Black-Steel equipment reward!’’ Zhang Yang took a Teleportation Reagent

from his inventory and asked Fatty Han, ’’Fatty, you have Teleportation Reagent?

’’Teleportation Reagent? What is that?’’ Fatty Han returned Zhang Yang a lost sheep expression.

Zhang Yang shook his head and traded a Teleportation Reagent over and said, ’’This will

teleport you to the nearest friendly town, saves you the journey!’’

’’There's such a thing?’’ Fatty Han quickly confirmed the trade, ’’Little Yang, don't be so stingy,

give me a few more!’’

’’F*ck, this thing costs 1 gold coin each! It's expensive!’’ Despite his complaint, Zhang Yang had

still traded a few more reagents with Fatty Han. He still had 20 plus gold coins anyway and

Crimson Fire had still owed him 10 thousand more!

’’Brother Zhan Yu, why not reserve your dungeon entry tomorrow for our guild? I'll hire you,

what do you think of 1000 gold coins per Hardcore Mode raid? And if the equipment looted are

of use to you, you'll have the highest priority!’’ Crimson Fire sent a private message to Zhang


Zhang Yang pondered, leading dungeon raids would undoubtedly be a good way to earn a

fortune. Not only could he get equipment, he could also earn lots of gold coins! It would only be

for now though. When he had finally established his own guild, he would not need to work for

others anymore!

’’Okay, tomorrow morning at 9 am. We'll gather at the dungeon entrance!’’ Zhang Yang quickly

sent back a private message, ’’But I want to reserve an attacker spot for Fatty!’’

’’Deal! See you tomorrow!’’ Crimson Fire agreed readily.

’’Big brother, please approve as friend!’’ said Snowy Death as he sent a friend request.

Snowy Death had acted as a prompt for the rest of the party and they too had sent friend

requests to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang smiled and approved each friend request. Ripping Teleportation Reagent, a magic

circle glowing with a white light appeared under his feet. With that, he quit the party and said,

’’Goodbye everyone, see you!’’

’’Big brother, bye!’’

’’See you!’’

Since Teleportation Reagent was overly expensive, the others were not willing to spend it. Other

than Fatty Han who had also torn one of the reagents, the rest of the party members went by


10 seconds later, the magic circle was formed completely and a white light enveloped Zhang

Yang. With a flash, the white light dissipated and Zhang Yang had appeared in the portal of

White Jade Castle.

Another white light flashed and Fatty Han too had appeared next to Zhang Yang.

’’Little Yang, since when did you become so powerful?’’ Fatty Han had been Zhang Yang's buddy

but his outstanding performance made him felt like Zhang Yang was a complete stranger.

’’Since when was I not outstanding?’’ Zhang Yang laughed.

’’F*ck!’’ Fatty Han booed but did not ask further. Regardless of what had happened, Zhang Yang

would always be his brother and that was enough for him!


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