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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 19


Chapter 19: Solo Kill

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

’’Zhan Yu, give it up!’’ Hundred Shots advised when he saw Dadarerda's HP had only dropped by

9%. ’’Let's do it one more time. We've all experienced it now, surely we'll last longer!’’

Zhang Yang gave a slight smile and said, ’’Let me try!’’

’’Try your ass! Do you think you're God, that you can solo kill a boss?’’ Prideful Precepts scolded.

’’I'll kowtow to you thrice and call you grandfather every single time I see you if you could solo

kill it!’’

’’Hmph! I'm not that blessed to be your grandfather, I don't want to die of being infuriated by

you!’’ Zhang Yang avoided the boss' attacks agilely while delivering substantial damage to it.

Technically, his damaging power was the highest in the team anyway. If he were to do it alone,

it would only prolong the battle duration by 2 to 3 times more.

’’Noob tank! Don't waste any more of our time okay?’’ Floral Shorts joined in. ’’Each minute you

take to fight it while 9 of us lay here is equivalent to 9 minutes wasted. You can't possibly

compensate us for the time lost!’’

’’Hey! Don't assume you represent all of us!’’ yelled Snowy Death. ’’I have full confidence in our

Guardian. I don't mind laying here for a while! If you're afraid of wasting time, you can always

resurrect yourself immediately!’’

’’I also have no problems laying here for a little while more!’’ Hundred Shots, too, had expressed

his support for Zhang Yang.

’’Bunch of motherf*ckers!’’ Kindling Chest Hair could only cuss lowly.

Even though the Pride Quad kept throwing insults, none of them had released their bodies! In

'God's Miracle', if you had released your body before a dungeon raid ended, you would not be

able to resurrect to rejoin the dungeon as well and you would also be forgoing your ability to

participate in the roll for battle loot.

Whatever had been going on in their minds, even though the Pride Quad had no faith in Zhang

Yang's ability to solo kill the boss, none of them had released their bodies, fearing the

possibility of an upset! That said, even if they had released their bodies, they could not reenter

the dungeon, so they might as well lay back and watch!

’’Ding! Dadarerda used <Lava Pit>. Lasts for 60 seconds!’’


’’Ding! Dadarerda used <Lava Pit>. Lasts for 60 seconds!’’

Finally, the field had achieved the maximum number of fire pits. With 60 <Lava Pit>on the

field, it was a sight to behold! The field was fully enveloped in bright, fiery light! The pits had

covered almost half of the entire landscape in such a huge cave!

’’Ding! Dadarerba used <Flamethrower>!’’

Dadarerda began to spit fire again.

After <Lava Pit>had reached its maximum number of uses in the field, <Flamethrower>became

the biggest threat, forcing the player to move around. The current field filled with lava pits

would have been the worst scenario for the players!

Only one-third of Zhang Yang's athleticism was required to cope with the current situation.

This was just a joke for him. If this situation had required his full capabilities, how could he aim

to clear Difficult and Hardcore Mode later on?

Dadarerba's HP dropped consistently, decreasing from 91% to 66% after 3 minutes!

Zhang Yang's HP had remained a solid 100%, moving at a comfortable pace in his evasion of the

boss' attacks. He then swung his sword, chopping away at the boss' HP.

’’Pro! A real pro!’’ Everyone stared in disbelief.

Though they had already known of Zhang Yang's exceptional skills, nobody had any idea how

high his standard was! With the scene in front of them then, they clearly understood a pro's


Solo kill a boss!

This dude could totally solo kill a boss!

No! Not only this boss, he could completely raid this entire Normal Mode Bangar Crypt dungeon

on his own! The only difference would be that a party would take approximately 1 hour while he

would have taken 3 hours!

Was this dude even human?

Flame Emperor immediately searched for a name on his Friend List and sent a private message

and said, ’’Guild Leader, I have something to tell you!’’

A reply came back soon after, ’’Is it important? I'm in the middle of Difficult Mode Bangar Crypt

party raid!’’

Flame Emperor turned on the recorder and filmed Zhang Yang fighting the boss. He then sent

the recording over and said, ’’Leader, this is of utmost importance! You must see the video I'd

just sent you!’’

’’Haha, you little rascal. You wouldn't be sending me another p*****o right?’’ The other side

replied instantly, either he had killed the boss or they were completely wiped out.

’’Guild Leader...’’ Flame Emperor expressed his innocence.

’’Eh?’’ The player on the other end turned on his voice chat, his surprised tone could clearly be

heard, ’’Hey! Quiet for a second, I'm talking to Flame here!’’ He paused for a moment and asked,

’’Flame, what's the man's IGN?’’

’’Zhan Yu!’’ Flame Emperor turned off the party channel and began voice chatting with his


’’Extraordinary! He never got hit once. There are so many pits on the ground yet never once did

he step on them! Pro, an absolute pro! Even if this was only Normal Mode, it's still very

impressive! When we did it previously, we actually got wiped out twice by this third boss and

had only managed to clear it on the third try!’’ The person on the other end of the line kept quiet

for a while and said, ’’This player, he's not in a guild?’’

’’Yeah. Otherwise I wouldn't have called you!’’ Flame Emperor replied.

’’Try to approach him later, ask him if he's interested to join our Lost Paradise, I'll loosen the

conditions a little! Hmm, give him an Officer position and a spot in our guild's first explorers


’’Okay, I got it! Oh right! Leader, he told us that he'll clear Difficult Mode with us later. Would

you like to join us?’’ said Flame Emperor.

’’Hmm... I've yet to clear the first boss here so I haven't used any of my entrance counts.

Basically, I could still join you guys! Right, isn't your party full already?’’

’’There are 4 shitty Pride members here, we'll kick them out after clearing Normal Mode!’’

’’That's good, reserve 4 spots for us from Zhan Yu. I'll bring Sky and the rest to join you guys!

Hold up about recruiting him, let me talk to him personally when I've come over!’’

’’Sure!’’ Flame Emperor agreed simply.

On the other side, Dadarerda's HP had dropped to 21% yet Zhang Yang still had his HP

untouched! At this point, no one had any doubts, Zhang Yang could totally solo kill the boss!








’’Ding! The party you are in has killed Dadarerda! Obtained 42,050 EXP (50 points Party Bonus)!’’

Zhang Yang had obtained all the EXP since dead characters could not be awarded with any EXP.

This had exponentially increased his EXP bar so much that one could visually witness the surge.

’’He did it! He really did it!’’ The other 9 players mumbled to themselves as if they were


’’Go resurrect yourselves! I'll wait for you guys to loot the corpse!’’ Zhang Yang said grinning.

Prideful Precepts though, had interpreted Zhang Yang's intention with a crooked point of view

and said, ’’Loot now! We'll resurrect after equipment distribution. We can just revive at the

entrance, no need to run all the way here!’’

If drops were looted amidst resurrection, players outside of the dungeon would not be able to

roll for the loot.

Zhang Yang smiled and crouched to touch the corpse.

[Heavy Hammer] (Black-Steel, One-handed Hammer)

Magic Attack: 8 - 12

Level Requirement: 5

[Lord's Hat] (Black-Steel, Leather Armor)

Defense: +2

Vitality: +3

Dexterity: +1

Level Requirement: 5

[Linen Pants] (Black-Steel, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +1

Vitality: +2

Intelligence: +1

Spirit: +1

Level Requirement: 5

The party began rolling and Ocean Despair had managed to get the Heavy Hammer, while

Snowy Death had obtained Lord's Hat, and finally Flame Emperor had gotten Linen Pants. None

of the Pride Quad had obtained anything!

This obviously made everyone happy, smiles etched on their faces except the Pride members

whose expressions were awful. They then released their bodies and resurrected themselves at

the spawn point.

’’Hm, we shall challenge Difficult Mode after reviving. If anyone has anything else to do, you

can leave!’’ said Zhang Yang casually. He actually had not much care for Difficult Mode's

equipment but this party's current equipment was too basic. It would be extremely tough for

them in Hardcore Mode if they did not loot some proper equipment from Difficult Mode.

The Pride Quad's eyes lighted up thinking about Level 10 Black-Steel equipment dropped in

Difficult Mode! In comparison, Normal Mode's drops had been complete trash!

The party was quiet, no one had any indication of leaving.

’’Pride members, you guys can leave yourselves!’’ Zhang Yang said.

’’Why do we have to leave?’’ Kindling Chest Hair immediately shouted. Zhang Yang was

obviously a pro player. As long as they followed him around, they would definitely have access

to good equipment!

’’No reason, I just don't like your faces!’’ Zhang Yang kicked them all out without further ado.

’’F*ck! Add us back now or else I'll kill you every time I see you! I'll make sure to kill you back to

Level 0!’’ Prideful Precepts had sent Zhang Yang a private message instantly.

’’Bro, we've done you a favor by taking you in back then. You can't just kick us out like that

right?’’ Floral Shorts tried to guilt trip Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang did not waste any effort talking to them, immediately blacklisting the Pride Quad.

From now on, he would not be receiving any more private messages from them.

He opened the Character Search Window and tried searching for ’’Slim and Handsome’’ to see if

Fatty Han had connected. Coincidentally, the result had shown that his character was online.

Zhang Yang hurriedly sent a private message saying, ’’Fatty Shit, I'm Zhang Yang!’’ Attached

along with the message was a friend request.

Instantly, the request was approved and Fatty Han sent back a reply, ’’Oh, I've just slept for

about 2 hours and you've already reached Level 10?’’

Zhang Yang scoffed and said, ’’Enough chit chat, go complete the pre-requisite quest for Bangar

Crypt dungeon quickly! Big brother here will bring you to raid Difficult Mode!’’

’’Little Yang, you'd better not forget that you were born 2 months later than your Fatty Big Bro!’’

Fatty Han refuted and said, ’’Alright! I'll go do the quest now!’’

’’Pro, now that we're short of 4 players, I have some guild members who would like to join, let

me invite them over, is that alright?’’ Flame Emperor asked in a private message to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang thought for a while and said, ’’I have a friend joining, he's doing the pre-requisite

quest now so you can only invite 3 players!’’

’’Sure!’’ Flame Emperor gladly replied.

Zhang Yang passed over the Party Leader position to Flame Emperor and without much delay,

he had added 3 players into the party.

’’Ding! Player Crimson Fire has joined the party!’’

’’Ding! Player Phantom Day has joined the party!’’

’’Ding! Player Silky Snow has joined the party!’’


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