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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 130


Chapter 130: A Challenge of Sword and Fire

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Needless to say, items that should be placed in the display board should be the Gray-Silver equipment!

Zhang Yang had turned into a man of fortune. He had obtained plenty of Gray-Silver equipment from the Underground Tower. Even if he had kept some away for his gang, there were still plenty more that he could place at the display board to attract attention.

Others would definitely see it, but they might not be able to buy it. However, they would be intrigued to know what else inside that they could buy!

At least, Zhang Yang no longer needs to set bottles after bottles in the auction to sell them off. Now, as long as he set a fixed price in the shop, players could buy the desired amount of [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion]. The shop will automatically restock the item from his storage to be sold! This was much easier than buying and selling from the auction house!

Zhang Yang opened the Shop Assistant menu and viewed it selections of helpers. There were many characters available for him;from man and woman, to humans, elfs, dwarf, and also beastman. Pity, there were not any Gnomes around. Those little devils were the best at making money!

So far, the current male players in the game far exceed the number of female players. Zhang Yang then picked the first option, to remove all male, beastman, dwarfs and plain looking females. The selection was reduced from over 100 to only 20 options left. Zhang Yang carefully selected one by one and finally decided on a maid. A cool, beautiful, and se*y looking human girl. Her chest was so pointy that they could just pierce through the outfit and reveal two small dots!

It's decided! Zhang Yang would pick this one!

[Natalia] (Normal)

Level: 1

HP: 50

3-size: 34D - 22 - 33

Personality: Cool.

Service fees: 1,000 gold coin/month

Zhang Yang confirmed his selections and 1,000 gold was taken away. A white light flashed and Natalia appeared in front of Zhang Yang. She bowed down and greet him, ’’Master.’’

When she bowed, the ultra-low-cut of her maid uniform dropped and accidentally (or was its intentionally) revealed a large portion of her pale white breast. Zhang Yang could clearly see her two ginormous melons as if they were shoved right into his face. When she stood back up, her breast bounced and jiggled a little. Extreme virgin killer, to be honest.

Zhang Yang placed Natalia to stand at the front entrance of the shop. A cool, se*y girl in maid uniform. How often could you see that in the street?

He then announced his shop in the local channel. ’’Today is the launching day of Little Merchandize Shop! Come at once if it's convenient! If it's inconvenient, come all the same! The shop is located directly opposite of the auction house! There will be a beautiful girl to welcome you to the shop! Today is a special day! You'll get a special 20% discount!’’

When the announcement was released, it captured many players' attention;especially those who were close to the auction house. They walked over since they were so close and had nothing else to do. It was not like they would be forced to buy anything at all, there was definitely no harm in going.

Truthfully, Zhang Yang did not need to make that announcement. Natalia alone was sufficient enough to attract many male players around. Humans were indeed a funny being. Once there was a person standing there staring at the sky, and more people joined him to stare into the sky without knowing what to look at. Yet this little shop had something to look for, and that was Natalia, the se*y maid.

There were players who just stared from outside. Some entered the premise. Zhang Yang was not worried about his items not being able to attract the customers. As for security, it was impossible for any thievery to occur within the premise since there was the system protection. You would have to digitally buy the equipment to be able to have it.

Zhang Yang opened his inventory and found out there were still plenty of battle loots from the Underground Tower. He had forgotten to take out the rest of the item when he took out the [Land Lease]. As for the last boss, Terpot Ryhar dropped plenty of items. There were at least 14 pieces of Green-Copper equipment and 4 pieces of Gray-Silver equipment. There was only 1 Gray-Silver equipment he could use. The remaining items were a skill book and a piece of Alchemy recipe.

[Heart of Fallen Warrior] (Gray-Silver, Accessory)

Use: Increase your Defense by 2,000 points. Last for 15 seconds.

Cool down time: 5 minutes.

Level Requirement: 40

Finally! A decent item!

In 'God's Miracle', a character may equip the following equipment: Helmet, Necklace, Cape, Body Armor, Gloves, Pants, Boots, 2 Rings, Weapon, and 2 Accessories.

Weapon and Accessories were special.

Weapons could be categorized to one-handed weapon, shield, two-handed weapon, staff, and ranged weapon. A character may equip two pieces of one-handed weapon at the same time, but only one piece of two-handed weapon, staff, and ranged weapon. A Thief for example, could equip a one-handed weapon as his primary weapon slot and a shield as his secondary weapon, just like a Guardian and Defender. Only 1 Two-handed weapon, staff, and ranged weapon could only be equipped at a time.

Accessories were special. Accessory does not provide any bonus attribution, such as Dexterity, Strength, Vitality, and so on, but it does contain a special effect. The one that Zhang Yang had just obtained, [Heart of Fallen Warrior] was commonly called an Active Accessory. The player would have to manually activate the skills that the accessory provided. Merely putting it on or off would not have any effects on the character. On the other hand, there were also some Passive Accessory, such as the effect, ’’Equip-Effect: Increase all attack or Healing effect by 5%’’.

Accessories were equipment that would only appear in the late-game period. They were extremely rare. Level 40 accessories should be the game's lowest and easiest accessory. There were a majority of players would still be wearing a Level 40 accessories when they reached Level 200 because of the rarity. Accessories were only dropped by field raiding bosses such as the Underground Tower with 13th floors or the Cave of Bones.

[Skill Book: Apparate]

Use: Teach you <Apparate>.

Required Class: Spellcaster.

This is a must-learn skill for every PK Spellcaster. The character would be able to instantly move 10 meters into any direction and dispel any status effect such as stun, bind, slow, and other various debuff. This skill was a rare drop.

So far, there were no Spellcasters around that learned the skill yet. None of them truly understood the value of this skill. Zhang Yang then preemptively set the price to 10,000,000 gold coins to attract customers.

[Recipe: Beginner Iron Skin Potion]

Use: Teach you how to make [Beginner Iron Skin Potion]

Requirement: Advance Alchemy

Good item! Zhang Yang took the item for himself and learned it.

[Beginner Iron Skin Potion] (Consumable)

Use: Increase 100 Defense points for 30 seconds.

Cool down time: 2 minutes.

It was a good item, but the ingredient and material to make the item was just too much. It even required an extremely rare herb called [Iron Cane]. It was so rare that you could not even buy it with any money that you would have!

Just leave it aside for now.

Zhang Yang smiled satisfyingly and left the shop to meet up with Han Ying Xue. They party then went on and raided the Shadowmoon Castle's Garden dungeon. After that, the party proceeded on and gathered more guild members to raid Marzerway's Lair: Main Wing, and was able to procure a little more Gray-Silver equipment.

Everyone was going crazy when they saw Zhang Yang had the [Servant: Clear Lotus] and the Yellow-Gold equipment;especially Fatty Han. He was so impressed that he could make a river with his drooling.

The Level 20 Gray-Silver equipment from the Main Wing were sold out to the guild member via the guild contribution points. On the other hand, the Level 30 Gray-Silver equipment were prioritized to the gang. If there were equipment that were not suitable for any of them, Zhang Yang would sell the item at his shop and the profit will be shared among the 6 of them.

Not only was he able to fill up the empty spaces in the shop, the money that he obtained from the sales was not deducted by the system. It was a better advantage than Zhang Yang had expected.

’’Dummy! I haven't seen you for a day and yet here you are a shop owner!’’ Han Ying Xue winked seductively at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang laughed and replied, ’’Haha, what's wrong with that? You want to be my muse?’’

’’Kekeke! You've learn to flirt now! Looks like the little doggy has turned into a fine doggy!’’ Han Ying Xue winked again.

’’Please stop! Please act your age, cousin. I'm so ashamed to even walk with you!’’ Wei Yan Er gritted her teeth.

After raiding two dungeons, Zhang Yang had but little time left. He then put some effort to make more [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] to sell them in the shop. So far, Zhang Yang was the only player who could supply the [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] in White Jade Castle. Even though the sales had dropped, the market was still stable at around 30 stacks of potions sales a day. Zhang Yang predicted that it would not go any lower than that. 600 gold coins a day was not that bad. Since there was no more stock in the auction house, players would have to visit the Little Merchandize Shop to buy the potions. This was one way to bring in more customers to his shop.

Before he logged out, Zhang Yang calculated the total earnings for just one night. He sold 17 Green-Copper equipment, 3 Gray-Silver equipment, and 387 bottles of potion. His total earning was 2,700 gold coins. It was much lower than his previous earning during the peak sales period, but Zhang Yang was not frustrated since the sales was going to be never-ending. Plus, the popularity of his shop should be getting higher over time, and by then, he should have more customers. By that logic, his sales should also be better than ever.

The main benefits of selling in the shop was the absence of the 20% service charge. He could sell items cheaper than any item being sold in the auction house and still earn a profit. For example, if an item was sold for 100 gold coins in the auction house, Zhang Yang can sell the same item for 90 gold coins in his shop. The other seller would have 20 gold coins deducted by the service charge, and earn only 80 gold coins for selling at 100 gold coins.

If Zhang Yang encountered other 'Gnomes'1 business players, he could still buy an item for 81 gold coins that was worth for at least 100 gold. Since those 'Gnomes' could supply a large number of stocks in a go, although it was only 1% profit charge, 1% service charge was still a large number!

Just like when Zhang Yang was selling massive amount of [Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion], the service charge has already taken over 40,000,000 dollars!

Zhang Yang arranged a few matters with Natalia and set the price for the several items to buy from players themselves. She was then tasked to approach passerby to promote some items to be sold. Anyone would be thrilled to have a lovely little maid striking a conversation with them. Zhang Yang then deposited 10,000 gold coins for the shop's purchasing funds and logged out to have his rest.

After a good night of sleep, Zhang Yang was finally free from the discomfort of staying overnight. He felt refreshed and revitalized. He spent an hour or so to exercise, and then he then logged into the game after having his breakfast.

Zhang Yang need not worry about the shop. He only needed to occasionally check on the shop's funds to make sure it was enough to buy more items from players. Eventually, the shop would progress better and the funds would no longer decrease but only increase.

'Ding! Player Dominating Blade has sent you a friend request. Will you accept it?'

Zhang Yang was stunned for a moment. He then recalled that he had turned off private messaging from strangers. If anyone wanted to contact Zhang Yang, they would have to engage him face to face or become friends with each other.


Beep! A voice call request from Dominating Blade arrived.

The setting for the voice messaging could be toggled as so: Those who were closer to him would be set to immediate contact without the need to wait for the other party to accept the request. He had set it that way for Fatty Han, Han Ying Xue and the rest of his gang. They could just yell at him anytime and anywhere without any permission. Anyone else, Zhang Yang had set that they would have to wait for him to accept their call, like a cell phone, to be able to have a conversation.

’’Dominating Blade, is there anything I could do for you?’’ Zhang Yang accepted the call.

’’Hehe! We met you yesterday but could not engage in a proper introduction. You know, you are quite famous among our Fire and Sword group. Could I interest you in a match at the battle arena?’’ Filled with a dominating tone, he requested Zhang Yang through the call. After yesterday's incident in the tower, neither one of them were satisfied with the result.

Zhang Yang delayed his respond and answered nonchalantly. ’’I accept! However, a fight alone is just boring. How about we bet something for it?’’

’’What do you like to bet on?’’

’’Just a small thing to heat things up a little. One round, 1,000 gold coins!’’


’’Alright! Let's meet up at the arena in about 5 minutes!’’

Zhang Yang ended the call and rode his horse to the area.

The battle area was the best place to release one's frustration. It was also the place where famous players were born! The game would document every player's battle record and display the player with the highest victory rate. Before the launching of the Professional League, this list represented the PK player's strength.

However, to prevent players from abusing the system ranking, the system would not record any battle that was pre-arranged by the player. Only through registering their fights by the system, and the system would arrange a random player by their strength, would only be recorded into the system.

However, this could not 100% prevent players from finding a loophole. At least this way, they could prevent two Level 10 players to have 100 matches every day and be listed in the top ranking. However, there was no special reward from being in the top. Even if you could get yourself up to the number 1, no one would acknowledge your strength.

Zhang Yang immediately received Floating Up's battle request once he arrived at the battle area.

’’44 Bandits and Not Telling My Name has lost to you before! They're out of the fight! Healers are not a combative character, so they are out as well. What's left is the 6 of us. There's something I have to request of you personally. As long as you can defeat all of us, we will admit your strength and our weakness. We will never again accept any business regarding your death!’’ Dominating Blade said with a strong voice.

’’Alright. I accept your promise.’’

Zhang Yang was always worried about the ’’Trash’’ Mercenary group. Right now, the difference in ability between him and them were miles apart. However, these group of people were extremely strong as they learned and progressed faster than anyone. If its 1v1, he strongly believed he would never ever lose of any of them, but what if they would ambush in a party of 5? Or the entire group of 10?

To be always in the grudge of others was not a wise move! Since neither side had any grudge nor vengeance to resolve, there was no need to have them fight to the death! If he could solve this problem now, why should he not take the chance to do so?

Zhang Yang accepted the battle request.

'Ding! You have accepted player Floating Up battle request. The battle will start after 5 minutes, please make your preparation!'


1Gnome: This part here is rather confusing. The author did not specify whether it was either a race of the player character or just a general term used to describe a player who is good at doing business.


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