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MMORPG: Rebirth Of The Legendary Guardian - Chapter 103


Chapter 103: Laxus the Gardener

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

’’Little Snow, I'm counting on you!’’ Zhang Yang rushed towards the boss to

start the battle.

’’Argh! What a bunch of rude bastards! Look at what you've done to my garden!

Oh... my Crescent Moon Flower...’’ He suddenly stopped talking. The face that

the party saw was filled with malice and anger, they could feel the burning

rage emanating from him. Laxus lowered the giant scissors in his hand and

jumped off the stool. As he approached the party with the anger of a thousand

angry men, his face, bulging with blood vessels that looked like they would

burst at any time, looked frightening as hell.

’’You will pay for your impudent behavior!’’

Shush! The boss used <Charge>to dash towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang used <Charge>as well, taking him head on. He screamed, ’’Don't

start anything yet, I haven't gotten a hold on his aggro!’’

As the both of them slammed against each other, the boss remained unscathed

while Zhang Yang was stunned for 2 seconds.


Laxus struck Zhang Yang furiously, dealing extreme damage to him. As

circumstances would have it, the boss did not circle around to hit him from

behind, lest the attack would have not been absorbed by the shield, and he

would have taken an additional 200 damage!

Once Zhang Yang recovered he had lost more than half of his HP. The Rage he

gained filled up, enabling him to chain his skills.

’’Attack now!’’

<Cripple Defense>!

'-278!' <Cripple Defense>.

'-664!' Normal attack.

'-2,546!' <Horizontal Sweep>critical strike.

'-1,388!' <Destructive Smash>.

The skills casted was almost continuous without any pause in between them. If

a warrior had enough Rage, the burst damage would not be any weaker than

Thief; even more so if the warrior was a Berserker, since the weapons they

wielded were two-handed weapons with slower attack intervals. Their attack

power was devastating high and their skills damage were much higher than a

dual-wield Thief. In any PK fight, if a Berserker was able to chain their skills,

they could easily kill off any class!

’’Damn boy! That damage is just too much!’’ Fatty Han cried.

Zhang Yang shook his head. ’’That was the reason I wanted you to complete the

S-level difficulty class quest! This is WAI1!’’

’’WAI you mother! Don't go all western with me! I hate in-ge-ri-su!’’

Wei Yan Er could only stare at Zhang Yang with envy. Her weapon was a two

handed weapon, her normal attack alone was far stronger than Zhang Yang. If

she could get her hands on a 200% melee damage skill, her total attack power

would increase drastically!

However, the little kid was quickly discouraged. The S-level difficulty quest

was just too difficult for her. She had been an impatient and drastic little kid,

not having the persistence to slowly kill off the monster in her quest!

’’Hey! Noob tank! Why don't you help me complete my class quest?’’ Wei Yan Er

nudged Zhang Yang.

’’I can't. The quest can only be done by the character alone. Even if you bring

me in, the system will automatically deny you entry to the quest zone since

this has to be done alone!’’ If this wasn't the case, he would have naturally

helped everyone in the party to complete their S-level difficulty quest for them

to obtain the best possible outcome!

’’You can use my account!’’ said Wei Yan Er with a smug look on her face,

staring at him with a patronizing look.

’’...Young lady, pray tell, how do I log into your account?’’

’’I'll lend you my gaming helmet! You could use my helmet to log into my

account!’’ Wei Yan Er frowned. ’’How could you be our team captain when

you're this dumb?!’’


Everyone laughed.

This little brat was oblivious to the existence of brain waves and the fact that

developers had used this scientific phenomenon to bind each account to their

respective owners. It did not help that she could blatantly criticize Zhang Yang

with a smug on her face.

’’Insolent pest! I will burn you alive!’’ The boss roared. Fiery pits started to roar

to life on the ground. The skill was similar to that of Bangar Crypt's third boss.

Everyone started moving around to evade the fire.

Han Yin Xue immediately casted <Regeneration>on everyone. She kept <Holy

Shield>for later use.

’’Tremble in the presence of my powers!’’ Laxus the Gardener let of a

thunderous roar that rivaled the sound of actual thunder! A skull appeared

above everyone's head.

'Ding! Laxus the Gardener had used <Mad Fear>. Lasts for 6 seconds!'

Everyone started to run around randomly in all directions, unable to control

their own character. Some were screaming, some were cowering while others

ran into the fire in the midst of their haphazard running.

[On Fire]: Receive 800 Fire damage every 3 seconds, for 15 seconds.


Laxus dealt another powerful attack, immediately forcing some to recover

from the <Mad Fear>. This skill could be dispelled early before the stipulated

duration if a player took damage. The higher the damage, the faster you could


The boss pupils glowed red and the huge scissors in his hands skewered

through the air towards Zhang Yang.

'Ding! Laxus the Gardener has used <Piercing Blade>!'


Zhang Yang could not afford to receive any damage since the healer Han Yin

Xue was still on the floor cowering.

With no healer, Zhang Yang had to resort to the skills he had at hand.


Zhang Yang activated the sword skill effect. The sword gave off a blood red

glow and Zhang Yang quickly attacked the boss with all his highest attack skill.

'-1428!' <Destructive Smash>.


'-1399!' <Horizontal Sweep>.


'-657!' Normal attack.


Zhang Yang activated <Lifesteal>and completely recovered all his HP in an


6 seconds passed and the effect of <Mad Fear>had worn off. Everyone returned

to their positions and attacked. Little Snow begun to heal the party.

As expected of Han Yin Xue the Super Healer. With only a few healing spells,

she had healed everyone till full health.

’’It's time for an IQ test!’’ Fatty Han cried.

’’Hahaha! With your level of intelligence! What kind of questions can you ask?

For 3 year old? 5 year old?’’

Everyone was calm. Even after the commotion, none of them had lost their


Fatty Han scoffed. ’’Haha! It shall be for 7 years old and above!’’

’’Come! Give it to us!’’

’’Here's the situation. There were two men and two women stranded on an

inhabited island. They waited for a rescue but there were no boats passing by!

Now, it was hopeless to just wait there so they wanted to do something to pass

the time; to have an orgy in the middle of the night!’’

’’...Fatty, are you giving us an IQ question, or are you just trying to show off

your perverted-ness?’’

’’Hey! At least listen to what I have to say!’’

’’Finish it then...’’

’’Hmm. Hmm. Here is the problem. But they cannot just do it since they might

spread STD! So, everyone started to find some rubber! But here's the real

problem! Both of them wanted to have a two-way so, here's the question for

you guys! What could they do to make sure everyone stays safe?’’

’’Fatty Han!’’ Han Yin Xue and Wei Yan Er screamed at Fatty Han through their

teeth. Sun Xin Yu on the other side was only focused on attacking the boss with

no visible changes to her expression.

Zhang Yang and Hundred Shots on the other hand were not at all offended by

such indecent topics. In fact, they were actually taking the problem seriously,

racking their brains.

After some time, Zhang Yang laughed. He said, ’’I know the answer!’’

’’Hey idiot! If you ever think of saying anything to corrupt my Yan Er, I'll

personally smash your face in!’’ warned Han Yin Xue.

Zhang Yang laughed even louder. He then said, ’’Alright, how do I put this

delicately...Ah hah! Gloves! Man A puts on glove number 1 and then puts

number 2 gloves over glove number 1! He will then erhm...hold hands with Girl

A. After that, he will take off glove number 1 and hold Girl B's hands. Man B

will then put on glove number 2 and hold Girl B's hand. After putting on glove

number 1 and holds Girl A's hand.’’

’’Woah there stud! Looks like my Little Yang here has the potential to be a

cheating bastard!’’ Fatty Han laughed.

’’Alright! Enough with gloves, focus on the boss!’’

Laxus tried to hit Zhang Yang with his powerful attack but Zhang Yang utilized

his <Block>that only needed 2 seconds to cooldown to completely turn himself

invulnerable to the boss. Even after changing into his wolf form, Laxus was

unable to endure the party's immense firepower and fell defeated after a short


’’Phew...In my own humble opinion, I think that so far, of all the bosses we've

encountered in Hardcore Mode, this was the easiest!’’ said Hundred Shots.

Zhang Yang smiled without commenting. The only reason he could say that

was because of Zhang Yang's unparalleled skills as a tank and a Guardian. If

anyone else could replace him, and have more a than 5 second cooldown time

for his <Block>, Hundred Shots would quickly change his mind..

’’Time for the spoils!’’ Wei Yan Er walked up and opened the corpse.

[Gardener's Proposal Ring] (Gray-Silver, Ring)

Vitality: +15

Intelligence: +15

Use: Increase Magic critical by 2%

Level requirement: 30

Everyone exchanged looks.

’’How much of a slut could this Winny be?!’’ Fatty Han sighed.

’’She could have everyone in this garden falling for her!’’

’’I'm telling you. Not even the TV series in Taiwan about family drama could be

as complicated as this! Winny could even be eligible for the mainland's *ahem*

romantic action movie!’’

’’Attention to all bosses in the Garden! Please put on safety GLOVES when

SHAKING hands with Jenny. . and put a few more on over it just in case! You

don't want to contract any HANDS disease!’’

The three guys joked around and laughed heartily. Even guys could gossip

sometimes. However, their jokes were wasted on Han Yin Xue as she rolled her

eyes, while Sun Xin Yu remained stoic and unfazed.

The ring automatically fell into Han Yin Xue's hands. She put it on and gained

a slight increase in stats.

[Smithing Recipe: Garden Scissors]

Use: Teaches you how to make a [Garden Scissors]

Requirement: Amateur Smithing.

’’Is this...bad? Or good?’’

’’Don't mind that first. Just roll the dice and use it!’’

The only players in the party who had learned Smithing were Wei Yan Er and

Zhang Yang. Both of them rolled and Wei Yan Er obtained the item. She quickly

patted it lovingly.

[Garden Scissors] (Special Item)

Item description: Allows an extra 1% success rate to harvest an additional herb

during harvesting.

Requirement: Herbalism.

’’Hmm...this is good. Sort of. Additional herbs are like additional minerals, they

are considered to be rare items. Farmers would love them. Little brat, you

should start making a bunch of this item and sell it. You might not earn a

fortune but at least you can raise your mastery level with this recipe. Talk

about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!’’ said Zhang Yang.

Wei Yan Er did not look like she heard him. She did love the concept of getting

rich, but she had no patience for it. She would have died of boredom if she was

somehow forced to sit down, making items for days like Zhang Yang did.

’’Let's get a move on!’’

’’Hehehe...I have another IQ test for you lots!’’

’’Shut up!’’


1WAI- In the conversation, Zhang Yang used English language in his speech.

WAI = Why.


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