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MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 328


Chapter 328

 "Erm... That'll require a Group PVP..."Little One replied honestly.

"Oh... I got it!"Wang Yu responded as he squeezed Little One into a ball of white light with his hands.

"How was it? How was it?'Everyone in the team crowded over when they saw Little One come out.

"I lost..."Little One reported in a depressing tone. Not only did he lose, he lost convincingly. After all, he had the advantage with regards to the job matchup and the battle map but Wang Yu still wiped the floor with him while standing in his trap... Little One couldn't help but be totally convinced of his loss.

Little Four and Little Five were slightly disappointed, and they comforted Little One. "It's already not bad that you managed to last that long inside..."

Both of them had been killed shortly after entering the PVP while Little One actually remained inside for a whole 20 minutes. The others already looked up to him purely based on this.

"Yeah, this is why you're our boss. Both of you must have had an intense battle..."The rest also chimed in.

"Eh..."Upon hearing his teammates'words, Little One swallowed the words he was about to say.

"Let it go..."Little One said before changing the topic. "That guy is too impressive. Everyone, don't go after him in the future, otherwise our PVP points will really go into the red at this rate."

Little Four cried: "I'm already in the red..."It was pure bad luck that he had met Wang Yu for his first match.

"Hmm, if our individual PVP points are too low, why don't we take part in Group PVP."Little One suggested.

Since Little Four could get matched with Wang Yu for his first match, Wang Yu should have had pretty few PVP points. If they continued queuing in the 1v1 PVP, it was quite likely that they would go up against him again.

Moreover, Wang Yu didn't have a team, so he shouldn't take part in Team PVP.

Hence as long as they were in the right mind, they would naturally avoid this sort of monster... On top of that, for Team PVP, the number of points obtained would be much more than 1v1 PVP, and everyone was part of a competitive team so their coordination would definitely be better than an one man team.

"Great, 1v1 PVP isn't that useful anyway..."Little One's suggestion was supported by everyone else.

Just at this moment, Wang Yu came out into the PVP Hall and said to the PVP Master: "I want to take part in Team PVP."


"Confirm entry to Team PVP alone?"

"Confirm!"Wang Yu nodded and the scene before his eyes turned into that of the Team PVP Hall.

There were many more people taking part in Team PVP than 1v1 PVP and a large portion of them were players from competitive teams. People like Wang Yu who stood alone were in the minority.

Of course, the hall had a number of individuals here as well. At this point, many random teams were shouting: "Team PVP, expert team, 9 waiting for 1++++Pugilists take care."

"Expert team, 50 PVP Points and above+++No Pugilists..."


As he looked at the speech bubbles one after another, Wang Yu felt frustrated. Were Pugilists that disliked?

There was no way around it. Pugilists could be considered as a secondary tank in PVE if they wore heavy armor, but for PVP, with the current capabilities of Pugilists, they were rather useless. Especially for group battles, the difference between having a weapon and being empty handed was rather significant.

After hanging around the Team PVP Hall for some time, it seemed to Wang Yu that all random teams discriminated against Pugilists, almost as though as having a Pugilist in their team would lead to a loss.

This made him want to cry. What exactly had Pugilists done...

Finally, in the extreme corner of the hall, Wang Yu found a suitable team... The team leader was a girl, and this girl was different from other team leaders. She didn't discriminate against any jobs and her team's speech bubble was very simple as well: Doing PVP+++

The sight of this team made Wang Yu very happy and he sent a join request over immediately. Without a second look, the girl accepted his request and added him to the team.

Seconds later, a system notification popped up:

<"Basic Number Competitive Team"has challenged your team, your team leader "Seven Blueberries"has accepted.>

Following which, the scenery changed to that of a PVP map. Once inside, everyone looked at one another before drawing their weapons.

"Our opponent is a professional team, so we have to fight seriously!"A Warrior named Tibet Martial Bird waved his sword while speaking.

"We know we know, do you really need to tell us all this nonsense? You're not even the team leader..."

The team obviously didn't care about Tibet Martial Bird's statement. After all, poor discipline in a random team was team was normal.

Seven Blueberries might have been friends with Tibet Martial Bird, hence when she saw that he couldn't take control of the situation, she added on: "Listen to Tibet Martial Bird..."

"Che... What a girl says doesn't count..."The rest remarked.

Sweat flowed down Wang Yu's head. Were they not going to listen to anyone's commands? A random team's problems were indeed very great.

Only after a round of bickering did everyone notice Wang Yu who was at the back, and they turned around to ask him: "Where's your weapon?"

In a Virtual Reality Game, other than some stupid people and those who had extreme cosmetic weapons, players wouldn't normally hold their weapons in their hands. But it was almost time to engage in battle, so it wasn't acceptable to not draw your weapon by this point in time.

Wang Yu shrugged and replied: "I have no weapon..."

"No weapon? Are you a Pugilist?"Everyone asked in shock.

"Yes..."Wang Yu nodded.

"F*ck!!"The already messy situation turned even worse when everyone heard his answer. "F*ck, how can you fight then!"

"That's right, what is a Pugilist doing by taking part in PVP?"Everyone questioned Wang Yu.

"Er..."Wang Yu said frustratingly. "The team leader didn't say that Pugilists are not wanted..."

"Who cares what she says!"

Other than Tibet Martial Bird, the others spoke in unison while staring at Seven Blueberries.

"I'm Iron Bull!"Wang Yu declared as he pointed at the ID above his head.

"What's Iron Bull? I don't recognise you!"The team sneaked a peek at Wang Yu before leaving the team one after another.

At the same time they scolded: "D*mn, just my luck to meet something like this. Quickly leave, quickly leave. I don't have the time to play with you!"As they said that, the other seven players directly left the PVP map, leaving Wang Yu, Tibet Martial Bird, and Seven Blueberries behind.

Most of the players who entered the PVP Arena were professional players, hence it was already difficult for random teams to do well. Now that they had a Pugilist in their team as well, wasn't it also 9 vs 10?

There wasn't any point in thinking about what would happen if 9 random players faced off against 10 professional competitive team players.

Being killed would result in -10 PVP Points, while leaving was only -1 PVP Point, and no one had that many points to spare.

"Why aren't you two leaving?"Once the rest of the team left, Wang Yu asked Tibet Martial Bird and Seven Blueberries curiously.

"I'm the team leader... So I'll also get -10 points if I leave... Anyway aren't you staying too?"Seven Blueberries blushed as she spoke.

"What about you?"Wang Yu's gaze fell on Tibet Martial Bird.

"If she doesn't leave I won't leave!"Tibet Martial Bird firmly replied.

"Great!"Wang Yu nodded. "Then the two of you can just wait here, I'll be back soon!"


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