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MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 295


Chapter 295

<High Grade Recovery Medicine Recipe>: The recipe needed to produce High Grade Recovery Medicine. Job Requirement: Master Pharmacist,

"What the f*ck, this...this…"

Storm was completely speechless when he saw the recipe.

As the game's difficulty increased, recovery medicines became more valuable. At this point in time, even medium grade recovery medicines were extremely expensive. This recipe was probably priceless.

Pharmaceutical items were the rarest to be dropped in this game. Even medium grade recovery medicine recipe was said to be dropped only by gold grade bosses above level 40, at a small chance.

Most players were only about level 20, to challenge gold grade bosses 20 levels above them was unimaginable. Not to mention that this was a high grade recovery medicine recipe, which probably came from only bosses of ancient grade or above.

Despite the price of 1000 gold, but the profit it could bring exceeded its price for sure.

If Team Storm had more than several hundred gold in total, Storm would have bought it right away. Even if he could not use the recipe himself, he could sell it it for multiple times of its original price.

Knowing how popular medium grade recovery medicines were, Wang Yu was clearly aware of the recipe's value. He bought it without hesitation. It was only then, that Wang Yu had completely emptied the shops in Wonderland Forest.

"Brother Bull, if you can't use the recipe, could you sell it to us? I would gather funds right after we are out of the dungeon. I offer to buy it with 3000 gold."Storm said.

Wang Yu smiled, "Sorry, but I could actually use this recipe!"

Li Xue spent all her time at the guild headquarters raising her skill level. By the time the game started running officially, she would have probably reached medium-grade alchemy. She would be the only one in game to be able to use the recipe.


Storm did not believe Wang Yu. It would take at least a year to become a master pharmacist, Wang Yu was probably boasting when he said that he could use the recipe. However, if Wang Yu did not want to sell it, there was nothing Storm could do about it…

"Now that we have resupplied, let's go complete the quest!"With Wang Yu's words, everyone packed up and followed him out of the village.

Wonderland Forest was separated into two parts. The first part was the area under the gnomes'control. The second part, was the area occupied by the enchanted monsters. The village had separated the dungeon into the two parts.

Wang Yu and the rest were now at the area with enchanted monsters. There were monsters everywhere, and they turned black in color due to enchantment.

<Enchanted Axe-wielding Gnome>(LV35) (Elite)>

HP: 25 000

MP: 2000

Skills: [Axe Attack], [Tumble]

Monster description: After being possessed by the soul of the evil Elf spirit, the brave warrior turned into a puppet of the devil.

<Beetle Lancer (LV35) (Elite)>

HP: 20 000

MP: 5000

Skills: [Flight], [Javelin]

Monster Description: An insect that has been corrupted by darkness, and turned into a minion of Seraph, The Seventh Apostle.

Seraph, The Seventh Apostle, lived at "Warriors'Capital", which was next to City of Elves. It was common to see his underlings creating problems in City of Elves.

The monsters they met were in two groups coming from both sides. Each group had four gnomes and four beetles, blocking their only path.

"You guys take the left side, I will take the right!"Wang Yu then charged towards the monsters.

Right after entering the aggro range of the monsters, the beetle lancers in the sky shot their lances at Wang Yu. Wang Yu catched all of them and threw them at the gnomes in front. The four lances landed accurately on the four gnomes, dealing 3000 damage to each of them.

Wang Yu did not stop moving while he threw the lances. When the beetles were ready to use [Javelin] again, Wang Yu already in the middle of the gnomes.

Kick, punch, slap…

Wang Yu's was evading the gnome's attacks constantly, so they could not even touch him. Meanwhile, Wang Yu's attacks were dealing significant damage to the gnomes.

The beetle's lances struck again, Wang Yu grabbed all of them again, and threw them at a single beetle, killing it instantly. After a few rounds of attacks, the beetles were the first to be slain.

The gnomes were on the verge of death as well. With [Thunder God's Stomp], Wang Yu killed all the gnomes.

It took less than two minutes for Wang Yu to kill the whole group of monsters. Team Storm was once again in awe of Wang Yu's efficiency.

However, they were already numbed by Wang Yu's strength. After witnessing Wang Yu killing the monsters faster than the 10 of them did, they were no longer as shocked as before.

Team Storm was doing decently actually. Most players had already gotten their equipments completed. Any decent player would have a whole set of bronze equipments, so it was possible for them to fight monsters above their level. The only issue was the lower gain in experience points as compared to killing monsters that were at the same level.

For professional players like Team Storm, more than half of their equipments were silver grade. Coupled with their better mechanics, facing level 35 monsters was tough, but not dangerous. Not to mention that Wang Yu was helping them.

The gnomes were standard warrior type monsters, and they had poor defence. With Storm attracting their aggro, the four assassins attacked them without worries. With Thousand Shades of Purple around, HP was not an issue either.

The five of them took turns stunning the gnomes with great coordination. They could kill a gnome after every few rounds of attacks. Everyone had gotten an axe from the gnomes after they were killed.

<Gnome's Axe (Bronze) (Secondary)> (Bronze) (Secondary)>

Physical Attack: 17-29

Magical Attack: 0-0


[Boomerang Axe] (Active) - Throw the axe to attack an enemy.

'Tch…"While they were impressed by the axe's attributes, they felt sad for the gnomes.

The gnomes could have used their far-range attacks, but they chose a close quarter combat. Guess they did not enjoy their lives as the devil's minion…

The beetle lancers were monsters that could fly, making them very annoying. However, the bowmen form City of Elves were much better than the bowmen from other cities. As professionals, Team Storm was obviously better than the beetles.

The four bowmen already drew the aggro of the beetles since the start. They used the hit-and-run method, and it did no take them long to finish the beetles. They were able to get quite a few javelins as well.

<Javelin (Iron) (Secondary)>

Physical Attack: 15-17

Magical Attack: 0-0

Quantity: 20


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