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MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 237


Chapter 237

Wang Yu suddenly pulled a strange sword out of his inventory...

Holding the scabbard in his left hand and the sword in his right, Wang Yu took a step forward when he saw that Angela was charging towards him.


Angela let out a ear piercing screech as she staggered backwards, a crimson red number flashing above her head.


"What the f*ck was that?"Sanguine Warflag and Fearless mumbled as they curiously watched on.

In a state of panic, Angela quickly casted [Bone Eroding Poison].

The sword in Wang Yu's hand suddenly extended as Wang Yu retreated. But just as Angela was giving chase, Wang Yu suddenly threw the sword towards her, using both his hands to grab the nearest stone pillar to propel himself forwards. Wang Yu's figurer flashed, appearing before Angela as he reached out for his sword, stabbing it towards her abdomen.

Angela swiftly reached out, preparing to use [Nightmare's Kiss] on Wang Yu. But the sword in Wang Yu's hand mysteriously split into two...

Wang Yu jammed the scabbard into Angela's mouth as he stabbed the sword into her shoulder.

Angela roared in pain as he eyes started to glow, trying to use [Death's Gaze] on Wang Yu. But Wang Yu lightly chuckled as he appeared behind Angela, slashing her throat with the sword...


"What the f*ck, what is that weapon?"Sanguine Warflag mumbled as he looked at the sword in Wang Yu's hand, was there really such a strong weapon in <<REBIRTH>>?

This sword was the weapon that Wang Yu had exchanged his event points for yesterday, the Obsidian tier Universe Sword...

The design of this sword was from the Tang dynasty, and even though it was about the same length as the long sword that Wang Yu was previously using, this sword could have much more variations to it's attacks.

Long swords were mainly used for slashing the user's targets. Even a martial arts expert like Wang Yu could not really do much about that. The main difference between Wang Yu and a common user of the long sword was that the timing of Wang Yu's attacks were far more accurate and his attacks were more lethal.

But the Universe Sword was much lighter as compared to a long sword. Wang Yu could use it for stabbing and much more, he wasn't just limited to slashing because of the weight of the sword.

The greatest advantage of the Universe Sword was the fact that Wang Yu could fully display the might of his martial arts with it, especially his quick draw.

The crux of the quick draw martial arts was to surprise the enemy by quickly drawing the blade and slashing them before they could even register what had happened. Since it was a linear attack, there was no need to worry that the narrow terrain would inhibit his movements.

Even though the Universe Sword did not have very high physical attack, it's skill gave it bonus bonus damage, allowing it to far surpass the damage output of normal weapons.

This Universe Sword really was a lot more useful than the long sword that Wang Yu had previously been using.

After using his quick draw on Angela for the second time, Angela quickly casted her poison around herself.

Wang Yu kept his sword as he kicked off a stone pillar, allowing himself to remain above ground.

Once the poison had dissipated, Wang Yu descended from the air slashing down at Angela's throat once again...

When Angela had first summoned the stone pillars, Wang Yu was so caught up with dodging her attacks that he did not think of using the pillars to evade her. It was only after he realised that her attacks could not go above her that he thought of utilising the terrain to beat her. After all, a Pugilist like Wang Yu was much more nimble than her.

Wang Yu darted around the forest of stone pillars, running between them and using them to jump high into the air. There was simply no way for Angela to counter or even predict where Wang Yu's attacks were coming from.

This boss really was pitiful. This forest of stone pillars was originally supposed to be her domain where she could easily kill all those that entered it. But Wang Yu seemed even more adept at using this terrain to his advantage...

"What the f*ck, he's too awesome!"Fearless and Sanguine Warflag watched on with admiration and adoration in their eyes. Words could hardly describe Wang Yu's performance in this battle...

There was no room for counterplay against a monster like Wang Yu, Angela could only desperately flail around until she was finally slain by Wang Yu.

<System Notification: You have completed the quest 'The Cursed Snake'. You have been awarded 40% completion for this dungeon.>

Once Angela had died, all the stone pillars vanished as well. It was only now that Sanguine Warflag and Fearless finally left their hiding spot.

"You really are a cruel man! Even a female boss like this was chopped up by you like she was just a head of cabbage!"Fearless sighed as he looked at all the slash wounds on her body: "It's a pity that her lower body is a snake's tail..."

"Why's it a pity?"Wang Yu asked.

"There's no place to stick it in..."Fearless grinned.

"F*ck! You sick bastard!"Sanguine Warflag gasped.

"What do you mean? You can just stick it in her neck..."Wang Yu said.

"I don't think you understand what I'm talking about..."

"Forget it. So who will be the one looting this boss? Sanguine Warflag interjected.

"Hah! Why don't you try it?"Fearless mocked.

"I'll do it!"Wang Yu volunteered.

Ever since he had watched Vainglory and Sanguine Warflag try to loot a boss, Wang Yu realised that his luck really wasn't that bad at all!

"And if I say no?"Fearless asked.

"Then maybe I should introduce you to my sword..."Wang Yu replied as he drew his sword.

"Go ahead!"Fearless frantically nodded.

"That's what a brother is for!"Wang Yu evilly grinned as he kept the Universe Sword in his inventory, touching Angela with both his hands/

Wang Yu's luck today wasn't bad at all. The first item he got was actually the headquarter title deed that Sanguine Warfalg had been dreaming about!

"Mine! Mine!"Sanguine Warflag excitedly shouted.

Wang Yu casually tossed the title deed over to Sanguine Warflag, only to see him kissing it as though it was the most precious thing in the word. This scene was incredibly revolting for both Wang Yu and Fearless.

Why would you even kiss something that came out of this poisonous snake?

But Sanguine Warflag's happiness didn't even last 3 seconds. The grin on his face quickly faded once he read the item description.

Title deed: Rare item. You can exchange this title deed for the rights to do the headquarters defence quest for Viper Valley.


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