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Miracle Throne - Chapter 355


Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Void Escaping

Then she could only try out the cultivation Chu Tian taught her!

Vivian had innate spatial energy, but because she couldn't find a suitable cultivation technique, she could only rely on her source spirit to cut through space and fight, making her fighting style were monotone. As for teleporting and dividing space, these were all applications of cutting through space.

The Fang King used his lightning to seal off the surrounding area, so Vivian did not have a way of teleporting over. The energy waves caused the space to be filled with fierce fluctuations, so Vivian couldn't cut through space. This meant she was at her wit's end.

If the Fang King ran at this moment, Vivian would not have a way to deal with him. However, it seemed like the Fang King did not plan on running and was using a large amount of lightning to attack Vivian.

Although this elf had spatial energy, her defenses were very weak. As long as he could approach, the Fang King was confident in killing her, even if her cultivation was higher than his!

How could Vivian not know what he was thinking?

This dirty spirit beast actually wants to kill me?

Vivian had only been cultivating the «Void Escaping»cultivation technique for a few days, but she already had a few attainments in it. This was not related to Vivian's innate talent. She was after all a True Spirit Realm expert and hadn't practiced a spatial cultivation technique for many years. Now that she had suddenly found a cultivation technique suited to her source spirit, naturally it would compliment her source spirit.

When the Fang King approached Vivian, he first release lightning bolts which surrounded Vivian. The lightning erupted with fierce energy that quickly disrupted the surrounding space, limiting Vivian's ability to teleport.


A sharp thorn of lightning condensed as it flew at Vivian. Vivian's body trembled as the lightning pierced into Vivian's chest and the dazzling energy penetrated through her back.

Is she dead?

The Fang King revealed a look of joy!

With this strong of an attack, it would be hard for her not to be dead!

But at this time, the Fang King was shocked to find that Vivian's body was not hurt by the lightning at all. This thorn of lightning had only penetrated through thin air and did not touch Vivian at all.

Vivian was coming closer and closer to the Fang King.

This is bad!

The Fang King felt a strong sense of danger!

Vivian revealed a sly smile. This distance should be enough. She raised her white as jade palm and condensed a knife that warped space to pierce at the Fang King.

Spatial cutting!

Cutting an object on a spatial level!

It disregarded firmness of the item and even the hardest item would be cut!


Blood instantly bloomed!

Everything had happened in an instant!

The Fang King had been split in two from the waist. This War Hounds Kingdom Fang King did not even know what happened, but he had actually been killed without knowing how!

This really was too easy to use!

Was this the effect of «Void Escaping»?

Void Escaping, escaping into the void, it really had the same effect as its name!

When Vivian used Void Escaping, her body was covered in spatial spirit energy. The enemy could still see her at this time, but her body was already isolated by a thin layer of spatial energy, no longer being in normal space.

This condition could theoretically neutralize all damage, whether it was ice, fire, wind, or lightning, it would pass through Vivian's body. It would be stopped on a spatial level and would not be able to touch Vivian, they would not be able to harm Vivian at all. With her ’’Spatial Dagger's’’ special ability, she could cross through space to attack.

The essence of the «Void Escaping»technique was its unpredictability!

Once Vivian was more familiar with this cultivation technique, with the attack power of her ’’Spatial Dagger’’, other couldn't hurt her and she could hurt others. Her strength reached an astonishing level and geniuses of the same level could only be instantly killed!

Of course the Void Escaping was not invincible. While she couldn't be hurt in conventional methods, attacks based on mind, soul, space, and time could still have effect on her.

Other than that, when she was in the Void Escaping State, it was like she had turned into a watershed.

If the strength was not enough, even with hundred of millions of attack, Vivian would not suffer any injuries because these attacks would not cause her to consume any energy. But if a single attack was strong enough, it could shatter the spatial energy barrier which would destroy Vivian's cultivation technique.

Vivian had just cultivated Void Escaping, so her cultivation strength was not high enough yet. If she received an attack that was as strong as her cultivation, her cultivation technique would naturally be released. But it was a pity that the Fang King's cultivation was weaker than Vivian's, so he had no way of breaking this space cultivation technique.

It would increase with Vivian's strength from now on.

If her cultivation technique could reach the Large Success Realm, it would be strong enough that any conventional attacks in the same realm would be unable to threaten her. Even if their cultivation was three-five layers higher, as long as they were in the same realm, conventional attacks would be of no use.

This was the terrifying part of space cultivation techniques!

’’It's done!’’

Vivian sent the Fang King's corpse back to Central State.

The Fang King had suddenly disappeared from the battlefield and had appeared again in around half a minute. He had turned into a corpse that had been sliced in half which completely collapsed the morale of the War Hounds!

Only Hounds!

Only the Fang King could gather the War Hounds Kingdom together. Once the War Hounds lost the supreme leadership of the Fang King, they would instantly collapse into War Hounds tribes that were completely scattered!

Now the Fang King was dead.

Can the War Hound Plains return to the past?

’’Retreat, retreat!’’ The War Hounds chiefs felt there was no need to keep fighting. Instead of wasting military strength in Central State City, it would be better to head back and expand their territory. With the Fang King dead, the War Hounds Kingdom had collapsed and their alliance was broken!

Would it be that easy?

’’Spatial Rope!’’

When the War Hounds chiefs were about to move, space distorted around them. There was an invisible rope that surrounded them which was also one of the secret techniques of the Void Escaping Cultivation Technique.

This is bad!

The War Hounds chiefs already did not have time to break free of their bindings.

Vivian appeared in the space beside one War Hounds chief and instantly cut his body that couldn't move into two pieces. She did not remain for an extra second as she disappeared again.

Too fast!

The two other War Hounds chiefs had already realized that the Southern Summer Country had an expert that could manipulate space.

How could the two of them dare be negligent?

The two of them released their spirit energy and disrupted the space around them. They used quick and random movements to dodge the spatial binding, resisting the ambush of the spatial expert.

Vivian's teeth ached from her hatred.

These fellows were truly sly!

If it wasn't inconvenient for Vivian to be seen by others, she would have chased down those two people already. She had no choice now, they were already vigilant. It was hard for Vivian to make a move, so she could only let those two fellows leave.

The battle for Central State was a large victory!

The enemy army was almost completely annihilated!

From the prestigious Fang King to the other two War Hounds chiefs, they all died here!

The Southern Summer army had defended the six southern states and had killed the Fang King. This kind of glorious victory filled the Southern Summer people with elation and pride!

An incomparably exciting news also came from the Four States Lake. The six hundred thousand main army of the War Hounds were completely wiped out!

Wiped out!

They were actually wiped out!

When the Southern Summer people learned of this news, they almost suspected if there were problems with their ears!

Chu Tian had brought two hundred thousand people with him and he had wiped out a six hundred thousand enemy army, this was simply a miracle victory. Moreover, after the Four States Lake battle, the War Hound Plains had lost half of their main power, so they could no longer invade south!

The Southern Summer Country had lost several hundred thousand elite troops!

The War Hounds had also lost several hundred several hundred thousand elites!

The War Hounds had captured one region and two states from Southern Summer, but the Southern Summer Kingdom had killed the War Hounds' king!

This seemed like a defeat for both side, but the War Hounds having no way of threatening them anymore and the Southern Summer Country could recover themselves during this time. However, there was still the terrifying Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom behind the War Hounds Kingdom, so before the time was ripe, Dongfang Gan did not dare recapture the Imperial Region. He avoided provoking the Eagle Burial Kingdom, thus avoiding the Eagle Burial Kingdom from wildly trying to take revenge while ignoring all costs.

Now the biggest hidden danger was the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom!

The Southern Summer Country had destroyed the War Hounds' main forces in one fell swoop and had killed the vassal king the Eagle Burial Kingdom had sent, which made the large kingdom War Hounds Kingdom lose a lot of strength. This was not something the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom would not swallow down. As a powerful warring kingdom, their military was certainly strong. If they wanted to exterminate the Southern Summer Country, the Southern Summer Country would be facing invaders ten times stronger than the War Hounds!

How would they resist them then?

The Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom was an ambitious kingdom, fighting wars in all four directions at the same time, so they wouldn't move against a small Southern Summer Country just yet. Not to mention the Southern Summer Country had beaten the War Hounds in such a decisive manner, so if Dongfang Gan spread rumours, letting them believe there was a Forest of Chaos power behind the Southern Summer Country, the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom would be careful. Without properly investigating them, they would not dare offend an unknown enemy.

In theory, the Southern Summer Country would have time to prepare, but it was hard to estimate how long this was.

In short, the Southern Summer Country's crisis was far from being over. For this matter, Dongfang Gan quickly summoned everyone to discuss this. They were discussing how to strengthen the Southern Summer Country's defenses in a short amount of time to properly prepare to defend against the Eagle Burial Kingdom's invasion.

The great scholar Gu Qianqiu said, ’’With the current Southern Summer Country, we have a small territory, scarce resources, and thin spiritual energy. The only thing we can cling to is Miracle Commerce's weapons and it would still be hard to resist the Eagle Burial Kingdom! Moreover, paper cannot wrap the flames. If the Southern Summer Country uses Source Energy Weapons at such a large scale, this news will be sent to other countries in just one-two months. At that time, it won't just be the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom, the other kingdoms will also be interested in us.’’

This was one of the things the Southern things the Southern Summer King was worried about.

The Source Energy Weapons were the only assurance they had in resisting the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom, but it would also draw a large disaster to the Southern Summer Country. After all, the Source Energy Weapons were too attractive. No matter what country it was, as long as they had these weapons, they could increase their national strength by ten times!

Not to mention kingdoms, even the empires would be interested in them!

At that time, the Southern Summer Country wouldn't only be facing the Eagle Burial Kingdom, but some of the most powerful nations on the continent. For a weak country like the Southern Summer Country, could they protect Miracle Commerce?

’’Trees are dead and people are living. This is called poverty giving rise to desire. If we want to defend against the outside powers, we cannot be conservative.’’ Gu Qianqiu gave his opinion, ’’We need to expand outwards!’’

’’The great scholar is reasonable!’’ Dongfang Gan gave a slight nod, ’’We can't move to the north, the east and west have nothing, so we can only try heading south. According to what this king knows, the southern forests are very rich, but there are many different hard to imagine powers present, some are existences that wouldn't even lose to warring kingdoms. The Southern Summer Country is too weak, so if we enter rashly, we'll be swallowed without leaving behind even bones. How does everyone think we should proceed?’’

A single Eagle Burial Kingdom could already force the Southern Summer Country to this state.

There were many peak existences in the Forest of Chaos that would not lose to warring kingdoms and the entire Forest of Chaos itself had the resources and potential to form an empire. For such a rich region, even if the Southern Summer Country could obtain a small part of the resources, it would be enough to increase the Southern Summer Country's national strength. This was truly a great method of increasing the Southern Summer Country's strength.

Only.....Could the Southern Summer Country really establish a base in this place?

’’The Southern Summer Country might not be able to, but Miracle Commerce can!’’ Meng Qingwu stood up and said, ’’It's much easier for Miracle Commerce to step into the Forest of Chaos!’’

This was true!

The Southern Summer Country was a country no matter how weak it was.

If a country were to enter, they would be immediately recognized as an intruder by the locals and the suppression they would meet would be hard to resist. Miracle Commerce was not the same. The Forest of Chaos was very chaotic, but there was great business opportunity because of this chaos. There were many merchants on the continent that were willing to take risk and the locals weren't on guard towards outside merchants.

Miracle Commerce's commodities had the competitive advantage in the Forest of Chaos!


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