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Miracle Throne - Chapter 353


Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Central State's siege battle

To the north of Central State City, there were cliffs where layers of rocks were stacked. This area covered over a thousand miles, with complex terrain and dense amounts of ferocious beasts. There was not a safe path, so even the most experienced mercenary would find it hard to pass, not to say a land force of over ten thousand.

Because the north of Central State was sealed off by natural barriers, no one thought that the War Hounds would launch an attack from the north.

At a mountain range less than a hundred miles away from Central State, there was a dense amount of vultures that appeared. The black War Hounds flag danced in the wind as the weapons of several tens of thousands of soldiers revealed a terrifying cold glint.

The four War Hounds chiefs urged, ’’It's about time, we should make our move!’’

The Central State army should be fighting the War Hounds army on the Four States Lake right now. The Central State army could not come back while chasing the War Hounds army, so this was the best chance to ambush Central State! But it was unknown why the Fang King did not give the order and just pondered something with knit brows.

’’What is the Fang King still waiting for?’’

’’As long as we seize Central State, the Southern Summer Country will belong to the War Hounds! We will obtain two hundred million slaves!’’

The Fang King looked at Central State City in the distance, ’’Central State has only sent out half of their forces to the Four States Lake, that means the enemy commander has already seen through my plan. I'm afraid Central State is fully prepared to defend against an ambush!’’

’’So what if he figured it out? The other side is Dongfang Gan! If he was so easy to plot against, how could he defend Southern Summer for all those years! That person is hard to defeat in terms of tactics, so we can only use pure strength!’’ The War Hounds chiefs did not find this strange and were not all that surprised, ’’This is a good opportunity for us, dividing their forces for both side will mean a win for both sides. The Southern Summer army is weak, with a total of thirty thousand vulture knights carrying forty thousand elites, we have a total of seventy-eighty thousand men to attack with. The War Hounds can easily take care of three men each. Once we extinguish Central State City's morale, the army can march in to occupy the city and we can take over Southern Summer!’’

The confidence these chiefs had were not baseless.

The War Hounds and the Southern Summer people's strength had too much a difference. The War Hounds were violent by nature and could fight even in an one versus three scenario. The War Hounds soldiers had a high chance of winning, not to mention that these were all War Hounds elites led by the Fang king and the True Spirit Realm tribe chiefs.

So what if Central State had two hundred thousand soldiers? They were all surplus cavalry soldiers from the north, they would not be able to form any strong defenses. Central State had been peaceful for a long time and was in the center of the Southern Summer Country with no dangers at all. They simply could not be compared to the Imperial City soldiers that had fought the War Hounds for hundreds of years!

There was no other choice.

They could only go for an all out fight!

The Fang King decided to take a risk for once. He personally rode on a vulture king as his orders were passed down. The thirty thousand vultures began preparing for battle, with each vulture carrying two-three elites as they lifted off from this solitary peak.


The thirty thousand majestic vultures was like a dense black cloud of birds, flying over Central State City. Central State City had already prepared their defenses and all the citizens had returned to their homes. The Southern State army were taking up positions on the main streets.

Dang, dang!

An ear grating alarm was sounded!

Dongfang Gan held the King's Sword as he personally supervised the fight in the command tower, ’’The enemies are attacking from the north with an estimated number of around thirty thousand. Archers, prepare to attack!’’

As expected.

Did the Eagle Burial Kingdom send more reinforcements?

This number was higher than what Dongfang Gan imagined, but it had not reached the point of being unbearable!

With Dongfang Gan's orders, ten thousand arrows were pointed as arrows flew out like locusts, sprinkling out of Central State City. Each arrow was filled with powerful spirit energy, allowing it to fly up to a kilometer, with an effective killing range of around five hundred meters.

The Fang King was also an experienced commander, so he expected resistance from Central State. When they heard the sound of bowstrings being released, the Fang King raised his hand and their formation changed directions. They avoided the dense rain of arrows and charged at Central State City once again.

The first wave of arrows was the strongest in terms of power and intensity. The second wave was much weaker. The vulture knights charged down as they passed through the rain of arrows, arrows, flying over the tall buildings of Central State City. Large amounts of War Hounds experts jumped down from the back of vultures carrying their weapons, falling down into Central State City like rain.

The thirty thousand vulture knights were already powerful and without the balance of airborne units from the Southern Summer Country, they could already easily defeat one hundred thousand Azure Storm Cavalry. Not to mention the thirty-forty thousand elites being transported. These people that jumped down from the vultures were all very powerful beings. They were all experts picked out from the War Hounds army!

’’Kill all humans!’’

’’Kill, kill!’’

Central State did not have any airborne units, so the vulture knights could run rampant and the archers could not stop them. With the firing speed and the arrow speed of the bows, it was hard to pose a threat to the vultures! When the War Hounds elites jumped down onto the streets from the buildings like spiders and greedily charge at the Southern Summer troops.

Dongfang Gan saw that the enemies were deep enough and he gave the order, ’’Full force open fire!’’

The Southern Summer troops had been waiting for this order!

Meng Yingying held the Source Energy Submachine Gun as she pointed at a group of War Hounds that had just charged out of an alley and opened fire. The dense amount of light bullets instantly injured the several dozen people, ’’Die, you damn War Hounds bastards!’’

Nangong Yun was wielding a large fellow that was several times longer than a normal Source Energy Submachine Gun. The barrel had three different muzzles and there were eight structures connected to the magazine on the body of the gun. Each one had a large Source Energy Magazine that could fire at least thirty-forty bullets. In other words, this was a special made gun that could fire around three hundred bullets at super high speeds.

Hong, hong, hong!

The special made gun erupted with explosions that sounded like beast roars!

The three muzzles released large amounts of bullets like a storm!

Nangong Yun swept it across the sky and instantly, several vulture knights were torn to shreds by the terrifying might!

’’Ha, ha, ha, this is too damn satisfying. This weapon from the boss was simply specially made for me!’’ Nangong Yun turned around and the three muzzles erupted with flames, ’’I'll let you have a taste of Miracle Commerce's might!’’

This was a heavy firearm specially made by Chu Tian. It was made from the excess materials for the Source Energy Cannons, so it was very tolerable and could handle high speed firing without the barrel breaking. This heavy firearm fire rate was more than three-four than three-four times higher than the submachine gun and was named the ’’Storm Rifle’’. There was only a single one in Miracle Commerce and it was being used to satisfaction by Nangong Yun!

’’Open fire with full force!’’

’’Sweep through these War Hounds bugs!’’

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun were just beginning.

The Southern Summer army had kept their strength hidden from their enemies. When the War Hounds troops charged in, the Southern Summer troops did not have to keep waiting as they opened fire with countless Source Energy Guns. These Source Energy Guns did not have the range of crossbows, but they had terrifying destructive might at close to mid range. Whether it was power or fire rate, they could not be compared!

In the Imperial City battle, the twenty thousand Source Energy Submachine Guns were already enough to beat the vulture knights back. The current Central State City troops had over ten thousand submachine guns and several tens of thousands of pistols. Although they didn't have an airborne unit, there was no comparison in terms of scale and quantity.

Dongfang Gan had organized his troops into a tight formation. The War Hounds had thrown themselves into the flames and instantly suffered unbelievable heavy damage.

The War Hounds chiefs were stunned by this. What was going on? When did they humans obtain all these strange weapons! The Fang King's eyes lit up. As expected, these were a kind of quickly produced weapons which were made of very cheap materials, so they could make this many in this short period of time!

If the War Hounds had waited another three-five months, even if the Eagle Burial Kingdom personally sent troops, they needed to pay quite a large price to capture the Southern Summer Kingdom!

This is great!

If this technology could be used by the Eagle Burial Kingdom, it would be worth more than ten War Hounds Kingdoms!

’’Go, attack with all our power!’’

The four True Spirit Realm War Hounds chiefs made their moves. These four True Spirit Realm experts were like a thousand cavalry while attacking with the might that wasn't inferior to that of ten thousand cavalry. They instantly ripped apart the Southern Summer defenses and caused quite big casualties to the Southern Summer troops.

’’Humph, these spirit beasts are pretending to be fierce. Watch how I deal with them!’’

Vivian wanted to make a move.

’’Wait, wait!’’ Meng Yingying suddenly called out to her, ’’Now is not the time, your target is the other side's Fang King!’’

Vivian said through gritted teeth, ’’These fellows are too hateful, it's not easy to endure!’’

’’Don't be anxious, we'll give them something to see!!’’ Nangong Yun put away the exaggerated Storm Rifle and Storm Rifle and took out the Source Energy Cannon. Meng Yingying loaded the shell and the two of them aimed it at a True Spirit Realm cultivator flying in the sky, ’’Fire!’’


An earth shaking explosion sound was released.

The white light was even more dazzling than the sun as it instantly tore through the world and pierced through the sky. It landed perfectly on a War Hounds chief's body, instantly tearing half of the chief's body apart. The power of the white light continued piercing through the sky as it destroyed several dozen vulture knights as well!

This was the might of the Source Energy Cannon?

Dongfang Gan was completely shocked!

Chu Tian had described this Source Energy Cannon before and said that it was several hundred times stronger than a normal Source Energy Pistol. Dongfang Gan knew that this Source Energy Cannon was not weak, only he never thought its strength would reach this point! This was simply unheard of before!

This scene didn't only shock Dongfang Gan, but when everyone felt the shocking destructive might of the Source Energy Cannon, they couldn't help feeling their souls tremble. This thing was just too strong and terrifying!

The Fang King's face turned green.

Did he still underestimate the Southern Summer humans?

But if the humans had this weapon, why didn't they use it in Imperial City?

How many of these weapons did the Southern Summer Country have? If they had enough of these weapons and they were attached to their ships, the War Hounds fleet on the Four States Lake would be in danger!

The Source Energy Cannon costed a lot to make and even using the state treasury, Miracle Commerce could only make four of them, so naturally they couldn't equip the army with them. However, when the two armies clashed with one another, even one or two of these weapons could deter the enemy army.

’’Continue firing!’’

Nangong Yun and Meng Yingying continued to fire as the Source Energy Cannon exploded with terrifying explosion sounds, filling the skies with shockwaves. Because the other side's True Spirit Realm experts were on guard, it wasn't that easy to kill another True Spirit Realm expert. However, killing large amounts of vulture knights was already enough to raise their morale.

The Fang King roared out, ’’Don't panic, they only have two of these weapons! Whoever can kill them, these two weapons will belong to them!’’

The War Hounds warriors had expressions of excitement!

Who didn't want a weapon that could instantly kill True Spirit Realm experts?

Men will be brave with generous rewards. The three War Hounds chiefs personally made their move as they led vulture knights to attack Meng Yingying's group!


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