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Miracle Throne - Chapter 352


Chapter 352

Chapter 352: Completely crushed

The situation had been decided!

The War Hounds had been completely defeated!

The first wave of bombing killed a hundred thousand, the following wild bombing killed another two hundred thousand, and finally the large scale firing of bullets and arrows killed another hundred thousand.

Of the large scale six hundred thousand soldier army.

How many were left now?

The War Hounds did not fear death, but in this situation, they did not have any hope of winning, they did not even have a foothold. The unprecedented powerful Source Energy Cannons fired a few times and it completely crushed the morale and confidence of the War Hound soldiers.


They had completely lost!

’’It's about time.’’ Chu Tian felt there would not be any more changes, ’’Release the chains and attack them with full force. Don't capture anyone and just kill them all!’’

Chu TIan's cold voice was like a death god falling over the hearts of the War Hounds.

Was Chu Tian a bloodthirsty person?

Of course not!

But Chu Tian was not filled with benevolence. These War Hounds were strong enough to open the two main entrances to the Southern Summer Country. If he allowed them to live, they would only cause more trouble for the Southern Summer Country! If he slaughtered all of these six hundred thousand soldiers at once, the War Hound Plains would not be able to recover in three-five years, so they would not attack the south again.

Killing to stop more killing!

He could only do this for now!

After all, Chu Tian was just a single human!

The Southern Summer fleet untied the chains and the warships moved forward at the same time. The Source Energy Bullets and the powerful arrows blotted out the sky and took the lives of the remaining War Hounds soldiers.

With the war reaching this point, even if they had several True Spirit Realm experts, it would be no use. The War Hounds six hundred thousand soldiers were all destined to die in the Four States Lake!

’’We're retreating!’’

Wang Tianlong fully knew that there was no hope to this battle.

The large amounts of arrows and bullets that wildly fell made Wang Tianlong's heart turn cold. He could only pull Nangong Ling as he retreated. There was the Eagle Burial Kingdom behind the War Hounds Kingdom, so even if the troops all died, as long as there was the Eagle Burial Kingdom, the Southern Summer Country would not dare attack the Imperial Region. With the fertile mountain, there was no fear of a lack of firewood!

Chu Tian gave a cold laugh when he saw this.

Want to leave?

How could it be that easy?

Whether it was the fall of the frontline defenses or Imperial City, Wang Tianlong could be said to have played a significant role. What Chu Tian hated most in his life was a rebel, let alone the fact that this fellow had caused many troubles and pain for Miracle Commerce!

’’I'll give Nangong Ling to you all, this Wang Tianlong is mine!’’

Chu Tian, the divine Wind Marquis, and Chen Bingyu jumped down from the warship together. Chu Tian was standing on the boards floating on the water as he charged quickly towards Wang Tianlong like a meteor. The Netherworld Sword came from his back and the smooth as a mirror's edge was instantly covered in flames.

’’Flickering Flame Slash!’’

A burning and twinkling sword glow flew out. When that sharp sword qi was behind him, Wang Tianlong suddenly jumped as he turned in the air to stab out with his spear. The spear glow and sword qi collided and the pressure made the surrounding lake water explode.

Countless beads of water began to fall.

The two of them both floated on the water, being separated by over ten meters.

Wang Tianlong's face looked very dark. He never thought that Chu Tian would not only escape alive from Imperial City, but he also advanced another large step, becoming a late stage Awakened Soul Cultivator!

Chu Tian raised his sword to point at him, ’’It really is karma turning. Did you feel very satisfied chasing father from Imperial City back then? Now it's time to hand over that interest!’’

’’Just depending on you? Don't think you can compete with me just because your cultivation has slightly increased!’’ Wang Tianlong raised the spear in his hand. The vigorous spirit energy surrounding it created fierce ripples in space, ’’You don't have those Yin Corpses this time, you still think you can beat me? Die!’’

Wang Tianlong's spear stabbed out and strong ripples formed on the lake surface. There were actually four-five water dragons formed that tried to bite Chu Tian at the same time.

’’Flame Demon Transformation!’’

While Chu Tian was moving back, his body was suddenly enveloped in a layer of flames, instantly turning him into a giant demon. A strong energy was released from inside of him as it instantly evaporated the several water dragons around him.

A giant flaming flaming sword slashed at Wang Tianlong.

Before the sword had arrived, a suddenly freezing cold sword qi actually turned the lake's water into ice!

When Chu Tian used the Flame Demon Transformation before, he had to gather the power of the Netherworld Ghost Flame for a long time. Being able to instantly change like he did today, it could be considered a large improvement.

Wang Tianlong innate talent was around the same as Chu Xinghe. Chu Tian's cultivation was lower than Chu Xinghe, but he used the Flame Demon Transformation to beat him. If Wang Tianlong wanted to stop him, it wouldn't be that easy.

’’Flood dragon protect my body!’’

Mist gathered around Wang Tianlong as countless golden flood dragons quickly condensed around him. That continuous moving golden figures soon formed a golden cover around Wang Tianlong. When Chu Tian's sword slashed down at Wang Tianlong, the water around him began to evaporate, but Wang Tianlong himself was not injured at all.

’’You can't break my defenses!’’ Wang Tianlong roared as he stabbed out with his spear, passing through the flame demon's body, ’’Break for me!’’

The flame demon's body was shattered to pieces by a violent power!

Meng Qingwu saw this scene in the distance and she couldn't help covering her mouth. The strength of a peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer cultivation was too strong, it actually broke Chu Tian's Flame Demon Transformation? She knew that Chu Tian's Flame Demon Transformation essence was releasing the weapon spirit's power and combining it with his body. Although his power would increase by a large level while being in the Flame Demon Transformation, once it was broken, Chu Tian's Netherworld Sword would be weakened for a while. He wouldn't even have his normal strength!

Wang Tianlong was not complacent for too long.

Because he found that the exploded fragments of Netherworld Ghost Flame did not disappear. Rather, by some attractive force, they all gathered around Chu Tian. The several feet tall flaming demon became only two meters tall!

The current Chu Tian, from his head to his toes, from his arm to his weapon, he was completely covered in a layer of Netherworld Ghost Flames. Only these flames were not loose and condensed around Chu Tian like a suit of armour. He looked like a being that was carved from blue white crystals!

Wang Tianlong's pupils shrank, ’’This is......’’

Chu Tian's low and deep voice came from the crystalline being, ’’This is my newly invented move, the Flame the Flame Demon Transformation's second form!’’

The Flame Demon Transformation was a self made secret technique derived from Chu Tian's «Demon God Nine Changes», allowing Chu Tian to combine with the weapon spirit Netherworld, increasing his strength by a large amount. When Chu Tian's cultivation increased, he reorganized this secret technique and created this new second form.

The characteristics of the first form was the giant transformation, largely increasing attack power and range.

The second form reduced his size, sharply dropping his attack power. However, it increased his flexibility, mobility, and defenses.

’’Boring! All the tricks you have are no use!’’ Wang Tianlong stabbed his spear at Chu Tian, ’’Die!’’

Chu Tian's figure flashed.

Ripples formed on the surface of the water.

Chu Tian instantly vanished, leaving an explosive sound in midair. The spear glow created a large wave on the lake's surface, but it couldn't even touch the hem of Chu Tian's clothes.

Such quick speed!

Perhaps it had already surpassed the speed of sound.

Wang Tianlong was shocked. This speed was not inferior to him and was even faster than Wang Tianlong by a bit. This was impossible, Chu Tian was only in the 7th Awakened Soul Layer, how could he move this quickly?


A slash came from behind him!

Wang Tianlong quickly stabbed backwards with his spear. Chu Tian quickly moved back, letting there be no contact.

Wang Tianlong's major cultivation technique focused on defenses and he could not move that quickly. Now that Chu Tian was moving at this speed, Wang Tianlong could not attack him.

Chu Tian could clearly see the flaw with Wang Tianlong's cultivation technique. Wang Tianlong's defensive cultivation technique was very strong, once Wang Tianlong used this technique, non True Spirit Realm experts could not break through it. Even Chu Tian could not do it, at least not with strength in the 7th-8th Awakened Soul Layers! However, this cultivation technique had an obvious flaw which was that it had quick and strong consumption!

In other words.

Even if this defensive cultivation technique was strong and could reflect damage, making it hard for people to touch it, large amounts of spirit energy needed to be burned to maintain this defense. Chu Tian did not need to attack and just needed to waste time. He could wait for Wang Tianlong to exhaust all his spirit energy and take him down in one fell swoop.

Wang Tianlong brandished his spear as he angrily attacked.

But Chu Tian's speed and divine Sense were all above his, so he his, so he could always detect an enemy's attack beforehand, making Wang Tianlong unable to even touch a single one of his hairs.

Time continued to pass by.

Chu Tian did not use too much power, but Wang Tianlong was already gradually becoming weaker. This defensive cultivation technique was different from the Starlight Immortal Body. The Starlight Immortal Body did not consume energy if it wasn't attacked, but Wang Tianlong's cultivation technique always consumed large amounts of energy. This was not a cultivation technique to be used in long term, but rather just for defending one's life in critical moments.


He couldn't keep fighting!

The current battle was very disadvantageous for Wang Tianlong. If he continued fighting, not only would he lose to Chu Tian, he would also be surrounded by the Southern Summer army.

’’I'll take your dog head another day!’’

Wang Tianlong angrily shouted this out before trying to retreat. However, how could that be easy. Wang Tianlong had only run for a bit before a large group of red needles came from the water, instantly piercing Wang Tianlong's protective spirit energy and embedding themselves in his body.

Wang Tianlong gave a pitiful cry.

Breaks instantly formed in that powerful defense.

Good chance!

Chu Tian's legs jumped off the water and with the ultra fast speed of the Flame Demon Transformation's second form, he released a Raging Flame Slash, letting his speed increase another step. That sword glow was like a swift beam of light that slashed out at Wang Tianlong's neck.

Wang Tianlong's eyes went wide as he felt like he was flying. The entire world was spinning and when he looked down, he saw his headless body that had been decapitated by the sword glow.

Did I die?

If he knew this would be the ending, he would not have picked this road!

This was the final thought that passed through Wang Tianlong's mind!

Chu Tian was just at the 7th Awakened Soul Layer and he had actually killed a peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator. On the other side, with the divine Wind Marquis and Chen Bingyu working together, Nangong Ling was killed without any suspense!

The two rebels had both been punished and the six hundred thousand War Hounds army was gone!

The Southern Summer Country had lost two battles, lost over a million soldiers, lost Imperial City and the Imperial Region, as well as having the senior marshal and the Southern Summer King being killed.....All this shame had finally ended here!


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