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Miracle Throne - Chapter 351


Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Demon of war

The Four States Lake had waves going in all directions, just like a storm arriving. If the Southern Summer Country was not prepared ahead of time, faced with these kinds of waves, it was hard to guarantee they wouldn't suffer any losses.

They could feel the shockwaves even this far away?

Then what kind of scene would the War Hounds army look like at the center of the explosion?

Chu Tian gave a few loud laughs, ’’Good, good, immediately weigh anchor, this formation is inconvenient. Once we line up, we'll charge forward at full speed and take care of all those drowned rats!’’

When Chu Tian's orders were send the Southern Summer fleet immediately began to move as several hundred warships formed a line, approaching the War Hounds location in a half circle. They used around half a day to arrive there and they saw many pieces of debris in the water.

Broken masts.

Shattered deck.

Damaged flags.

Large amounts of War Hounds corpses filled the water. There were also many still alive War Hounds soldiers gathering together, trying to use any method to stay afloat.

’’Hey, hey, can you all hear me?’’ Chu Tian took a large speaker from Meng Qingwu's hands. When his voice was passed through the large speakers, it was enough for the other side to clearly hear him, ’’I am Central State rescue team's leader Chu Tian. I heard a large disaster happening in the distance, so I quickly came from afar to help, but I never thought that it would be this serious. You don't need to worry, I'll immediately end the pain for you now. Crossbows, cannons, and bows to the ready!’’

The War Hounds officers' nose almost went crooked from their anger!

This damn fellow, he actually used this kind of underhanded method!

’’Damn, I knew it was done by you!’’ Wang Tianlong was standing on half of a warship looking very sorry as he was surrounded by several hundred War Hounds soldiers, ’’This will anger the Fang King and the Eagle Burial Kingdom. No one will be able to save you, just wait for their revenge!’’

Chu Tian looked around.

Wang Tianlong and Nangong Ling, these two rebels were both injured, but they were still alive. Their luck was really good! The two of them were familiar with the Southern Summer territory, so it was natural for the Fang King to let them lead. Chu Tian also found that there was only a single True Spirit Realm War Hounds expert, but with only one of them, there was no threat at all. After all, the War Hounds were already like this, how could they still retaliate?

The Fang King was not here!

Dongfang Gan's prediction was not wrong at all!

The Fang King really did launch a two pronged attack. The War Hounds would send their troops through the water, while the other side would cross over the mountain range to ambush the city!

This plan was pretty good!

The Southern Summer soldiers were very weak. If they did not stop the War Hounds fleet, they would not have the strength to defend the city. They could not choose to defend the city because they definitely could not stop the six hundred thousand army. Central State was like a coffin with its final nail, it would fall to the enemy sooner or later.

But were things really that simple?

Chu Tian had only made a casual move against the War Hounds and he had already stopped their six hundred thousand fleet, how could they keep playing? But Chu Tian was just beginning!

Chu Tian shouted into the speaker, ’’Dear refugees, please prepare yourselves. You will feel a jolt soon!’’

The War Hounds soldiers all opened their eyes wide in shock.

What was this fellow planning to do?

Chu Tian snapped with his right hand!

Several outlines appeared in the clouds which were several dozen giant Miracle Commerce airships!

Each airship was guarded by a small group of griffin knights. When the Miracle Commerce airships came over, large amounts of bombs fell like rain, being thrown into the War Hounds army.

Waves of explosions came one after the other on the Four States Lake!

After those violent bombs exploded in the water, the terrifying shockwaves were enough to shatter their internal organs. With this wild bombing, it was impossible to imagine the casualties the War Hounds suffered.


’’Hit them down!’’

A group of vulture cavalry made their move. The Fang King was worried this fleet would suffer a loss on the water, so he had left a group of vulture cavalry to guard the fleet. Who would have thought that before the vultures could even approach, the griffin knights would grip their Source Energy Submachine Guns as they met them.

In them.

In an instant.

A large dense mass of light bullets flew at the vulture knights.

That fierce firepower pinned down the vulture knights without any hesitation.

Wang Tianlong was filled with rage. The War Hounds chief was just as angry as he gave his order, ’’Charge, charge forward without caring about the price. Occupy their warships!’’

The War Hounds really were the sturdy spirit beasts.

Even in this kind of situation, they could still counterattack. They swam through the water and attempted to capture the Southern Summer warships.

’’This is only the appetizer before the meal!’’ Chu Tian raised the volume of the speaker to its max and loudly shouted, ’’Following this, it's the main course!’’

Over a hundred explosive crossbow arrows entered the lake waters and the entire lake was soon covered in high temperature flames. Flame and water dragons danced as the fierce shockwave shattered the spirit beasts' inner visceras. These attacks were like bombs being thrown in water filled with fish, instantly killing a large part of them.

’’Use the launchers!’’

The Miracle Commerce workers opened the long rectangular boxes.

These launchers had honeycombed shaped mouths. When the Miracle Commerce workers pressed the fire button, a group of bombs were thrown into the air. They fell into the water in a dense area and instantly created a series of explosions!

Too terrifying!

How was this a war?

This was simply an one sided slaughter!

With the three attacks in short bursts, there was no time for the War Hounds to react. Several tens of thousands of War Hounds were killed and almost all of the War Hounds were injured. However, the War Hounds soldiers were very sturdy. Although they had fallen in the water, they all wildly swimmed, laughing in the face of death as they charged forward. They used their spirit energy to block these attacks and ignored all of it as they charged at the ships.

The War Hounds were much stronger than the Southern Summer soldiers!

There were many peak Awakened Soul Cultivators amongst the War Hounds experts. They were very dangerous since they were trapped beasts, so people couldn't be careless!

They were coming closer and closer!


The Southern Summer archers made their move. Light bullets and arrows continuously fell into the water, slaughtering the spirit beasts inside. The War Hounds were already in a difficult situation, how could they bear this intense and powerful attack. There were There were more and more of them dying as the lake water was dyed with War Hounds blood.

At this time.


A War Hounds expert jumped out of the water!

This was the True Spirit Realm chief that had accompanied the fleet. He was holding a long blade with both hands as he flew out at the foremost ship. The light from the blade flew out as it split the surface of the lake apart. It went over a hundred meters before slamming into the warship.


That intense power shook the fleet that was tied together.

An entire ship was sliced into three pieces!

Everyone was deeply moved.

This ship was several dozen meters long and was as tall as a building. This ship was incredibly strong and it was actually cut apart by someone. This strength was enough to deeply move everyone, he really was worthy of being a War Hounds expert.

’’Kill! War Hounds warriors do not fear death!’’ The War Hounds chief roared while being filled with rage, ’’Go all out against them!’’

The War Hounds had very tragic casualties, but in this desperate situation, the violent nature of their spirit beast bones were incited!

One War Hounds expert after the other desperately used their spirit energy to move up to the surface of the water, jumping onto the debris on the lake's surface. They were stepping on the waves like a group of water spiders, moving towards the Southern Summer warships.

The injured beast was truly the most dangerous!

These people had already prepared to die with the Southern Summer people.

Of the six hundred thousand War Hounds soldiers, over half of them were buried in the stomach of the fishes. The remaining War Hounds attacked with all their might and could not be underestimated.

’’Young miss, use the Source Energy Cannon!’’

Meng Qingwu was already waiting for this order, as she immediately started the Source Energy Cannon on the ship. This Source Energy Cannon was made from precious level three metals. It was a dark silver colour and had runes imprinted all over it. It also had a very compact structure, just like a work of art.

’’Elder sister Bing, give me the ammo!’’

Chen Bingyu threw a shell over that was even thicker than her arm.

Chu Tian forced it into the cannon and the entire Source Energy Cannon lit up. A powerful energy began to fill the inside of the inside of the cannon and the light from the muzzle was incomparably bright.

The True Spirit Realm expert was just too fast!

The naked eye found it hard to lock onto him!

The Source Energy Cannon was very strong, but Chu Tian only had one best opportunity. Once he let this slip away, the other side will have their guard up and it would be much harder to succeed, so he had to do it in one go.

Mind's Lamp, ignite!

Chu Tian's divine Sense locked onto the enemy and the powerful Source Energy Cannon was ignited. With an explosion sound that filled the sky, the empty shell was sent flying. It was surrounding by bright white light like a meteor as it cut through the sky and teared through the void. With speed that surpassed the speed of sound several folds, it shot out at the True Spirit Realm expert.


Too fast!

The War Hounds chief raising his guard was already too late. When the white light swept past, half of his body had disappeared.

This was a respected True Spirit Realm expert.

He was actually killed by the strange weapon the other side used!

It was very clean and without the slightest bit of hesitation, making everyone's hairs stand up on end!

It was not only the War Hounds that were scared, even the Southern Summer soldiers found this hard to believe. There weren't many True Spirit Realm experts in a small kingdom and each True Spirit Realm expert was like a Spiritual God in their eyes. Such a powerful existence was killed with a weapon Chu Tian spent less than a month to make?

Chen Bingyu handed over another ammo shell.

Chu Tian placed the shell into the cannon and without giving the War Hounds to prepare, he pointed the muzzle at the lake and fired. The cannon released strong flames as it shot another high energy wave out.


Those frightening temperatures that reached several tens of thousands of degrees instantly evaporated a large part of the lake. This terrifying energy wave exploded for the second time and several hundred War Hounds soldiers were killed by the explosion.

Even the bravest warrior would collapse at this moment!

In the eyes of the War Hounds warriors, Chu Tian was not a person, he was a demon. He was a demon of war, a crazy demon that wildly slaughtered his enemies!


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