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Miracle Throne - Chapter 350


Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Indiscriminate bombing

Three thousand tense Giant Shark Gang elites were currently standing naked on a small island. Each one of them had a large bag and there was a round item bound in the bag. It was around the size of a bowl, which was Miracle Commerce's carefully developed water mine.

The five Giant Shark Gang heads were standing in front with serious expressions and their hands crossed behind them. Boss Yu held his fish bone cane while standing in the middle, looking over everyone with a sharp and deep expression, ’’Since my Giant Shark Gang has collaborated with Miracle Commerce, we have increased by bounds and leaps in just two short months. We have received large amounts of resources and the entire gang's power has increased by a level, allowing us to become the number one power in the Southern Summer Country! Now that the Southern Summer Country is in danger and Miracle Commerce has been implicated, we need to do our part!’’

Everyone loudly shouted, ’’We're prepared to sacrifice our lives!’’

In this short period of working with Miracle Commerce, everyone has felt their strength increase. Each person had felt Miracle Commerce's astonishing potential and if they worked with Miracle Commerce, everyone could obtain a broad and hard to imagine future.

A loss meant losing everything, winning meant glory.

The Southern Summer Country was at the point of life and death. Once the Southern Summer Country fell, what would Miracle Commerce depend on? Once Miracle Commerce fell, what would the Giant Shark Gang depend on? The War Hounds Kingdom was a mutual enemy!

Everyone had the same idea and their hearts were united. This war was inevitable, they could just go all out!

’’Boss, the War Hounds army is within two hundred miles!’’

’’Good, let's move!’’

The five heads personally led the three thousand elites into the water. The three thousand people were like fish in water, diving several hundred meters deep. The Giant Shark Gang was already familiar with the bottom of the Four States Lake, this area was specially picked out for the War Hounds army.

This was a deep area, being several hundred meters deep.

Next, the water was also very complex being covered in coral which could provide protection. When they passed through them, even if the War Hounds experts opened their ’’Mind's Eye’’, they would not be able to find the Giant Shark Gang members.

The Giant Shark Gang were cultivators with special bloodlines, otherwise even a True Spirit Realm expert could not remain in the water for several hours. All their actions were conducted in the deep water, so they were certain of succeeding.

The curtain of night gradually fell.

The Four States Lake was uneventful.

After the three thousand Giant Shark Gang elites dived into the depths, finally arriving underneath the War Hounds' fleet. The War Hounds had not yet gone halfway, so their ships hadn't separated yet and was still gathered around a center point.

The Southern Summer Country knew the War Hounds' situation and the War Hounds knew the Southern Summer's situation. The Southern Summer fleet had just departed and it was impossible for them to meet, so it was too early to separate and reveal their route.

When Boss Yu looked up from the bottom of the lake, he saw several hundred, up to a thousand black figures in the dark and silent lake. This was a large quantity and it was shocking.


Boss Yu gave a signal with his hand.

The Giant Shark Gang began to float up as they all separated. They slowly approached the bottom of the ships and took out the large round bomb from their bags. The bomb had a needle which could be attached to the bottom of the ship, firmly sticking the bomb on.

The large ships that were over a hundred meter long required at least four bombs. The smaller ones only needed two bombs. The medium sized ships required one in the middle and the small ones had bombs placed on them if there were extras.

In less than an hour.

The Giant Shark Gang had already finished their task. They turned on the delayed explosion function and quickly left the area, not leaving behind a single trace. The War Hounds continued charging forward, not knowing that destruction had already been placed beneath them.

Before daybreak, the War Hounds moved forward with overwhelming momentum, passing through the fog covering the surface of the lake. They pushed on forward toward Central State like a vast wave.

The Fang King's fierce flag was fluttering in the sails. There were close to a thousand ships that looked like a giant fierce beast!

The War Hounds had over three times Chu Tian's ships.

Less than one fourth of them were warships that mainly came from Cauldron State because most of the warships in Cang State and Imperial Imperial Region had been destroyed by the Calm Martial Ruler.

What if they didn't have enough ships?

Of course they would steal them. It was because of this that the War Hounds fleet was very disorderly with many merchant ships, mercenary ships, and even large fishing ships. Although there were many ships, it was still hard to carry an army of this scale. Because of this, many ships were overcrowded which could be seen from the water line.

Wang Tianlong and Nangong Ling were fully armoured as they stood on the deck.

A black bandaged War Hound tribe chief with twin blades on his back was coldly standing in front of them. With a low and deep voice, he said, ’’We have travelled halfways and the Southern Summer Country should already be on their way, we should follow the Fang King's plan.

This War Hounds chief was a True Spirit Realm expert.

He was the only True Spirit Realm expert in the fleet.

Wang Tianlong and Nangong Ling were both merely puppet. Although they were responsible for giving orders, they were just carrying out the orders of the Fang King and this True Spirit Realm chief was in charge of monitoring them. If these two did anything wrong, the War Hounds chief would cut them down!

These two were not feeling well, but what could they do? The Southern Summer had to lower their heads to the War Hounds!

’’Immediately pass down my order!’’ Wang Tianlong gave his order to the fleet, ’’The five fleets should prepare to separate. Advance at full speed and land as soon as possible!’’

As soon as Wang Tianlong gave his order.


The leftmost War Hounds ship suddenly filled the sky with flames.

Several explosions instantly appeared. A fierce energy erupted like a volcano, sending a column of flame through the bottom of the ship, creating a large hole in the ship, tearing it in half. The flame reached twenty meters in height and countless spirit beasts were sent flying like raindrops. Large amounts of fragments fell down around them, with large waves turning the small merchant ships over.

Wang Tianlong and the others were all shocked, ’’Ambush, ambush!’’

No one could imagine why they would meet an ambush this quickly, they could not find anyone. Just where were the enemies.

This explosion was just the beginning!

Hong, hong, hong, hong!

The surface of the lake released hard to believe giant explosions as countless flames soared into the into the sky. The entire War Hounds fleet was torn to pieces and most of the ships were destroyed in the explosions, causing several hundred thousand War Hounds soldiers to fall into the water. The water was evaporated by the terrifying temperature, instantly turning into large amounts of steam filling the air, covering the area with a hot fog.

The water was filled with waves as the water was burning like it was boiling.

The previously uneventful lake had suddenly turned into a shocking tsunami.

There was a total of one-two thousand explosions. Each bomb was carefully made by Miracle Commerce and when the highly refined crystal oil exploded, it created a high temperature and strong shockwave. The War Hounds spirit beasts did not have any preparation and was hit by such a strong explosion, it could be imagined what kind of injuries they suffered.

At least a hundred thousand spirit beast were killed by these explosions!

The entire War Hounds fleet was instantly disintegrated!

When Wang Tianlong fell into the water, he felt the surrounding water boil. This large amount of energy being released in this short period of time, the water in this area was boiling and large amount of steam filled the air, covering the range of several kilometers.

Countless spirit beast pitifully called out in the boiling water as they struggled, as large amounts of corpses were boiled rotten, filling the air with a revolting meat fragrance. They could not see anything and the fleet had been destroyed, there was no use to giving any orders!

’’Just what happened here!’’

’’Why did the entire fleet suddenly explode!’’

Wang Tianlong did not believe what happened in front of him was fact no matter what. That large army that could sweep through the world was turned into boiling chickens in the blink of an eye. The entire fleet was destroyed and they suffered heavy casualties, but the Southern Summer army was nowhere in sight. How could Wang Tianlong not go crazy with anger?


The War Hounds Kingdom never would have imagined that they would be attacked by Miracle Commerce because they were watching the situation in the Central State harbour, but Chu Tian had sent the Giant Shark Gang elites.

The Giant Shark Gang headquarters was in the center of the Four States Lake, so they could directly take action from their headquarters. Naturally they can achieve effects that surpassed people's expectations!

When the War Hounds fleet suffered Hounds fleet suffered heavy setbacks.

Chu Tian watched the flames from afar and revealed a satisfied smile, ’’Have the ships open the iron lock formation!’’

The two hundred ships formed two rows. The first row was placed horizontally and on the spacious decks, there were archers holding bows or guns as the ships moved straight forward. There were even some ships preparing the heavy crossbows and launchers.

The second row entered an assault formation, filling the spaces of the first row. As long as they received the order, the could immediately charge forward.

Kuang, dang, dang!

At this time, incomparably thick iron chains connected the ships, connecting all of them together, being as stable as a mountain and as solid as a rock. Chu Tian sat on the flagship as if he was casually waiting for something.

The divine Wind Marquis fell down from the sky as he asked with a confused expression, ’’Why did you order for the forward march to stop? Other than that, these iron chains will restrain the fleet's flexibility even if it stabilizes us. Once they ambush us, we can't react at all!’’

’’Why are you anxious? This....’’ Chu Tian pointed at the part of the lake covered in fog, ’’Look at it!’’

The divine Wind Marquis looked into the distance and his gaze froze, ’’What is this?’’

On the calm Four States lake, a long blue line suddenly appeared. It seemed like a mountain range, but where would a mountain range appear on the Four States Lake?

When the divine Wind Marquis was puzzled.

A warm wave of wind suddenly blew in their faces as well as a bit of small rain which was also warm.

’’This is.....’’

The blue line was approaching them.

The divine Wind Marquis' pupils tightened. What mountain range was this, this was a tsunami wave that was over a hundred meters tall!

’’Be careful!’’

The large wave covered the sky.

Luckily Chu Tian had linked the warships together with chains to stabilize them. Although this large wave was very fierce, it did not cause much loss for the Southern Summer warships.

Meng Qingwu and Chen Bingyu both became wet.

These two beauties with the best figures in Miracle Commerce had become wet in front of Chu Tian, revealing their outstanding hot figures without anything being hidden, allowing Chu Tian to give his eyes a feast.

Meng Qingwu stared at what happened in front of them in a daze as she muttered, ’’Isn't this too exaggerated!’’


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