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Miracle Throne - Chapter 349


Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Chu Tian heads off to battle

Vivian's hate for the spirit beasts was justified.

The spirit beasts could be considered a bitter enemy of the elves.

The elves had ruined the continent for a long time, but the elves had slow population growth and were not aggressive by nature, so they were chased down by the aggressive spirit beasts. There was a fierce battle between the two races in the end.

The elves had an overwhelming advantage over the spirit beasts, almost completely exterminating them. Only, the spirit beasts did not care about lives and were a race with strong reproductive abilities, so they could recover in just a few decades. The two races battled for several thousand years and the elf clan population continued to decrease, being suppressed in the end with the situation becoming even worse.

Finally, in a final decisive battle, the spirit beasts defeated the elves and made the elves who once ruled the continent fall down from the heavens. When the spirit beasts suddenly thought they could take the elves' position, another race suddenly entered into the battle.

That race was the humans.

The human's reproduction did not lose to the spirit beasts. Adding in their wisdom, civilization, slyness, and adaptiveness, the continent's spirit beast and human kingdoms were even, being unable to decide victory right now. The elves that were once the overlords of the continent, although they were still a top power, in the long run, the elves no longer had the ability or influence to dominate the continent anymore.

How many elves had been killed by the spirit beasts?

Because of the history between the two races, the elves were filled with hostility towards the spirit beasts. Vivian had been told these stories since she was young and adding in the spirit beasts that robbed in the Forest of Chaos every few days, in Vivian's eyes, spirit beasts were incarnations of evil, even being a poisonous bug to the continent. This kind of cruel animals should be exterminated!

Although the elves did not have any good feelings towards humans because human slavers always kidnapped elven girls, but compared to the spirit beasts, humans were considered kind people.

The temporary residence of the king in Central State.

Miracle Commerce's people were all gathered.

Princess Vivian was wearing a flower crown and green leaf clothes, as well as revealing her legs. This strange other race attire was very eye-catching amongst the humans, of course Dongfang Gan also noticed it. His eyes slightly moved, but he did not ask anything.

’’The War Hounds army has set off, our army needs to make our preparations.’’

’’Southern Summer King, please be assured.’’ Meng Qingwu said with confidence, ’’We have over a hundred thousand Source Energy Weapons, ten thousand Source Energy Bombs, and four Source Energy Cannons. If we can equip them onto the Central State Fleet and intercept the enemy on the water, it isn't certain who would win yet.’’

’’The Cloud Dream Marquis is wrong. The War Hounds have over six hundred thousand soldiers, bringing out all their strength, making this a decisive battle. Our northern army numbers three hundred thousand, but they are mainly cavalry, so they will lose a lot of battle strength if they fight on the water. Central State's garrison of one hundred thousand is not the main battle power of the Southern Summer Country, so their strength is negligible. If the two armies clash, we are the weaker side and will not have any advantages.’’

These words weren't wrong.

In terms of battle strength, the Southern Summer army was not a match. The War Hounds did not fight on the water, but did that mean the Southern Summer did? A strong cavalry unit fighting on water, how could they display their might. They would be like a wolf without its fangs.

There was no need to mention the Central State army.

They were not their main forces and couldn't amount to much. If the two armies fought, they would collapse with the first clash, so they would be of no use.

’’One qualification of being the commander in chief is that one cannot forget to compare the strengths of both sides.’’ Dongfang Gan looked at the map of the southern six counties hanging on the wall, ’’If I was the Fang King, then I would not fight on the water. I would not hesitate to disembark and annihilate the Southern Summer army in a land battle. If my guesses aren't wrong, the War Hounds army will split up their fleet midway. They will use different routes to come here and group up on land, fighting a decisive ground battle.’’

Everyone's expressions fell.

If it was like this, then it would be bad!

They did not know how the War Hounds army would act and the Central State army did not not have a numbers advantage, so they could not surround them.

A general stood up and said, ’’We should quickly send troops and attack them one by one!’’

’’It's not that simple. The Four States Lake is very big and their route can change in an instant, how can we block six hundred thousand scattered enemies?’’ Dongfang Gan said this and then added, ’’This main force forcing their way into Central State could be just a distraction. I have studied the Fang King's strategy, he likes to us ambushes. It is very likely he will lead an airborne force over the northern mountains and while we are fighting with the War Hounds on the Four States Lake, he will launch a sneak attack against Central State City, plunging a dagger into our weak point!’’

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

These Southern Summer generals had followed Dongfang Gan for many years now.

Dongfang Gan's insight was very strong and he could accurately read through the enemy's behaviour each time, this was also the reason why he has been undefeated. Everyone thought of the first two fights, it was very likely the Fang King would have this kind of plan. If it really was like this, how could the Southern Summer Country resist them?

The Southern Summer Country was just too weak.

Whether it was their airborne or land soldiers, they would all find it hard to fight back!

Chu Tian began to laugh. Dongfang Gan was waiting for him to speak, when he saw him finally open his mouth, he immediately asked, ’’Why is the Country Guarding Ruler laughing?’’

’’Has the Southern Summer King really forgotten or are you doing this deliberately? Our airborne forces cannot compare, but we have an underwater unit that the War Hounds Kingdom absolutely do not have. The Four States Lake battle is on the Southern Summer Country's territory. As long as you give me one hundred thousand people and arm them with Miracle Commerce's weapon, I can guarantee that the six hundred thousand War Hounds will not break through! As for the remaining three hundred thousand, they can stay behind to protect Central State City. I believe that the War Hounds will not break through Central State!’’

One hundred thousand people?

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay!

Wasn't this too incredible!

Chu Tian was filled with confidence, ’’I have never shown off, I can do it if I if I say it. One hundred thousand people are enough, do you not believe me?’’

Dongfang Gan considered it for two seconds, ’’I'll give you two hundred thousand, don't be greedy for merit. You should aim to delay the enemies and disrupt their position. Central State City has two hundred thousand guarding it, its safety is guaranteed!’’

Dongfang Gan said, ’’I'll give the griffin knights to you as well to protect the Central State fleet. There is no need to worry about Central State City!’’

Damn, this fellow still does not believe me.

If you don't believe me, I won't believe in you!

Chu Tian said, ’’To protect Central State, I will leave some Miracle Commerce people to guard it. Nangong, Yingying, and Vivian, you will remain in Central State City to help the Southern Summer King!’’

Nangong Yun and Meng Yingying? What use were these two girls!

Dongfang Gan's eyes fell onto Vivian and he remembered Chu Tian's words. Miracle Commerce's people? When Chu Tian said this, the elf did not show any objections to this.

What was going on?

How did Chu Tian win over this elf so quickly?

What background did this elf have? Winning her over like this without any problems!

Forget it, this is a very special time. This elf is very strong, she should be of great help.

Dongfang Gan immediately gave the imperial decree, ’’Central State's divine Wind Marquis, Chu Tian, and Meng Qingwu will lead the Central State fleet onto the Four States Lake to meet the vast oncoming War Hounds army!’’

Three hundred large warships were already waiting for orders.

Two hundred thousand Southern Summer soldiers were densely gathered on the harbour.

The Southern Summer King Dongfang Gan personally sent the troops off. Dongfang Gan's style was different from Dongfang Hao's, he did not like to be an empty figurehead, simply there to motivate the troops. He immediately coordinated in transporting the resources and equipment.

One hundred thousand Azure Storm Cavalry left their horses and turned into navy soldiers. The Southern Summer King was very clear on battles, so most of these hundred thousand soldiers were all good archers since this was important in this kind of battle..

Of the two hundred thousand soldiers, a third of them received Source Energy Guns. Even those not equipped with Source Energy Guns were equipped with heavy crossbows.

Hong, dong, dong.

A deep wheel turning sound rang out.

Those crossbow artillery made by Miracle Commerce were being wheeled onto the wheeled onto the ships. These Source Energy Crossbow Artillery were heavy crossbows that were modified and what they shot was the destructive explosive arrows.

There were a total of a hundred of them.

They had an effective range of several thousand kilometers!

There were over three thousand heavy crossbow arrows.

This weapon became the most important destructive weapon of their fleet. Not only would it injure large amounts of enemies, it even had the chance of sinking the War Hounds' ships.

Other than the Source Energy Crossbow Artillery, Miracle Commerce had made several launchers which could be used to fire explosives. Compared to those crude projectile weapons, these launchers were much more accurate and their shells were specially, made, so they had a terrifying destructive might.

Finally, two shining Source Energy Cannons were fixed to the ship Chu Tian was on. These two Source Energy Cannons were the strongest weapons Miracle Commerce had made up to this day. Even with all those factories operating, they could only make four cannons so far. Two would remain in Central State and two would be taken away, these were their true killing weapons!

’’All preparations have been made!’’

’’Set sail!’’

With sharp horns sounding out, the Central State fleet slowly set off from Central State harbour into the Four States Lake with the hopes of countless Southern Summer citizens.

Chu Tian had his legs crossed as he sat on deck enjoying the wind, ’’I never thought there would be a time where father would be leading troops into battle. Young miss, are you nervous?’’

Meng Qingwu looked over at him, ’’Why would I be nervous. Last time was so dangerous and we still survived. This time we're this prepared, I don't believe they'll be able to play any tricks.’’

’’Hei, hei, it's best if you're not nervous!’’ Chu Tian stood up and his eyes sparkled, ’’God damn, we are getting our revenge! Have you contacted Boss Yu yet?’’

’’Relax, I have already contacted the Giant Shark Gang headquarters. Boss Yu has already sent out a vanguard to head towards the War Hounds before us.’’

Chu Tian nodded in satisfaction. He hoped they could give a beautiful performance, saving Chu Tian quite a bit of effort.

No matter how discreet the Fang King was, he could not understand Central State's strength in this short period of time. The Giant Shark Gang was a large problem for them that they did not expect!


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