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Miracle Throne - Chapter 178


Chapter 178: Craftsmen palace

A single iron knight rewarded them with two trial points.

After being swept away by them, they destroyed at least around a hundred knights. The trial points they obtained was over two hundred points and Chu Tian alone obtained fifty points.

Just from this, they had regained the points spent to activate these puppets.

It was a pity that the iron knights did not drop much loot. They just dropped some resources, some rare metals, and etc. These things were rare, but they could be bought outside.

’’With how fast we're going, we will definitely be rich!’’

’’In theory, it shouldn't be impossible for us to earn ten times as many trial points!’’

Everyone was excited!

But this was all in theory.

The trial space would continuously change, and even though the giant puppets could easily sweep through everything right now, that would not be the case five or ten hours later. While they could still easily beat the monsters, they would try to earn as much as possible!

’’Are there anymore iron knights?’’

’’Why are they all gone!’’

’’This old lady isn't satisfied yet!’’

Everyone looked like they wanted to fight some more. Killing one would be one-two trial points, and killing a few would mean getting several Elixirs. Where else would they be able to find such a good thing? While the seven of them were prepared to fight some more, they found that the iron knights in the corridor no longer wished to fight.

When they saw the seven of them, they immediately turned around to run.

They were forced to change from passively defending to chasing after them.

This greatly reduced their hunting efficiency.

Chu Tian let out a sigh, ’’The trial designer was not a fool. He would not let anyone continue to farm points like this, otherwise the trial would have no meaning. Let's go! Let's not farm trial points anymore, it is more important for us to reach the giant's treasure room!’’

Yun Xiao and Nangong Yun both sighed, ’’What bad luck!’’

It was a bit of a pity.

They found these strong giant puppets with great difficulty and wanted to vent their anger, but they found that there was a limit on killing the monsters. How could they not feel depressed over this?

Each corridor of the giant's labyrinth led to a palace, and without a map, one could not possibly find the giant's treasure room. With the giant puppets, they could easily create a slaughter and increase their trial points, but Chu Tian did not want to do this.

Time was very precious!

Instead of wasting time in the side halls, it was better to risk it all in the main halls. With the trial space's design, the best treasures were in the main halls, so why would they waste time with the side halls? With their current battle potential, it was better to charge into the main halls!

After all, it had already been around six hours since the trial had started.

Chu Tian brought the others to charge through the corridors and kill several strange monsters. Just Chu Tian alone farmed several tens of trial points and harvested a variety of different materials and other loot.

There was an exit in front of them!

They had arrived at the craftsmen palace!

When the brand new hall appeared in front of them, everyone was instantly shocked!

The scale of this new hall was unprecedented, being around four-five Central State City square long. There were giant stoves everywhere with thirty meter tall giants wielding giant hammers to create armour and weapons.

The giant craftsmen were different from the giant guards, they were smaller by than the giant guards by quite a bit. Moreover, they wore no armour, revealing their black and blue granite skin. Even their beards seemed very firm, looking stone like in nature.

They all wore shorts and the muscles on their bodies stuck out like hills. They had incomparably large hammers in their hands, which were covered in red runes, continuously releasing steam. Every time the hammers smashed down, a red light was released and giant sparks were flew in every direction.

The entire hall was filled with giant craftsmen.

All having a fiery appearance!

’’They are all giants!’’ Yun Xiao's heart fiercely whispered, ’’Boss, there seems to be quite a few of them, so do we fight them or not?’’

Chu Tian measured the distance with his eye.

This was a little troublesome.

The giant puppets were too big and couldn't not sneak through, so they had to defeat over a hundred giants just to pass this palace, but was eliminating a hundred giants that easy? It was unknown how strong these giants were compared to the guards, but they would not be that much weaker!

’’We have no choice!’’ Chu Tian made his decision, ’’We'll fight!’’

This was the only road through the main hall and there were no other secret roads or paths to pick, so they had no choice but to fight. Now they just needed to carefully decide how they would fight.

’’We'll make some giants enter the labyrinth and split them up to reduce the pressure, then we'll break them one by one!’’ Chu Tian quickly though of a good plan, ’’Nangong, you will be in charge of leading them out while we hide on the side. After Nangong draws them away, we will go into the main hall and exterminate the rest.’’


Everyone prepared to make their move.

Nangong Yun controlled her puppet to rush out of corridor and charged out at the giant crafting a weapon closest to her.

When the giant raised its head.

A red iron fist slammed into its face!

The puppet's iron fist glowed with a variety of runes!


Like an explosion, the giant was sent flying onto the ground!

’’Go and die!’’

Nangong Yun raised and attacked with the puppet's two arms like wild hammers. Then she jumped up and smashed down with her legs, the giant did not even know how he died.

’’You have killed a giant craftsman! You have been awarded five trial points! You currently have fifty five points!’’

When Nangong Yun destroyed the giant's head, a notification came from the jade trial token. Killing a giant was actually worth five trial points, but Nangong Yun did not feel happy because the more trial points something was worth, the stronger the being was.


’’Kill! Kill!’’

The other giants angrily roared out as they raised the hot red hammers in their hands to charge forward!

God! This scene is too terrifying!

Considering that over a hundred angry naked men were charging at her, how could she not be appalled?

If she was caught by these naked men, wouldn't the consequences be unthinkable?

Nangong Yun quickly jumped onto the giant puppet's shoulder and the puppet ran into the corridor. Over a hundred hammer wielding naked men chased after her. Their speed was much faster than that of the guards, but compared to the giant puppet's, it was still lacking.

’’They're gone!’’

’’Quickly! Make use of this time!’’

Nangong Yun had attracted over half of the giants. Chu Tian and the others returned into the corridor and entered the craftsmen palace once again. Because Nangong Yun had drawn them away, most of the giants in the palace had been led away and there were less than half remaining.

’’Don't waste this time! Kill them all!’’


Their blood boil as they prepared to attack. The giant craftsmen were very strong and in terms of their destructive might, they were close to the peak of Illustrious Soul Realm. Compared to the giant guards, they were still a little weaker. In the palace, there were over a hundred giants and now that Nangong Yun had led over sixty away, Chu Tian and the others had to deal with only five or six each. Although it was a little difficult, they still had hope.

’’Don't you exhibitionists have any shame!’’ Yun Xiao shouted as he rushed over, ’’Eat a punch from me first!’’


The giant puppet's punch sent a giant craftsman flying.

The others also acted quickly. Before the other giants could approach, they had killed four-five giants already before they could enter a hard struggle.


Feng Caidie's puppet suffered a hit from a hammer. The burning hammer slammed into the iron armour and left a large dent on the back of Feng Caidie's puppet surrounded by black burnt marks.


Although she knew that the puppets couldn't be taken out, when she saw the puppet being hurt, it still felt very painful to Feng Caidie.

The giant craftsman's hammer was not just very powerful, it also contained a strong fire attributed energy. It hit an ordinary iron hammer, it would have turned it into molten iron.

The forty craftsmen were quite strong, but compared to the giant puppets, there was a bit of a disparity. The most important thing was that the trial space only simulated the monsters and in the end, they were all fake. The one problem the beings in here faced was that they lacked intelligence.

So they did not know how to coordinate and only knew how to rush forward. Like this, how could they be a match for the six of them?

The entire fight lasted less than fifteen minutes.

The forty giants were all taken care of.

Chu Tian had managed to take care of everything before Nangong Yun came back, but suddenly, a large wild roar came from the top of the hall.

’’There's still one more!’’

The six of them had just turned around.

A flaming red giant hammer flew through the air and with a explosive sound, it slammed into the head of Yun Xiao's puppet. The head had been exploded as Yun Xiao's puppet staggered to the ground.


’’This bastard destroyed my head!’’

Chu Tian had no time to care about this as he opened the Mind's Eye. After the hammer had flew through the air, it was as if a magnet attracted it as it suddenly flew back into a giant's hand.

This giant craftsman was different from the others!

This giant had red skin with various cracks in them that was leaking red magma, like it was the giant's blood. Steam appeared around him, and he seemed like a giant human stove.

His beard, hair, and eyes were all red. It was like they were made of fire.

A strong aura was released.

Lin Mu said in a surprised voice, ’’He seems like he's the leader!’’

Fang Han snorted and said, ’’It doesn't matter what he is, I don't believe that he will be able to take all six of us together!’’

Yun Xiao stood up from the ground. His puppet's head had been half destroyed and the other half had fused together. It was a good thing that did not have a weak point and as long as the controller was not injured, it would still be able to move.

’’Kill him! Kill him!’’

Yun Xiao angrily roared out.

At this moment, the main hall shook as Nangong Yun ran back in a distressed manner. Her body had been hit four-five times by the iron hammers and there were many black holes on it releasing smoke, ’’Are you finished yet? I can't hold on much longer!’’

This is bad!

There seemed to be an endless amount of trouble!


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