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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 99


Chapter 99 ’’Crisis in The Camp’’

Regaining consciousness after being force fed some medicinal Dan pills, any pretense of the high and mighty noble lady that An Ming Xia pretended to be were destroyed following this disastrous encounter;instead, her entire being was mud ridden from head to toe, an unsightly appearance for any person, man or woman alike.

Just when she manages to catch her breath from, An Ming Xia became alarmed to the abominable laughter of the little scant lying on Ling Yue's shoulder.

Holding his chubby belly, Little Squeak was having the fun of his life right now.

As a grudge bearing little fox like his mistress, Little Squeak didn't forget the insults sent his way by this unpleasant woman during their meeting at the restaurant.

Therefore, he's going to take it all in by laughing to his heart's content.

’’You little runt!’’ Fuming to begin, it didn't take much to ignite the pent of gas in her belly. Immediately, she rushes over after snapping in an attempt to catch the little thing for punishment.

What a stubborn fool!

Coldly grunting, Ling Yue whisked her sleeve and secretly shot one of her needles out to hit An Ming Xia in the ankles. Superfast without premonition, none of the crowd noticed her action.

Since An Ming Xia had just climbed out of the swampy pool, her footing remains unsteady and was very susceptible to outside interference. Under the numbing effect of the attack, she loses her balance once again and began to sway back and forth like she's about to fall.

Being sharp and smooth, Little Squeak didn't miss this chance and timed it perfectly. Performing a somersault by leaping into the air, this little troublemaker aimed straight for An Ming Xia's face, thus sending the girl rolling back into the muddy pool again.

Of the eight upper celestial martialists present, only two were quick witted enough to react and attempt to catch Little Squeak. Sadly for these men, the inhuman speed of this little fox far exceeded their capabilities. Forget about catching Little Squeak, they didn't even manage to touch a hair on him.

Through much difficulty, An Ming Xia was fished up from the muddy pool again. This time though, her appearance only got more tragic like a piece of filth dragged out of a toilet.

’’Ye Ling Yue, you bitch! It's you, you're the one that did this to me!’’ Hit with the foul stench of the swamp again, plus the perfectly fine appearance of both girls opposite to herself, An Ming Xia abruptly sobered up. Recalling the whole fiasco, she concluded the wasps were acting very strangely and unusual. And then there's that little fox. How can it be so clever? Clearly it only attacked her at the command of its owner.

’’Lady An, how can you say something like that. I was kind hearted enough to save you, yet you now accuse me of harming you. Look around, do you see any more poisonous wasps attacking you?’’ Ling Yue states this with innocence in her voice.

At that claim, An Ming Xia promptly searched around with her eyes. To her delight, it was as the girl said, there's no more swarms of wasps zipping around.

Turns out that the foul stench of the muddy water was so pungent that even the insects could no longer smell the stuff Ling Yue sprinkled on her.

Despite knowing there's something wrong about all this, An Ming Xia wanted to rebuke and say something in return, yet, try as she may like, she couldn't come up with anything in the end.

Meanwhile back on the sideline, Lan Caier was secretly worshipping Ling Yue by giving her an imaginary thumbs up after taking this all in.

This girl is too insidious. To think there would be someone capable of snatching partial ownership of the Drunken Immortal by using only some bug water!

’’Ling Yue, Miss Lan, are you both alright?’’ Not finding the girls returning after a full night of outing, Feng Shen immediately rushed over the moment dawn arrived, ’’Eh, isn't this Lady An’’ What happened to your face?’’

Finding her love idol hovering overhead and seeing the decrepit state she's in, An Ming Xia finally broke down and tears began to flow. Fleeing from the scene, the ones left behind were the guards stupefied by their lady's outburst.


Unable to bear it, Little Squeak that's been idling on Ling Yue's shoulder promptly fell backwards onto the ground from over laughing, totally disregarding his image as a graceful fox.

While Ling Yue didn't know whether to laugh or be angry at her little friend's demeanor, Feng Shen on the other hand was solely focused on Ling Yue's face with those tender eyes of his.

By the time the following night rolled around, Ling Yue and Lan Caier were just about to take their leave like last night when Feng Shen called out to them: ’’The swamp will be foggy tonight, why not wait until the fog disperses before heading out?’’ he raises his head with wariness in his eyes.

’’Not an issue, I can scan the road with my spirit force while we move. If there is any fog though, we be sure to return.’’ Seeing the not so good complexion on the guy, Ling Yue took it as Feng Shen coming down with a cold and deliberately added some firewood to the flames.

As per Feng Shen claimed. Shortly after Ling Yue and her friend left the camp, the entire marsh quickly became shrouded in a layer of mist that dampened everything. Gradually, the bonfire that's been keeping the base camp warm were extinguished.

Dark and gloomy, the visibility around the camp was so low now that it becomes difficult to see anything ahead.

Then suddenly, Big Yellow started to bark at a certain direction.

So what happened was that due to the dampness in the air, the animal repellant scattered around the campsite by Ling Yue had become invalid after getting wet. As such, the only thing keeping the wild animals from closing in on the camp was now gone, hence the reason for the rustling sounds of moving footsteps drawing close.

Becoming alarmed in his eyes, Big Yellow dashed over to Feng Shen's side and started to vigilantly scan the area for any sudden movements.

Back in the mist, several pairs of faintly glowing green eyes were slowly prowling about, their jaws salivating at the scent of human flesh.

The 'Hungry Swamp Wolves' are a type of second rank spirit beast living in this region. While their bodies may be small, similar to that of a wild dog, they do have extremely tough furs and a pair of tenacious claws that makes them very dangerous to any unsuspecting traveler.

Due to the sudden arrival of the mist tonight, things have become increasingly difficult for the predators of the swamp to find any prey. Therefore, it's a godsend for the wolves that they encountered the scent of a human nearby when they were passing by this area.

These wolves may be on the bottom tier of the beastial rankings, but they are after all still spirit beasts with a certain level of intellect.

When their glowing green eyes first noticed the sight of Big Yellow over in the distance, big and mighty looking, this pack of four instinctively feared venturing any further.

’’Big Yellow... If you can't defend against this then go find Ling Yue.’’ He whispered to the dog with an eerie calm to his voices.

Returning around to face Feng Shen, Big Yellow found that the man behind him was looking at himself with a touch of concern in those eyes.

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So far other than his mistress, Big Yellow had never once experienced kindness or concern from another human, thus this would be a first for him outside of Ling Yue. Truly touched inside, Big Yellow makes a slight whimper and started to wag his tail.

Not retreating, he's determined to stay because prior to his mistress and Little Squeak leaving, both have instructed him to take care of this man. For that alone, he will stay his ground.

When the pack of wolves overheard Big Yellow's whimper and wagging tail, these hungry animals became startled.

A mutt?

Realizing Big Yellow was no wolf like themselves, all four of them showed disdain in their eyes.

After all, wolves and dogs are fundamentally different.


Among the pack, the one that looked slightly bigger than the rest issued out a charge command and sent one of the smaller one on the side to attack first.

Lashing out suddenly in retaliation, Big Yellow aimed straight for the attacker's windpipe and bit down. One tear only, and the entire flesh around the throat were ripped apart like a piece of rag thrown to one side without much trouble.

Finding one of their comrades so easily taken down, the remaining wolves shuddered at the ferocity of the mongrel mutt in front of them. It also helped when Big Yellow's jaw and claws were still trickling with blood, making him look deadlier than usual.

As if these lowly animals would know Big Yellow had long honed his brawling skills to perfection during his years in the streets. Adding in the genetic manipulation of Ling Yue's dimensional space, he's been reformed into a being far superior than some mangy wolf.

Growling in unison, all three of the wolves remaining knew then that fighting solo against this foe would mean certain death.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh~

Now Big Yellow was flanked by all three on each side, tensing up the entire situation.


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