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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 98


Chapter 98 ’’Teach the Pigheaded Lady An a Lesson’’

Following their first cooperation, Ling Yue and Lan Caier's teamwork became more and more fluent with each passing fight.

Their tactic consisted of always having Lan Caier charge head first with Ling Yue acting as support from the back. This way around, their final number ended up with eight female ghost spiders after a full night's work.

Just that, unsure if its due to bad luck or not, the pair didn't net a single spider core. A sad result for all their hard work.

Discussing it over between the two, both girls eventually decides to test their luck again in another location on their second night.

As the morning dawn slowly creeped up on everyone inside the marsh, An Ming Xia was also very sour in her mood.

Similar to Ling Yue and Lan Caier's plan, she had planned to set up camp in a good location prior to searching for a spider's nest in the middle of the night. Problem was, after a full night of stalking, they not only didn't catch a single prey, they didn't even find a proper trail to go on. A depressing night for both parties.

’’What the hell is this all about! Is there even any spiders in this blasted marsh? We've been searching all night and we didn't even find a single animal let alone a spider.’’ By now An Ming Xia was starting to get suspicious over the strange situation.

Exactly, it's one thing to not find a female ghost spider, but to not see a single animal? That's simply too weird.

Issue was, An Ming Xia couldn't figure out why no matter how she thought about it. If only she it was the animal repellant Ling Yue sprinkled on her back in the restaurant, wonder what face she will make then?

Just as she was contemplating her next course of action, An Ming Xia's attention were pulled back to reality when a slight rustling noise reached her ears from ahead.

Now she's excited, can it be a female ghost spider?

Just as An Ming Xia raised her head to look at the source of the sound, the frightful image to come into her sight nearly sucked the very soul out of her body.

What marsh spider? There's nothing on the ground other than the dark patchy soil of the swamp. Instead, the source of that sound was in the air, lots and lots of it.


Groups after groups, the numbers were like a cloud in the morning sky.

Their target?

An Ming Xia and her men!

’’Protect the lady!’’ Seeing so many poisonous wasps coming their way, even the upper celestial martialists that came along for this hunt were frightfully startled.

To make things worse, it wasn't just in front, there's more coming at them from all sides!

’’Hurry, escort the lady out of here!’’ There are endless amounts of wasps. Even if there are over eight masters here, it's impossible for the group to repel this many bugs relying solely on their own bodies.

Imagine getting pricked with those thorns, itchy and painful, anyone would get the cold feet right now. And as the weakest among their group, An Ming Xia naturally became the ideal target for the wasps under the guidance of the medicine water on her body.

First up was her face by one of the wasp queen.

Almost instantaneous, her face promptly swelled like a balloon until every spec of a beauty left her swollen contour.

Out of desperation, An Ming Xia ran for her dear life like no tomorrow after seeing how all of her guards were too preoccupied to save her.

It was at this moment that she noticed the image of two people coming her way from the front.

Isn't that Ye Ling Yue and Lan Caier?

’’Lan Caier, Ye Ling Yue, hurry and save me!’’ An Ming Xia had tried her best to rid herself of these wasps, but no matter where she ran to, these bugs just won't disperse regardless of her location.

’’Eh, isn't this Lady An? Where's your mighty looking guards that you brought along? Hey, I'm too scared to help you. What if I also get stung in the process too, wouldn't I be asking for trouble?’’ Hitting her while she's down, Lan Caier throws this out after seeing the total mess An Ming Xia was in.

In truth, when Lan Caier saw the swollen baggage that was An Ming Xia's face, she nearly killed herself due to stomach cramp from suppressing her laughter.

Strange to say, those poisonous wasps only swarmed around the girl and refused to draw close to Ling Yue and Lan Caier. Very odd right?

Prick after prick, with each passing minute meant another puncture lump on her face. By now An Ming Xia's face can't even be called human anymore.

’’Oh great Lady An, why do you not understand something so simple yet? A debt must be paid, and a job has its price.’’ Ling Yue leisurely throws this lifeline out.

’’If anyone can save me then I will accept any condition they ask for!’’ Cornered to the brink of breakdown, An Ming Xia didn't even think and blurted this out.

’’Don't forget it's you who said it. Lady An, I actually have an easy method to disperse the wasps that's bothering you, however, the condition is that you must hand over your share of the Drunken Immortal to me.’’ At first An Ming Xia was breaking out in tears when she heard there's a method to save herself, but when Ling Yue stated her extortionary demand, An Ming Xia nearly exploded out of anger.

This damn country bumpkin actually wants to steal my Drunken Immortal share!

Back then she only used a thousand gold pieces to get her share of the Drunken Immortal, but now that the restaurant was doing so well, it's worth well over ten thousand gold pieces!

Seeing the hesitation in An Ming Xia's voice, Ling Yue exhales deeply in a disappointed fashion.

’’I heard that the wasps of the Dream Cloud Marsh are very poisonous. If bitten and not cured early then the victim will eventually be left with a bunch of wart like a pimples, constantly expelling pus water in the aftermath. Lady An, for a fine beauty like yourself, I'm sure you wouldn't want to leave some scars on that delicate face of yours and become disfigured now do you?’’ Ling Yue says this in a pitiful tone likes it's a goodwill gesture from her.

Upon hearing she might become disfigured, An Ming Xia almost cried out instantly.

I don't want to be a pighead! Otherwise how am I supposed to face the public again?!

’’Fine, I promise you, I'll give you my share of the Drunken Immortal. Now hurry and tell me how to avoid these wasps!’’ An Ming Xia was at the breaking point now with nowhere else to go.

’’See, this is why I like Lady An so much, what a straight person. Immediately run into the swamp pool over there, and make sure your entire body sinks into the water so the wasps won't sting you anymore.’’ The second Ling Yue finished her words, An Ming Xia couldn't care about her image anymore and directly plunged herself into the bubbling pool.

After so many years of compiling, who knows what sort of rotting leaves, animal feces, or carcasses are under that mud. Fermenting everything together for years on end, it's not hard to imagine how foul that smell would be to a person.

Towards An Ming Xia who would distant herself from even a beggar on the street, this disgusting jump would be tantamount to a heinous torment never before seen.

First contact, the foul odor instantly hit her nose like a gush of pungent rot. To make things worse, the wasps refused to disperse right away and lingered overhead for a long while before finally taking their leave.

Unable to bear the long cycle, An Ming Xia ended up swallowing a couple of that swampy water and caused quite the stir of bubbling puke rising to the surface.

’’Lady!’’ The guards that came with her finally arrived at the scene and rushed over after seeing their lady in the terrible condition that she's in.

Not getting any reaction from their calls, the guards then realized why after pulling her out of the swampy water. An Ming Xia had fainted due to inhaling too much of that foul water.


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